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Chapter 43 Attraction – Part 1

He really did not expect Lan Wang Ji to drink with her. And I stopped drinking with my cup. However, looking calmly, Lan WangJi gently wiped his sleeve aside. He also made a glass for himself and slowly pulled out an alcohol after a break. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions, maybe you should read the FAQ.

We WuXian were completely surprised: “Han Hua Jun, you really think good, do you really drink with me?

Last time they drank together, Wei Wu Xian did not pay much attention to Lan Wang Ji’s expression. But this time he went out to explore it.

Lan Wang Ji closed the eyelid while drinking. With a faint leak, he finished drinking and opened his eyes again to clear his lips. It seems that the expression of fog fell to his eyes. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions, maybe you should read the FAQ.

By removing the chin by hand, Wei WuXian began to count quietly. When he waited when he reached the 8th place, Lan Wang Ji fell into the cup. He looks at his brow, closes his eyes and falls asleep.

We’re totally Takeshin – Ran Wang She really slept as soon as he was drunk and drunk!

For some unknown reason, he began to feel a little scared. Complete the rest of the drink with one touch, Vei Wuxin stood in the room, his arm folded behind him. After some time he tried to move to Ranchuan, listened carefully while listening to his hand “Lan Zhan?”

There was no answer. Wei WuXian continued: “royal family – xiong?

Ran King puts his head to the right. His breath was much calmer than ever before.

Both his forehead and his hand were colorful and beautiful. He looked like he was a wonderful bead.

His heavy sand was initially cold and somewhat thin. But this time it is combined with liquid liquid scent and there is little heat shaft that is attacked by the cold. Since Saccharo would be intimidated with a ringworm, it seems that you can almost say that the scent is drunk.

Now Wei Wuxian is very close, his spirit and perfume are separated. He could not help, but when he leaned forward, he was even closer to Lan Wang Ji. He thought he was thinking about his strange things … Why did you start here a bit hot?

A close proximity is approaching the convergence of communications and sand, but he did not understand it at all. His voice also turned down. When ordering, he is “Due … Bro -…”

Suddenly the voice grabbed my ears. “The New Master …”

Wei WuXian’s face was less than 1 inches from Lan Wang Ji. The word “brother” was also at the end of his tongue. From the sound he fell to the ground with his feet.

He immediately stood for Lan Wang Ji. Then he went to a wooden window to hear his voice.

A cautious faucet sounded through the window, and a small voice moved over the grid. “The New Master …”

Finally, Wei Wuxian noticed that my mind got a little faster. He mixed it again and collected his connection. When he picked up, he lifted the window to see that he was wearing black clothes on the dial, leaning his back on the roof and preparing for the hit. We Wuxian immediately opened the window that knocked on the human head. I cry out with my light. He held the window in both hands, and finally he looked at Wei Wuyi.

Premises are cold winds. Wenning’s eyes were open and were no longer white, but instead, two silent black students met.

As they were, they stood, hung, hung each other.

Wei WuXian, “Come on.

With a sudden collapse, Wenning fell and landed outside the tavern.

Wei Wu Xian wiped out his unknown sweat on his forehead.

He said we chose the right place!

It was good that they chose this pub. Silently, the private window window saw a small tree, not a street. Using the support polo, Wei WuXian holds the window open so he can look down. With his heavy body, Wenning practiced his teeth on the ground. He still saw Wei Wuyi, though he was lying on his teeth.

His voice said to Vijianz: “I told you that he had come down, did not come, did you understand?

The nomator saw him. He ran his clothes in the dust, he rushed with his teeth and rushed: “Oh, I will come.

As soon as he finished, he joined the column and was ready to climb. We immediately stopped Wuxian: “Stop! Where you are, I will come to you.

He returned to Lan Wang Ji and heard: “Lan Zhan, ah, Lan Zhan. Please sleep for a long time. I’ll come back before you know it. Do not you get a good boy?

When he spoke, he felt strange stimuli. He could not help, but hit his head with Lan Wang Ji’s lashes.

Little, the Rancho layer was rubbing, his fronts changed. He got a bit of a way. Taking a hand, Wei Wu Xian rushed to the window. Several times he got into the field on the roof and fell to the ground. Immediately after he turned, Wenning was mixing in front of him.

Wei WuXian, “What are you doing?”

Tening did not say anything, his head had sunk the ground.

Wei WuXian again asked, “Do you really have to talk to me like this?”

Wenning lowered his voice, “The new teacher, sorry.”

Wei Wu Xian said: “Well done. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions, maybe you should read the FAQ.

Soon after he spoke, he would rise up in front of Wenning. Wen Ning improved his roasting, and Wei WuXian immediately returned to Kowtow. Wen Ning quickly jumped, was very afraid. The only fact that Wei Wu Xian has landed for many years and rose again. “Can you stand upright and can talk to me?

Wenning was still looking at the ground and was afraid to say something. Wei Wu Xian said: “When did you give up your conscience?

Wenning said, “some time ago.

Wei Wu Xian said: “Do you remember what happened when the nail was still in your deal?

Wenning, “Some … but not all”.

Wei Wu Xian said: “What do you remember?”

Wenning said: “I had chains in really dark places, I think people have always visited me.

Wei Wuxian, “Do they remember?”

Wenning said, “No, somebody smashes my head.”

Wei Wu Xian, “It was he who was the landlord of the Lanling Jin industry. He also used these pins to control the Song Orchid, which was probably Snow Yang, but we still have He does not know if he is ready to do something like his own personality LanlingJin Sect said: “After some time thinking, he continues:” In most cases, this is the hope of the Lanling Jin sector. It was outside. Then they said that everything that was completely destroyed you. The LanlingJin industry could not hide the truth, in particular, if he did not take part, “he asked again in a break. “What happened next? How did you get to the Daphan Mountains?

Wen, Prime Minister Ning, said: “I do not know how long I’ve been, but suddenly I heard a porthodon, later the New Master said to you,” I woke up “… I got out of the chain and ended up.”

It was an order that Wei Wuyi gave Mo Village for three fierce corpses.

Formerly, Wei WuXian donated unlimited orders to ghost generals. So he heard the first order Xi gave after he returned to the world.

And Wen Ning followed other medals and Wei WuXian orders in the world mind. However, LanlingJin Secto knew that they could not announce that they hid the general fame. If the message is elosenaltiĝis, not only will its reputation be spoiled, but people will also start panic, so even if Wen Jiabao fled, they were fascinated by him with a fanfare. I had no courage. After a quiet ride, Wen Ning finally reached Wei Wu Xian, who flooded the Dafana Mountain, and they both met again.

Wei Wu Xian said: “You said that I do not know how long it was, more than 10 years ago,” he followed a brief break. “Well, I can not say that much more than you. I want to tell you something about what happened?

Wenning said: “I’ve heard a couple of things.

Wei Wuxian said: “How?

Tenings asked: “I have begged for all burial grounds to be gone.

Indeed, Wei WuXian only increased from 3,000 to 4,000 and wanted to tell him about even less tennis, which is usually the law of such a LAN sect. I never worry that Wenning would create such an important problem.

Despite the fact that this is an important issue, Wen Ning does not hurt at all, as if he already knows what will happen. Actually, it really was. They waited for the worst scenes to have been useless for more than 10 years.

After a moment of silence, Wei WuXian heard it again. “What else are you asking for?”

Wen Prime Minister Ning said: “The main Jiang, Jiang Chen stopped at the grave Muntoj, and he killed you.” Whisper

Wei Wu Xian said: “I have to explain this, he did not know me, I was dying from behind.

Wenning finally saw her, “But Jiang Chief Jean apparently …”

Wei Wu Xian: “No one can safely walk in the floor in his life, it can not help.

He seemed angry, but he did not breathe. Wei WuXian has finished the conversation. “Well, I will not talk about him anymore. Have you heard anything else?

“Yes.” She saw her: “A new teacher, you have such a terrible death”.

“…” How miserable he is, Wei Wuxian “Have you rescued because you have not heard the good news?”

Wenning said: “No, it did not exist.

“…” We have not talked about Wuxi.

Suddenly, a lot of noise was heard from the main room on the first floor. Lan Sizhui’s voice says, “Are we talking about Xue Yang? Do you talk about it now?

Jin Ling, we are talking about Snow Yang. “What did I say wrongly, what did Yuki Yan do? He still does not like what he is worse than a joke, and Wei Ying, what do you think we should not be generous to them? These monsters are attacking our world! We must be killed, killed and destroyed. every!

The turn turned Wei Wu Xian gulp because he still stays. At the same time, why is LAN profits also so angry about it? “Participation? Si Zhui said that Wei Wu Xian would not die. Now he said that all breeders, like ghosts like Snow Yang, were not the same kind of person. Did you have to throw things? I have not even eaten it yet .. . ”

Jinlin said: “Is not the founder of this path saying it could harm it?” Was it “the founder of this road”? In addition to Wei Ying, the opportunity is another. What I’m just a distinguished name in your GusuLan section, it seems that you understand, you’ve lost a lot of people, tell me, go to Wei Ying side, his Lan Yuan, why you talk with a strange point, for example to view? On the road, We do not tell you who you are when you talk about Wei Ying’s excuse! This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions, maybe you should read the FAQ.

Lan Yuan was Lan SiZhui’s name. He suggested that I probably will not want to conclude just before we understand the whole situation. You know before we arrived at Lee City. I had no excuses for him “, the protest, and also a lot of people, YueyangChang clan, who had claims Pyeongchang but I had a vengeance was killed by Daozhang Xiao Xingchen, is that true?

Jin Ling “, which is really all of them to guess. Whether Pyeongchang was killed by Daozhang Xiao Xingchen does not look at why you just try to call them, until Wen Ning Wei Indicate how many farmers lose their lives in the UK? Tiger stamp in the battle with Qiongqi road and the night of the day! It is the truth of every person that nobody can deny it! I will never forget, but He will order Wen Jinning to kill his father and mother! ”

Wenning left his feet on his face; he had to fight against him already.

He breathed: “… girl in the girl Jin?

Wei WuXian was still there.

Jin Ling, my uncle raised up with him, my grandfather saw him as his baby, my grandmother was not terrible to her, but what he did “Continue? He Lotus Pearl Wen Jiabao Zekut of course, he carried out all Yunmeng Jiang destroying the sect, he caused death to both parents and grandparents, and now my uncle is just left! He brought his death with evil, that he was created and finished his whole body behind him! The general situation, your only part that you do not understand? What justification do you still do about her? ”

He spoke strongly, because Lan Sizhui did not answer at all. At another point, another boy said: “Why are we so warm and sudden about such things? Do not waste things that are not there? We do not eat yet. The food goes cold. He said:”

Judging by his voice, he was a “sentimental” unit, where Wu Wuian was ridiculous. Someone else agreed that “ZiZhen is right. We have to stop discussing.” Sizou simply forgot to carefully select the words, he can think quite a bit and it is Just as a commercial explanation – Sitting by the young master Jin. Let us eat. ”

“That’s right, because we all left the city of Downtown, technically, we are living together and dead together … we’re really talking about such a careless mistake. It’s not done.”

The girlish shook hands. Orchid Sizhui finally answered, his voice is as correct as ever. “Sorry, I need to think more about my words.

HanGuang-Jun’s name was a very wonderful step. Immediately the jelly faded away, and no other noise came out. I heard the sound that the table and chair are moving. He seems to come back again. This room was suddenly filled with princes, and the boys’ voices quickly disappeared in a bowl and dish bowl. However, Wei Wu Xian and Wenning were silent in the tree, so the expression was tough.

I could not hear Wenning got up again. Wei WuXian just noticed him after a short break. He weakened his hands and said: “It was not your fault.”

When Wenling again tried to open his mouth, he suddenly watched behind Wei Wu Xian and hesitated. Before Wei WuXian changed, the white thief stepped in front of him and kicked Wen Ning’s shoulder.

Wenning made another hand-made tooth on the ground.

A squid came by and ate the rest of the fake text. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions, maybe you should read the FAQ.

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