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July 2, 2021 8:00 am

Even though how much lan wangji go far from him or chase away or like bit😂….wen Wuxian will always be stick to him…and one lie he said, I don’t like men…and obviously they can’t be friends rather more than friends!!🤫😉

July 17, 2021 11:51 pm

lwj bit wwx HAHAHAHAHAHA i was so shocked when i read it wtf HAHAHAHAHAH it’s so childish

Carly Williams
Carly Williams
July 19, 2021 10:52 pm

What i find most hilarious is that even though he threatened to kick him if he didnt stop biting him, he still didnt do anything!!!

July 29, 2021 7:18 am

omg okay i squealed a lot reading this chapter 😭 lwj biting wwx made it worse 😂 he literally lost his cool

August 4, 2021 1:12 pm

lwj bit him then wwx licked him , i see :3

August 5, 2021 1:35 pm

*respectable hanguang-jun noises intensifies*

Djmahesh Chy
Djmahesh Chy
August 10, 2021 8:46 pm


Nicole Ann
Nicole Ann
August 23, 2021 4:37 am

Pftt, you don’t like men huh? We’ll see.

August 31, 2021 9:42 pm

Wei ying is the example for “the ones who put themselves before others”. Such a rare precious gem. Lan zhan is so lucky 😀

September 13, 2021 1:12 am

Lan zhan , bite him what the heck lmaoo that was hilarious …

” You like mianmin ” – Weiying [ ICONIC]

Simp for wei wuxian
Simp for wei wuxian
September 21, 2021 7:45 pm

“I dont like men” yeah yeah u dont like any other men only lan zhan. You should make it clear wei ying😂

Simp for Lan Zhan
Simp for Lan Zhan
September 24, 2021 12:26 pm

WWX: “you like mianmian.”
LWJ: “gay silence”. . . .

lemme bite you and shoved you to the ground so you can understand wei ying

Jael White Horse
October 8, 2021 8:21 pm

Lan Wanji: ….well, the headband is already off, guess I can legally let loose a little here……

/bites Wei Wuxian

Lan Wanji: ….why did I like that….?

October 15, 2021 3:07 am

So can I guess that WangJi started falling in love with WuXian after this . And I think WuXian really doesn’t like WangJi in a direct romantic way in his 1st life time , or maybe he actually liked him but himself does not knew about it . But after summoning he was surely falling for WangJi . This is so cute 😍

October 15, 2021 3:14 am

I didn’t finish the whole novel yet , but it’s sure that the WangJi couldn’t confessed WuXian before his death , that’s why WuXian doesn’t has a proper hint about WangJi’s exact feeling about him and his teasing and flirting all gone wrong 🤭🤭. But he’s also realising a little by little about his and himself’s too .

October 25, 2021 2:44 am

me imagining chibi lwj biting wwx

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