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Chapter 52 Bravery – Part 2

Lang Wang looked straight: “Nothing.” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions, maybe you should read the FAQ.

Wei WuXian is, “We already know each other, do not we have it as cold? So you do not have to worry, I’m not happy to worry about having feet really good.”

Lan Wang Ji: “We do not know well.

Wei WuXian and go, go to the back, Ran’o decided to look at his face: “If it’s not right when this happened to prevent yourself, broken or injured your feet.”

How is he willing to say: “Do you want me to bring you back?” The nose suddenly smells a smell. Wei Wu Xian turned, looked side by side. His eyes shone quickly.

Lan Wang Ji experienced his line of sight, looking at him suddenly stopped speaking. He saw several dozen girls to walk. One of the centers was wearing an ice coat on her slender face coat. When the wind blew, the rag passed. Her appearance looked very good at her back.

This number is what Wei Ting has looked at.

A girl is one of a laugh: “My meal, after I’m your smell sack is really something special, I’m not getting rid of the smell, it’s really good if I’m breathing. It seems to me that I wake up more and more …”

The girl said that a sweet Myanic voice is really delicate:. “Sachet that is stuffed inside the hacked herbs, which can be useful in many ways, I still have some of them, what one of you do you want to do?”

Wei Wu Xian moved like a stormy storm, “Myanmar, I will also save one.

The girl was surprised. She did not believe he heard suddenly the foreign voice. When she returned, she asked: “Who are you?”, She found a front where she was weeping. Why do you call me My? ”

“Since I heard that all of them you called MyMian, I think it’s your name, it does not have anything.” “Wei Wuxian laughed

Lan Wang looked cold at them. Seeing what he had returned, Chiang Kai-shek again with his own eyes.

Myanmar went to her cheek: “You can not call me!

Wei Wu Xian said: “Why? You tell me your name, I will no longer call you My Money. What do you think?

MianMian is: “Why are you, I’m just because you have prayed, you must first explain their name to them, I must tell you before you ask for the other name. Is not it?

If you want my name, please remember that my name is “Motodo”.

Mianma silently expressed the word “YuanDao” several times. She does not remember if the new owner has such a title for any denomination. However, thinking about the boy’s air and appearance, I thought she was not an average disciple. When I saw a smile in her lips, she did not know what had happened.

Suddenly, the low voice of Lan Wang Ji came from them by “Playing with words”.

She soon noticed that poetic line, he gave her fun, because it “fights for miles and miles and takes a continuous border.” But she raised her foot: “Who is waiting for you? You have no face!

Girls collapsed with dirty laughter, “We Wuxi, you really have no face!

“I’ve never seen people get annoying like you!”

“I’ll tell you, she’s called …”

My wish began to get away from them: “Let’s go, let’s not talk to him”

We Wuxian exclaimed from the back: “You can go, give me a package, right? Do you dislike me? Do not you want to do it? I’ll find something and ask your name … There must be someone who tells me … ”

Before she had finished, there was a shot of scent before her. It was straight out of his chest. Then, “Oh,” We Wu Xian turned the package with his ribbon around your fingers and pretended to make his heart hurt. Even if he returned to Lan Wang Ji, he still turned into the bag with a smile. Watching Lan Qian’s ceremony asked the growth of the cooler, he asked: “How much did you look at me again, where will we stay with you again from where we will keep ourselves?”

Lan Wang quietly saw her: “Are you doing so easy for anyone?

Wei Wu Xian thought secondly: “Do you think that’s the case?”

Ran king saw the ground. He later answered: “How are you hating?”

He spoke two words, tied to his teeth and told him with strange hatred. He did not think that Wei WuXian was worth giving another flash. Ran WangJi rushed and was tense with faster walking. He saw himself again forced, Wei Wuxian hurried: “Well, you do not have to go quickly, I’m just going …”

Joining the three steps in two, he quickly arrived at Jiang Cheng.

However, Jiang Chen did not give him a good preposition. He threatened, “You are very fun!

Wei Wu Xian, “It’s not his face, why do you say that you are racial or something today, that is, it’s ridiculous, too? It’s worse than to use it at his feet, right?”

Jiang Chen sweet voices, you have not yet taken care of yourself why? I have time to set him up. “I’m stupid Wen Chao, the entrance to the cave is here at night – see the mountains of Rivera and force us, because this time planning this time does not know what deception is. This does not expect to be the same as the last time when he made us a circle and body shield.

One of the disciples whispered next to them: “Of course, his face is not so great, but the clouds have burned the last month, yet do you still do not know?”

Listening to this, Wei WuXian said “Burnt down!”

Recently, Jiang Chen has listened too much to these stories, so he was not very surprised that we were Wei Wu Xian: “by Prime Minister Wen Jiabao of People” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions, maybe you should read the FAQ.

Apprentice: “You can say it too, Wen Jiabao’s eldest son, Xu Wen’s older son, went to Gusu, who can say that Lan Zhen himself has burned everything … He is an orchid sect He condemned any news and forced the LAN sectors humans burn the place … Clean names such as spotting It must be triggered by the fire Great clouds on the slope The part and the surrounding forest are burned, so that a centennial paradise is destroyed Orkid leader has been severely injured We also do not know if he is still or not Well,

Wei Wuxian, “Lan Zhan’s foot is tied to this?

Apprentice:. . . “Of course Venssu said they were the library pavilion, where the first place forced them to burn, he said he would teach people who did not, Reims Wang denied that they attacked Wen Ju Xu Xu-people and they broke one from his feet that another singer did not sing. Who knows what they will do?

We Wuxian thought carefully. Recently, Ran Ji has not made much progress in practice except threatening Wen Jiabae. He always stood or sat and did not talk about anything. Of course he was a guy who considered proper treatment from nothing, because he could not confirm that everyone hurt his legs.

He saw that he wanted to go back to Ran King, Jiang Chen Wei WuXian kidnapped: “You have to order now What you still wanted to collapse your tomb yet You want Him Try it provoking!”

Wei Wuxian said: “I did not want to provoke him, looking at his feet, it was clear that he had been so many days, because his wounds make worse, probably only he. I can not really hide it, so if he likes to walk … I am no longer can use his leg, I’ll take him. ”

Jiang Chen struck him closer: “It’s not as if you’re familiar with him. Do not look at how much you hate you, you’re going to him, he too, it’s time when you do not want to approach him.”

Wei Wuxian said: “Well, if he does not like me, – well … he may call me before me, I keep him behind me in the second. Is that not revealed?

Jiang Chen warns: “How do we have time to take care of other trivialities, we can not even care for ourselves?”

Wei Wu Xian: “First of all, it’s not trivialitāte Second like this, someone will take care of them sooner or earlier, like that!

As insisting that 2 had been reduced, one of the Wen Jiabaid slaves came and shouted: “You can not talk about yourself and look at what you are doing!”

After the servant came and left it, a pretty girl was approaching. Her name was Wang LingJiao. She was one of the prestige of her side. But everyone knew how she served him, no one needed to explain. She used to be a housewife’s servant. She looked beautiful, entering the bed after changing her appearance with her mistress. As people stand, others will be blessed. It was also the “Yingchuan Wang section” in the growing world.

Because her spiritual weakness was weak, her hand was an important long iron, so she could not use the upper level sword. All employees of Wen Sekta were one of these coasts. If you do not need heat, it has given pain to the person you have touched.

Holding it with her hand, Wang LingJiao jumped jumping and “whispering one to the other, Wen Mr. Young Master told you to look for the entrance hall, so what are you doing?”

In the time, only after receiving his position, the girl made the leaves of the other bed color that can be blown with such arrogance. I did not know if they were laughing or watching.

Suddenly someone shouted from the side. “I found it!

Wang LingJiao did not have time to pay more attention to them. She looked at it and convinced she would shine after: “New Master Ben! They found it!

It was a beautifully hidden ground hole under the old banana with a large trunk as a maker of three men. They are the first of the reasons why this was not calculated, the entrance is fat that the tree of cracked roots and grapes had spilled a powerful network that was blocking the entrance, very, five feet wide, so that was the second. Above there was a layer of leaves and twigs, mud and stones, almost invisible.

Besides making sure you remove leaves and mud, clean the outside, there has been a dark, bleaking hole.

The entrance leads to a deep underground. The cold air brought pain to everyone’s face. I could not hear anything about the pebbles standing inside. It seemed that it was dumped in the sea.

Wen Chao was extraordinary: “It must be fast, everyone will come there!

Jin ZiXuan could no longer keep it. He spoke a cold round: “If you might be able to ask what Beast is to let me know before, so that we can not be ambiguous, then we will have a higher efficiency. We could operate, we brought us here, saying we would hunt for the animal ?

Wen Jiabao, “Please let me know?”

He, so that you can remember? I do not understand the wrong things, I have to explain how many times, “first, I pointed out to Jin Zi Xuan, and stood up. You only cultivate serving me. the command force. I am the only one who can beat animals! ”

He emphasized in the word “only one”. Higher voice and arrogance have signed both laughter and enemies among the audience. Wang LingJiao rebuked: “Have you ever heard of a young teacher Wen said?

Jin Saxon stood before him. As a result of his anger, he caught a thick vineyard, reaping clothes and full of stuff and without an endless hole.

This time, Wei Wuyi can be due to deep emotions. Although they are infringed, beer for them is that it will be much more comfortable than Wen Chao and other people. If hell tried to break his eyes, he was afraid he could really choose to disappear with them!

People who followed Jin Sachsen entered the hole one by one.

A group of disciples who had to retire their sword could search slowly. The grape crossed the hole. They were strong enough, like the little children’s palms. When he obediently humblely touches the deep stone silence, Wei Wuxian, as they go.

His feet finally dropped almost 30 feet and touched the ground.

Wen Jiabao decided several of the top. Make sure it’s safe underground, he easily drops the sword under his feet, the King LingJiao’s hand. After a while, the disciples and we lied one by one.

Jiang Chen waits for this year that he wants to hunt “, whispered, we hope it will be too difficult. I do not know if there is another achievement. During the vampire and the animal escapes inside, the boundaries can be broken into Half, it will be hard for us to escape. ”

The remaining groups considered the same thing. They could not help but looked for a little space there. Everything was excited.

Wen Jiabao Chao Lecce from his sword: “Only you stand what you do, I need you to teach what to do?”

The group of children was destroyed at the depth of beer.

Wen Jiabao ordered the servants to give them some torches, because they needed to explore the way forward. The ceiling of the ceiling was high and wide, there was no light on the ceiling. Wei WuXian paid an echo. He felt that the reaction was expanding as they went deeper. Perhaps they were already 100 meters or more from the floor.

Frontman received a high warning. They did not know how long she finally arrived before the deep water.

Even if the swimming pool is on the ground, it should be regarded as a great lake. The water was very black. The rocky islands of all sizes are also raised from the surface.

There was no other way for them.

But the road was over, but they still did not find hunting in hunting. They did not know exactly what it was. Every heart was filled with uncertainty, but still continued to vigor.

He never saw the waiting animal, so Wen Cha felt enthusiastic. After a few words of refusal, he suddenly looks for something to “jump a little blood” to hang him out and get this, “had an idea,” he had. ”

Animals usually spill more than anything else. Of course, it is wasted by the scent of blood, a hard man hangs into the hole!

A squid came by and ate the rest of the fake text. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions, maybe you should read the FAQ.

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