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Chapter 441: I Learned From You

Translated by Rachel of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

After You XiaoMo’s opponent QinTai stood on the stage and confirmed that he really wasn’t present, he very calmly folded his arms and waited for You XiaoMo without even a hint of nervousness on his face. While he didn’t know what happened to his opponent, it was proof that God was on his side.

Seeing this, YanHui and the rest knew that You XiaoMo would most likely forfeit his right to compete in the competition. Up till now, no one had even seen him around. He definitely hadn’t left his room.

Seeing that You XiaoMo hadn’t come down after so long, the referee’s gaze swept towards the spectator stands.

“Is You XiaoHa present?”

QinTai immediately grinned.

“Referee, I reckon you don’t have to shout his name anymore. He’s not here, it’s impossible for him to reply you.”

Hearing his words, some people who were wondering why You XiaoMo hadn’t appeared were even more bewildered. Logically speaking, with his performance and record in the previous two matches, it was absolutely impossible for him to not turn up.  But he really didn’t and that was unimaginable.

“Hey hey, could it be that You XiaoHa is afraid?”

“Afraid? You mean a level nine mage is afraid of a level seven mage?”

The person who said that that You XiaoMo was afraid immediately shut up as he got shot down with the rhetorical question. After all, saying this kind of stuff out loud would be such a joke that would make people laugh their asses off.

The referee ignored the people who were fervently discussing and asked again, “Is You XiaoHa present?”

Qin Tai held his head up and puffed his chest. After waiting for a few seconds and still no reply, he spoke, “Referee, I don’t think he will appear. How about you just declare me the winner of this match…”


A faint voice floated in from somewhere. It was almost inaudible, the voice almost drowned by the rowdy crowd but the referee heard it. The referee’s eyes coolly swept over to Qin Tai and under the the latter’s expectant gaze, he announced, “Let the match begin.”

Qin Tai was stunned. He frowned in confusion.

“Referee, my opponent didn’t even show up. How do you expect me to begin, shouldn’t even I be…”

Before he finished his sentence, he saw a person walking in from the entrance opposite him. That person nimbly leapt over the protective fences and walked towards him calmly. Soon, he stepped onto the edge of the stage and stood before him with a faint smile on his face.

“I apologise, something held me up so I came late.” He lightly slapped his head with an upset look on his face.

The referee nodded and walked off the stage.

Qin Tai’s body went rigid as he stared at the youth who suddenly appeared. He only saw him once at the number four fighting rings. At that time, he also had his own matches so he was a little late when he went over to check things out. When he reached the arena, You XiaoMo’s match was already over so he only saw him quietly retreating back to his seat in the spectator stands. As he didn’t get to witness You XiaoMo’s power with his own eyes, despite having a slight fear of him, he didn’t pay special attention to that fear because of You XiaoMo’s appearance.

However, when You XiaoMo stood in front of him, Qin Tai could feel a considerable pressure from him. This was the presence of powerhouse. Even if it wasn’t deliberate, that kind of restraint would also give people a real deal of pressure.

“I’m You XiaoHa, please take care of me and advise me!”

You XiaoMo spoke politely to a tense and guarded Qin Tai with a brilliant smile on his face.

Qin Tai’s expression went rigid. It was only a while later he managed to pull a smile across his face, looking every bit twisted out of shape.

You XiaoMo took a deep breath and stared at Qin Tai with bright eyes and said, “I’m about to attack, please watch out.”

In the spectator stands, Qiao WuXing and a few who were more familiar with You XiaoMo all looked at him in shock when he appeared. It was as if they saw something incredible. Cheng XiangRong only knew that he could finally stop worrying so much. After he heaved a sigh of relief, he finally noticed everyone’s odd behavior.

“What happened to you guys?” He asked.

“Amazing!” Tian Xin gulped in a huge breath. Her eyes were sparkling.

“What exactly is going on?”
“You didn’t notice?  It looks like You XiaoHa’s power went up compared to two days ago. Seems like he had a chance encounter at the Time Wall. His cultivation improved a lot.” Tian Xin commented.

Cheng XiangRong immediately looked downwards at You XiaoMo. Indeed, the sharp edge to his aura that he felt yesterday could no longer be felt. Instead, his aura seemed to have become more reserved and stable. One look and it was obvious that it was a sign that his cultivation has went up.

“That’s great!” Cheng XiangRong felt happy for him from the bottom of his heart.

Qiao WuXing and Jiu Ye exchanged glances without a trace and quickly broke apart as if nothing happened. Both had a thoughtful look on their face. Looked like they had to work extra hard or else they would be overtaken and widen the power gap between them.    

Tian Xin had her chin resting on her hand as she said enviously, “That’s so good. I also wish to go to the Time Wall. That way I can have a breakthrough even without cultivating.”

“How can it be so easy? Even if you can enter the Time Wall, it still depends on your chance encounter. Furthermore, if you’re not perceptive enough, even with a chance encounter you may not necessarily make the best use of it. It’s better if you cultivate steadily.” Qiao WuXing laughed.

“Yes yes yes!” Tian Xin replied half-heartedly. She had already heard this many times and was long immune to it.

Qiao WuXing shook his head.

An Qiao stared at the stage hatefully. You XiaoMo had really gotten all the good stuff! If only he pressed on and snatched the black box away from You XiaoMo, who knew the chance encounter might even be his. The more he thought about it, the more discontented he felt. However, with You XiaoMo’s power improving, the chances of him taking his revenge grew slimmer and slimmer.

Originally he had intended to use WuCheng to get rid of him but when he looked for WuCheng these past two days, he brushed him off by claiming that he was busy. Sometimes, he wouldn’t even meet him. Even a dumb person could tell something was amiss.

After he did some investigation, he found out that on the night You XiaoMo and his partner checked in to ShuangYu Hotel, they had a dispute with WuCheng at an underground casino. While it was supposed to be something to be happy about, for some reason both parties had decided to bury the hatchet in the end and WuCheng seemed to have become prejudiced against him.

Wan Ya, who was by his side, happened to see the menacing look on his face.

“An Qiao, for the sake of your Shifu, I will tell you this. With You XiaoHa’s talent, he will most likely be chosen by the Tong Tian Palace in the future. Your Shifu’s rank in the Mage Guild may be high but it’s not even worth mentioning in the Tong Tian Palace. If you don’t want to destroy yourself, then I suggest you better let go of the hatred in your heart.” Wan Ya warned lowly.

Ao Qiao’s complexion shifted between pale and green,it wasn’t clear if he listened to anything she said.

Wan Ya had no intention of guessing his thoughts and she left it at that.

On the stage, Qin Tai who was all smug because of his good luck a few moments ago had now become like a paper tiger in front of You XiaoMo. He might look intimidating but he had no bite in him. After only one round, he was already chased off the stage. He retreated pathetically as the crowd sighed.

You XiaoMo dusted away the non-existent dust on his clothes and he stood on the stage, looking down below at Qin Tai who had fallen all over the place before he smiled and said, “Thank you for coaching me!”

Qin Tai vomited blood on the spot.

After the referee declared that the competition was over, You XiaoMo waved at Qiao WuXing and his group before leaving through the big gate. Qiao WuXing wanted to ask him about what happened but seeing him leave so quickly, he guessed that he was going to find Ling Mo. Unfortunately, they couldn’t leave yet because they hadn’t competed.

When You XiaoMo left the arena, the buzzing in his ears immediately lessened by a lot. Ling Xiao stood not too far away from him along the walkway and when You XiaoMo saw him, he quickly jogged up to him.

“Quite fast today. You’re not joining your group of friends?” Ling Xiao watched as he ran over.

“As much as my friends are important to me, you’re more important than them. Not to mention, they’re only ordinary friends. If they want any progress in their relationships with me, then it still depends on how they perform.” You XiaoMo replied cheekily.

Ling Xiao flicked his forehead, “Let’s go.”

You XiaoMo cupped his forehead and moved along to keep up with his steps.

“Hey, aren’t you moved by my words?” He said as he walked.

“I am touched.”

“Liar. Which part of you even says that you’re touched?” You XiaoMo grumbled.

“My heart.” Ling Xiao replied expressionlessly.

You XiaoMo clung onto him from the front and grabbed the cloth on his chest.

“Dig it out and show me.” He demanded, unwilling to let the matter go just yet.

“Stop messing around. It can’t be dug out.” LingXiao pushed his head away.


“Because it’s deep in my heart.”

“Really?” You XiaoMo was secretly delighted.

“It’s fake.”

Instead of being bothered by his words, You XiaoMo felt happy. He released his hold on his clothes and felt Ling Xiao’s chest, “Oh alright, I know you like to say the opposite of what you mean so I don’t blame you for that.”

Ling Xiao suddenly stopped walking and looked at him. “Since when have you gotten so thick-skinned? You’ve even learned how to lie with batting an eye.”  

“I learned from you.”You XiaoMo smiled back.



Both of them joked and bickered playfully as they made their way back to the first floor but no one saw them. Everyone else had already gone to watch the competitions so there was close to no one in sight along the corridor.

When they returned to their room, Ling Xiao started to ask about what happened when You XiaoMo was at the golden tower. Ever since he walked out from there, he realised that You XiaoMo’s power had a breakthrough. Before that, he was at a level nine mid grade but now he was at a level ten low grade. The progress was nothing but fast.

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Owh momo progress🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

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This is what clearly defining your priorities gets you.

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this is officially my favourite Chapter 🖤

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440 chaps and they never loose. They are always lucky, Ling Xiao is always the most powerful badass. I don’t want to whine, but a little more struggle would be perhaps even more interesting…

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I love how Momo’s experience with the Time Wall has shifted his relationship with LX. I hope it lasts.
I doubt An Qiao is able to let go of his hate; he just doesn’t see his own repulsive behaviour and absurd feelings of entitlement.
Wow! Momo is at level next to the Max of Mage Rankings!
Thank you for translating.

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An Qiao is such a card. He really went “I should’ve cheated harder!” Lol

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