GDC Chapter 36

GDC Chapter 36

Chapter 36 Pharmaceuticals – Part 4

Jing Ling and the group are afraid that something will happen to Wei Wuxian, as they hit his hand, he knocked on his eyes, and he looked there. So I felt their heart tries to jump out of my clothes. With the technique that he called, the hearts of children blew. Even their hair, “What’s wrong?” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

We, WuXian, have heard so much the story as possible “Shh.Nerunājieties I’m looking for.”

Jin Ling lowered his voice so that it will be even louder than Wei Wuxian. “So, do you look at what is the outer door?”

Wuxian Wei did not hesitate and did not give a simple answer: “Well … yes … it’s wonderful It’s really wonderful”

Expression, which was visible from the face, was full of pleasure, they heard and praised and called as if they were from the bottom of my heart. The curiosity of his disciples soon exceeded his tension. Lan Sizhui could not help but asked: “… the oldest moo, is it really wonderful?

Wei Wu Xian said, “Woof! It’s so beautiful, all of the rest, please do not touch it, I did not believe it.”

Jinling, “Move it! I want to see the EU”

“EU too!”

Wei WuXian said, “Are you real?”


We Wu Xian took a while walking as if he did not want to leave. Jinlin first moved. He looked through a thin slice between the wooden boards.

It was night. Even in a cold atmosphere, the fog in Lee City was drained, so you can only see one on the street, which is almost a few meters. Jinlin ran for a while. Thinking about the same, he was quite disappointed that I could not find “wonderful”, “beautiful” things, I was not afraid to speak, did I do?

As he left, a small and tiny figure suddenly came to the front.

Ginlin swings the scalp, given a whole body looking without preparation. He managed to hold a difficult, curious position, in some way perplexing, somehow stopped the calls that remained in his chest, somehow managed to keep him really calm. After crossing his head, he turned to Wei Wuxi in spite of himself. We are confused that Wei WuXian bends to the window next to the door. One of the corners of his mouth, when he bent the maximum, he built eyebrows and gave Jin Jingling a floating smile: “It does not look pretty” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Jinlin followed him. Jin Ling sasmērināja dento, knowing what he and his troops are looking for for them, “… yes …”

Changing the mind accidentally said he was straightforward, “It’s all good, but finally ends up watching!”

In a comment, he left aside waiting for the next person to be deceived. Their deceitful words encouraged the rest of the group to reach maximum curiosity. Lan Sizhui could not hold himself and went to the same place. As she approached the lattice’s eyes, he spilled “the ah!” But to be honest, unlike, the previous two. A full panic, full of panic, he jumped out of the shock. He just called, after turning around several times, found that Wei Wu Xian drank: “He is a high Mo … …”

Wei replied to Wuxian’s absolute meaning: “It’s true It’s not necessary to say it loudly, otherwise not a pleasant surprise, each of you will go …”

It was impossible for people to continue to look at the terrible reaction of Lan SiZhui. A nice surprise Like a more timid fear. All were rejected with their hands. “No, thank you. No, thank you.

Jin Ling Spatz: “The situation already likes you, and that the world has thought you’re still playing tricks.”

Wei Wuxian said, “You also joined me, right, Nemēdziet.SiZhui via tēvoņa sound, was it terrible?”

Run Svidie sincerely, “Yes.

Wei Wu Xian, “This is beautiful, this is a great option for your cultivation. Why do the ghosts repeat people? When people are scared, their feelings have gone away, so their spirit. This is, as it grows rapidly, it does the moment The heavy ghost is very afraid of those who are fearful, fearful and afraid of fear. Because there is no chance to join anyone, they can do no one with ghosts. So how, parents, your number must be more intelligent! ”

I’m glad he was unable to take his helplessly attractive appearance caused Causas, Brandeom Municipal: “Braedom determines to be born, but if a coward is born, what can I do?”

Wei Wu Xian, “Have you been born to know how to fly with the sword? People know how to practice it and practice it. As people, fear could be used after that … Is it a bad appearance? Trust me If you live in your house in One month, you can even eat there.

The boys were quite scared. They unanimously rejected this request: “No, you can not! That’s impossible!” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Wei WuXian, “that’s just one example. Well, I used to admit that I did not live in the countryside. If you really want to eat there, I do not know. I have a proof. try it the door, not only you, look carefully, please turn to the no. more information only. For more information, hidden as you may have to calmly deal with the situation and look for counterattacks. Well, I said enough for you to understand There is no possibility for my control for most people. Please use it No advance Enter one file, see simultaneously.

“… are you sure you need it?

Wei WuXian, “Of course, I do not make a story about people. I do not have a joke. Let’s look at the Jingyi. Both Jin Ling and SiZhui have already seen.”

Lan Xin said: “You have said that, you can not move people with toxic corpses, I do not ask for something, or I’m like that.”

Wei Wuxian, “Let me see my tongue Oh.

Lan Jingyi, “Oh.”

Wei Wuxian, “Congratulations, you have healed, the courage to promote your first move.

Lan JingYi: “I’ve healed, you’re a joke, it’s fine!

His protest was denied, so he stepped and walked through the window. He left after seeing it once. He will see and return again. Wei Wuxian is, knocking on the board: “What are the things you’re scared, I think it’s much less to eat or something your eyes have not interrupted, a son stands there?”

Lan JingYi jumped out: “I’ve seen it!

And when people came there was not such a great fear. After we all went, Wei Vuksīns spoke again: “Preparation is looking for everyone to tell us a group of things that are detailed information on the summary are taken here”.

Jin Ling, as we speak initially, said: “White eyes, short for women and skinny, beautiful aspects keep bamboo polish.”

Sizu de Lans was probably thinking: “At the height she is the only laptop of the girl in my chest, dressed as a beggar who visited the city, her white bamboo pole that does not look too clean is like a white cane It may not have been done after the eye of death … she died before she died.

Wei Wuxian said as follows. “Jin Ling was bigger, but SiZhui was higher.

Jinlin caught the lips of frustration.

One boy said: “Girls are only about 15 or 16, she has a dazzling air and an oval face for her delicate function. She has hired a small foxed head cut and wooden with clothes, and tied her long hair, not only a little … – .. Her figure is a businessman but she does not have consciousness, as she is not a bad thing a bit. After chasing her, she must be a pretty girl. ”

Immediately after hearing it, Wei Wuxian soon learned that this boy had a very promising future. He strongly praised: “Well, well-done observations are detailed and unique, you will definitely be, the child grows …” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

The boy walked, ignoring the neighbor’s laughter and went to the wall. Another boy said: “It looks like hitting a bamboo polar sound to the ground, she had when she entered, she was blind before she died, even after becoming a ghost, she could not do what she saw, she could only rely on white cane. ”

Another boy said:? What? If they are attacked by something, “But as you can see you all the blind, they can not use their eyes, so they are going And it is not that you can walk slowly But the ghost has a sudden movement outside the door … I never saw such a ruinous blind ever]

WuXian Wei smiled: “Keep a good job, you have to analyze, using this for ideas, do not discard any doubts about how exactly it is now. Let’s invite him inside to get the answer … …”

At the end of his decision, he immediately took one of the Board of Directors. Not only the inner boy, but ghosts raised his bamboo pole, did not matter anything, and jumped his sudden movement.

Wei WuXian first welcomed the ghost, asked: “Otome, are you all doing them here under all this?”

The girl stretched out her eyes. If she had lived, she needed to be as beautiful as possible. However, not only the two bloody curves that were curved by the student and her eyes were a more terrifying look than before. Some people moved at the back. Wei Wuxian Satisfied with them, “What do you fear? You want people to see bleeding from the 7 bridges in the future. You experience and strengthen a lot, that’s just two, I currently have bleeding 7, and can not you do it? I will tell you ”

Before that, the girl put her in front of the window, knocked her pillars, defiled her legs, rubbed all, shook her arms and stirred up. But now her behavior has changed. She said she wanted something to say. Jinlin asked: “Strangely, can not she speak?

When listening, the girl stopped the ghost and opened her mouth.

Blood jumped out of his free voice. His tongue was removed from its roots.

His disciples were covered with goose, but for similar sympathy, I could not speak. Both blind and kind – are unfortunately.

Wu Wu said, “Does she use a sign language? Does anyone understand?”

No one understands. The girl was very careful and restored her feet to write and write her legs on the ground. But she was certainly not a family of scientists. She was illiterate and could not write anything. Only with a sticker, no one could understand what she was trying to say.

Suddenly a series of sparkling trucks and human pants came to the far side of the street.

The girl’s spirit suddenly disappeared. We Wu Xian do not worry because she will probably come back. He quickly returned the ship and shouted from the crack. Other disciples wanted to see the situation outdoors. They all pushed before the door. Block the entire cut The head’s head matches from below to top. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

For some time, despite the fall in the fog, it has spread again. The image shook and blew the fog and rushed.

That person dressed in black. When he was injured, he went on the board. His sword was covered with a black cloth covered with waist. Lan JingYi said, “Is he the foggy face?”

Lan Sighi whispered: “Perhaps, before the fog, it was a completely different movement of that person.

A person following a pedestrian group. They came as soon as they moved. Man met an attack without opening the sword. A bright, calm sword shone and the fog collapsed. We, WuXian, are taking care of what a good step.

However, after the attack, there was a new strange but well-known dispute. Black red powder was shot by a dead body removed by members. This person is surrounded by them. He did not have a place to hide where he was and spray the powder immediately. Lan SiZhui dances from the scene. He urged to vote quietly: “Senior Moo, this boy, we …”

Another group of pedestrians surrounded people goes away. The circle has become smaller and smaller. His sword again exploded and exhausted with a poisonous powder of corpses. He also inhaled more powder and seemed to have begun to lose balance. Wei Wu Xian said, “We have to help him.”

Jinlin says: “Why do you try to help him? I can not go any more now … It’s an empty poisonous powder everywhere.

After considering some things, Wu · Uk Shan left the window and walked through the central room. The boys could not help, but they followed him with his own eyes. Different paper pressures were silent between the two crowns. Usin stood before them and stopped in a feminine sleeve.

Each paper was missing different. But this pair looked as if the twin sisters were intentionally made. Their composition, clothing, quality were the same. In the expressions of cum lapsed lip and smile, I could hardly hear the laughter of “he”. They had a double bang, red earrings, gold bracelets, embroidery shoes, which seemed like families with lots of food.

Wei Wu Xian said, “How about these two?

He easily washed his hand against that boy’s unprotected sword and rolled his thumb. When he returned, he drank two eyes, four students with disabilities. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Then he stepped forward. With a slight smile, he says: “You have eyes behind your long eyes, slip of your lips, a strange smile, with good eyes I’ll call you.

A cool wind flows from the blue on the other side of the store. The boys could not help press the sword.

Suddenly the twin sisters were suddenly scared.

The next moment, the “Hee hee” tick came out of the lips of a really bright melody!

It was a colorful call!

As if they had seen or heard something fun, the paper meal was turned. At the same time, the eyes drawn with human blood quickly disappeared. The sight is really wonderful and really terrible. Standing ahead, Wei WuXian humiliates his head.

The manual of respected paper with respect also leaned slightly to greet the highest level.

Wei Wuxian pointed to the door: “Let’s go back in, apart from destroying everything.

A squid came by and ate the rest of the fake text. If you have any questions, maybe you should read the FAQ. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

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