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ST Chapter 71

The main story is part 71

CanSheng showed you a husband and destroyed the house of ShangFan considerably. The only remaining room is the room where I closed for 2 months. 8-Nothing is already protecting the owner. The only people remaining in the room are the four great gods standing behind him, and Yechanchen stands before me. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

The bed lamp is slightly yellow. Silence is not possible in the human world. I can hear my slightly nervous and nervous breath.

He goes along with me, four do not dare to roll behind him. Their eyes are full of care and help. I do not know how you survived in the last 2 months, so I looked at him calmly, looking at the corner of my clothes.

His hair is unknown, but he is not as attractive as before. His face seems to be much more mature, and he seems to grow a long time. The biggest change is scar on his face …

The article was not great, it was at its right cheek, it became easier and clearer with my CanSheng.

Perhaps he would have experienced many things that I did not know. What made him feel sick and cold? The cold nephritis was soaked in fresh blood, it came to feed only arrogance and persistence …?

“Does it enjoy playing outside?

He speaks and his voice is also sexy and mature, but unhappy. He strikes me with one hand and turns his head to the side. He puts his angle on his lips after a habit, but this signature will not be the same as before.

“What do you think?”

My heart is empty, it’s “crazy”, does he not know that I have been constantly removed?

I feel that his intense brightness embraces me, I help and will not come back.

“Why do you think you are such a dog?

His voice is the same as before, but I hate it.

He takes a big step, his hand is tied to his shoulder, feels like cold, with a wonderful voice.

My body is full and I use my hands to cover me terribly. Well, I listen to one of the four people behind him, I do not know who sucked.

“You Kang Shen!”

At the same time with my cry, my body is torn by the bed. My heart is only kept for a moment.

In my vision, you can see that the former active group of people has left the room calmly. When the last arm closes the door and disappears when it approaches, my mind relies immediately and even imagines what pain it will last.

“No, I will not go …” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

* Empty *

One of my faces burns immediately, the swelling and the taste of the blood metal that makes my mouth active, makes me feel bad. My body is formed for strong strength. Then I had to see my face.

This is you CanSheng, he calls me a mess …

My eyes put a little on the shoulder and you can see that the conductor is harder than the ice.

I fell asleep: “I am a dog, so I took you away. I am a dog and I’m looking for sparks.

He pressed me against my cheeks and my cheeks stuck between my lips. He lowered his head and his eyes full of hatred. Viscous liquid seems to be tied around the body. The meeting that I have imagined often scares me with such fear. My body’s pain again wakes me up. It’s normal when I stay at Ye CanSheng.

Well-known violence, known pain and well-known blood scent.

“Do you know that you’re really sorry?” Did you really run in Hong Kong and did you be afraid of me? Who said they said they would not leave me? Who says they love me! ”

My hand catches him: “No, no! I was stolen!

He never felt security. As I leave, he always thinks that I try to get away from him.

“Are you not disappointed? If you steal yourself, will he send you and let me kiss your neck? You really obey and this has touched you suddenly!


“You touched the rich, I did not like it!

“When I do that, I do not have it. Cursed, thank you and tell me.

My hands are locked on my head, he pushes my throat and my air closet narrows. The burning feeling of the wave roosts my throat, so I can not even give up its words. I see his face. It’s so angry, a vein goes out, I really want to say to him … I miss you very much. Why did you come later?

But when I felt all my feelings, all my thoughts and calls on my neck are completely blocked by their violent tyranny.

In the eyes of Ye Kang Sung, I wanted to be a different person, so I’m a lover who left her …

In 2 months, without me, he has become more extreme.

His horny eyes are burned by Ye CanSheng’s anger. While he is mature, he is also heavier. However, this cruel and cold temperament was too far in the past. He almost nodded when I was not near him. Is he angry now? I do not know …

My clothes are constantly striking. I will go to the end except a part of the cloth still hanging on my body. I really do not have anything.

She becomes mysterious and beat my body, I do not want to fight. His arms are as strong as iron and eyes are sharp as ice. It’s like a stranger that I have never seen before.

My hands are tied to the bed. I can not even overlook my body. Every neck in my body remembers the pain he has given me. He is as unusual as he is now distracting. It thinks, but it seems that he is very grateful.

He says he’s really a very smooth and attractive skin. All his signs have disappeared in my body. His voice is low, but that memory makes my body a little calmer.

This is when my legs are opened, not only touching their favorite seal, but also when his face falls.

“Yes, look, but this symbol is the stamp that you are the pretoat, you are the prefecture, it’s still there, I like the most.”

My feet open to my borders, and he looks down at my entrance. The neck arm always compresses. After that, she attracts breath to my face, he says: “I will not dare, why it’s even once”

When did you learn it?

After speaking with his own words, he burned warm elements printed on my body, but because there is no oil, it sticks to the side. It hurts so much that the sound of my crisis does not go well. I just open my mouth and feel my vision becomes red blood in the blood.


I have only a chance to cry loudly only when he stops and starts to drive me back to Nooertajā already. My hands are solid, so it can not say that my skin is firmly tied …

“Go, get out, it hurts! CanSheng, not …”

I shook my head, I forgot what I deserved already. I’m asking her.

He pushes my body and still pushes me to my body. The bent of the corners of my lip tells me how excited and how he enjoys it. Obviously he was very painful, but he was very happy.

He releases one hand and drops the meter beat in the bed before grinding. It seems to him that he should not pay attention, so that he can cut his tongue with great power.

A burning blade seems to be in my chest. It’s a great bone …

“No, not … take it away and take it away …”

“I do not want it”

“Oh … …”

One cut, two pieces, each piece is not deep, but more than enough to pull blood.

His neck-neck finally loosens, his teeth cover my rustic part, and he hit the artery where he likes. Cannik throws on my skin and blood flows. I forgot the battle for confusion and he still does not contact my artery. It is the only thing that he puts my wound indifferent. In his words, all the signs he leaves in my body, there is evidence, I am his proof.

He really hated my skin. He said he could never leave a sign that will last forever.

I answered. So did you have to mark this brand?

He said he really wanted to close you more than the stamps.

Then I felt a little embarrassed. He applauded me.


Suddenly painful pain in my body looks at me. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

My eyes face one of my memories, but I have more fatigue. His childhood has disappeared completely. He alone became a priest of cold and emotion of Mafia.

My body grows, I can see the soft body. He cruelly announced his waist, simultaneously moving at the same time: “You have left me, Yunsheng, I can not go to me. Oh, you can pass on me, I have said it many times … but you’re still cruel!”

His fiery elements, like clay, as iron constantly lead my body. My intestines are also spun. My waist is tough at hand.

He changed. He really changed. He is not my CanSheng, he is not!

Of course, I wanted so much after our meeting, I imagined that he would put me in my bumper and mumbled me kissing my forehead, and now, Will it turn to this show? Does he still love me a lot? Such a rare property makes me feel desperate. I do not want you now …

“Yun Sheng, called my name!

“I do not know you …”

I feel bleeding of my pillows biting, I see him badly. When I told these words, I was no longer normal, I forgot too much pain. CanSheng is very perfect in my memories, and in fact I always expect such a person.

A gentle and immature person, CanSheng, is mine.

People with a weak mind cause me problems. I’m a prostitute. I do not want to face the reality that I lost a lover.

“Oh, you do not know me?” His voice is despicable, distorting the sense of search.

My lower body is rising again and you can clearly see that the liquid is behind me. It burns hot and burns my conscience and my soul also invades.

“Well …”

He runs quickly before him. I cried out immediately and I struck my skin’s sound.

“You do not know me!

One hand catches and instantly approaches my body. When he comes in, it is on the road and the strength becomes strong. He is very angry and very angry. Great pain flows over me. My stomach is annoying and my pain is quite acute to blow in my soul.

“Yes, yes, ah, ah, late …”

My hand crossed one another, initially it was a very tight and tightened string. Blood is no longer flowing, it stops in my arms. My hands have a cold ice. It might be well that you can not feel pain.

“Now I am the one who puts a stamp between your legs. I am a man who keeps it for many times for you. I want to go back. I am the most beloved!”


He attracts my weak and soft members before, he uses it as a support point and always tightens it. My body shakes, my eye is unclear, his words in my ear are still clear and innocent.

That’s right. I’m bad, and no one can blame someone for that. I do not understand. Everything I have changed has changed completely disappeared for two months. Why is he even more brutal and morbid than before?

I no longer seem to be able to change her like her. What do I do now? What do I look like for the future? When did I meet her, how did I look like?

I’m sorry for CanSheng, whose pain can not be seen.

I do not know how long it was taken. I just know that I no longer feel the bottom of my body. The only thing in my mind is painful pain. As a tool, it always turns and becomes stronger. His cry, which has always been heard in my ear, has always gone there …

I think it’s this sentence.

He ran out foolishly to my body and told my ears that he was one, he said that you are Jesus Cancy. Fang Yun Sheng and Ye CanSheng.

How can he become my CanSheng?

Why can my kiss CanSheng kiss my lip corner good morning?

I noticed that someone always knocked the door. They seem to have called someone. Am I or a man on my body?

I open my mouth and say something, but I can not. My throat burns hot and my body keeps me firm.

He says: “You are all gone, I want to keep YunSheng, otherwise he will disappear again!

As a child, this behavior is similar to him.

My body looks like a floating cloud and my eyes are clearly open so you can not see anything? A white scent of the field’s sweet scent. It remembers the smell of roses that flow through the Ye CanSheng window, which stands next to it. It was so beautiful and warm as you made a soft smile on CanSheng.

Young gentleman, please think clearly. We should leave this place now. If you keep it, he’ll die! Fang Yun Sheng dies!

“I do not care! I want him! I want him!”

Who cries in such pain? Who will hold me involved in so much?

But I am such a child, who says such words are really childish, his words are very attractive. Do you not know that he feels that other people are delicate about this?

His personality is similar to CanSheng …

CanSheng …

I have always waited for him, but he seems not to come. He is also confused, and he also has another concern about the world. Why is he not here yet?

I’ve seen artificial fireworks in my life, but why can not he see it …?

I just look at the ceiling. It seems that water falls from my eyes, but it does not look like water. Because in my vision is just red left. CanSheng’s favorite colors are everywhere. It’s also my favorite … This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

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