GDC Chapter 20

GDC Chapter 20

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Chapter 20 Agreement – Part 2

Cultivation of main clans, the night parade has appeared when hunting has usually entered many people. However, Lan Wang Ji has always chosen to be alone. This hand is quite strange and others can be harmed unless it is carefully used. Therefore, he did not receive other disciples in his department, and looked at him as much as possible, only took Wei Wuxian. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

Initially, Wei Wuyi was leaving the hill during the trip. While trying to avoid him several times, however, it is always, held his backbone, which became a race-Wang, recovered her by one hand. He changed the strategy to make Lan Wang Ji as easy as possible. Last night, in particular, he is always strong, climbed in bed with the intention of King Lang Lang Wang to use your sword to discard him. However, Lan Wang Ji has always stood up, however much he has broken. Wei WuXian whistleblocked his blanket, he’s used to play a tightly easy Wei WuXian body, then he is the right place to stay during the day, and pour another blanket. We Wu Xian received a cup of pain after he woke up and complained about his painful body. He could not help, but he grew up and thought he was less cheerful than before. In the past, he was a little scared when he was confused. But now he remains unchanged, regardless of what he has learned as a counterattack. How can I do this?

Both left northwest. They temporarily relaxed their anger and enjoyed daily rest to kill their intentions. It was in such a position that hands were kept to show how suddenly it changed when he traveled near Qinghe. His index finger turned back and made a fist.

That meant that its surroundings were exactly their hands.

They asked how they traveled and came to a small town of Qinghe. It was during the day. The city was filled with people who rushed forward and forth. Suddenly, when he was shocked by the scent of acute cosmetics, he was attacked by Ranji.

Wei Vuksīns soon smiled a smell as soon as he became an attractive smell of sandalwood run · wang. He complained: “What do you sell as it smelled so much?”

Aromo comes from a karalatana wearing a dresser of clothes, the face, the whole “cheated” gip on the word. He has sold some articles to passengers and breasts. He started looking at someone asked. “I’ll sell everything! Waste and powder here are cheap.

Wei Wu Xian, “Of course I’ll look. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Charlotte is “for your wife?”

Wei Wuxian smiled at him: “For myself.

“…” Charlotte Smile frozen, thinking yourself, Do you joke with me?

Another young man turned before he had lost temperament. He looked ineffective and said: “Do not worry about others unless you buy it.

This man was very beautiful, and the clothes were cut whiter than snow. His eyes were shining and his waist hung with a long sword. Charlotte was a false cultivation, so I knew a bit about the cultivated world. Recognizing the subject of the Lan Sekt section, he dares to cause problems, carrying his chest and running away. Wei Wuxian called him: “What did you run away? I thought I really bought it!”

Wang Ji said, “Do you have money?

Wei WuXian replied: “If it is to you, you can give me the money, as he speaks, he has searched for Reach. Something really I did not expect to find it, but after a while I found a delicate and heavy bag of money.

It does not like anything that Lan WangJi could have taken. Well then, Lan Wang Ji has done something imaginable later. We WuXian no longer worried and quickly took a bag. As he expected, he can take something from Lan Wang Ji, if he wants, and the other never feels dissatisfied. Otherwise, he had little knowledge of the career integrity of the Wang career, how good he had a reputation for Hanguang-Juna, he is a little race-Wang and Mo Xuanyu helper, I doubt I was involved in chaotic situation.

Or have you removed it for a long time?

After distant, Wei WuXian scored erroneously and saw. Lan Wang Ji was behind him, standing still in the same place, looking at his direction.

We did not help WuXian, but he was slow at his feet.

He did not know the reason, but he probably was blurred thinking he had to leave Lan Wang Ji behind it and not walk too fast. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

At that moment, one of the parties shouted. “Patriarch YiLing, 1 coin 5 pieces, 10 currencies!

Wei Wuxian, “Who?”

He hastened to look at who had sold him to find out that he was a fake maker. He shot poor quality and powder and now has a stronger role than God . , You do not have to pay 1 5 currencies, 10 currencies 3 so low, I recommend 3 “one door, one in the living room, and his bedroom The last, what left in it, is the strong, dense wicked energy and uses poison. He is glad. Make sure there are no bad animals near you to heal the poisoning!

Wei Wu Xian said: “It’s so ashamed to be proud! If really, do you still sell one of five currencies?

Čārlatans replied: “If you buy it, buy it, why are you again, if you do not want to leave, if you want to spend 50 currencies for this? Does it work well with me?”

Wei WuXian looked back at the accumulation of “depressing portraits of Eli’s patriarchal death”. He could not accept that it was a really awful, complex person himself.

He said: “We Wuxian was a well-known man, do you not hesitate anything after drawing?” If you do not see a real person. What are you young? I want to misunderstand the generation, “I tried an argument with the fact

When the Charatan approached, Wei Wuyi suddenly felt the pressure of his back. “This is a robbery!” He was turned aside to the side.

He avoided the attack, but Karlathan was discarded, fell on the wing, standing by the street. Some people helped him, but others gathered items that fell – the event was wonderful. The Charlatans wanted to curse, but he was a young master who shone on everything that was glittering on everything. When seeing someone appeared in a rich or free, his attitudes to behavior quickly decreased. Looking back, he saw a white peon fire in the snow before my chest and ran away quickly. However he slowly asked, because he could not get such a kick without reason: “Why do you fill me up?”

The new captain was only Jinlin. He said: “Kick Jora mentions words, all others”, Wei Wuxian crossed his hand and said, “Before me, if I do not aim for them, the gratitude feels on the road. You must be your way. But you’ve been directly in the middle of the road. Do you want to die? ”

We WuXian Jingling did not expect to arrive further in this place – thinking of his behavior, as he behaves, thinking himself, , I wonder how this ability and strong hostility have the personality of this child there. He learned all the mistakes of his uncle’s and his father’s father, but never learned some of his mother’s strengths. If I do not do that, he will really suffer great losses in the future. Jin Ringo “Jin Ringo”, Wei WuXian stopped and saw he was still worried and walked a few steps before the boy

Sharatan did not dare to speak, but his eyes were totally worthless. Kim Ling turned to Wei Wuyi, his words were overwhelmed by contempt: “You have not yet completed? Well, you can stay too.

We wuxi laughed, “repeatedly forced to the ground, could not you stand?”

Jinlin was astonished and blew a short whistle. Vei Wuxin did not understand the reason, but after a moment one of the beasts became comic and mysterious.

When he turned to a melinous spiritual dog-zone height came straight from the corner to him a thin corner. The speed of the street has become larger, bigger and larger. “Ugly Dogs are Free”

In the immediate battle, Wei WuXian fled as soon as possible.

It was always difficult to build it, but Yiling’s head was known because he was always invisible, but when he faced a dog, he always feared I’ll forgive you. But that does not help. When he was young before he got home, he grew up on the street and often fought for food with a dying dog. After a few donkeys and chains he gradually became very scared of all dogs regardless of size. Jiang Zheng laughed at her. If he spoke to other people about it, it was not only embarrassing, but also because only a few people believed it, so almost nobody knew it. Wei Wuxian almost died from fear. When he saw a high white figure, he immediately cried out at the top of his lungs. “Lan Zhan, save me! This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

After a rage with Jinlin, finding Rana Wan was shocking. Why will it come back? Lan Wang was an important person, never decided nor joked. Even some disciples of the same generation are nervous about him as they see them. The level of his intimidation was even worse than Lan QiRen these days. Dogs get difficult training. Unlike the average dog, it was quite cautious. He also knew that he could not deal with this person at all, so after he had escaped several times, he hid the tail behind Jinlin.

This black spiritual dog was a rare species that Kim Guangjao gave Jinlin. When most people asked it to be a gift from His Source, they did not dare touch him. However, Lan Wang Ji was different from most people. He did not have to worry about who sent it or who owned it, and trained them all alike. When Jinlin used a dog to follow Wei military arts, when his orchids entered, his heart fell. Everything is over. He certainly kills the spiritual dog that I have traveled to date and I’ve got sharp stripes!

However, Wei Wuxian seems to want to climb the top, because he ran such a dust, lowered under the curved hand and went behind him. Lan WangJi soon frozen when he felt a few weapons. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Jinlin was worried about two more whistles and ran away with her black and delicate spiritual dog.

Looking forward to rising to the side of the deceitrs, still a shocking state: “The world of moral degeneration gets worse every day, here are the brave disciples in these days, how terrible it is terrible!”

Wei Wu Xian heard that the bar gradually dropped, he finally left behind Lan Wang Ji. He bent his hand behind him and agreed to it, if nothing happened: “Yes, it gets worse every day, people are not just like the past.

The Charlatans saw him as if he were watching his savior and threw the hand of “Yiling patriarch, who felt portraits” Port Wei WuXian “, as quickly he was a hot potato:” Thank you for what happened to your brothers at this time! If you lower the price and sell three currencies, you will receive at least 300 pieces.

Lan Wang saw a bad picture and did not comment. Wei Wuxian, seeing that his price has decreased, I have this to thank you, “did you not know whether to smile or weep? If you really appreciate me, you can make the best way! Stop, nothing still! I would like to ask you. Are you here, have you heard of strange events?

The Charlatans responded: “A strange event that you asked me is the good things I’ve stayed in most of the past year, known as the Qinghe’s knowledge, which of the strange events you’re looking for like?”

Wei Wuxian said, “For example, the evil spirit around a broken body, if the whole family was destroyed …”

Čārlatans: “You are not here, but if you go a little less than two miles before, I recommend not to go to mountain ranges called Kingry Ridge.”

Wei Wuxian asked: “Why is this?”

Sharatan, “Xinglu Ridge is also called Man – Eating Ridge, why do you think so? This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Note of translator

Door Guard : This is probably a god that can protect homes. In the New Year, people often put portraits at the door to escape the bad spirits.

Spiritual dog : A spiritual dog is a dog trained to get almost human intelligence.

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