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Chapter 41 Herb – Part 9

Xiao Xinchi’s smile froze. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions, maybe you should read the FAQ.

The word “Xue Yang” shocked her. His complication began to be considerably thin. When he heard the word, all the blood leaked from his face. His lips were pink white hues.

As if he was not sure, Xiao XingChen asked low voice: “… Xue Yang?” He suddenly surprised: “How did you find that word, A-Qing?”

A-Qing: “Xue Yang is a man with us! He’s this bastard!

Xiao Xing Ĉ en “dismally disturbed” people with us “… people with us …”, as though he felt that he had grown slightly damaged, he put his head in the noses “Did you know?”

Al-Qing: “I heard that he would kill someone!

Xiao XingChen, “Did he kill someone who killed him?

– Qing said: “Woman! She is very young, I think she has a sword with her, and the snow yank hid their sword. I heard that they fought. They were so loud … they were still aloud. The woman still It was called “Snow Yangu”, he said he naturally fined him to kill unlimited people, He said that the temple would be erased. In heaven, ah, he is from his mind! He is always hiding beside us, I do not know what he is trying to do! ”

According to his lie, A-Qing had a dinner all night. First of all, she certainly did not let Daozhang know that he killed the living people, thinking that they were walking along the bay. She could not say she killed the Canton Run with her own hands. Daozhang would be unfair, yes, she could not tell him about Daozhang’s song about which to die. The best thing is that while Xiao Xingzheno is there, he will run away as much as possible after discovering that he is Snow Yan!

But he was hard pressed to accept the message. And it also sounded pretty funny. Xiaoxing could not believe it at all. But his voice is different.

Al Qing said: “His voice is different, he deliberately did it! He fears that you will recognize him!” She seems to have hit the dust on the ground Like this idea: “Well, okay, well, he has nine fingers, do you know Daozhang, or Snow Yang has nine fingers? Do you have to look for him in front of him?”

Xiao Xingchee recovered almost fell to the ground.

A-Qing immediately helped him at the table, and both sat slowly. As you know that he has nine fingers, Qing: “But if he really is Snow Yang, let him hear that you touch him before, but you touch in the left hand:” What? Xiao Xing Ĉ again heard a story after what time can you reveal it? ”

– Qing knocked his teeth and “… Daozhang! I’m not blind, let me tell you the truth. I see I do not see I did not touch my hand, but I instead of they saw!”

Each shock was bigger than the previous shock. Xiao Xin Jing almost lost the words: “What did you say?

A-Qing was afraid, but she could no longer conceal the truth. She apologizes and apologizes: “I’m sorry Daozhang, I was scared to hurt me if we knew that I was not blind when we fled with you Do not let you be mistaken, but now blame me, he will come back! When he bought food!

Suddenly she closed her mouth.

Xiao Xingchen’s eyes are white in the first place. However, though, there are two red scams that look inside. After the blood widened, it jumped through the bandage where the eye was where it was late.

Al-Qing yelled: “Daozhang, you’re blood!” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions, maybe you should read the FAQ.

Xiao Xingcheen just seemed to have noticed. Explosive explosion reached the face. When it was received, it was covered with blood. With a huge hand, A-Qing helped her wipe her a little. However, she had more difficulty but had blood. Shaochenghen raised his hand. “Well … hmm.”

When he initially had excessive thoughts and feelings, his eye wounds blew, but he did not return for a long time. Wei Wu Siang thought he was already healing. But today it started to blow again.

Xiao Xing ĉ en mumbled: “But … if he really is Snow Yang, why is he? Why does he do it, why is Snow Jan? For the first time, I killed you so many years, would you not stay on my side? ”

Of course, Qing, “he wanted to kill you first, I saw his eyes. They were cunning, not fear and worse than important. But he needed someone to care for him because he was injured and unable to move! When he was in Bush I killed her and I do what I do. I did not know her, I knew he was a deadly machine! Daozhang, we’ll go! Okay

But in his heart, Wu Wuian complained that it would not be possible. If she does not tell Xiao Xingcheen, he continues to live like Xue Yang. As she said to Xiao Xingchee, he just did not just escape. He will definitely ask Xue Yang immediately. This is not an option.

As he waited, after Xiao Xing ĉ en settled, he said: “Qing escaped,” Qing Qi

His voice was a little crazy. A-Qing was a little scared: “Oh, Daozhang, run away together!

Xiao Xing ĉ e, of course, is my goal. It is necessary to find out exactly how he is trying to do it, and pretending to be someone else over the past few years to achieve this goal, I tried to stay on my side. I can not go, “he shook his head. If I left him here, I’m afraid that the city of Li gets into his hands. Snow Yang always does that.”

This time, A-Qing’s sove is no longer deceived. She threw the bamboo pole on her side and can I go alone? If I do not leave you, I will not leave. On the feet Xiao Xingchen wants to stay with you, “I? Daozhang, affection. In the worst case, most bad things, we put death to him. If I went to my place, I, I will be very unique to die, because I know that you do not want to so that’s it, so we’ll run away together! ”

Unfortunately, after secrecy that she is not blind, his tactics to use it to gain empathy are no longer working. Xiao Xingchen “is – .. Answer Qing so you can see is very clever I believe that you will be able to live in a good life that will remain for you How terrible Snow Jans I can not … I do not know and he will come to me near.

Wei Wuxian can hear Blue Qing, softly cry I know! I know his fears!

But she could not speak to tell the truth.

Suddenly, a series of quick action came out from the outside.

Xue Yang is back!

Xiao Xingheen was surprised and returned to the level of courage when he was hunting at night. He quickly said: “Why do you take the opportunity to escape when he goes, I will treat him, ask me!” – Whisper took Qing

A-Qing was afraid of what she had won. Snow Yang, the case kicked the door “I have you, what was all? Have you come back and you’re still there, you still let me open the cover,” left I was very tired. ”

You think it was just a tone and a voice, he was just the door to the boy, nice shit. However, this is the man who stood out so far and was a man of the facade’s morality, devil, would have imagined that it was a wicked does not make sense! This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions, maybe you should read the FAQ.

Doors are not locked, but they were made from the inside. Soon they could not open the door, Xue Yang would certainly be suspicious. And when he joins, he will definitely turn his attention. – Qing, how are you tired very close to the market from here? ! I’m tired “, downloaded my face? I see a little late because I see the best clothes. Are you worried about the street?

Snow Yang, how much dress do you have? You do not care how much you change, how you will be the same “that made you happy. Now I’ll open the door.

– Qing’s leg, even if she’s a wobble, she’s still “! .. Bah I do not want to open it to you Batu, but please,” spatadis with a strong voice

Xue Yang laughed, “Daozhang, mark your words in order to repair the door later. Do not blame it for me.

He spoke and soon opened the wooden door. He went up the high threshold. He left the vegetables on one side and the palm apple on the other side. So, he just chased and he looked down just to see Shuanghua, which made the stomach deep.

The cart dropped to the ground. Cabbage, carrots, apples, steam bubbles on the floor.

Xiao Xing (Shao Xinchi) cried out loud.

She moved as quickly as possible and A-Qing turned to the door of the coffin home. Later she went another way and regained her. She was most used to climb to the best-known normal hiding place and hide her head to see what happened.

Xiao Xing calmly asked, “Was it interesting?

Xue Yang picked up some more of the apple that was still in his hand. He calmly arranged and reacted only by swallowing the fruit. “Yes, of course, it was fun”

He used the original voice again.

Xiao XingChen, “You want to do something, please wait a moment.

Xue Yang, “Who knows, maybe I’m bored”

Xiao Xingcheen took Shuanghua and is ready to attack again. Xue Yang, “Daozhang Xiao XingChen, do you still want to find out the second half of the story, which I have not completed?

Xiao XingChen, “No”

Despite his refusal, his head leaned forward a little and his sword also stopped. Xue Yang replied: “Well, I said it perfectly: if you think that, after my fault, you hear it, you can do something.

While he was screaming, he threw a man. He saw a man who felt both dissatisfied and happy that he was forcing him into a letter. . He will not hurt too much mistakes to suppress it by wiping the wound in his stomach, “I have a letter that has not been left there, was beaten. Another plate Can you give me?

“For me, he thought that the most brave was won, his face was hurt. Looking at the leaning of a dirty baby on his feet, he hit him as soon as it was ashamed to help I could not do it.

“He climbed to the coffee, the vehicle was thought to be a vehicle that was about to go away. The children continued to carry the car up from the ground. He really wanted to try to eat a plate of azucaraj pie. At last, he would stop them, who shook hands in front of the car. he had an angry leader picking up whips. very crying, he he He reached out to his head and threw him on the ground. ”

At the same time, he said one word “car wheel in the child’s hands, one finger at one and the same time”.

Although Xiao Hing · Chen did not see, Snow Yang lifted his left hand, Ĉ uokaze :! . “Fetch was instead a baguetine with grundy, he was the man who squeezed his left hand 7 Nabir’s father. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions, maybe you should read the FAQ.

“Daozhang Xiao Xingchen, when you love me in the tower! You accused me of just because I say why put all the sect some doubt, because I was asked, Simply, it was very firm, because your finger was not yours, I’m running it, He gave you the current Snow Yang from the past! I entertained myself without a single reason Why did you decide, guys, please do not ask why he was not able to feel your own did not know the terrible cry or heard from your lips! The pain is you Chang Cian! YueyangChang CLAN We picked just seeds!

If, if he could not believe the words of snow Yang, “the island of Chankiosu earlier broke one of your fingers, Xiao Xingcio said. You were looking for a vengeance, you can only stop one of your fingers. If you really care about the problem, you may even be able to Cut off all the hands! 2 or all 10 Stop it, it will not be, why do you have to kill all of his clans? Do not tell me that one or more fingers was equal to the lives of 50 people! ”

Of course, Snow Yang thought about it as though he had found the odd Xiao Xingchen question. My pirates were the same, their lives were different. They do not match how many lives I have killed. It was only about 50. Maybe it could be equal to one of my fingers? ”

The Xiao XingChen face has a skin color that is thinner than the trusted Xue Yang condition, and the feeling is better. He, “So about? Why are your other people? Why do you have to delete Baixue Temple is blind eyes Daozhang song ZiChen?” I cried

Snow Yang asked answering, “Why do you why you, why do you represent them to Dreago Han Chang that you would like to help Chankiosu Island or Phyongchang, to me, not what I want to do hahahaha was stopped, Phyongchan cry tears ?? Because of the first to do with, because he had to rely on? Daozhang Xiao Xingchen does not help him later, this thing is, the beginning It was because you would not be allowed to offset the rights and compensation of others, it was wrong, foreigners can understand or maybe you are also the first to not let the mountain where your teacher, Baoshan SanRen is, or not sensible, if you can not understand the event, why you have not heard about it, and grow up directly on the mountain …? This world you should not be! ”

It was more than Xiaoxing allowed, “… Yangyang, you really are … too unlucky …”

Listening to it, for a long time, a deadly intention that did not fire through the eyes of Xue Yang appeared again.

Because he is, “she laughed vigorously Xiao Xingchen, I hate you. I think they are virtuous, they say the right thing, I like you, the biggest hatred of man, silly, naive, I think it’s just from The best of the world, because they fool a fool you have something good, for example!, or you were in my position, everyone thought that I would not want If you do it, I care, I think it is very good or bad? But from on the other hand, will you hate me? ”

Shaocochen stopped for a moment. “What do you think?

A-Qing and Wei WuXian’s hearts were jumping from their chest!

Snow Yang, “recently, if we did not come back, for a few years, would we kill the corpse? It just did not go out at night to this, was killed after a couple of days every second group?” , Speeches about Amate

Shao Xin Chen’s lips moved a little worried: “Why are you doing this?”

Snow Yan, “nothing really. It’s really a shame that you are blind. You killed because it was not possible to see this a” corpse at the dead “, you and your eyes.

A squid came by and ate the rest of the fake text. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions, maybe you should read the FAQ.

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105 thoughts on “GDC Chapter 41

  1. What happened to XY when he was a child was unfortunate, but can’t justify the acts of evil he did later on in life. Did he want to resurrect XXC because he has grown to like him? Or because he wants to use him as a puppet like Song Lan?

    Xue Yang must die. He’s beyond redemption.

  2. K桑,我发现你在翻译《魔道祖师》真的是太激动了…我一直担心国外的人因为文化差异很难看懂咱们这种小说,所以想问一下,你觉得有没有必要在某些地方做些说明啊之类的。我会一点点板绘。我英语一般般,所以估计没办法翻译这些。但是我希望能出点力哈哈

      1. 哈哈哈道友好!我看到你下面的说明了。就像你备注在底下的各种名词一样。我特别想对里面涉及的专有名词进行系统地绘图科普(应该算不上科普?主要是把专有名词的中文和图片描摹一下)。不过我也不清楚他们哪些能看懂哪些不能看懂,哪些需要进一步说明。

      2. 啊啊啊WuxiaWorld那个页面特别好用的【捂脸】但是也有很多不够全面的地方,所以你要是愿意的话其实也可以……

  3. Am i the only one who feels pity for XY? I am still hoping that someone can save him from himself. It feels like he was just looking for a place where ppl would accept him near the end. “Only dead ppl listen..” its all so unfortunate. can’t wait for more

    1. No you are not the only person feels that way, 😊I ve got a pretty complicated feeling about him as well, still cant think a word to describe him appropriately even I ve been reading it for years😂.

    2. So the first time I read this story and this arch…forever ago…. I actually cried at Xue Yang’s reaction to Xiao Xing Chen’s death rather Xiao Xing Chen’s actual death. I expected he would kill himself so it didn’t come as a shock to me but the moment where Xue Yang realized he couldn’t bring Xiao Xing Chen back felt like the most tragic part in the whole arch. He got what he wanted but the moment he realized what the cost was is when I think he really became insane and pitiful. He did whatever he wanted up until this point because he was twisted but now his life is completely consumed with the obsession of bringing Xiao Xing Chen’s soul back. Regret is one of the biggest form of punishment for the living and the dead. 🙁

  4. Another sad chapter.. you really can’t hate any character in this novel huh.. everyone here is broken in some ways and I know they handle them different ways but I still can’t relate to Xue Yang where he goes berserk after how he got treated, it just proves that he has no one to look up to and it’s sad.
    I wish the hints above meant that Xue Yang actually felt a bit of remorse.
    And thank you so much for your hard work!!
    Lastly, I don’t know if this is the right place to ask, but when will the animation be out?

    1. This summer, may be June or July, you can research 魔道祖师( just copy these words ) on YouTube to see a video of it, i think the first one has sth you are looking for.😃

  5. Wow. Okay. This was just an amazingly tragic past. Whether it was fate or not, the ties between Xiao XingCheng, Song Lan, Xue Yang and A-Qing brought about so much pain to each other. In the previous chapters I was crying just from the fact that Xiao XingChen exchanged his eyes and became blind for Song Lan. Who would’ve thought that that tragedy was just the tip of the iceberg. Honestly I feel like the author repeatedly KO-ed me with how much suffering they endured.

    In regards to Xue Yang, I think he did in the end care for Xiao XingCheng. Here’s the thing that strikes me odd- he stayed with him and A-Qing for YEARS. His injuries must have healed sometime earlier. Why did he stay with him? One would say to stab in the back but…surely he could’ve done it earlier and not have to drag it on for years. Personally I think that somewhere along the way he got used to the homely routine that they had. Xiao XingCheng’s kindness wormed it’s way into his heart. The boy never experienced such care before. They conversed with frequently in friendly terms, they ate with each other, they took care of each other. Not to mention after hearing the Xue Yang’s past, XXC made sure to give him candy.

    But the thing was it was a pretence. This relationship, this routine was built on lies. The moment XXC would’ve found out his true identity everything would’ve been ruined. And it was. Not only that but Xue Yang as a person due to his past is twisted. Any affection he might have for Xiao XengChen would surely be distorted in our eyes. It’s obvious XXC’s death affected him. He wasn’t calm at all until he thought of the fact he could bring back his soul to be under his service like Song Lan and then they’ll be back together. It’s a foolish delusion Xue Yang tried to fool himself with. And when he found out his only option to bring him back wouldn’t be done, he was LIVID. Went insane.

    Xue Lang is a villain the author took care to write just like with all the other characters which I appreciate immensely. He is beyond redemption I feel like. Always appreciate fleshed our villains. He was a monster in my eyes before, but now he’s a just a tragic man. It’s tragic, his character and past. Personally I feel like there’s nothing more tragic than someone who could’ve been saved, who could’ve been a better person but no one was there to save them.

    Thank you so much for translating this series. I can see why it’s so popular. Can’t wait to see more of its greatness.

    1. I like you words!! Well, just wait for the next chapter, i think the story between these 4 people is almost finished, lets see how the author has judged them in the end.

  6. I really love this!! Thank you for the update..
    Ps.. I feel bl vibe between Song Lan and blind friend.. it’s too sad tho

  7. A bit of a rant, but I sort of understand the people who pity Xue Yang, and I’m not saying that his hate is unwarranted, but I feel like the people who only see him as a villain aren’t looking at his character progression.

    He had a twisted childhood, but that alone isn’t enough of an excuse for what he did to others. Understand though, he didn’t have anyone to raise him or teach him right from wrong and as far as he knows from his personal experience, you walk on others or get trampled yourself, and justice doesn’t come to you until you seek it out yourself – and that’s what he did. That was the kind of world he grew up in, no parent to tell him, “No, that’s wrong.”

    Hating him sort of feels like hating broken glass for being broken – it’s not something you can repair right away. Xiao Xingchen was the first to show him kindness. Even if he was skeptical at first, no one can deny that through time Xue Yang came to love him. I think he was starting to change his ways after meeting Xiao Xingchen for a number of reason.

    He mentioned, “Recently, we haven’t went out at night to kill walking corpses, have we? But, a few years ago, didn’t we go outside and kill a bunch every couple of days?” It has been a few years since he’s done this, meaning he stopped years ago. Probably a change of heart. If he was doing it to get revenge, wouldn’t he continue until he couldn’t anymore? He grew enough tenderness to call A-Qing by her name after she made a fuss about it, after teasing her ever since their meeting. Given time, I’m willing to bet he would change entirely and regret what he did. Xiao Xingchen was that parent that he lacked growing up.

    But he wasn’t given time, Song Lan showing up ended his “paradise” living with Xiao Xingchen and A-Qing. I can’t help but feel his psychotic outbreak after Xiao Xingchen found out about the truth was caused by sorrow knowing Xiao Xingchen would no longer like him followed by anger that everything ended so abruptly. I’m not the author so I can only guess at what Xue Yang meant when he spoke to XXC.

    “Was it fun?”
    “Yes, of course it was fun.” -> Spending time with XXC and AQ, not tricking XXC.

    XXC, “Just what do you want to do, having stayed with me for all these years?”
    Xue Yang did not answer that what he wanted was to trick XXC to carry out his revenge. He said “Who knows?” I don’t think Xue Yang himself knew, he know what he wanted at the start. Then he didn’t anymore, after XXC grew on him. Xue Yang isn’t someone who needed the approval of others but he followed that question with his backstory as if he was trying to justify himself or give XXC some sort of explaination for why he did what he did. Then the outbreak when he knew XXC, his last salvation, had rejected him. His laughing was more like crying, tbh.

    My compassion (as well as others) for him probably comes from looking at someone who wanted to live on the bright side with XXC and AQ, but who had trudge through so much mud and blood that it was impossible for him to look back or be forgiven. He knew what his past meant for their future and couldn’t find a way out and that hopelessness is rather tragic.

    Still a villain though.

    1. I love you. Thank you for laying it out so clearly. I’ve been trying to put my finger on why I pity Xue Yang so much this entire time, and though i made an attempt at my own explanation, none were as clear or well-sourced as yours. It’s exactly as you said. Xue Yang shouldn’t have killed an entire clan for breaking his fingers, but he had no parents to tell him “that’s wrong” or things like “treat others how you wish to be treated” or “equal punishment”. In his still morally underdeveloped mind, all he knew was that he hated the people from that clan and that he wihld do something about it. It was only when he spent years alongside A Qing and XingChen that he started developing basic feelings and morals that most people should already have.

      And I’m very impressed by how you caight the fact that they haven’t been killing innocent peolke for years now. Even I missed that detail and I read it through multiple times. This only serves to complicate my feelings towards Xue Yang as a villain :’)

      Honestly, my only hope for him now is for him to realize what he’s done wrong, and perhaps to die with an apology to Xingchen and A Qing’s souls. And maybe even a confession of his familial feelings

  8. Sad. Sounds like Xue Yang just wanted a family. It is why he sought out A-Qing after his own mind has cracked. He genuinely thought she would welcome him back.

    I don’t think he planned on killing her, but she enraged him and had to be punished.

    He just wanted his family back.

    XXC…he bsod his soul.

    Can peace be brought to them all?

  9. Hi I can’t see the picture. I’ve registered but it says I’ve yet to confirm my email but I’ve not received any email- I’ve checked my spam folder as well. Please help!
    User name tanzmoon
    Email [email protected]

      1. I saw a couple K_GhostMafia weibos about 魔道 English translation, and thought the “K” in K_GhostMafia and K.san might indicate the same person.

        Due to the Great Firewall of China, I wonder how consistently fans there can access this site.

  10. Everyone’s so pitiful. Come here and I’ll give you some love!!! Even you, Xue Yang. I feel that you need affection like when you lived with Xiao Xingchen and A-Qing. But you still made everyone suffer, so sit in the corner. QwQ But poor Xiao Xingchen!!! I hope your soul rests in peace. As a side note, I really liked A-Qing.


    Thanks to the translator for bringing us this wonderful piece of work

  11. The last two chapters were heart breaking! I hope his soul gets fixed, .and he gets reunited with Song and A-Qing… I don’t want them to be put to rest, more like I want them to run a city for the living corpses, fix it up and have it be beautiful and peaceful 🙂

  12. This whole tragedy is made with such a pitiful cast. The XXC who could gain neither the atonement nor the family he wanted, XY who could not not even understand the kindness of others much less that within himself, SL who could not save his friend and had to quietly die, and AQ who in exposing the farce also condemned everyone involved including herself. I’m also more curious about WWX’s past reasoning now; if he identified so strongly with XXC (and added to the fact that I don’t think LWJ could love him this much if WWX truly disgusted him), then there must have been some defining tragedy that led him to become an “evil” cultivator. Ahhhh this author pays such close attention to her characters I LOVE IT

    Thanks for the chapter!!

  13. My face is red and my eyes are swollen for crying so much, I have no words things are so complicated, at some point I even cried for Xue Yuang when he realise that WWC was not coming back, but my heart broke for WWC and was so proud of AQ. WWX was right XY must die

  14. I can’t convey how much emotion I felt from this chapter, but I wanted to tear up while reading. Your translation is quite masterful, pulling at my heartstrings and making me hover in anticipation at the moments that the characters felt anticipation in the story. The arc of these characters are so tragic, and heartwrenching.. I know I’m going to end up remembering it for a long time. Thanking the team for translating this and wish you all happiness (especially since dealing with such sad content).

  15. I am crying while reading this.. Poor XXC, I dont don’t whether his skill is good enough that he was able to shatter his soul so that he wouldn’t become living corpse or he heart so broken after learning that he kill his best friend thae he wouldn’t want to be alive anymore… Anyhow xue yang must die.

  16. This is so painful everyone involved is hurt even the villain made me empathize him even though it’s true he is beyond redemption T_T

  17. me at 3am to my friend via messenger: Xue Yang needs some love dammit!!
    ME: AAAHHH!!!
    HER: i actually got awoke because of your chat 😅😅
    me: Im sorrryyy!! sleep now. gud nyt!
    her: good night
    *few minutes later*
    her: *sends a heart wrenching pic of xingchen and xue yan* HUHUHUHU
    ME:STAHP MAKING ME CRY DAMMIT. i thought you’re gonna sleep😑
    her: good night. hehehe

  18. Okay first of all i have always known that XY loved him deeply but hes just the type who cant tell it aloud instead, he acted all cruel and scary when in reality all he wanted was the past peaceful life with him. XY is such a tsundere, and knowing thos ekind of people, they have a bizarre way of thinking and would even keep a corpse as their love one instead of a real living one who has the chances to not follow their wishes. So when XY finally admitted (indirectly bec hes a tsundere) that he wanted him for himself,,,,, i couldn’t breathe and my heart ached so much for him and him and all of them. Especially song lan who died easily….. Ohhhhhhh i ccant breath im telling you… And thats the only reaction i have,, i dont know if i should be angry or sad and start cursing XY bec i know what he felt. Villains get hurt the most. Even if u cant tell from his appearance, hes hurt and I felt sorry for him…. And thats all before i took all the free space.

  19. Thank you for the beautiful translation ^.^
    I’m a huge bl fan, active on twitter and pixiv, and I knew of GDC because of amazing cosplayers and artists. Then I saw the new manhua released, found the link here, and was so surprised by the quality of your translations. I read all the way up to the end of this arc in one night (filled with tears and squeals!!!). This is one of my favorite parts of the story, a story within a story from a ghost’s perspective is just ingenious, I love the author so much! And I love you both and everyone who aided in making the translation. Thank ya’ll so much!!! I’m holding off all the spoilers just so I can have the joy of reading these chapter updates.

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