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Chapter 15: Choice

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Rattie


“An Jiu…” After reading the script, Xia Qian’an suddenly felt cold. He went to the ancient world, and changed the history of the world?

“Mn, it’s okay.” An Jiu quietly soothed him.

“We need to think about it.” An Jiu looked up at Li Fengyi without expression.

“Alright, can I have a reply in two days?” Li Fengyi said with a smile. Li Fengyi, a middle-aged man, was obviously not better than An Jiu, a young adult. After all, An Jiu was the ancient shadow guard.

“Mn.” An Jiu took Li Fengyi’s business card and put it aside after giving it a glance.

“Well, I’ll go first.” Li Fengyi stood up, and the assistant director followed suit. 

After they left, Assistant Ji began to talk. “The president said that you should make your own decision. He will not interfere. If you decide to act, he will arrange an assistant for you.”

“Mn, I’ll let you know after I think about it.” Xia Qian’an nodded in response.

“The crew will keep it a secret as long as you are careful to not let others know of your identity.”

“Mn.” The Xia family was a big one, and they seldom appeared in front of the public. They were extremely low-key. Although he didn’t know why his elder brother didn’t interfere in this matter,  he couldn’t actively disclose his identity, unless it was an accident. After all, being a member of the Xia family brought trouble, which he hated.

Assistant Ji and the two others left after leaving their business cards. Only after Xia Qian’an and An Jiu were left in the living room did Xia Qian’an take off his mask; he felt uneasy.

“An Jiu…” Xia Qian’an’s eyes were a little flustered when he looked at An Jiu. His soul had transmigrated to ancient times and came back. An Jiu came here from the ancient times. Was this an accident, or… Xia Qian’an dare not continue to think.

Did that mean that An Jiu was likely to return to ancient times again? This idea made Xia Qian’an a little confused and panicky.

“No, An’an.” An Jiu hugged Xia Qian’an and comforted him. “If such a day really comes, An’an, you just need to wait for me to come to you…” I will come to you, nothing can stop me, not even death! An Jiu gently patted Xia Qian’an on the back to comfort him.

“…Mn.” Xia Qian’an nodded and replied, suppressing the uneasiness in his heart, and constantly reassuring himself. It was impossible for something with such a small probability to happen frequently; even if there was a chance for it to happen, it would not happen to the same person.

“So, An’an, your choice is…” An Jiu waited for Xia Qian’an’s mood to settle down before he spoke.

“Ah? This… I don’t know. What about you? That director seems to have come to you as well…” Xia Qian’an was a little hesitant and tangled.

“I don’t have an opinion. I’ll follow whatever you decide.”

“But…” Xia Qian’an frowned a little. He was dissatisfied with how nonchalant An Jiu was.

“An’an, what are you worrying about?” An Jiu heart slightly sighed, such an An’an gave him some heartache.

“I… But my illness…”

“An’an, it’s okay. Aren’t you getting better now?” An Jiu pulled Xia Qian’an into his arms and hugged him. His chin was lightly against the other’s shoulder and his voice was low. An Jiu continued to clear the way. “And everything will be confidential. As long as we don’t tell, no one will know.”

He could feel that An’an actually wanted to act in this drama. After all, it was based on their mutual history—but An’an felt inferior because of his illness.

“But I’m different from others. They’ll get suspicious.” Xia Qian’an still hesitated.

“Different how?” An Jiu tilted his head and rubbed against Xia Qian’an’s neck; his warm breath grazing the fair skin made Xia Qian’an’s sensitive body tremble.

“Um… I hate contact with others, and don’t talk much in front of strangers…” Xia Qian’an slowly listed his shortcomings.

“Hating contact with others can be attributed to a habit of cleanliness. Being silent in front of strangers can just mean that you’re introverted…” An Jiu slowly opened the way; he had known such people before, and there was a certain similarity, so no-one would doubt it.

“An Jiu, I feel like you’re getting increasingly talkative. You didn’t talk as much before.” Xia Qian’an chuckled.

“Um.” That’s because I’m talking to you. An Jiu’s voice was a little low. Master, this subordinate only changed for you!

Although they didn’t care much, they checked the history in the end. After seeing what was written about the prince and Xia Qian’an, An Jiu’s whole body became colder and the killing intention in his eyes kept emerging.

Are you kidding me? His master had only ever been with him. When did he ever have contact with the prince? Even if there was such a time, he had been nearby; this history was too fake. However, in the next second, An Jiu thought that when his master was just taken into the East Palace by the prince, he wasn’t by his master’s side for more than half a month.

He still remembered that when he returned to master, he was frightened by just how deep in despair his master was. At that time, he didn’t understand what happened to his master in his absence. Similarly, he was baffled by his master’s reliance on him, and it seemed to be unconscious, too. Only now, when he knew what happened to his master, did he somewhat understood his master’s condition.

An Jiu tilted his head to look at Xia Qian’an, who was sitting next to him and was looking through the script carefully. Presently, his master’s condition was slowly getting better, and the power behind his master’s change was himself. Thinking of this, An Jiu’s lips were slightly curved, and his smile reflected in his eyes.

In truth, during the half year he stayed with his master in the Eastern Palace, An Jiu felt that the prince was a little strange. Every time the prince looked at his master, his eyes were strange, and he listened to his master play the guqin from time to time. Did the prince think of his master in such a way? No wonder that when they escaped from the palace, the bodyguards were meant to catch his master alive.

However, it was pointless for the prince to have that way of thinking, because only he was special in his master’s mind.

“What’s the matter?” Why was he looking at him? When Xia Qian’an looked up, he saw that though An Jiu looked at him expressionlessly, his face was soft and his eyes were full of tenderness.

“It’s nothing.” An Jiu expressionlessly touched Xia Qian’an’s head, and then continue to check the information.

An Jiu looked at Xia Qian’an and asked again, “Are you really going to be an actor?”

“No, I’m just going to do the one drama.” Xia Qian’an shook his head. “This drama is about us, I want to try it, and the director came to me, which shows that I am suitable!” Xia Qian’an smiled. Be an actor? How was that possible? He knew that he was unfit for this occupation, not only because of his personality, but also because of his identity restrictions.

This time, he wanted to try it because the play was about him and An Jiu, and his big brother didn’t limit him, although it was unclear why. Maybe it would be good for his illness to participate in the drama? Xia Qian’an thought.

“Well, you just need to remember that I’ll be by your side.” I will be your backup, An Jiu thought.

“Mn.” Xia Qian’an hugged An Jiu’s waist and buried his head in his chest.

After their discussion, dinner time had come. After supper, Xia Qian’an continued to read the script, and almost finished it. This script was too unrealistic. How could he not know that he had expressed his love to An Jiu so early? Why did him and An Jiu… have sex? Although the script was very implicit, it was just one scene.

It was too fake. Xia Qian’an quickly closed the script, blushing a little. Fortunately, An Jiu was not there as he was on the phone.

“Well, I hope that you’ve taken the necessary measures regarding confidentiality. I don’t think anyone from your side knows about An’an besides a few specific people. Half a month? That’s too fast, it should be a month! You also know about An’an. He needs time to adjust. … We’ll need Assistant Ji for follow-up work, he will see to it.” Then, An Jiu hung up.


On the other end of the phone

When Li Fengyi heard the “beep” sound of the phone being hung up, he was stunned for a while. Then, he smiled bitterly. No-one dared to talk to him like this in so many years, and no-one dared to hang up on him. How could he feel upset now?

However, he didn’t expect Xia Qian’an to have social anxiety disorder, since he seemed to be the same as an ordinary person. Previously, he assumed that Xia Qian’an didn’t talk much only because he was introverted.

An illegitimate son of a rich family with a social anxiety disorder, it just looked like your generic rich people’s affair.

However, he still couldn’t find out almost anything about An Jiu; it was as though he appeared out of thin air, maybe even his name was fake, but he couldn’t be sure. Xia Qian’an was in all the information available, which might mean that he was a breakthrough point. However, Li Fengyi didn’t plan to look into it any longer. These were not the things he cared about. Now, he only needed to care about the arrangement of the shooting locations.


An Jiu went back to the bedroom and found Xia Qian’an was still reading the script. He glanced at the wall clock and found it was almost eight o’clock.

“An’an, it’s almost eight o’clock. Go take a bath and rest. You can read the rest tomorrow.” An Jiu went over and took the script from Xia Qian’an’s hand.

“All right.” Xia Qian’an blinked and slowly got up from the bed.

Xia Mujiang has arranged two personal assistants and agents for Xia Qian’an and An Jiu. Because Xia Qian’an would only act in this drama, and did not want to be an actor in the future, the agents arranged were not for business, but more focused on assisting with their lives. They would take care of their food, clothing, housing and transportation during filming, and deal with the public. 

The two of them also pondered over the drama next month. Li Fengyi was worried that they would not act very well, and specially arranged several teachers for them.

In that month, Xia Qian’an was also trying to adapt to the contact with strangers.

Some unreasonable plots in the script were also changed or removed due to some ‘suggestions’ from An Jiu.

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