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Chapter 371: Identity Exposed

Translated by Jouissance/Rara from Exiled Rebel Scanlations

After Ling Xiao rescued You XiaoMo, the fiery phoenix was dispersed by Yu WenNan, as its power had been depleted.

But Ling Xiao had never thought of just defeating Yu WenNan with that fire phoenix. After all, no one was controlling it and it was made out of flame, so it couldn’t perform to its best. He had only intended to stall Yu WenNan with it.

Yu WenNan and Chen QingEr immediately went to the Thousand Faces Purgatory Spider’s side.

Chen QingEr looked at Thousand Faces Purgatory Spider in worry. “How are you?”

“I’m alright. Luckily, I’m wearing armor made from Purgatory Silk. It’s just unfortunate that the Purgatory Armor is destroyed now. As expected of Sacred Qilin Fire.” The Thousand Faces Purgatory Spider had escaped death by the skin of her teeth. Though she was sad about her Purgatory Armor, she contained her sorrow in her heart.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s destroyed. It’s better than having you dead.” Chen QingEr let out a breath of relief. The Thousand Faces Purgatory Spider was her lifebound contract beast. If anything happened to her, Chen QingEr would face a backlash of power and her strength would decline, causing their situation to worsen.

“Come on. Let’s figure out how we’re going to complete this mission. That man called Ling Xiao isn’t a normal Emperor Beast, but a Qilin, the head of the Four Great Spirits.” Yu WenNan looked towards Ling Xiao solemnly. That other red flame also interested him.

Before they could discuss their plans, a loud bang came from above. DaoXin Academy’s strongest barrier began to vibrate faster and faster until with a boom, it shattered. The immense sound made people wish they were deaf.

In the sky, intense sunlight shone inside.

The roars of demon beasts also echoed inside.

Someone actually managed to break such a strong barrier.

The expressions of Hei Tian and the five elders twisted. This barrier was what was separating Ward A from the deep mountains, protecting the school all these years. Once it broke, Ward A was very likely to be attacked by the demon beasts of the deep mountains.

Without prompting, Gao Yang immediately turned back, rushing to guard the exits with the security team.

In the moment the barrier broke, several beams of light darted in from outside and appeared in the skies above. The first was Qiu Ran and then there were the two powerhouses that were working with him and their demon beasts. Apart from that, the Teng Family head, Fairy FuRong and FeiXie had all arrived as well.

“NanShen, seems like you’re having some trouble, too. How about we cooperate?” That was when the man on Qiu Ran’s left spoke up, looking towards Yu WenNan and his companions. From his tone, they sounded like they knew each other.

Yu WenNan glanced at them with an empty smile. “His lordship even sent the two of you here. He’s really putting down all his cards for this middle-plane person.”

“If it really is what we think, then there’s no reluctance to be had. Aren’t you the same? Even sending DongShen in the beginning. What a shame that he died.” The middle aged man smiled, reveling in this misfortune.

“Anyways, if we’re going to cooperate, I’ll have to make something clear.” Yu WenNan didn’t want to keep talking bullshit with his guy. “That man is extremely strong. None of us have the strength to oppose him. If you want to complete the mission, then don’t play around or hold anything back.”

The middle aged man and his companions followed his gaze to Ling Xiao.

The middle aged man observed for a few seconds before saying, “No matter how strong, he’s just one man.”

Though he could sense that this person was special, he still wasn’t willing to feel threatened by a person from the middle-plane. After all, he was a member of the Vermillion Blood family.

Hearing this, Yu WenNan didn’t react and didn’t seem to intend to explain.

“If so, then how about you two deal with him?”


“Wait.” The middle-aged man was about to agree when his companion suddenly stopped him He looked at NanShen and said, “If he’s strong, it’s not fair if you don’t help out.”

Yu WenNan shrugged, his eyes filled with humor. “Sure. Then I’ll leave the others to you.”

While they discussed their tactics, Ling Xiao didn’t bother with Qiu Ran and the others that had broken in, but alighted on the ground with You XiaoMo.

The Academy people didn’t dare approach him, watching him from afar, probably because of his display of power in the air just now.

Ling Xiao had wanted to place You XiaoMo in his dimension, but he would worry if You XiaoMo was there alone. SheQiu and the others were in the other dimension and he wasn’t the owner of that one so he couldn’t call them out.

“Chirp~ Chirp~” As Ling Xiao was thinking, a chicken flew over unsteadily from out of the crowd.

Ling Xiao had almost forgotten him.

Because they were coming over, You XiaoMo had left the little chicken in the room.

He wasn’t willing, so You XiaoMo had Ling Xiao scare him. It was only then that he unwillingly let go. Now, he had probably ran out, taking advantage of the lack of people.

“Come over,” Ling Xiao ordered.

“Chirp~” The little chicken immediately flew to him in joy.

Ling Xiao spoke gently to it. “Protect your master. If even a single hair on his head is harmed, I’ll pull out a feather for every one you grow, understood?”

“Chirp~” THe little chicken sadly pecked at his bald wings. He had only been born a few days ago.

That was when another person walked over, saying, “I’ll look after him for you.”

Ling Xiao looked over. The newcomer had startlingly silver hair. It was the now recovered Yin Ge and behind him was Feng ChiYun, Yang YuLin and You XiaoMo’s other friends.

“What happened to him?” Feng ChiYun asked.

“Nothing really. He’s just lost a bit of energy. He’ll be fine once he rests up.” Ling Xiao carefully placed You XiaoMo on the ground, leaning him against a large rock.

“Boss…” LanQiu walked over.

Ling Xiao stroked You XiaoMo’s cheek and said without raising his head, “If I want you to protect him with your life, can you do it?”

LanQiu nodded, “Yes.”

After getting this agreement, Ling Xiao stood and turned to look at Yin Ge and the others. “I’ll have to trouble you with this.” His expression was hidden by the mask, but he was accepting Yin Ge’s help.

Yin Ge nodded calmly.

“I’ll help, too.” BaiLi XiaoYu ran over, Liu Le and Jiang XiaoFeng following. Though they didn’t speak, they had the same idea as BaiLi XiaoYu.

“Nonsense.” BaiLi TianYi said, walking over. “With your current strength, you’ll only get in the way. Go wherever its calm. You aren’t needed here.”

“Second brother…” BaiLi XiaoYu pouted, glaring at him in complaint.

“It won’t work even if you call me dad. Now scram, or do you need me to help?” BaiLi TianYi wasn’t having it, cracking his knuckles.

Call you dad? Keep dreaming.

Jiang XiaoFeng pulled, whispering, “Forget it XiaoYu. With our current power, there is nothing we can do. Let’s go, don’t cause them anymore trouble.”

Even his good friend said so, BaiLi XiaoYu had no other option. In the end, those three could only leave.

Ling Xiao turned his head and glanced at You XiaoMo. His feet lifted up a bit before his figure vanished mysteriously. Within the next second, his figure appeared above the sky, standing on the opposite side of Qiu Ran’s party.

On his right, not far behind him was Hei Tian and the Five Great Elders. Qiu Ran had destroyed DaoXin Academy’s barrier, this feud was not exclusively between Duan QiTian and his first disciple anymore.

Ling Xiao placed his palm on his mask. Under the presence of many people, he took off the mask and an extremely handsome face appeared before everyone.

Looking at that familiar face, Hei Tian’s eyes flashed, but his expression remained unchanged. However, on the opposite side, Qiu Ran’s expression was clearly showing a sign of change. After all, the thought that a Divine Level powerhouse was hiding inside DaoXin Academy had never occurred in his mind before.

“This man, was he the one who appeared at the Boundless Sea?” The middle-aged man beside Qiu Ran saw the slight change in Qiu Ran’s expression, and he could roughly guess what happened.

“Correct. Back then he didn’t display all of his strength, so, I’m not sure about his true power. You better be careful.” Qiu Ran nodded his head and warned. Even though there were more people on his side, he still felt cautious.

Standing not far away, when Yu WenNan saw Ling Xiao, despite his expression still looking the same on the outside, his brain had started searching for memories of people he had seen in the Higher Realm, especially those that were related to the QiLin Clan. But no matter how hard he tried, he still couldn’t find a match.

Yu WenNan couldn’t help but doubt the answer he had come up with. He wasn’t from the QiLin Clan? Thinking over again, this could never be, because the symbol between his eyebrows was definitely a QiLin Clan’s trait.

Ling Xiao conveniently threw the mask into his dimension. His calm, clouded eyes swept across the distance and directly fell on the Thousand Faces Purgatory Spider’s body. Within a blink of an eye, his eyes shot out a freezing, spine shivering, murderous intent.

The Thousand Faces Purgatory Spider felt the it running from her feet to inside her brain. She knew, if today she didn’t fight with all of her power, she couldn’t even think about leaving this place.

While she was tangled with her thoughts, she found out the man on the opposite of her had disappeared.

The Thousand Faces Purgatory Spider’s expression changed drastically, no way would she forget the scalding pain from the Sacred Qilin Fire.

At the time of Ling Xiao’s disappearance, Yu WenNan and the middle-aged man both took action right away. Three dark shadows clashed above the sky and parted instantly…

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