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Chapter 48 “Length – Part 3”

Another sound:

There were so many people who asked for a rag that would be a bit obstructive. First of all, explain me – I use the author’s voice and I have not changed it. The difference between “my version” and “author” is because the author has written three versions, the original version, the edited version and the public version. The original version is not available with the “legal” tool and is only in the txt file. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions, maybe you should read the FAQ.

I would not accuse people who read the txt framework (people have reasons and I understand them), but with the help of the author I have been edited personally during editing I have chosen to translate the version. I decided to edit my work, so in spite of the fact that I edited the original version, I would like to read the current edition.

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Anyway, that is an explanation that I have never changed for my own benefit. Translation is a process that easily identifies a specific level of lie. For example, a translator, who does not understand the original language at all, unintentionally eliminates the reader of specific information. As a translator, I am convinced that all Expositions are trying to translate as accurately as possible after the original.

As expected by the Ultimate Nie MingJue body, Wei Wu Xian expected, his head was really held by Jin GuangYao.

Nie MingJue, who seemed almost unhappy in the Sunshot campaign, was caught under the coat in a slippery pessimistic camera that could not see the light.

If Wei WuXian had just marked his head, ChiFeng-Zun’s body could feel it and come to himself. When he checked the boundaries of the helmet, he decided to handle it. And then he suddenly felt a strong heaviness. His indispensable role was raised before he was tied to Nie MingJue’s forehead.

In the second tower, Lan Wang Ji watched the face of Wei Wuxiana while he was sitting next to him. Then his finger shook. He looked on his lips.

It was as soft as paper fell into them.

Suddenly Wei WuXian’s hands are on top and slightly tangas. Lan WangJi’s expression consolidated and helped Wei Wu Xian into his hand. When he saw himself, he saw that the eyes of Wei WuXian were still closed, but his eyebrows were strictly twisted.

We Wuxianam do not have to react completely in a secret room. Those who have received the extreme anger of the deceased have predicted such unfavorable energies, to alleviate their anger, to spread emotions and to live. This was the reason for mostly disabled people. In fact, it was also a mechanism of affection. If Wei Wu Xian defended his body, he could not touch the misfortune of energy, if he wanted it. However, he had a lightweight role that greatly reduced his defensive capabilities. He was not only close to his head but also aggressive energy of extremely strong Nie Mingjue. Wei WuXian was affected only by care at some point. Second, I thought he was “Oh,” the next man could already take away his blood odor.

During the years he did not meet such a great smell. Someone embedded in the bone soon woke up and began to shake with boiling. As soon as he opened his eyes, he shouted in the sky with the fallen body, looking at the brightness of the blade, the shadow of blood and the head of the person.

The man, dressed in a light clan and a sunny reason. Wei Wuxian saw his sword in his “low” voice of his mouth: “Get your head and put it put to Wen-dog.

Someone answered from my back: “Yes!”

Wei Wuxian realized who was heading his head.

He was a leader at the name of Wen Ruo Han-Wen Xu of Qishan Wen. He killed Nee Minju in the city of Heian. His head was cut by a single strike, hanged before a soldier, showing Wen Sect cultivators. His body was cut by the Nie Sectes rotational tiller, fell on the ground and atomized.

Nie MingJue saw the corpse of the earth and pulled it aside. He gave a few teeth and he looked calmly around him.

ChiFeng-Zun was quite long. The last time, when he was a presidential Al-Qi, Wei Wuxian’s vision was relatively short, but this time it even exceeded his normal vision even more. When I looked down, he saw innumerable losses. Some had sunscreen and flame clothes. Some were the QingheNie Sect hammer. Some did not have some form of clothes. It consists of about one third each. In a terrible scene, the air overflowed with the scent of blood. He still walked forward and beat around, as if Mr. Wen’s entire cultivation still wanted to see if the air remained and had breath. Suddenly a compatible noise comes from the side of the roof. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions, maybe you should read the FAQ.

The heavy wind began with the waves of its teeth. Hakado opens the door of the unexpected house, discovers the mother and the panic. It was a very small property, a retreat that allowed my son to pull under the table. The girl’s round eyes were curved and caught in the blood of a deadly niece, so the tears were thrown away. She was already afraid of dreams and opened her mouth.

Two people who did not advance the battle, as Nie Mingjue saw that it was only an ordinary mother and daughter, “fixed that she might bend a little soft and breast with herbs. Yes. Hangman did not know what happened, he came behind.

My mother and daughter knew only that the banks of some peasants fell at noon and fought against hell in another area. You do not know what’s right or wrong. Because of the fear of ballads, they certainly thought they would die for fear. Nie MingJue saw them and restricted the purpose of his death: “Good!”

He bent his hand, held a sword and climbed to the other side of the room. The girl quickly fell to the ground and still notices her daughter. After a while she could not help, but began to think.

Nie Mingjue suddenly stopped under the pretext of a subordinate to him: “Tiller, the battlefield was the last time his head owned”

The sub-career was worried about another matter. “The security guard is the last one? I do not think I can remember.”

Nie MingJue says: “Tell me what you remember.

He continued on. The farmer quickly asked another person. After a long time he rose again, “The leader of the sector is called Meng Yao when I cleanse the end at the last battlefield.”

Listening to the name, Nie MingJue slightly surprised her shoulder.

Wei WuXian knew the reason. Before Kim Guangjao was accepted by his clan, he was named Meng Yao after his last name. That was no secret at all. In fact, this word is very well known.

Later, as Lian Fang-Tong’s carp, with clear strength, Jin Guangjao standing on the tower saw many people like your own eyes, since it was not when it came to the first tower But the rumor had already explained things in general. , But the mother of Jin Kwang Yao was famous for the brothel in the north gate. She was proud of one of the most talented prostitutes. She usually used guqin successfully and was told she could write a wonderful scan. She was educated so she practically became a rich host of clans. Of course, as much as they are, the people in the mouth of the people continued to be prostitutes.

When Kim Hiroyama returned to visit the clouds, he certainly did not lose that famous prostitute. He returned a few days about Meng women and wanted to return after leaving the monument. Even after he returned, he acted naturally before, took many actions and forgotten all the sweet women.

By comparison, Mo Xuan Yu and his mother were quite favorable. At least Jin Kwang Shan recalled that he had such a son and turned him back to the carpenter. Meanwhile Meng Yao was not so happy. The prostitute’s son was far from a good family. Like her mistress after she gave birth to one child Jin Guangshan, she had great confidence and waited for her tilists for her and her children to be back. She carefully cared her carefully about her future entry into the world of prosperity. But when he had spent more than a decade ago, he had not yet heard about his father, but Meng women had already been dangerous diseases.

Prior to his departure, Jin Kwang Shan left her and told him to steer the carpenter. In this way, Meng Yao finished completing his luggage and left Yunmeng. After a complicated journey, he arrived at Lanling. When he arrived at the carpet, Meng Yao did not allow him to enter, so he asked the sector to tell the sector.

There was a pearl button on Jin GuangShan. It was not a special LanlingJin-Sekt one to find such items anywhere. Their most popular use was when Chen GuangShan went to a shot, as a gift for a beautiful woman. He would like to pretend that such small things are rare treasures with promises and promises. He forgot to leave them, but he was glad. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions, maybe you should read the FAQ.

Meng Yao came badly. Jin ZiXuan’s birthday was exactly one day. Jin GuangShan and Madam Jin celebrated the special day of their beloved boy, with various relatives. It was late at night after 6 hours. As everyone tried to install a high-speed switch, this server found a moment later to let them know. Mrs. Jin watched the Pearl button and remembered Jin Kwang Shan’s story, her face was rapidly darkened. Jin Guangshan quickly smashed the dust of the pearl and loudly denied the servant, forcing him to run down what they went out when they went to him.

And Meng Yao was thrown into the carpenter. He jumped up the stairs from above to bottom.

Perhaps he may have said nothing after a rise. He poured out blood with his forehead and threw it on the ground that was in his clothes, he raised his possessions and began to walk.

Immediately after the Sunshot campaign began, Meng Yao joined the QingheNie Sect army.

The Nie MingJue team farmer was from a fraudulent farmer and from QingheNie Sect and was located in different places. One of them was an unknown mountain range from Heidiano. Nie MingJue climbs the hill. Before approaching the station, I saw a woman in a garment leaving a bamboo tube in the emerald forest.

The boy seemed to simply pick up the water, putting his feet and some places. He stopped suddenly while he was preparing to enter the cave. He stood outside the mouth of the cave and heard a time as if he wanted to join. After all, he still walked in a different direction in silence, as he still had a bamboo tube.

After the march he found out the place of the road and started. He snatched the white dish from the well-known dish and washed it with water.

Nie MingJue went to her. When the boy ate when the head floated on the ground, he suddenly fell into the shadow of the spirit. He looked up and took the food and stood. “Knee Cepter Leader”.

The boy’s figure was small. He had straight skin and dark lips, very characteristic of his favorable gold GuangYao. At this point he did not get his clan at the tower of the carp, so he did not have a brilliant vermilion brand on his forehead. Nie MingJue obviously remembered his face, “Meng Yao?”

Meng Yao responded with respect: “Yes.

Nie MingJue, “Why were you not happy in the cave like everyone?

Meng Yao opened her mouth, but smiled as if I did not know what to say. Looking at this, Nie MingJue walked toward the cave walking to him. He did not do that, but as Mr. Yao Meng looked like he wanted to recover him. Because Nie MingJue hid her breath, no one could see it even if he came into a cave in his mouth. The inner people have still gone astray loudly.

“… oh, he is.

“Jin Guangshan’s son, why did he not come back? Can you find my father to live like us? He needs to eliminate a disaster such as the father’s finger. How can you do it! Jin Guangshan’s son is not possible.”

“Do you think he does not want to return? What do you think when he took him from Yunmeng to Lanling?

“And he chose the bad thing: Jin GuangShan’s wife is overwhelming.

“I think Jin Guangshan is out, at least all children and daughters-stack, so many children. You can see he has seen that the creation of such a scene fears to ask Yes.”

“Well, you do not have to wait for people to do bad.” Who answers if he sticks the pulp? He can not blame anyone, he digged his grave. ”

“He’s so stupid! Jin ZiXuan or Jin Guangshan have sown other children that are installed in thousands of people? Many of the prostitutes are thinking of something less. According to my opinion, Jin Guangshan probably did not accept him, he had doubts, so ha ha … ”

“That’s true, but I do not remember to be with a woman.”

“I really feel excited that Jin Shan Shan seed resigned to get water, ha ha …”

“He has gone out of your donkey, he has so much energy. He always goes around trying to get the right of all, he wants tons, he is sick?

A squid came by and ate the rest of the fake text. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions, maybe you should read the FAQ.

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