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SH Chapter 42

Chapter 42 Currency Exchange (Part 2)

Chassé-croisé, will it continue? This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

Fais’s general soul changed the important direction to be improved after the planting that fell to Gin. The dining hall was filled with short head. As soon as they arrived in the vision, the image died at the head.

It was a wolf in a wolf. When I was fond of fresh meat, my friend’s unlucky landscape was remembered.

Erm, is not it a big deal if you skip a meal? Therefore, people leave the story that the loot chose to rely on predators.

“Hey, I do not see you for a long time!” A voice was heard from him who actually blocked his escape from the plan. Thanks to a nice smile, Feisha actually discovered that the moon was guilty.

“You see here – will you have a quick meal?”

“No, I’m trying to cool a bit. Chatting is fun in such a spacious room.”

It’s also a pretty good tactic to keep all the balls in one place. Tracking is easy. “Is this true? Well, then I think that I will meet you and leave you.”

“Wait, do not you eat here?”

“Ha ha, no, I just got it, now I’m completely full”. In order for Feish to bring the traitor to starve before he can complete his writing.

“… ok, okay, you say?

Feisha breathlessly said: “This is happening with the rest of us” swimming “.

The moon saw her abdomen with a new curiosity. “The human body has a very interesting structure”

… Is it an interesting structure? Instinctly Faisha suffered halfway. “No, we are not very interested in muscle, we have a better texture than beef. In the case of spit, pork is most likely to have the highest proportion of fat in the plan, and we know that all lambs have the most taste. If you want to eat meat, then definitely go to a different type, rather than one of the three beautiful, kind, intelligent no special bodily creatures. ”

“But I like ducks,” said Moon. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

“Duca? Feisha had been thinking about it for some time.” I think I’m doing a good enough duck selection, except for a little sad hat. ”

The moon was a very tall student. Why chicks are sad? ”

“Why the duck crosses the road? It was a chicken day.” If you eat ducks, you can no longer find chicken. It will do all the work. ”

The moon seems to have radically changed its world. With this temporary illumination, Feisha began to fight at the door. “If you have not yet asked …”

“Wait and let me introduce my friends”

Feisha sos: “Hey, how are you?” Says, “Are your friends men or women?

“They are children.”


“Hold, they will come, Harare, Jack, here!”

Earquot? What kind of traumatic trauma should you endeavor to call such children? Curiosity was blown away, Feisha’s sleeping legs returned to their new arrival – two women of the same age as Luna.

Feisha noticed the wonderful hair he owned and raised. “Remi guessing: you’re a rabbit,” he pointed to the upper hall before moving on to his companion. “Are you Jack?”

“I’m Jack,” said Tallher.

“I’m a fool,” said another man.

Why does this world claim to be trying evil? Why can not you join your name?

“Are we not connected,” Jack managed to mess up.

“I’m leaving,” said Feisha.

At that moment, Antonio entered the corridor and shared with guests with a large dish. Feisha took Luna’s hand. “I’m leaving,” he repeated.

“Okay,” the moon smiled.

Feisha leaned forward and threatened. “I quit now”


Doing Fuck Say it Feisha made a great effort to slip the blade and made words between the scented teeth. “I can definitely leave now!

Luckily Jack was caught before Luna did it. “Have you left it in food before you leave?”

Feisha leaves dramatic shots. “Oh, you … As I asked you, because we prayed, just as we are with friends, I mean to stay,” he sat in the chair, the moon was busy in the past. It was.

Three women replied in complete silence.

Feisha brutally fought against the lamb as soon as the plate arrived. They had gone as if they were not there.

Luna said: “I thought you said it was full.

“Yes, I was full, but here’s a way to cure people blowing up!” Feisha talked about the fat in his mouth.

“The human body is a very interesting structure!” Chris Hale

Feisha soothed her lamb. “Can you stop thinking about my body?” If it were not a lamb, he would not eat with these predators. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

Before Feish’s vision completely enjoyed herself, the moon returned to a conversation that had flooded the other about the Lunacia syndrome – the pigeon. “Although this syndrome is genetic, it was thought that it was inherited for thousands of years.

The hand leading the lamb to Feish’s mouth. Before that, he could feel the magnificent effects of the Luna Terrace.

“But the syndrome came from our family,” Harle resisted. “Since the Western family was far from us, I do not think it’s so popular”

The moon, moon and moon seemed silent.

“Have you recently had a lot of patients?” Asked by Feisha.

Moon waved to the head. “We knew after we went home last month, the Western family was crazy, and they killed their members in a full month, but we, the Patient family, patient significantly increased.”

The fact that even a slave is slightly softened by Fischer’s heart. The debate lasted for several minutes, and we were not able to come up with real conclusions. Then Antonio arrived in a new and steep burial site. From his position across the moon table Feisha saw long, he began Antonio’s method.

Is it …?

Unfortunately, Antonio does not give up on some of his normal carelessness. It was even worse when Deer, one of Antonio’s only members of the dialogue, left the Noah class.

Paying attention to the recipient, Antonio was supposed to jump on the Feisha board grasping stick.

“You have nothing,” he said, when Feisha was outraged, “eat in the kitchen.” The lamb that I ate half of Feisha was robbed.

Feisha complained of exciting goodness as if walking around Antonio’s kitchen.

“Here Antonio got and threw the lamb by hand” I ate “.

The man skeptically followed his finger and twice saw the seafood plate. His attention immediately prompted Antonio to thank him for gratitude. “Who – Do you know how the seafood was my favorite Al-Antonio …”

Antonio looked back and looked back without leaving.

Bro, I’m sorry for you. I’m going to live with you with Deu and immediately won Almedande. I also regret that you are returning from you. You know, if you cook me before meals, nothing will happen. A little chat for at least that neighbor is not too bad.

Try it as much as possible, Feisha’s vulnerable conscious will not easily rest.

It was 11:30 when my chest finally calmed down. Feisha listens to Intente, pointing to the Layton DLD and struggling for the room, and Jin at the edge of his room. Jin was given 10 minutes. Does it have enough time to rain and restart? He carefully adjusts the device’s listening distance by placing a little shawl. It will not last until Jin has heard the quiet people.

You’re happy, right? It did not come until Jin agreed. Well, you.

“Fuse …” Gin mix. Feisha’s heart was hit. He never thought that he would come today. Can you also lower a large gin? “Fuse, you – you can, it can be a bit difficult.”

Stronger? I did not know that Gin is a very prince.

Do not know the existence of a third person, Gin is sorry. “Yes, yes, yes! D – Deep! Fuck – I feel very good …”

Feisha could not stop a heavy blow by banging her face. Gin was born at the bottom, he was sure of that.

After a while. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

“We’re going, Gin, your ears are totally beautiful.”

Faisa’s ferocious fierce world was fired on the earth.

For a long time Feisha almost fell asleep.

“Hi, Jin … Can you let me go tonight?

Sleeping Sleeping Feisha soon fell into a tight calm on the other side of the DLD and undoubtedly imagined a serious face. He looked as if he had swallowed a fly. Feisha grabbed an apple with a huge hand and ate crazy and ate.

“Erm,” Jin’s voice was waiting “I did not say anything, but today it may not be. I’m really tired, my back pain, my legs are swollen … Why do you pour so much oil in your hand?”

Feisha wept until you agreed to let me leave!

Lacks it! Feisha took an apple that dropped the wrong pipe.

DLD Gina laughs, “FEISHA! Feisha intensified the pain. Although Feisha suffered, the second couple extended a little more –

“Wait a minute – you do not cry, I did not cry only Feisha! – In fact, there was ruby ​​with your eyes. Oh, do not you ddd – You have not listened to Feish’s words, With no bad idea and bulls, everything that does not exist for him! That guarantees that long is smooth and gets out of his mouth … Oh, your eyes are very red Are … will it be hurt? … God, my dear, but I miss the oil to rub your eyes, then let me get you?


“I already agreed – what do you want more?” Why are you crying yet? ”

“I have a cup in my eyes.”

“… Funny Feisha, I raised it to you, honor.”


“… Do you want to do it instead of tomorrow?” Your eyes are quite boiling. ”

“No, it’s today, even if I can not open my eyes, I’ll strike!

Feisha was violently abused.



“… you want to worry, or do you want to leave me?” Look, honey, you have to press me on the bed, not on the floor. It really hurts! ”

“Strip – now!” Husse was very enthusiastic. Then scroll through the clothes and wet the swing to kiss.

“Do not be silent, do not hear evil,” Feisha abused himself as a broken record, an ear-tethered DLD.

Translator Note

“I think I’m doing a pretty good selection of ducks, except for some sad chicks.” […] “” Why does the duck cross the road? Because it was a chicken day. “If you eat ducks, you can no longer find chicken, it will do all the work.”
It happened:
L: But I like chicks.
F: I think I chose a pretty good hen, except for a duck that was a bit odd.
L: Why is the bowl sad?
F: [Chicken and ducks] So. If you eat a hen, you will no longer talk with a duck. It will be alone.
Idioms are about two people who can not understand each other’s story. This is a kind of blend between the crossings of rods and talking to each other.

“Hold, they will come, Harare, Jack, here!”
Luna’s friend is called 2 tons of king (big rabbit) and 1 ton of special boat (special rabbit). Feisha is called exhalation, two tetehax (large vomiting, special vomiting).
As for their English words, for obvious reasons, I went with the rabbit, referring to Jack, Jack Rabbit. It does not work like a Chinese (grinning face), but quite honestly, the punishment of this chapter kills me.

“Remi guessing: you’re a rabbit,” he pointed to the upper hall before moving on to his companion. “Are you Jack?”
Continuing from the previous t / n: Special (special) letter of specialization may also play a special role in this particular paragraph. In the place of Feix, her hair is named according to their height.
F: Rugged high section department, even bigger order a special issue? Do you know she knows her daughter? (Illuminates. This tall is long but long in size.) This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

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