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Chapter 45 Attraction – Part 3

For some reason, tonight, Wei WuXian felt even a little guilty of being courageous in one bed like Lan WangJi. He sat on the ground for the rest of the night, he fell asleep at night and leaned against a wooden bed. In the morning it was a laziness that someone raised her with a gentle movement and led him to bed. Fight open your eyes, Wei WuXian can see Ranchuan still indifferent face. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions, maybe you should read the FAQ.

He woke up sooner, “Ran Zhan.”

Lan Wang Ji responded with “mnn”. Wei Wuxian asked: “Are you calm or still drunk?

Ran Wang Ji, “the ruler.

Wei Wu Xian, “Oh … so there are five.

So Lan WangJi happened day after day, Wu Wu learned to tell me the time without looking at the window. He had Wei Wu Xian’s hands but both were covered with red wounds. He took out a small turkish porcelain bottle from the sleeve and used the content. The part in which smooth oil spreads exquisitely. We WuXian had an explosion, “it hurts … Hanguang – June, you’re so stupid if you’re drunk.

Ranch has regained what you sow.

Wei WuXian’s heart was a healthy shot, “Lan Zhan, you really do not remember that you have after you have drunk, do you have?

Lan Wang Ji said: “I do not want to.

Wei Wuxian, that probably is right. Meanwhile, he will kill something shy.

He felt very happy in his heart, Lan Wang Ji did not remember. As I did not know how everybody, he felt as if doing something that he could not hide, one person was disappointed that you could not be happy with someone else. Without hesitation, his eyes again saw Lan Wang Ji’s lips.

The ridge never stood, but their lips looked pretty soft, in fact, they felt quite softer.

We WuXian slightly beat their lips unexpectedly flying, in the very part of the European GusuLan section tight, because Lan Zhan is not romantic, he did not kiss the girl, of course, before that. What will I do now? I think I got a great honor. Will I tell him? Because he is angry, will she cry when you know? Oh, well … I can do it when I was young, but probably not now. And he seems to be a wooden monk. He never had such an idea … please wait! When he had last drunk, I asked him: “There is someone you want.” Has he already kissed him? However, judging by the habit of Lan Zhan’s own sequence, perhaps he does not care that you do not exceed the actual on the line. Perhaps they never kissed or held their hands. Speaking of this, he could come back, he does not understand what I’m talking about …

After Lan WangJi finished using the flower, he threw the door three times three times. Lan Sizhui voice, “Han light June, everyone is up, we will leave it?” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions, maybe you should read the FAQ.

Ran King: “Wait for the stairs.”

The group left the city and spread to the city tower. Initially, the disciples were not familiar with each other. They just visited other people at each sectarian debate meeting. But in the last days they spent the dead body and exciting city day with other people. They burned the bills, drank, argued and cursed others. In general, they knew each other well. Before leaving, they walk across the city gate to discuss when he took part in a discussion meeting, and if you do not have to hunt for a place to go all the way. The royal family was not so in a hurry. He tried to talk because he was quiet under the tree. In the presence of Lana WangJi Feins did not dare to boil or run. He himself drove under the tree, he carefully saw that ginlin raised his tail with him.

A fairy tale is an opportunity monitored by the orchid royal family, Wei WuXian grabbed Jinling’s shoulder, I spent some time.

Mo Xuanyu in one of the illegal children Jin Guangshan, he made his half-brother Jin ZiXuan and Jin GuangYao. For generations, he is also considered to be Nishiki Rina’s nephew. So he walked with his tune, talked honestly about Kim Lynn. If you come back “, I do not have to talk to another uncle, I heard, take care of the moment, do not try the only night hunting.

Jinlin was a great sign, but no one was left with rumors. His parents stayed, so it was natural that I wanted to prove to others as soon as possible. Wei WuXian continued, “Most of the disciples do? You are what, at age 15, have not been hunted by an incredible animal. Why so much you want to first Do you fight?

Jinlin shook when “my uncle became 15 years old or became famous.”

We Wuxian quietly said: this is not the same! At that time, the QishanWen sect continued to grow, and everyone had to take care. What if they had not fought and knew if they raised as many people as possible and were they the next person who was deterring them? During the Sunshot campaign, if you are over 15 years old, you found a battlefield. Now the situation is stable and the sect is safe, of course, the atmosphere is not like tension, people do not increase because they are crazy. No longer needed.

Jin Ling “when he killed Tortiŝon for slaughtering if the dog Ying Wei while they can do it at any time. Also his case was about 15, why can not I?” Added

When we hear his name immediately after the previous word, Wei WuXian’s blood goes cold. Something like he managed to rule out caprilo on his back “Han Guang, if he was killed in June” was killed in June?

Following the orchid Wang Ji’s mention, Jinlin looked weird Wei WuXian weird. He wanted to say something, I do not have to hold it “… please you and Hanguang Jun. It’s your own business. In any case, I ask, do not care for you. Cut sleeves Have fun and have fun, the disease is incurable.”

Wei Wuxian was happy: “Hey, how is it sick?

He smiled silently, he still thinks Ran Zhan rushed to me?

Jin Ling, I need you to be conservative even if you twist your sleeve. Now that you already have this type, stay on the right side of HanGuang-Jun. I know what the meaning behind the GusuLan faction ribbon, “continued. On the other hand, please do not be blamed for blaming your results! You can see other people, especially our people nominated.”

He said “our denomination” included both Lanling Jin and Yunmeng Jiang. Although this was not one of the two sequels, I saw that her ability to carry embedded sleeves increased so he could reveal it. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions, maybe you should read the FAQ.

Wei WuXian is “a little what it means to you!”, “?. I’m terribly not? It’s the rubble behind the implying front of the tape GusuLan sect? From the people” to beat other people I was denied

Jin Ling: “Now you know what that means, the stop is taken away, I do not want to talk about it, do you have Wei-ying?”

At the end of his reaction, he suddenly sent a fair question, surprise Wei WuXian. Wei Wuxian replied calmly. “Do you think that you are alike?”

Jinlin was silent for a while. And he suddenly called “fairy!” Are you a whistle?

His owner raised my tongue tired, slowly flying. We, Wuxian, once urged: “What things would you send a dog to?”

Jinling: “Well, dear!”

After he broke out, he probably was proud to be afraid of seeing Jiang Chen on Yanmeng Lotus Marina in the direction of Lanling. The trainees of other sections continued. Finally, the only ones left were Wei WuXian, LAN Wang Ji and LANSECT young people.

As they walked, the young people got up and could not look back. Lan JingY did not say anything, but a deportation misery was written on his face. He asked, “Where are you going?”

Orchid SiZhui is: “ZeWu Jun is the night hunting area of the current Tanzhou. We can go directly to the bottom of the cloud for the results, you have to go there to meet him?”

Orphan’s royal family, “Go to Tanzania”

Wei Wu Xian said, “Everywhere, we look for our dear friend’s head. Great where. Perhaps we can help him, we do not know.”

Both continued and the rest of the children went on a little later. After a while, Lan Wang Ji said. “Jiang Cheng knows who you are.”

We Wuxian, she slowly, rush the assel forward while sitting on “Yes, he knows. Is what he can, but he does not have a certificate.”

Unlike the body, there was no evidence of sacrifice for the flesh. In any case, just because he seemed to encounter a dog, Jiang Chun decided that fact. First, Eguchi did not tell anyone that Wei Wuyi was afraid of dogs. Since he could not prove the conclusion, the second, the only one who knew him, was able to find out things based on reactions and manifestations. Jiang Chen finally booklet that he said may be Yiling patriarch Wei WuXian afraid of dogs everywhere, even if you choose to reach everyone, maybe Sandu ShengShou finally very much time Finding patriarch Yiling and I think you are desperate after failure of all tests.

Wei Wu Xian, “So I’m very interested. How do you recognize me?

Ran WangJi calmly replied: “I’m really interested in why your memory is getting worse.”

In one day they arrived in Zhou Province. Before the Lan XiChen meeting, they passed the garden along the way. The garden was wonderful and wonderful, but nobody cared about it. As it looked, all the disciples went away without any curiosity. Although things did not do anything that would be contrary to the rules of the sect, because the royal family of orchids never stopped it, he left them inside. People enjoy stage, garden, pavilion and some bars, tables and some of the flights, all were made of stone. However, in the wind and rain for many years, it is one corner of the pavilion dropped, two of the cover, but was accepted. There were no flowers and flowers in the garden, there were only empty branches and velvet sheets. This garden has long remained.

The young men, for some time after the operation of the impatience around the garden, the orchid SiZhui has: “This means that, but this is not the Garden of Annual Flower Girls?” He said: This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions, maybe you should read the FAQ.

Ranseieki is “We are this an annual flower? Women do not think that is the reason why so safe in the garden? Longer to worry about it? Owner.” I got confused

Each year, the flowers have a temporary flowering period, flowers bloom only in some seasons. There were many types and colors that filled the entire garden with scents when they bloomed. Listening to the name, Wei Wuxian remembered something and did not remember.

Putting hands on one of the pillars of the pavilion, the orchid SiZhui was seen for some time: “If I remember correctly, it’s possible, it’s used in the garden to become a little bit famous, I’ll blossom in this chapter, reading about when in this garden – Spirito.Tanzhou in Floristry is a girl in the garden. In the moonlight, 1, if it is necessary to quote a poem, she will, if she thinks, she will give them a scent for three years following the flowers of the year when she thought to the poor. Alternatively, if the observation fails, she will throw away flowers at the face.

Ranseieki says, “If you go to her too, do flowers or do not have thorns? Send the face to the flower. On the other hand, if I have tried my face, I have to start bleeding, what kind of thing would you like to quote poetry?”

Orchid SiZhui is: “I do not mean to call her, she was a kind of more spirited.” The legend, the former owner of the garden, was sometimes a poet. He is planting these flowers, when they say the poem, will affect emotions to deal with them as a friends poem, the spirit that is now the virgin crystallization and the annual flowers from the garden of flora.some came every day in this case the poem was decent she was allowed to remember how to plant, she would give them a flower and be happy.Is this the wrong case of poetry, her favorite bushes ŝpruciĝus and swell his face to the flower person. That it was attacked, fainting when they woke up, 10 years ago, they did not notice that it was thrown out of the garden of an infinite number of people will come to this garden. ”

Wei WuXian, “romantic, romantic. However, the Library of Glory I GusuLan sect, .SeZhui know to ensure that you do not want to keep that say, such thing is honesty. You read If it is, please let me know your opinion, that it gives you. ”

Orchid SiZhui explodes, he is worried about being punished for seeing the orchid royal family. Lan JingYi says, “Is the girl beautiful, does so many people do?

Lan WangJi see that it is not going to blame him, Lan SiZhui squeers secretly support. Then he smiled, “She was possible. After all, she is the crystallization of the answer with things like fun, it was so romantic. However, in practice, every girl I did not see my face, because even if nobody knows to make their poetry, it was easier than to memorize some poems, most people because they were about to jump, badly described unusual people, they got a girl … flowers would not even have met her … But … people have become an exception ”

Another boy asked, “What?”

Wei Wuxian leaves a light cough.

Lan Sizhui, “YiLing Patriarch Wei Wu Xian.”

Vu Sjang cried again: “Uh, why again you can not talk something?

No one cared for him. Careful care of Ryan’s economy:! What? He did it “quietly Wei WuXian, the great perpetrators, for example, as he did, he took away Damulinon this time, did you take her?”

Maiden Ran SiZhui turned incorrectly, “Well, no. But look at the girl, when he comes to the garden, he will repeat the poem Yunmeng from him all the way, after repeating more than 20 times to the left to go to Tanzhou through, he finally saw the face of the girl. when he woke up, he slipped back, we continue to repeat wrongly, beat him with flowers, throw him away. he is when she is, how much his handsome praise is anywhere, that after going even came to see Damulino is also a little frustrating, she was not the last moment, she’s been bloomed by the bloom of flowers. It was really amazing, it was a miracle. ”

A squid came by and ate the rest of the fake text. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions, maybe you should read the FAQ.

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