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Chapter 40 Pharmacists – Eighth Phase

If she had another girl at the same time, she cried out immediately. But Blue Blue was blind for many years, so she thought that many people could not see her. She looked at how painful it is for humans to spoil their heart. She could not make a sound. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions, maybe you should read the FAQ.

Still, Vei Wuxin could feel the stubborn hardness that went under the leg.

Among many of the villagers, in the office, sitting on the corpses scattered on the ground, your sword and stāstīgā voice of Xiao XingChen wrapper, “as it may be that there are no people living in that village Can you make all of them have surviving satellite corpses? ”

Snow Yang but smiled, a voice came out of the mouth, the very subtle of your own sword is dangerous and even a bit related to the corpse of energy, it sounds “Yes. Good thing. In addition, our only 2 would be very difficult to break one.

Xiao XingChen: “Please check the town once more, unless someone left, this dead one burns as soon as possible”.

It was an army that finally returned to A-Qing after they marched laterally. She stood behind her back and a mountain of corpses rose and looked down on the ground. Wei WuXian’s opinion also fluctuated. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions, maybe you should read the FAQ.

All of these villagers were killed by an acute pure Xiaoxing sword that passed through our hearts. Suddenly, Wei WuXian saw some famous faces.

Some of the work of memory, of those three, but one day, to play ladies in the village of the together, came to a few people who have too much free time on their hands. These three are, a blind man had been laughed and depressed, the blind girl and baby, when they had seen, they had shown me all the laughs. Al-Qing wandered around and tickled his bamboo pillar. Xiao Xingchein walked calmly as if he had not seen anything. Xue Yang smiled without looking attractive to his eyes.

A-Qing maintained a large corpse. When she opened the eyelids, they saw everything had white eyes. Livorno died already has a few faces. She missed her relaxation, but Wei Wuxian’s heart was even lower.

They looked like a march torso, but these people really lived.

Besides it was poisoned by the dead body.

In the mouth and nose of some corpses, Wei WuXian also saw red purple powder. Of course, those who had been kidnapped for a long time were surprised because they were already pedestrians. However, some of them were poisoned for a long time. They release the energy of the body, for example, as the development of curvature to be transformed, they are still aware, one still means that you are alive, you can talk. Even if they helped, how Lan JingYi and others could still be saved. Like killing a living person, you must worry that you do not ignore it by mistake.

They should be able to know who needs to cry for help. But the terrible thing was that someone had previously cut all their languages. All angles of the body’s lips penetrate hot or dry blood.

Xiao XingChen did not see, but Shuanghua could show the direction of the energy of the curve. Because these villagers lost their tongue, we could only create different kinds of spirits. It was very similar to marching corpses. Therefore, he does not question the fact that the villain was already dead.

It was an interesting way to kill other people. Do not clean your hands. Instead of making dirty hands feeding him, it’s an innocent way.

– Qing does not understand how it works. Just hearing that XiaoChen-Chen had already mentioned it, she did not know about the fraudulent process. She murmured: “Do nurses really help Daozhang?

Wei Wu Xian quietly warned, do not think that Snowyang is the same!

Fortunately, A-Qing’s intuition was very difficult. Her knowledge did not allow her to find a doubt about her, but her sensation to Xue Yang is already deeply rooted in her intuition. She instinctively hated her. And when Xue Yang went to Xiao Xingin to go hunting at night, she secretly followed them. Even when they were in the same house, she had no guardian.

At night the wind blew. Three of them were packed in a small room heated in an old furnace. Xiao Xingin set a basket containing broken bamboo stripes. A-Qing just throws cotton blankets. She made herself stuck and she sat on her shoulders. Xue Yang defended his jaw with one hand and did nothing. Al-Qing Pester When he heard the story of Xiao CingChen, he was rather annoying rather- Qing Xiao Xingo heard her racists, he was very surprised. “Do not stop so stupid and if you’ve still hit, I’ll get the language node.”

– Qing Qi asked nothing asked: “Daozhang, I want to hear the story” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions, maybe you should read the FAQ.

Xiao Xin Chen: “When I was young, no one told me a story, do you know how I would say this?

– Qing continues his time and began to launch the ground when Xiao Xingchee finally agreed: “Well, I’ll talk to you about the story that happened on the hill.”

A-Qing: “There is a mountain in one, and the temple was on a hill?”

Xiao XingChen said: “Nobody knew, a hill was a man who was able to enlighten. Bezmūrnieks was a burning mountain, Immortal admired many disciples, but she knew they were mountains I did not let it go.”

Listening to the beginning, Wei WuXian soon recognized that she was Baoshan SanRen.

A-Qing, “Why?”

Xiao XingChen said: “Because she could not understand the outside world, immortality hid the mountain, she said to her disciples:” If you are going to leave the mountain, you do not need to return. Please do not turn outside the hills. ”

– Qing said, “And how can you get boring? Please make it a disciple who wants to go out and play.”

Xiao XingChen said: “You are right. He first left the mountain of all praise, thanks to his dominion of his skills, praised him when he became famous in a beautiful way. The first disciple was very wonderful, but what he did not know later he went to him , but his character changed dramatically, he suddenly killed the person, twice unconquered In the end he died thousands of swords.

This was DaoRen-JanLing, the disciple of the first Baosano de San Beno, who did not live in peaceful death.

What this Wu Wuian shibo changed his character so long as he left the hill was a mystery. Maybe nobody can find it. After Xiao XingChen completed the change, he felt several times. He confirmed that it did not hurt his hand, it slowed and kept: “The second disciple was also very outstanding with the girls”

Wei Wuxian breasts warm.

She was ZangSe SanRen.

A-Qing: “Is she good?”

Xiao XingChen said, “I do not know, she said it’s really nice.

– Qing: And then I know she loves to love her and find a lot of people who wanted to marry her after she left the mountain, and she married And Heee you need a high level of official or great sect.

Xingo Xiao laughed: “You guessed incorrectly She married a great servant of the leader of the sect, and both lived happily at all times.”

– Qing, “The farmer remained in the servant, I do not like it, how beautiful and beautiful. This story is very complicated, which is probably because after they lived happily after they had done so far, as his life is, what happened , then consists of one bad scientist, is it?

XiaoChenChen, “And both I lost their lives accidentally during the night hunting.

– Qing Spats: “What’s in the story is this just because she did not marry a servant, they died together, I would not have heard it!” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions, maybe you should read the FAQ.

Wei WuXian did a good thing Xiao XingChen indifferent, “thinking himself, two of them wanted everyone to be defeated. Or she told her that she had given another great evil that she could spit on me.

Xiaoxing said in one word. “So I said that I do not know how to tell the story for the first time.”

– Qing: “After that, Daozhang, you have to remember the hunting of the night from where you are right, I want to hear what kind of monster you have fought, please tell me?

Xue Yang closed his eyes and heard the story and did not concentrate the story. But his expression grew slightly seriously. His student was defiled and he saw Xiao Xingheen.

Xiao XingChen “really is too much”

Snowyang suddenly asked: “Really? Daozhang, have you hunted at night?

His lips stood by noticing that he was not good, but his voice was filled with simple curiosity. After the rupture, Xiao Xin Chen smiled a little: “No”

It drew attention to A-Qing: “So what was with you?”

Xiao XingChen lasted longer. After a while he answered. “My good friend.

Xue Yang sparkled in a screaming light, and his smile rose. Apparently peeling Xiao Xingchein seems to give him a great pleasure. Meanwhile, A-Qing was interested, “Your friend is Daozhang, what do they like?”

Xiaoxing responded calmly: “People who are really born.

After hearing this, Xue Yang woke up. His lip turned slowly as if he cursed. But he did not find him in a sense Why he followed “Pretending that this is your friend is Daozhang?” Here is your friend now. “So Daozhang, why did not he come to find you when you like it?

Wei Wuxian is a bad nail.

Xiaoxing did not respond this time. – Qing did not know what had happened, but it seemed there was something to find out. She exploded and rose at Xue Yang. She touched her teeth as if she wanted to eat from him. When someone left the place, Xiao XingChen rejected the silence: “If he is now, I do not know, but I hope for that …”

Before he was completing the sentence, he caressed the A-Kiyoshi’s head: “Well it does not know how I really speak tonight it’s pretty shameful …”

A-Qing responded to me. “Oh, well!

However, Xue Yang suddenly said, “What should I do?

A-Qing was just waiting for disappointment. She quickly agreed to: “Yes, yes, you say it.

Immediately, Xue Yang began: “Someday, he was a child.”

“Children like to eat sweethearts, but rarely he could eat because he did not have parents or money, while he was sitting in the zoning of the airport shuttle one day. As in other days, it was a liquid store against the stairs. The man was sitting on a table store , he showed that when he saw the child he had to move. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions, maybe you should read the FAQ.

The beginning of the story was not as wonderful as it was, but it was much better that Shao Xingen’s cliché was one lawsuit. If A – Qing had rabbits, they should already be overwhelmed.

Snow Yang, so ingenious that “does nothing, the child does not confuse anything. He is somebody looking to shook him, ran away immediately. The man was pointed out in the plate under bunks on the table, for him I asked,” Continue, do you want to do it ”

“Of course, since he said that the person who wanted her had a piece of paper for the children, he laughed because it’s probably early:” If you want it, in a particular place I’ll take it to a specific room. I take the paper and hand it over.

“The child was really happy, he could have a muffin plate, if he wins the most muffin plate with force.

“He did not know how to read, so he got up a paper and went to the scene. When he opened the door, he went out to a magnificent and sophisticated man, take it and saw it, because he was a child, the tough nose lived in blowing. the hair “What do I bring to you?” I asked.

Children must be Xue Yang himself.

Wei Wu Xian did not imagine that an experienced man like Snow Yang did everything else asked him, he was so honest so young, so dementia. What was written on paper was definitely wonderful. There may be some conflict between the drink and the warrior. To the front, because he did not have the courage to ban it, he said, shows a humble letter instead of the child’s street. Such an act can even be described as perverse.

Snow Yang said, “He felt frightened and showed the direction. The man pulled his hair, took the child, went to a drink shop, because another man had disappeared, it was long. Both waiters took a table on the table. The thief was very angry with the a thief who threw so many tables.

“He was very frustrated, did not do anything of the work, he was to be beaten, of course he was his scalp that was left in the hair, he had almost removed, he was not free pie to stay, he asked the waiter with tears in his eyes , so …: “Where are the bread? Where’s the sweet he said? ”

The shop was a cup, “said the waiter felt completely finished, so hard that his ears were also izsmidzinājušās, for several times for children, from the door he went for a moment lying Amuzi, who was removed: when he laughed, Mr. Yan continued … “Maybe he came to the man who ordered him to take the letter.

He stopped at this point. A-Qing took over the story. She hastened to her: “And what happened?

Xue Yang says: “What you think, there were only a few blows and a few kicks.

– Qing: “Right, he liked sweet things – sure you were when you were young, why are you a blower, are you a me and then you liked to look at your meal?” Then I forced him and struck him and struck me his success … “She almost sat on her side I danced, striking Xing-Xi Xiao.

Xiao XingChen soon said: “Well, you’re listening to the story finally, it’s time to go to bed.”

Some A-Qing as they arrived in the coffin, she still has a method of complaining: one, “uhh your story is, it’s boring so I’m angry, however it’s my despair It’s so annoying that it causes me to be angry me! Yes, he who let him take a letter was very annoying! I’m very frustrated!

After Xiaoĉench stopped him, after walking a few steps he said, “What’s wrong?

Xue Yang, “No later, you stopped talking.

A squid came by and ate the rest of the fake text. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions, maybe you should read the FAQ.

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