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Addis here.

So I am in a bit of a conundrum.

I am thinking of no longer posting Inked and taking NMA down from the site due to there not being enough readers for either novel. I will more than likely also no longer post Inked anywhere and only let the girls in ExR read it.

It’s nothing against those reading the novel, it’s just that I kind of feel like I am wasting my time writing Inked since I have had several people tell me that they cannot understand the plot and that the characters are too confusing.

It’s not a complete decision yet, but I will let everyone know exactly what I plan to do. But in the mean time, there will probably no longer be any updates for a while.

Here’s a drawing of Zane that @raito0587 did.

This picture was deleted.

Inked Chapter 10
Inked Chapter 11

33 thoughts on “Inked Update

  1. I just started to read the story and nooooose <\3
    Pu-lease do not ende this! (TTATT)
    It's just starting to get really interesting ;-;

    I think that this story is intriguing and exciting!
    I mean… like… isn't it normal for some readers to be confused in the beginning of any story – especially if one started blind without knowing what they are getting themselves into.
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    For example I didn't find a summary of the story so I headed in there with good faith anyways. At first I was confused because I couldn't place the era. Was it going to be another reincarnator story? There are demons, does it have to do with cultivation? Oh, so it was a magical world. Properly like medieval age or something. Nope; they have suits. So it is not one of those too generic alternative-worlds setting. Cool.
    Confusing for those who like to lable stuff, but cool nonetheless.

    The reader will understand more as the plot develops. Even if not; theorizing makes up a huge amount reading an ongoing story. What would a story be if everything was conclusive and a carbon copy of a plotguide which every single person could follow from its beginning?
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    As I mentioned; I just started reading and know that I'd love to read it till its end. So I kinda feel you should take responsibility and marry my dau-*cough* Pei!
    What I meant to say; please don't abandon our hooked hearts Andi-sama ♥ (QwQ)

    This humble reader will not hate nor hold a grudge if you really would drop it. But this fragile reader's heart shall mourn for a few days before accepting reality and sadly sigh whenever this reader is going to read thy name.

    But no pressure :'D ♥

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