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Addis here.

So I am in a bit of a conundrum.

I am thinking of no longer posting Inked and taking NMA down from the site due to there not being enough readers for either novel. I will more than likely also no longer post Inked anywhere and only let the girls in ExR read it.

It’s nothing against those reading the novel, it’s just that I kind of feel like I am wasting my time writing Inked since I have had several people tell me that they cannot understand the plot and that the characters are too confusing.

It’s not a complete decision yet, but I will let everyone know exactly what I plan to do. But in the mean time, there will probably no longer be any updates for a while.

Here’s a drawing of Zane that @raito0587 did.

This picture was deleted.

Inked Chapter 10
Inked Chapter 11

29 thoughts on “Inked Update

  1. I really like inked and would be sad it u dont post anymore but i will act like a big girl and respect ur desicions ( tbh i think inked is understandable i just have a problem with all those names but thats always the case not only inked)

  2. Omg please don’t take down NMA!!!!!! I literally just discovered your group and I haven’t had a chance to read it yet. I also have no idea how long you have had these posted but I’m sure time will bring more readers not less. I am currently devouring everything posted on this site one by one.

    Omegaverse is my favorite subject since stumbling across my 1st BL manga. I’m sure it’s hard to put your time and effort into something and not have it be appreciated to the same extent. But I’m KNOW that with time and patience is how most creatives (You) achieve their goals.

    I can’t comment on Inked since I have not yet reached the point past the summary, but I can say that it is also something I can’t wait to dig into and read. I don’t mean any disrespect by anything said here these are just my heartfelt feelings. I am eternally grateful for all your hard work.

  3. 😨😭 I totally understand the plot and caracters and I’m not even English native !! If it’s your decision I will respect it but I’m really sad to not being able to continue reading inked since I really love it, C’est vraiment dommage 😥 well if I can do anything to be able to continue to read inked tell me please 😱😭😢

  4. Well that is a bummer I am always so excited to get the inked chapters and I LOVED NMA, but I support your decision 100% no matter what you do. Thank you so much for your hard work on everything you do, best part of my day is checking my email to see if there is an updated chapter of any of the stories. ST is starting to get intense hahaha this morning I was on the edge my seat.

  5. I <3 Inked. It's my favorite from all the novels, so I hope you will reconsider. There are a lot of people here who DO understand the plot and character constellations. Maybe you haven't realized it, because those who have something to complain WILL complain, while satisfied readers only comment from time to time *shame*. My point: There are more happy readers out here than you think, me included (^_^)

  6. Oh noes 😢 I really enjoy this story. I’m not a native english speaker, but I’ve had no problems so far in understanding the plot and the characters. I’m just dying to see where the plot is going. Also I quite like the characters and would like to see how they will develop throughout the story. So far I’ve been a quiet stalker 😽 I must say I would love to see you continue posting Inked. I think it takes a lot of courage to post your own original stories as the netizens can sometimes be quite blunt and discouraging with their comments. Or, like me, just leave no comments at all 😳 As it is, the decision is yours. Please do not be disheartened and keep writing, even if you’re not posting it here 💕

  7. Perhaps you could try posting your original works on or on There will probably be more readers, response and critique on those sites especially in the former as it is a place specifically for people to post their original works! While AO3 have a small but growing original works section! Even Tumblr has a writing community!

    From what I have read of your work, they are like the novels and manga you guys translate in the sense that the main character is often a ‘Marty/Gary Stu’ character or more precisely a ‘Uke Stu’ which is my guilty pleasure, teehee.

    (more info about the terms: (there is even a Mary Sue Litmus Test online to see how your characters fare in terms of their ‘perfection’ )

    the characters sometimes feel a bit stiff and rather one dimensional perhaps in the way your style for writing is rather formal? Especially in the ways dialogue and other interactions between characters are written. While being detailed can help in imagining the scene or the character, there is often times where it reads like a character fact sheet? Like in the first chapter of Inked, the description of Kei’s brown hair and hazel eyes that look like different hues in different lighting sounds very out of place considering it is in his first person POV, it makes him sound very narcissistic. And the info about the woman seated across him could have been weaved into her actions and conversations rather than a block of what she wore that doesn’t seem to have much relevance? (So what if she was wearing stilettos and wasn’t wearing a bra? Did we need to know that there are three possible eye colours for her eyes to have changed to or could you have put the other colours in with other characters?) And in NMA first chapter, the influx of information about ABO dynamics jerks me out of the scene as it felt like it could have been done separately as a prologue rather than right in the middle of a scene.

    Hope I don’t seem harsh and offensive! I like the premise of both stories! But 10+ years of fanfic and original fic reading has made me quite critical (^_^U )
    In the case of the translated novels, I understand that a lot of Chinese nuances is hard or near impossible to express in English hence there is some leniency in the way I read them while your novels are in English and not translated fron Chinese to English so I am a bit unforgiving when reading them!

    Some of English Yaoi works I like to read can be found in this ‘community’:

    For smut inspo, there are a lot of explicit fanfic on AO3 that are hot hot hot like Haikyuu Doujin by Kuroquis that you took inspo from for the LMW and NMA cover!

    And I learnt a lot about writing from the guides I found here:

    It’s a pity to stop writing as that’s the only way to improve one’s expertise in the hobby but ultimately it’s your choice to make. I hope you at least continue write, even if us outsiders won’t be able to read them! And sorry it became so long a comment! I don’t mean to cause harm or offense! Just offering some alternatives to posting here and some constructive criticism!

    1. Oops I meant to say “The characters *in your original novels* sometimes…”

      Oh and another thing I noticed in the originals is that your sentence structures has a lot of commas! This perhaps adds to the stilted vibe when reading! (Since I just read it, the first paragraph of Inked Chapter 11) You could use more conjunctions instead!

      And when I said “in the case of…” I’m not dissing the translations, just giving a comparison in how I see them differently from originally English works! (>_<)

      Ok sorry for being super long-winded!

  8. Ok, I will NOT act like a big girl: I’mma have a fit. Your writing is so good, you should quit your day job and do it full time. Honestly, both stories are better than a lot of stuff I paid for on Amazon. Also don’t have difficulty following and haven’t needed the character sheet since, like, chapter 2.

    I implore you: even if you don’t put them here, allow us to still read them on Patreon. It’s one thing if you aren’t feeling it, can’t connect with your characters, but another thing if you are just reflecting on a few people who don’t appreciate it. Your work is a GIFT to us, and I for one will be heartbroken to see you stop. ☺️

  9. I really love ur novel tho, but I will appreciate ur decision 😢😢 and I dont think the plot is confusing, I really like kei’s character. 😍

  10. You can’t stop INKED!!! I look for new updates daily. I can’t wait for the story to start moving faster. I am very adaptable to different writing styles, and I don’t see anything wrong with the story so far. Also, I loved NMA!!!

  11. Noooooo! I love this story. Those people need to go back to school and get better reading comprehension skills! Thank you very much for writing it! If you do decide to take it down can you keep it on Wattpad and post there? Also, what is your Wattpad? Keep writing in general because you write well! Thank you.

  12. Nooooooo 😱say it isn’t so (crying buckets)I love Inked it’s my favorite I read a lot of stories (almost every thing here included) but Inked takes the cake.(a real gem) (sob)I come here everyday for more. I haven’t read NMA yet but I planned to because Inked is so (hic sob)good & I like omega verse. Well if you do stop putting them here for us (bawling)I will still faithfully come because you guys are awesome. THAT SAID,
    THANK YOU ADDIS ❤️for sharing your talent with us 💖please don’t stop spoiling us we love you. I’m usually good about putting on my big girl boots & being able to suck it up but frankly I don’t want to (stomping foot in frustration while pouting) I like being spoilt ( having tantrum …🌊😭.. drowning in a puddle of tears) deep *sigh* I don’t have an emoji for this. I’m going to read 11 now & try to heal

  13. Oh… 😢I was just piling up some more chapters before start reading so to have a better understanding. That’s the reason I’ve not commented yet..
    Anyway let us readers know.

  14. I loved reading both the stories….NMA is really good….i had problem with the names in inked in the beginning but am really enjoying it now….dont take them down…please continue writing:):):):)

  15. Ah such a sad news 🙁 I hope there is still a way for me to read your story… Do inform me please when you open up other platform to post your story >< if it's not a burden, you can send your story via email for those who are expecting your story~

  16. I love this story! I just found it and started reading a few hours ago. Totally immersed in and loving it! It is one of those that I hope never ends,

  17. I just started to read the story and nooooose <\3
    Pu-lease do not ende this! (TTATT)
    It's just starting to get really interesting ;-;

    I think that this story is intriguing and exciting!
    I mean… like… isn't it normal for some readers to be confused in the beginning of any story – especially if one started blind without knowing what they are getting themselves into.
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    For example I didn't find a summary of the story so I headed in there with good faith anyways. At first I was confused because I couldn't place the era. Was it going to be another reincarnator story? There are demons, does it have to do with cultivation? Oh, so it was a magical world. Properly like medieval age or something. Nope; they have suits. So it is not one of those too generic alternative-worlds setting. Cool.
    Confusing for those who like to lable stuff, but cool nonetheless.

    The reader will understand more as the plot develops. Even if not; theorizing makes up a huge amount reading an ongoing story. What would a story be if everything was conclusive and a carbon copy of a plotguide which every single person could follow from its beginning?
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    As I mentioned; I just started reading and know that I'd love to read it till its end. So I kinda feel you should take responsibility and marry my dau-*cough* Pei!
    What I meant to say; please don't abandon our hooked hearts Andi-sama ♥ (QwQ)

    This humble reader will not hate nor hold a grudge if you really would drop it. But this fragile reader's heart shall mourn for a few days before accepting reality and sadly sigh whenever this reader is going to read thy name.

    But no pressure :'D ♥

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