GDC Chapter 32

GDC Chapter 32

Chapter 32 Lasa – Fifth

This evening, Wei Hui leaves no eyelids at all. With the open eyes, he could grab until the next morning. After the paralysis feeling and his members returned to move, he emptied the shirt and threw it under the bed. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

After that, he pulled out the Lan Wang J belt and could remove his shirt. At first he wanted to pull his shirt completely, but after seeing Ran Wang J’s head, Wei Wuxin stopped and stopped for a while. Also, remembering the back of the scratch’s training, he went no longer and wanted to draw Lan Wang Ji’s clothes again. Due to the delay, Ran King felt he was cold. He looked at his face and opened his eyes as he moved.

As soon as his eyes were opened, he lay down from bed.

What was not stylish after the shock was not for elegant Han ยท Gunjung. I saw that he and the other people did not need to carry something, in the morning I woke up with suspension. Everyone who discovers that their shirts are the only halfway and that they both had the same bed of the skin to the skin would not be fun to focus.

Wei Wuxian part covered the blanket with a blanket and left only a smooth shoulder. Lan Wang Ji, “You …”

Wei WuXian said, “Well?

Lan Wang Ji, “Last night, I …”

Wei Wuxian realized his left eye Run Wang, leaving his stomach on one side, a mysterious smile: “You’ve been very brave by Han GuangJun last night.”


Wei Wuxian said, “Do you really remember anything that happened last night?

Lan WangJi did not seem to believe it really. His face was as bright as snow.

Fortunately he did not remember. If Ran Wang invites Night Wen Jianbaing and remember climbing to ask about it, the situation will solve resolved or improved.

With Lan Wang Ji walking without loss, Vei Wuxin finally found some of his past skills. Although he wanted to continue the successful work of Wei WuXian, he falls in love that he still wanted again in Run-Wang, so he probably feels afraid of the future, so far you do not have to shout at eternity. We WuXian raised his lid, showed his pants and shoes, and he still carried: “What Hanguang juni, it was a joke, I just said you’re beautiful, you are our clothes. Destroy, I’m worried you’re not open. .. ”

Lan WangJi was still frozen on the site and I did not answer. There was a painful sound from the center of the room.

The sound was very well known – it has already heard it for the second time. Surface of the previous Qiankun calendar returned to cheer, time and a teletotipo threw on the ground. This time, along with the three parts of the body, it was even wild. Last night, one of them was desperately drunk, but the other was immortalized and tortured. So they forgot about the pair. Wei Wuxian was worried that Lan WangJi was too shocked and suddenly exacerbated him in the bed suddenly. He hastened: “Important business: come, first, make a serious business”

He clothed around him, jumped out of bed and stretched his arms to Lan Wang Ji standing. He wanted to save him, but he wanted him to put off his clothes. Lang Wang has not yet shocked and started to walk from his feet. When I looked down below, Biesen was that I slept last night.

And at that moment, one of the cords that drew the bag, remained free. Half of the ashes had already gone out of a small hole. Wei Wuxian “Right, do not be afraid, Hanguang Jun?”, While wearing Ran Wang J’s clothes, looked around, watching the flutter, I will not do anything to you. Last night I just took the waist. I have to come back. “After a comment, he carefully restores Lan Wang J’s colored strap and corrects the belt.

Lang Wang saw him in complicated expressions, as he really wanted to know what happened after he was drunk. However, he was first used to complete important tasks very hesitant to his question, he took seven hours old, writing a serious expression. One of the three Qiankun bags held his left hand, the other’s feet, and finally held the torch. The three parts already occupy the body most of it. They influenced the rest, increased the excitement of energy, making it more ugly than before. The excitement ended after two players played three consecutive times.

Wei Wuxian released his flute. When he suddenly added, he intended to collect parts of the body around the world: “Our dear friend lost his training”

The body area is already lost. In order to reveal a strong and robust human body during its life. Width shoulders and narrow hips, muscle bleeding of an extra abdomen, it was a masculine figure that reviewed many people. When viewed from any direction, “.Hanguang Jun, if he is not alive to see him, I’m for him, the effect will be back, it will be painful, but it’s coming. He is training?” Wei WuXian several times I could not help these seats

Rana’s eyebrows looked bad, but nothing said. But unexpectedly, Wei Wuxian moved two more times. Run Wang at last, he took Qiankun’s face face, began loudly and sealed the corpse calmly. Wei Wuxian went to her soon. Immediately after completing all parts of the Kure / Wang Rail, we collected quite a few dead nodes on each. We did not think much about this. He raised his shoulder to look at his current body type, caught the belt of my scratch again, and it was found that he would take him off again. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Looking at the side, he saw Wang Lan still watched him after he pretended a Qiankun bag, and his eyes were filled with anger. Wei WuXian heard an essay story: “Hanguang Jun, why did you not do anything tonight in this way that you seem to me do not leave me, please do not use it, of course, I did not like you too, I did not do anything for it.”

Lan WangJ thought for a while. While he finally decided, he lowered his voice. “Last night, besides your flute, I am …”

Wei Wuxian: “What else did you do?” I really did not say anything. ”

Adam Apple Ran Wang Ji in the snow, a little saw “… what about that?

Wei Wu Xian, “nothing matters enough, for example, I really like …”

The son of Rana Vanga frozen.

Wei Wuxian said, “You really love socks.


Lang Wang closed his eyes and turned his head to the side. Wei WuXian added: “Yes, the rabbit is very clever – I HAHAHAHAHAHA as she loves to eat them, I also drank you so much night, Hanguang Jun does not love them like a rabbit. .. Well, because it was really not the last one! night is so drunk, it’s probably … after we relaxed before locked up again, your face, a small amount of water You can wash, buy a delay, which does not now feel well turned to the southwest, no longer worry about it. ”

As he went, Lan WangJi said coldly: “Beat.”

Wei Wuxian turned: “What?”

Lan WangJi saw him strictly. He finally asked, “Do you have money?”

Wei Wuxian smiled, “Yes, I’m not sure you do not know where to keep your money?” “Hangyeong Juni, you also have breakfast, are you okay?

He left the room and closed the door behind him. He leaned on the corridor and was angry for a long time.

Ran king looked like a great shock. He attracted himself to the room and did not notice it for a long time. As he waited for, Wei Wuxian sat on the left left crodzi, bought a snack on the way and wandered. He sat on the stairs and ate the sun. After the meeting, children 13 and 14 years crossed the street for a while.

The early child ran as if he flew and had a long cord in his hand. At the end of the chain, he danced with a foot in the air. The children behind him were bears and arrows of a bear and shouted when they were pursued and shot a sheep.

Wei Wuxian enjoyed this game even when I was young. Archery was an essential skill for all the disciples of the important section. However, most of them did not manage to take the firings correctly. Despite the attack on the nightmare caused by the bad existence, the quote of the shooting was the most beloved. Everybody had it. Who flew the highest, the most accurate shot was the winner. Initially, this game was popular among the youngest habits. After being familiar with the public, children of ordinary families loved it, but of course one of the little arrows was described as a disciple.

When Wai Uk Shan lived in Lotus Pier and played a gun with Eguchi’s disciples, he got many first places. Meanwhile, Jiang Cheng always was second. His kick flew too far to shoot or near enough to shoot, but not as Wei Wuxian was. His scouts are almost double the number of sheep made as floating animals. It had lively and exaggerated colors, a wide open mouth, and a sharp tail with a flat wind. It was very lively, active and terrible at a distance, but it was a bit ridiculous. The system was collected by Jiang Feng Mine herself, then Jiang Yan Li was dyed. So when they were invited to compete, they felt like pride.

Thinking about that, Wei Wu Xian’s smile on her lips. He could not help but raised his head to see how the child flew. It was completely golden in color and there was some kind of round forks. He thought to himself, what is this? Pancake Is there any animal, I do not know?

Suddenly a wind blows. First of all it was not expensive and it was not open so I was thrown out soon. One child exclaimed: “Oh, the sun has fallen! This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

We WuXian soon understood. It is possible that these guys played games in the simulation of the Sunshot campaign.

They were in the Yueyang region. When the QishanWen sect was at the top of its prosperity, it interrupted its power everywhere. Also, because Yueyang is not far from Zenigan, people seriously damaged here are excited by wild beasts and threatening farmers. After the end of the sacred act, the temperament quickly destroyed the coalition forces of another fund of the foundation 100 years ago, which collapsed. Around the Qishan district, many places enjoyed activities leading to the destruction of the Wen section. It has become almost traditional. This game was probably one of them.

Children stopped harassing and reunited, “What do we do? We did not mix the sun and the same thing fell.

Someone raised his hand: “For me, of course, I’m Jin Gwangjao, I’ve killed a warm devil!”

Wei Wuxian, looking at the stairs leading to the pub, looked at them with great interest.

Of course, in these types of games, the most popular characters are Lian Fang-Zun, the leader of all the peasants. His family’s background was a little embarrassing, but the fact that he later climbed to such a position was the reason why people followed him. During the Sunshot campaign, he worked hardly as a QishanWen secret name and accused all the people of Wen Secta until a large amount of information was found, but he did not know anything. After the Sunshot campaign, he became the main farmer suitable for the title of wonderful, frank and innumerable other techniques. Such a life can even be considered a legend. If he plays, he would also like to try Jin GuangYao. Choosing this boy as a leader is a very rational choice!

Someone else said: “But I’m Nie MingJue! I’ve won the biggest game and got many people, I’m the leader!

“Jin Guayao”, “But I’m the main farmer!”

“Nie MingJue” raised the fist: “If you are the main cultivation, you are still my youngest brother. When you see me, you must surprise all the time.

Kim GuangYao really cooperates and keeps this character. I immediately ran away from his shoulder. Someone else said: “You are a temporary fool.

When choosing farmers, they mean they have been praised for a particular farmer. Nie MingJue violated: “Jin ZiXuan, you had died sooner than I, so more temporarily!

Jin Sachsen responded to defense: “What is wrong? It’s temporary, so I ranked third.”

“Even if you are the third person, it’s your face!”

One of the children seemed to be tired of standing with all the travelers. He also moved to the stairs and sat on Wei WuXian. He was in his hand and was medicated: “Well, well, leave the battle

A squid came by and ate the rest of the fake text. If you have any questions, maybe you should read the FAQ. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

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