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Wei Ying

(named Mo XuanYu after transmigration)

Common name: WuXian (fourth on the list of young masters)

Title: YiLing Patriarch

Name meanings: Wei—contains the character for “ghost”; Ying— “infant”; WuXian— “no envies”; YiLing—the place Yiling, where Luanzang Hill is

Height: 186 cm (180 cm after transmigration)

Sword: Suibian (the Chinese characters “Sui Bian”, meaning “whatever”, are engraved on the sword)

Tools: Stygian Tiger Seal (of which half was destroyed prior to the siege at Luanzang Hill), Compass of Evil, spirit-attraction flag

Lan Zhan

Common name: WangJi (second on the list of young masters)

Title: HanGuang-Jun (“Two Jades of Lan” with his brother Lan XiChen)

Name meanings: Lan— “blue”; Zhan—an adjective often used to describe an azure shade of blue; WangJi—a Daoist phrase, meaning “to not seek fame or wealth, forget about worldly matters, and be at peace with the world”; HanGuang— “to hold light”

Height: 188 cm

Sword: Bichen (meaning “to avoid dust/worldly matters”)

Guqin: Wangji

YunmengJiang Sect

Motto: to attempt the impossible

Residence: Lotus Pier, Yunmeng

Motif: the nine-petal lotus

Jiang Cheng

Common name: WanYin (fifth on the list of young masters)

Name meanings: Jiang— “river”; Cheng— “clear”, “transparent”; WanYin— Wan means “night”, while Yin means “to chant”

Height: 185 cm

Sword: Sandu (a Buddhist phrase that refers to the root of all turmoil—greed, anger, and ignorance)

Ring: Zidian (“purple lightning”); it can turn into a whip that emits purple lightning, able to separate the soul and body of a person who had seized someone else’s body

Jiang FengMian

(Jiang Cheng’s father and past sect leader; he was old friends with Wei WuXian’s parents)

Name meanings: FengMian—Feng means “maple”, while Mian means “to sleep”

Yu ZiYuan

(Jiang Cheng’s mother)

Name meanings: Yu—”to worry”; ZiYuan—”purple kite-bird”

Jiang YanLi

(Jiang Cheng’s older sister, Wei WuXian’s shijie)

Name meanings: YanLi—”to dislike separation”

GusuLan Sect

Motto: be righteous

Founder: Lan An (born in a temple; became a musician afterward)

Residence: The Cloud Recesses, Gusu

Motif: flowing clouds

Lan Huan

Common name: XiChen (first on the list of young masters)

Title: ZeWu-Jun

Name meanings: Huan—“to dissipate”; XiChen—”A chancellor of the morning sun”

Height: 188 cm

Sword: Shuoyue (“new moon”)

Xiao: Liebing (“fractured ice”)

Lan SiZhui

(mature disciple with polite manners)

Name meanings: SiZhui—”to recollect and long for”

Height: 172 cm

Lan JingYi

(less mature disciple with less polite manners)

Name meanings: JingYi—Jing means “scenery”, while Yi can mean either “appearance”, “etiquette”, or “gift”

Height: 168 cm

Lan QiRen

(the pedantic, stubborn, strict teacher who brings up excellent students)

Name meanings: QiRen—Qi means “to open, to start”, while Ren means “kindness”

LanlingJin Sect

Residence: Koi Tower, Lanling

Motif: the white peony Sparks Amidst Snow

(Disciples of the Jin Clan have vermilion marks on their forehead)

Jin GuangYao

(Leader of the LanlingJin Sect)

Title: LianFang-Zun

Name meanings: Jin—”golden”; GuangYao—Guang means “light”, while Yao means “a radiant piece of jade”; LianFang—”to hide fragrance”

Height: 170 cm

Jin Ling

(son of Jin ZiXuan and Jiang YanLi)

Name meanings: Ling—”to rise above”

Height: 172 cm

Jin ZiXuan

(Ranked third on the list of young masters)

Name meanings: Zi—a common character found in many names; Xuan—”a tall pavilion”

Height: 185 cm

Jin GuangShan

(past sect leader, rumored to have died “in bed”)

Name meanings: GuangShan—Guang means “light”, while Shan means “kindness”

Mo XuanYu

(illegitimate son of Jin GuangShan, sacrificed his body to Wei WuXian)

Name meanings: XuanYu—Xuan means “mysterious”, while Yu means “feathers”

Qin Su

(Wife of Jin GuangYao)

Name meanings: Su—”sincerity”

QishanWen Sect

Founder: Wen Mao (the first to focus on expanding the clan instead of the sect)

Wen Ning

Alternative name: Ghost General

Name meanings: Wen—”lukewarm”; Ning—”peace”

Height: 183 cm

Wen RuoHan

(Past leader of the Wen Sect)

Name meanings: RuoHan—Ruo means “as though”, while Han means “coldness”

QingheNie Sect

Motif: the head of a beast

Nie MingJue

Title: ChiFeng-Zun (eldest one of the sworn brothers)

Name meanings: MingJue—”a bright, penannular jade”; ChiFeng—”a crimson blade”

Saber: Baxia (“to be under forceful power”)

Height: 191 cm

Nie HuaiSang

(the cowardly second young master)

Name meanings: HuaiSang—Huai means “to hold”, while Sang refers to “mulberry leaves”

Height: 172 cm

Yicheng Arc

Xue Yang

Height: 180 cm

Sword: Jiangzai (“to bring down disasters”)

Xiao XingChen

Name meanings: Xiao—”dawn”; XingChen—”star-dust”

Height: 185 cm

Sword: Shuanghua (“floral frost” or “the brilliance of frost”)

Song Lan

Common name: ZiChen

Name meanings: Lan—”mist”; ZiChen—Zi a common character found in many names, while Chen means “a precious stone”

Sword: Fuxue (“to brush away snow”)


Name meanings: Qing—”bamboo”


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41 thoughts on “GDC Character and Sect Guide

  1. The character guide is really helpful! just wanna point out a few mistakes:) ‘A Qing’ is actually called ‘A Jing’ and the interpretation for Shuang Hua'(Xiao Xingchen’s sword) is ‘the brilliance of frost’ instead of floral frost. Hua here means brilliance, not flower(the two characters have similar pronunciations except the tones so it might be confusing) btw XXC’s my favorite character beside MC/ML!

    1. First of all, sorry for the delay in reply! Real life has been quite busy and I haven’t checked the comments in a long time. Here’s my response:

      I went with A-Qing instead of A-Jing because, firstly, both pronunciations are correct. Second of all, an official-ish audio drama of the Yicheng Arc (before the current audio drama was produced and before MXTX stopped giving out fan-made audio drama permission) pronounced it as A-Qing. I’ve looked into all of MXTX’s interviews, and if I remember correctly she said in one of the interviews that it’s pronounced A-Qing. I’ll be going with A-Qing as of now, but I’m sure A-Jing would be a valid pronunciation too, seeing that the actual audio drama pronounced it that way.

      As for Shuanghua, I originally explained it as “floral frost” because of one of hua’s secondary meaning, to “flower” (found in Baidu Hanyu and Baidu Baike). I used this meaning because I thought that it corresponded with the frost patterns on XXC’s sword. When I searched up the term 霜华 on Baidu Hanyu, it told me to “refer to 霜花”, so I decided to go with the “floral” meaning. With some more research, however, I did seem to have found a possible origin of the word shuanghua—冷寄霜华. Here, it would indeed mean “the brilliance of frost”. I’ll be putting both interpretations up, since I think both could work well.

      Thank you so much for the suggestions and I hope you find my explanations acceptable ^^

      1. hhh it’s totally fine to put up the two versions, indeed, beside the author herself, many Chinese sometimes pronounce Jing as Qing as well. I really appreciate the research you’ve done! thank you again for the guide, I had always hoped that someone can take on the role of explaining the beautiful meanings behind all the names until I saw this and I was amazed!

  2. The character guide is very good, but I just think maybe we can add Wen Qing. I didn’t see her in the guide.
    Thank you for the translation!

  3. This is very very helpful, but I think I need a timeline guide too…
    I’m trying to catch up and I can’t find where I left off. I know where I left off in the timeline, but I can’t find the right chapter at all….

  4. hey, i was just wondering what the chinese for the Jiang sect motto is??? I’ve seen on tumblr that it’s “明知不可,为而为之”,but i was just wondering if this is accurate or not???

    1. I think the translation’s correct here. a longer sentence would be sth like ‘I know it’s impossible but I will still do it’ lol. ‘attempt the impossible’ is both precise and accurate in my opinion.

  5. My friend at work recommend this novel. She said this is the best novel She ever read, so far. And She read lots of books, BL or not. Chinese, Japanese and English. So, I decided to jump into my very first novel in BL world…. Best decision I’ve ever made.

    Thank You for translating this epic novel, will be a legend in my heart forever.

    Your guide make it easier for me to integrated into Chinese culture, since this is also my very first reading Chinese novel.

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