GDC Chapter 27

GDC Chapter 27

Chapter 27 Malicious Part 5

After that, Lan Wang Ji returned to the front, only slightly by side. Looking at this, Wei Wu Xian blinked his eyes and asked why. Suddenly, as if I walked around a phenomenal sound, preparing to hit Run Wang. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Both stood before us. The boiler and the tea shop are divided into parcels. Qiankun Pouch Inserted in a spilled porcelain or a white scarf of tea. The surface of the bag came out as if something was caught inside.

Qiankun pouch was just the size of the fist, but it was specially done to save things. Complex victories were also sewn from inside and out, and several stamps were added. Lan Wang Ji initially put the gloves into the gloves and put the cage on the table. Looking at their excitement, they remembered that the time had come to relax. If they are, regardless of Qiankun’s baggage removal capability, how powerful ghosts in slazdoties could it do, not for a short night pair made not to pacify.

Wei WuXian felt about the bamboo fleet in the waist, but nothing was found. Look, he saw that Lan Wang had a flute in his hand. Lan Wang J’s head is slightly inclined. He returns the flaping just after knitting at a certain point in particular. There had been a flaut before, Wei WuXian is, it, I realized that it was much fine after adjusting to approach in detail, such as finger holes.

Ran Wang Ji, “to play it right.

They are, he almost believed himself, waking up from the difficult laughing coma that fell on the ground, again Mingshi until the weak Wei Wuxian played a terrible duo, which happened in LAN QiRen, recalled, he took it for a long day he had hard for him. He stopped the crāšņoties than the ones, seriously expressed, we would raise the fluits to his lips. However, playing only a few notes, the Qiankun-pouko rose suddenly, standing on the ground floor!

Please share with “tut”. Wei WuXian commented: “It’s used for a too bad play, I also like it, so, to play exactly once,”.

Qiankun supports the Wei Wuxian pocket, as if it were her answer. Lan Wang J’s songs have changed dramatically. In one smooth gesture, it will create a strong noise, as it appeared in the most avalanche in seven spices immediately, vibrant. After the Qiankun bag he returned to the ground again. Wei Wuxian continued to play as if nothing happened. The Ranch family’s hand is shaved. After a quiet song, Guqin’s song dropped again and gradually blended with the flute.

The songs were finished, Qiankun bag finally fell to the size left to move. Wei WuXian clutched flute in his hip: “Because it was before, after such a short time, it’s it has never seen the very worrying, it seems that it has caused …”

Ran King nodded and went to him: “And that was for you.

We wuxian overlooked quickly. Today he had only one other thing, a damn Mark, which he handed over to me by Ling Ling.

When he was in an XINGLI stacked stone castle, Jin Ring curve brand stayed in him. When seeing how much force a hand can respond to signs, that means …

Wei Wuxian is, “the other elements of your body are, do you think you can chat by NIE’s Saber Hall?”

The next morning, both returned to Xinglong Bay.

We, Nie Huai Sang were arrested by anyone and confessed. Last night he invited disciples from all religious sects to clean the crackdown caused by the invaders. When I went to Wakian Road and the run-Wang, a part of the wall, which dug a WuXian way Jin Ling’s, just met, a new corpse was put inside. Look at the order of white brick, he erased a little sweat in the vicinity of the eyebrow. But when he turned his legs, he barely missed. He laughed face: “With Han Genghun … you …”

Wei Shuai raised his hand as he smiled. “Knee Seg Leader, do you build a wall?

Since Nie HuaiSang has almost taken a layer of skin, rub a lot, wipe the sweat with her handkerchief, “Yes, yes …” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

We’re a voice WuXian is full of much empathy and anxiety, “I apologize. I’m very sorry for the anxiety, and then perhaps to build a wall.” And I said

Nie Huai Sang, “Yes, yes … What do you expect!”

Beijing did not stop before he finished the verdict. HuaiSang of the NIE is, he’s a bit repaired before, left the shoulder Watch the wall, from a brick gap is rejected again.

Destruction has always been easier than repair. Wei WuXian hurry down the bricks, were countless faster than their speed stacked bricks. Nie HuaiSang is, a humor, as he was a slave, was astonished, as he caught his fan firmly.

Destruction has always been easier than repair. Wei WuXian hurry down the bricks, were countless faster than their speed stacked bricks. Nie Huai Sang trembled by capturing her fans as he was running tears. However he did not want to say anything, because Han Geun-jung did not mention anything standing. After Vangjis’s spear is a brief description of the situation, he swore at once the sky and the earth, in the “nonsense! It is ridiculous to absolutely! Shepherd, added to everyone who got together every part was our use of the Halloween. If you do not believe in me, I have been making a wall in my mind, in order to prove his innocence. But then, they may have to stop immediately. It is located in our ancestors’ cemetery … ”

Nisect’s disciples also participated. So I had other people who worked, Wei WuXian turned off the switch, stood next to wait for the result. After 1 hour, stone bricks on the walls buried in the yard of Jinlin were almost eliminated. Some disciples carry a face mask, because the other person is swallowed a special red pill, breathing and human energy did not cause the deformation of the lips. Foot sometimes working attachment in the vein of black dirt of the feet and hands, as well as the stucco hair ever resenting in. Every man’s corpse was urgently cleaned and based.

The strip had all its shapes and sizes. Some were already skeletons, some were rotten, some were still fresh. But each of them had a perfect body. They could not find the body of a man lacks his left arm.

HuaiSangs from the NIE are ready to hear the story: “Apart from this one of the walls is enough, right not, maybe you do not have it still stopped?”

It was really enough. Because the body was a very dark color of the lip brand Jin Ling, in its creation, most often, it was buried near, the band would not be clear beyond the wall. Wei Wuxian turned to the tail. After a brief thought, he told Lan Wang Ji: “Should we take Qiankun work?

The left hand of Qiankun-pouko on the left is not a bad idea to decide on the body itself. However, it is not difficult to encourage and worsen it if it is too close to other members. And considering the amount of dark energy in this special place, the level of danger has doubled. So they chose to arrive that day carefully. Wei Wuxian shook his head, I thought to myself: “Here, hands or not belong to the man,” No, it is not possible. At first glance people know whether it belongs to a man or woman … So do you have three people in hand?

As he wanted to laugh his thoughts, Lan Wang Ji said again: “foot”.

In his reminder, Vei Wuxin finally remembered. He forgot the fact that Mark did not know his feet. He soon called. “I’ll pull off the pants! Please lift your pants!

Nie Huai Sang suffered a shock and died. “Why do you say this shameful thing before Han Hikari Jun?

Wakian response form: “It is to us that this is shameful to everyone, I will help raise the human corpse of just all the corpse pants. This has nothing to do with the woman …” When he spoke, he began to go out to eliminate the corpse on the ground. I’m really sorry for Nie Huai Sang. He is today, yesterday, today, the whole conscious one, he did not think that he needed to raise his corpse in his precursor’s Hall hall. In addition they were people. In the face of tears, after his death, he is later to turn on the face of each of the predecessors used QingheNie fraction, and finally in so badly he repeatedly, he is injured that the handicapped I thought that I had suffered. Fortunately, Liao Wang stopped the activities of Wei WuXian. Nie HuaiSang’s Hanguang title – as in June he wanted to express his appreciation for what admirable he had, I heard that he said, “I will do it.”

Wei Wuxian says, “Do you do it? Are you sure you will do it?”

Chest from the corner of Lan WangJi, as if returning something like, I’m like the circus. He repeated: “Do not move, I’ll do it.

That was the worst of all chess Nie HuaiSang experienced today.

Of course, Lan Wang Ji did not actually use her arms to pull body pants. He simply using the Bishen, cutting finely to open the legs barefoot was to clean the inside of the skin. In the body, since clothes were already quite Arabic, some of the bodies were not necessary. After a while, he said “I found it.”

Everyone quickly saw the ground rapidly. Both white boots and Lan Wang Ji had two round signs. Upholstery knitting point

Everyone quickly saw the ground rapidly. Both pits and Run-Wang white boots made two lights, circular brands. Suitable stitch is sewn privily. It was a slight difference between the upper and lower skin color of the joint. Obviously, the legs and upper body do not belong to the same person.

Someone was carrying this leg! This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Nie Huai Sang has already shocked without speech. Wei WuXian “the NIE sect used the Salt Hall, which? Choosing a corpse”, asked

, When I kept … they still live in all their corpses, in the “General, my brother who was saved by choosing the leaders of the past of the sect died in a young age since he did not have enough, I Also, that he should choose any help: … Nie HuaiSang has been a glass of expression, we have completed a whole of the extremities, I am nothing other than that I do not know … ”

It would be impossible to get something from him precisely in the body. There were innumerable suspects of people who gave disciples of dead Nihe sects. The truth can only be revealed if they find all parts of the body and combine the corpse and the soul.

Finally, the failure to distinguish between the legs when he spoke to run Wang, his husband’s dead body, on the opposite side of the Wei WuXian, put them in a new Qiankun portico: “This is not just our dear friend seems to have been cut into Pieces that all parts are scattered throughout the whole place – how much hatred killer was arrested there one piece, there to work We can hope that the only work is not too small. ”

Nie HuaiSang, when the night’s appraisal of the face is frightened, they said, “You see,” he probably does not want to see him the rest of his life I’ve done again. Both left Xingl’s floor and returned to the pub. Arriving in relatively safe places, they took three members and began to consider them. As expected, the legs were of the same color as the hands were removed. They always vibrate and respond furiously, as if they are approaching or they like to merge. But these efforts were useless, because they lacked part of the body. It was clear that they were the same person.

Besides the fact that it is a man with long body, long members, long body of muscular body and cultivated height, they did not know anything about mysterious corpses. Southwestern – Fortunately, ghost hands quickly showed the place of the next step.

I went to Yueyang City by driving from Wakian Way and Run Wang.
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Qiankun pouch: Previously called Qiankun sack, but now it is changing to Qiankun bag because it is suitable for this size. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

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