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SH Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Adventure (Part 2)

They say that abbreviations are always a dangerous way to do that This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

He actually ignored the flame of a tap, he was grieved with a loud voice.

Feisha woke his neck. “Sorry, I know it did not understand that this was your territory.” This place CUS geddit, mushrooms are like that? Without doors and windows, Ha ha ha … HAHAHAHAHA … Is it? without you need something you do? It’s a nice fun, I’ll take your vacations. he is careful, he has just stopped before it can do that wherever you go, now leave.

“Another step, I’ll burn you.”

Feisha looked up at her anger. “What’s in the oven?”

It was an unpleasant rupture. Fjrijs mixed his eyes very in confusion and embarrassment, look at him. Feisha understood what he first said and rubbed his back with his head. “I have not yet had dinner.

Feriel looks.

“Outside, what I get, because I prefer too deeply,” incredible Feisha was hospitalized. “Do you have tracks?”

“I did not eat it,” replied the Pharisee.


So you’re sorry for the victim’s victims? Feisha starts out. “Do you know this area? We can meet together to find some food.” Apparently, all the fairies were mainly vegetarians. Although Dark Fairy tries to eat some meat a second time, the human meat was definitely not a menu. Being in the middle of vegetarian humanitarian creatures and waters was a good situation in which to actually do.


“Do you really need a reason?”

“There’s no reason?”

Feisha was flooded, and finally decided to give him a little face and answer. “He needs you.”

Something blinks before the eyes of the Fair. “Why do I trust you?”

“Because you really have nothing to lose by donating to me,” he pointed out that he knocked the ball in his hand, and answered Feisha.

In silence, it was a time when I waited silently until Feisha finally ended.

“Good,” Finally, Fērijs decided that the flame would cut a little more often.

“Wait, do you need anything to illuminate the way?”

“Light attracts animals”.

“…” Feisha kept the desire to throw water into the fire.

“I know the plant’s species, you can get it.

Factory “people despite the fact that it is omnivorous, that is, despite the fact that I think like a vegetarian, I eat meat,” Feisha protested strongly. “A kind of meat that is not so intelligent.”

The look of the refrigerator was at an acute turn of the head.

“However, it’s misery, I feel very different,” soon changed. “The sound of the meat is now brutal. Yes, a grass for the environment, called healthy nutrition, you have a bomb!”

Fell to show his way. “This way is a small hill is a thorn and a fiery red plant – I choose it and gives it to me.” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.


“It seems that everything seems so, do you think it’s totally content?

He received an empty answer.

“And it does not appear that there are all the lights. Everyone I see, I want to find you get rid of the red of the plant, black, black and black?”

“Please tap me lightly, if you cut it, you found it.”

Feisha catches breath. “Good Fire Red, right?” Here, he is a quite high mountain to be able to use the light of the moon waiting. And it has the slightest cloud range. Feisha listened to the way and found that his passage was very close to the place where he started. He looked up. Well, the hill really is very close to the moon.

“Are you sure this is a small hill?

There was no answer. When Feisha returned, the airway was stolen.


Did Phoenix really believe him? Feisha did not know if he was laughing or shouting at this sudden development. Precise mountain information, and whether it is or not, is actually important to eat food red plant. He hesitated. Is he waiting for? Or right?

If he does not hang, he must go somewhere and go. Given the size of the forest, but before he could go out, it was a very real chance that it would die from hunger.

After a lot of discussion, Feisha decided to do so. The best thing for the pond had to move, so he would not wait for death, if he was in the same vicinity. However, he raised the stone by administering his palm and began to climb the mountain violently. For a long time, happily, the hill was not on any floor because he could walk with a slightly inclined back on the rocky area, mostly.

About half, Feisha could not stop what he left. He was surrounded by the ocean of the black ocean that does not see the end. I could not see where he came. If it were not for misunderstanding, he could still walk in the circle there in the forest.

They were terrible, Feisha retired and looked at climbing. He did not know how long he had taken him.

About half, Feisha could not stop what he left. He was surrounded by the ocean of the black ocean that does not see the end. I could not see where he came. If that is not a conspiracy, he can still walk in the forest.

They were terrible, Feisha retired and looked at climbing. He did not know how long he had taken him, but when his arm reached the top of the hill, Feisha released the air, he did not know what he was holding. The moon shone brightly in a light place, swing across all translucent blankets and produced all the light. Actually, the smile overcame Feish’s face as soon as he arrived.

There was an animal on the other side of the hill, which was sometimes larger than Asa. Each eye surrounds the same size as your head and you probably swallow people in size, even if you do not speak mouth. Feisha slowly leaned her body and asked not to pay attention to him.

The beast took care of the terrible windy wind, apparently forgetting the new existence in that territory.

Feisha went out to the speed of the heart. He pushed himself with the tremble feet of each other and he desperately sculpted the area of ​​the red plant while looking at the beast. He never bought the fact that plants aimed at food. Why does Fayer say that the quantity is different? However, he was Feish’s only friend, there was no choice but stupidity. In response, Feisha could not stop his lips. The man went out to the animal, and even if he was afraid he was sneaky. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Suddenly he moved and was disappointed in just a few seconds. Germaining near a great animal was a red fire plant. Perhaps healing pain, the beast changed his head and eye-to-face to Feisha. The eyes spread with shock.

Feisha just had to go and plan to do it.

The animal said: “SingirlHong?”


Can you talk? Feisha collected his solution and gave 10 replies. “I’m sorry, I can not understand your language.

The beast was silent. “Who are you?”

… So, someone says “Who are you?” Feish of Feish’s knowledge would not come into a terrible time. “I am a living man … And I’ve lost …?”

“The lie! The beast will be broken.” The kingdom of death lost contact with the other eight kingdoms before a thousand years ago.

“I swear to tell the truth!” The feast of the feast raised an alarm, if the wild animal simply decided to eat with its own anger.

Instead he looked at him with great eyes. “Are you a human being?”

Feisha nodded quickly.

“Why do people have a good kingdom?”

Fear of misunderstanding, Feisha did not lose the answer. “Because this works for Noah’s drawer, so …”

“Oh!” The animal suddenly understood something. “Noah’s Ark – I do not think I’ve forgotten this place, but it’s a decisive mistake that an intellectual BIB promises like me.

Feisha ended these two important facts. It is called Living a Beast and the other is a very intelligent feeling. This information slowly spread to the brain and slowly returned slowly.

“God has once said that it is the most cautious creature that people have created, I have been waiting for a lot of time to see you”

“Oh, I think people are sometimes foolish,” Feisha replied humbly.

“When?” Ask a curious beast.

“At the moment I do not know how I lost in the forest.

The beast laughed again in his head. “That’s why this place is called a frothy forest and if you never lose your way, it will be a stranger.

Fraud fraud

Soon, Feisha pleaded for the animal: “So you know how to get out of it?”

“Of course she replied:” If you think this forest is simpler, you can leave the vicinity of your imagination. ”


So I thought he would lose why he died. No, because I thought he had to lose? This truth was a bit difficult. “But in the forest I see …”

“What do you see?”

“It’s so great that I can not see the end, it seems like a wooden ocean.”

“Oh, the forest that I see is very small, but there is a margin. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

“I think this is the beginning, but it has even increased when I experienced it”

The beast thought of it. “This may be due to incredibly great magic power known in this field, he stopped for a while.” He sent false goods here to recover the Moonflame factory Do you have it? ”

Feisha listened to the word “plant” after the word “fire” and decided that it could be the plant he was looking for. He nodded to the head.

“This is magical, the Moonflame facility can be rejected and will be active that has suffered a bad reaction, Rustin, explaining it.”

“So what you say is that it was terrible, so it was all that I did,” feisha sapried.

Up and down from a big forehead. “Yes.


Feisha was a dude. When he was in fact the king of the devil, he was later considered a savior of the world!

The animal continued: “You can not leave the forest without permission.”

“… Oh, a beautiful beautiful BIB animal, of course, you have a solution for my poor old” Feisha asked full of hope.

“No” The animal suddenly opened his mouth and showed sharp teeth. “If you can not answer my question, you can not leave it here.”

Translator’s note

“This place of Cus is geddit, mushroom? No door or window room […]

Yes, I received a bit. So you have a bunch of poor mushrooms.

Heavenly lost earth Jeanne Road Zhejiang-lye Meng Mei Mei fort, Tianqiao (how the door is empty cover cover, because there is no walling): here It is a Chinese people. If anyone jokes, please let me know, because I’m convinced that there is no hell. It’s meant to be a bad joke, but I can not even know how it should be the first ridiculous. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

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November 28, 2017 6:50 pm

lol I imagined the bibi beast as Beast from X-Men…

Junki Yard
November 28, 2017 7:23 pm

Thank you for the update!
Why does Feisha always run into bastards? Is it because he is also one?

November 28, 2017 7:26 pm

Thanks for the update! Feisha and his humor is killer (of black lines down my face lol).

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November 29, 2017 2:37 am

Man that’s a tough one the joke’s so bad you can’t even tell it’s a joke 😓Thanks for trying to make something out of it 😘 Looking forward to seeing how Feisha gets outta the mess he’s in thanks for the chapter 💖💖

November 29, 2017 3:23 am

Aw fuck! I started reading this today! What a flapping cliffhanger for me T-T

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i’m enjoying this story for quite a while now..however it’s getting irritating. no matter how awesome or intelligent the mc is, it seems only us readers appreciate it..? also mc keeps getting into trouble and getting out with only a few little help sometimes that it’s somewhat disappointing. the romance also focuses on the other characters.. i don’t really mind but at least he’ll establish a good relationship with someone already lol. besides the mc and isefel, i dislike all the other characters since everyone seems to dislike the mc… the sense of humour is very nice though. as well… Read more »

April 21, 2019 8:37 pm

thank you

It is annoying that Dea, who had needed his help so badly, dropped him to fend for himself just lke that without a care. This portion of the writing does not gel well with me at all. Dea is fast becoming not so likable.

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