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Chapter 55 Bravery – Part 5

* Warning: This section can cause discomfort, especially for the food. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions, maybe you should read the FAQ.

“Even if it was in winter, it did not have to sleep for 400 years, or did you say that Genbu de Klaughter eats realities – how much to eat it?” : Wei Wu Xian added after a break

Ran Wang: “The book said:” When you have caught at least 5000 lives, some time has been recorded as when it has been consumed by hundreds of people in the whole town and city of huge people … ”

Wei WuXian, “Oh, please let it go.

Animals probably accumulate in humans to enjoy them slowly, patīkēja, seem to enjoy a full body to their own bark. It quickly took a lot of food on my bark, and it can still be able to make it clean, 400 years old, even now it’s not all. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions, maybe you should read the FAQ.

Ran king did not recognize him. Maybe about eating “or practicing cereals, for example, it can take 3-4 days without us to eat or drink. But a few days later that will not come to save us, our energy, strength and spiritual ability: Wei Wuxian continued? begin to decrease. ”

It would not be too bad if Wen Chao and his people stood and chose to ignore them after they escaped. If they are waiting for 3-4 days, the help of other sectors can be in time. They were afraid that warm family people did not only help, but added fire. Yunmeng Jiang Sect and GusuLan Sect will be the only “other follower”. If Wen Secta hinders them, the time of “three to four days” will probably double.

Wei Wu Xian recovered the evening’s branch at Gusu a little shorter than the dungeon of Yunmeng, Creek Mountain – from Creek Mountain, sketches the map on the ground and connects the places together. It’s probably your sect of people coming first. We will only be patient. Even if they do not come, most of us Jiang Chen must wait one or two days before arriving at Lotus Pier. Jean Chen is pretty pretty. People in the Wen Jiabao section will not stop him. They do not need to worry. ”

Lan WangJ’s eyes fled. He seemed tired when he whispered. “They will not speak”

Wei WuXian, “Wow?”

Lan Wang Ji, “The cloud slope is already burning.”

Wei Wuxian says “… are you still there? Is your father, your brother?

He was seriously injured, if Dan Langland’s father’s section was seriously injured, Lang Lan QiRen XiChen probably thought of taking into the situation. However, the voice of Lan WangJi was monotonous. “My father almost disappeared, my brothers left”

The field that Wei Wuxian drew to the ground was frozen.

When they climbed the mountain, the disciples said the LA leader was seriously injured, but he never thought that the wound was as important as the leader “almost disappeared”. Perhaps Lan Wang Yi received information that his father died the last few days and learned about it.

The leaders of orkid sectors practice mysterious thinking mainly, without considering one of your worlds in a story, but he was still the father of King Lana. And in combination with the fact that Lance Xičens disappeared today, Rans Vangjis was particularly bothered and easy to get angry was natural. Wei WuXian immediately felt awkward and did not know what to say.

However, when he turned the collapse, he felt all his body paralyzed.

The brightness of the light signal is reflected on the face of Lana · Wangji seems to spit a hot cake. This, with the most important clarity, illuminated the tear line running to its cheek.

Wei Wuxian thought of himself, shocked by dreams: no!

People like Lan WangJi may be able to spend only a few days, though they shouted. And this time, what happened only one of these events happened. He was only a man who could not see other people. He could not weep my wife’s tears. When I saw them weeping, he walked around and laughed. But the tears of humans were what he really could not stand. He has always noticed the fact that a strong man is weeping and becoming a more terrible person than a rare girl. The thing was that he could not even console him.

Under the blow of his house, his brother perished, his father dies, burning his pursuit of sects, he himself injured, some kind of consolation is necessary to be bright, weak.

We Wuxian do not know what to do, turn his head in another direction. He later said: “Uh, Lan Zhan.”

Ran royal family responded cold “closing”.

Wei Wuxian ran.

Fire wound

Lan Wang J quietly said: “Vei Ying, you’re really a bad person”

Wei WuXian, “Ho …”

He has been in many things to him, in the worst Uranairan humor now, but thought, I still blink his thoughts in the middle. That’s why he’s very angry. Because he did not have the power to hit me because a foot was hurt, I think he would not just kill me … and I’ll be silent in the quiet he.

He holds it for a while, then added: “clothes it does not mean you want to change your … I just wanted to ask if you’re cold It’s dry You may have a cloth and I’ll keep your hand …”

Underwear was what he was carrying. Porting Lan Wang Ji is never fitting. However, his clothes were brutally dirty. All in Guslan were clean and loved. It seems that Lan WangJi’s work like this was a little uncomfortable. Ran king did not say anything. He did not see him, so Wei Wuxian jumped white, dry clothes under him. He put on his clothes and left him calmly.

Both waited every three days.

There is no sun or moon at the bottom. When it came to sleep and awake unplanned time – because they are the only orchid school, a fearful mysterious people sleep a model, it knew it’s 3 days. Therefore, it was possible to calculate how many times Lap Wang slept.

With energy conservation over the past 3 days, it was not injured to Lan Wang Ji and healed slowly. He could sit in a loto position to follow meditation.

Recently, Wei WuXian is not tangible before the sight. Ran’o returns to a pacific mindset, after correcting his mood, he was once again in the orchid involved in achievements of poker and nicknamed Wei Vuksīns, as if nothing happened, a fat face I tried to see the same night. In his opinion, he no longer confused him. Although the two patios were calm, they were cold.

Over time, they looked for the swimming pool twice. Genocide Genbu already drew all corpses into his bark. A big black jacket like a huge stiff jetty hit the water. Initially, heavy chewing gum often came. Then, the noise was interrupted, it fell asleep, it sounded bitterly. Arashi was like a thunder of fog.

They thought of submarine frauds as the animal slept to find a hole that could escape. But they could walk underwater 30 minutes before the movement. They were searched several times, but they could not find the hole mentioned by Chiang Kai-shek. Wei Wu Xian thinks it can be covered by a part of the animal’s body. He wanted to catch water again, but the animal seemed tired of the fury and did not want to go ahead.

They gathered all the arrows, bows and thieves scattered on the shore. There were more than 100 arrows, about 30 arcs, and more than 10 iron bars.

It was the 4th day.

Lan Wang Ji raised the circle with his left arm and took care of the material carefully. His right arm is fixed with curly brackets. It managed to make a metallic speaker in some way. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions, maybe you should read the FAQ.

It was a weapon used in the cultivated world to hunt animals and demons. Materials used for arrows and arrows were not standard. Lan Wang Ji moved all the streets with a bracelet and attached strings from the top to the bottom. I stretched out the bundle a cord with both hands and immediately tapped the wrist lightly. The code shook like thunder. The whiteness of white light across rocks and rocks at a distance of 10 feet was removed.

Lan Wang Ji receives the code. Swing the air violently, violently and intensely and violently.

Wei WuXian, “Cord Burials?”

The code code was one of the unique methods of GusuLan section. It was created and transmitted by the granddaughter of the founder Lan An, leader of the third denomination, Lan Yi. Lan Yi was also the leader of the current Lan Sect in a name cultivated with Guqin. Her guqin had seven ropes that could be connected and disassembled at the same time. The seven corridors were aligned from the fastest to the smallest. Relating to her song from them Cildá one point, in the delicate and handsome finger, after a while they turned off the mud, her hands could cut the dough and bone, as if to convert the weapon Era.

Lan Yi initially set the code of killing to kill the rebels, so she is often criticized. The name of GusuLan is also overly overwritten by secretary’s reports. Without a doubt, however, the corruption of a cord was one of the most powerful, more versatile parts of GusuLan to fight.

Royal family of Orchid, “invasion”

The turtle’s crust was as strong as the fortress. Its surface was very difficult and it was impossible to see. But that really was true. Because it has a weak part hidden in the hull. Vu Usingin has just thought about it. He knew the meaning of Lan Wang Ji.

Clearly he understood their current situation. After 3 days of rest, their physical condition only peaked. As long as they wait long, it will begin to decrease. And the fourth day has already disappeared and I have not yet helped.

Rather than waiting for their death, it would be much better to tolerate the last fight with everything they have. If both can kill the Genbu massacre together, they can escape from the hole below the pool.

Wei Wu Xian: “I agree, we must attack from inside, but I’ve heard of your part.” It’s a code murder, if it’s in the light environment-cacique environment “Technology that it’s most useful or not, your wound is not healed, maybe it’s not as good as usual?

Here’s the truth, Ran King has noticed it. Both recognized that to force them to do what they could not do is useless, apart from separating others.

Wei Wu Xian said, “Listen to me.

The small part of the Xuanwu-shell was still on the surface of the water.

His head, tail and all four members contracted. There was a large hole in the front, and five small holes were arranged in all circles. It was an island and a small hill, its body was black and odd, the cell had to cover, and even long, dark green algae seemed like a pendulum.

Wei Wuxian pigeon arrives area, without adding back noises, placing arrows or iron bars before the Slaughter Xuan heads, as thin as silver fish.

While a small hole was submerged in the water flow, Nii Wuyi swam along the water flow. After walking through the hole, he turned to the ship. Wei Wu Xian walked both legs with anger as if it had entered a double layer of mud mixed with water. The scent was very huge, almost damn.

The scent is bad, but the bag is bad. It reminded Wei WuXian of a fat dead rat he had seen in one of the following Yunmeng Lake. He pressed his nose, a spot of hell … I ordered good things that did not come here to Kanran. Such a disgusting feeling to such water that is used to wash such clothes, or he will not be thrown into the second, is it smelly? Even if he does not want, he will surely come out.

The soft torch was from Suan Wu Slaughter. His Wu Xian marched, his breath closed, deeply deepened his feet. After the three steps, a slim foam was already built on the knee. There are some works in mud and water as well. Wei Wuxian leaned slightly and felt around. His hand touched something suddenly.

It seems that there is human hair.

We WuXian took his hand. He knew this was probably one of the people used by Slaughter Suan Woo. Additionally, he found boots. Half of the boots’ feet had already been broken in half of the meat and half of the bones.

The animal apparently felt no cleaning at all. The excess that he did not complete or could not complete, went out of the body part. The more it is eaten, the more it has gotten. It was fattened for a hundred years. And at this time, Wei Wuxian stood in a rectangle between a lipstick consisting of broken members.

After being looked for in the last days, he was already sinful, it was painful to see it. Vei Wuxin did not want to weaken any further. He swung his hands carefully on his pants and continued walking.

The animal tower sounded bigger and bigger. The air waves became heavier and the foot bond at the feet became thicker. At last his hands touched the rough skin of raw. He slowly felt the circumference walking around the skin. As expected, the scale covered its head and neck, which was the thickness, under the odd surface. The deeper he got, the skin became thinner and softer.

At this point, mud has already climbed to the waist of Wei WuXian. Most of the corpses were not completed, but the body remained in a larger proportion. It will no longer be called lipstick lludx, it is the corn-corn corner. Wei Wuxian was behind his back prepared to remove bolts and bars, but suddenly the stick set seemed something left and could not be wiped away. I understand.

A squid came by and ate the rest of the fake text. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions, maybe you should read the FAQ.

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