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Chapter 17: Trailer

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Rattie


“Yes, good. Keep it up.” Li Fengyi stood up with a smile on his face. They really had talent for acting! It was almost over. “Next, the rest of the cast.”

Xia Qian’an and An Jiu were done for today. They sat on the side and watched the other actors to learn some skills from them. After all, they were only halfway there and although they had been specially trained a while ago, they had only learned a little. But they didn’t need to learn too much. This drama was their shortened experience so they didn’t even need to act.

An Jiu took a drink from his assistant, opened the cap and put it in Xia Qian’an’s hand, “Have a drink, quench your thirst.”

“Mn…” Xia Qian’an took a quick look around and found that no one was looking at them. He was not used to being watched by others.

Because of the hot weather, the costumes they used for acting were heavy ancient costumes. Even Xia Qian’an, who was used to ancient clothing, was sweating, and his back was wet.

In the middle of the shooting process, the crew uploaded the video of Xia Qian’an playing the guqin on the Internet, and it became a sensation in less than half a day.

[This beauty is worth watching and licking the screen again!]

[Are you a true BL fan? I’ve licked it dozens of times before you even started. ]

[Ah!!! That shadow guard lad is so handsome and cool. He is cold and loyal!]

[The fujoshi above should hold her tongue. Director Li’s play is serious.]

[Serious drama? (holding back laughter)]

[I don’t care, brother shadow guard. Please take your master away!]

[Agree with the comment above, they’re already a couple in my mind, and I’m fantasizing about them…]

[@ above, don’t just casually go there!]

[This shadow guard’s so handsome, is he really not the top? If he’s paired with the master… oh god so cute!]

[According to the records of Xuandi’s history, Xia’an and Xuandi are the couple. Don’t just ship people randomly.]

[Ad comment above, it’s not in history!]

[Good looks are the way to go. I support brother shadow guard to take Xia’an.]

[He has a very high face value, OK?]

[The gong potential of brother shadow guard is higher. Brother shadow guard is my God!!!!]

[Very well, I will marry them now!]

[Your Majesty is smart!]

[Your Majesty is smart!]

As some netizens guessed, it really wasn’t a factual historical film. However, were fujoshis’ detecting skills that good? They knew who the top and bottom were right off the bat, giving the technicians of the production team quite a shock. Never would they have expected that fujoshis have such a strong intuition; they can pair characters up and determine whether they are the top or bottom. The whole new world of BL is slowly opening to them; hopefully, they won’t be scared by that.

“It hasn’t been long, but it is already trending. None of the dramas that Director Li shot before had such a big response!”

“This is an era of looking at the face. You don’t understand how this works, Yan Gou.” A technician looked at him.

“Still, what kind of background do they have? They have good looks and an imposing aura. Even Director Li’s attitude towards them is different.”

“Why are you asking so many questions? Director Li already said not to.”

“No, I’m just curious. They don’t look like actors. I haven’t seen them in the circle. It’s unreasonable to say that they are actors. They go through almost every scene, just like… “

“It’s like they lived in that era.”

“Yes, like that!” The chattering technician clenched his right hand and hit his left palm. He looked at the dead fish eye technician with a ‘yes, that’s exactly it’ expression.

“Why do you know so much? Don’t they say that curiosity killed the cat?”

“Well, we’ll finish work today, continue shooting tomorrow, and it’s over in another week. We’ll keep this up.” Director Li Fengyi clapped his hands and said with a smile on his face.

Even after watching him for a few days, the crew members were still surprised. After all, Director Li used to wear a tense face all the way through the shooting process, his stern expression frightening many people. Therefore, Xia Qian’an, who could make Director Li be gentle and wait for others, had attracted people’s attention, plus there was his beauty… But they were not very close to him and did not dare to talk to him. Because of Director Li’s ‘warning’ and the chilly aura surrounding An Jiu, they dared not approach even if they wanted to.

“I’m guessing these two are the eldest Young Masters of their family. They just came to have fun.”

“Also, I would advise you to give up that young man. He’s not something you can touch.” A beautiful woman sat down in front of the mirror to do her makeup.

“I don’t know anyone else I can’t touch.” The evil spirit man looked at Xia Qian’an not far away, and his eyes flashed.

But the next second, his pupils shrank, his heart stopped suddenly for a second, and it took him a long time to calm down. He grimaced. The boy in black was making it difficult. At that moment, he was full of murderous intent he seemed to be able to release at will. Could he really be a Young Master of some large family?

“Who is the boy in black next to him?” the man asked.

“I don’t know. I’d like to ask Director Li.” The beautiful woman stared into the mirror, continuing to carefully put on her makeup.

“Would Li Fengyi even tell me?” The man sneered and finally looked towards Xia Qian’an, then turned away. He gave up what should be given up. He didn’t play with the boy. He knew he would get attacked by the dark boy beside him—unfortunately, when he finally saw a boy who was suitable for his taste.

“What’s the matter?” Xia Qian’an glanced at An Jiu with a flash of doubt in his eyes.

“It’s okay. Is your hand sore? I’ll help you.” An Jiu shook his head as he asked. Since the other actors’ skill was not as good, Xia Qian’an had to play the guqin for a long time today. The director was angry with the other people.

“A little.” Xia Qian’an put his hand in An Jiu lap. An Jiu’s hand massaged him carefully and eased his discomfort. An Jiu was holding his hand gently, thinking of that man. Cruelty flashed in his heart as he thought about how that man dared to want An’an. An Jiu would never allow it. 

“Xiao Xia, are you alright? You can go rest. You don’t have to wait here after today’s shooting.” Li Fengyi came over, and the expression on his face changed. The staff beside him looked confused.

“Mn, let’s go.” An Jiu expressionlessly answered for him and he led Xia Qian’an away to change out of his costume.

“Remember to have a good rest,” Li Fengyi reminded them again. His voice was just amiable, but the very next second, his face suddenly changed, and his face was annoyed. “What’s the matter with you lot today? Why is your state so bad? Is it because I praised you yesterday and your tail is now up in the sky? I can’t have such a good attitude towards you in the future. I had to make him play the guqin for too long.” 

It was like the director’s attitude towards them was different. In fact, the last sentence was the one the director wanted to emphasize the most, right? Everyone wanted to complain about it.

Weeks later, the drama was finally finished. Everyone was relieved and finally didn’t have to be scolded by Director Li.

“Director Li, do you want to come to our party?” A crew member was pushed out and he wanted to cry without tears. He asked carefully.  Li Fengyi’s bad tempered image was deeply rooted in his heart.

“No, they’ve left. I’ll go back.”

In fact, during the shooting, Xia Qian’an would barely talk with people, from the beginning to the end, except during acting. Pretty much everyone in the cast, after talking with Xia Qian’an just briefly, knew that he was a shy teenager who was an introvert.

Although An Jiu was cold and reticent in the whole process, he would become soft in the face of Xia Qian’an. He and Xia Qian’an were another couple in the drama and many adored their CP. Some guessed whether they were a pair in reality, but they were normal in their daily actions, and they couldn’t see any affection between them, so they were not sure.

“Come, close your eyes and I’ll wake you up when we get there,” An Jiu whispered.

“Mn…” Xia Qian’an couldn’t open his eyes. He lowered his head and leaned over with a low response. He fell asleep soon and An Jiu adjusted his posture to make him more comfortable.

The two assistants in front looked at the two people in the rear-view mirror, and there was only the sound of the car. After flying back home, they finally got to their city. Xia Qian’an was still in his white casual clothes and An Jiu in his black casual clothes, but they also wore glasses and hats to cover up. They learned this during the filming months, but these methods were not very good. Many people at the airport kept looking at them. Fortunately, the people who came to pick them up soon arrived, and they got in the car and left before the crowd reacted.

“Ah!!!! That is… That’s… my God, brother shadow guard!” A woman suddenly responded, pointing to the car that was far away and jumping to her feet.

“Liar!! How could I have passed the God among men?”

“I was in the same airport as the God among men!”

“The God among men is so handsome!!!!!”

There was a riot at the airport because of Xia Qian’an. However, they had gone far away by car and didn’t know it. However, they made headlines in just a few hours.

[My God, brother shadow guard and his master were in an airport!!!]

[Brother shadow guard and his master were going together. Is that what I think it is?]

[Ah!!! I was on the same plane as the God of men, I could see the beauty of the gods in their prime. Originally, I wanted to ask the God to sign a photo, but the guard’s eyes were so fierce that I didn’t dare to come forward.]

[Fortunately, I was on the same plane with the God, and I sat near them. Do you know what I saw? It sated my fujoshi soul!]

[Needless to say, I already know what you mean!]

[Don’t talk upstairs. I’ll be in a hurry if I don’t talk. I saw the master resting on the shoulder of his little brother shadow guard, who doted on him and my fujoshi blood was boiling!!!]

[This CP is adorable. When will Director Li’s new drama be released? I can’t wait]

“Take advantage of the heat and release the trailer.”

“Okay, Director Li.”

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Thank you for the chapter. I think the AJ would feel the same about someone wanting him as a lover as if they wanted A’an’s pudding. His brain is going “Mine, Mine, and not worthy!”

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