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Chapter 18: The Power of the Fujoshi

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Rattie


After the broadcast of the drama trailer, the popularity of entertainment had reached a new height, and the Internet was full of information about it. Xia Qian’an and An Jiu had become the talk of the nation, not only because of their beauty, but also because of their superb acting skills. However, the most trending topic was the word “homosexuality” because of the drama. There was approval, disgust, support and abuse. To put it simply, there was a lot of discussion about the homosexual drama on the Internet.

[Homosexuality? Disgusting, I refuse to watch the drama!]

[I actually came to see Director Li’s respectable work, but it turned out to be gay. Heh, I’m not his fan anymore!]

[Go away, you homophobes. If you don’t want to see it, don’t look. Who forced you?]

[Homosexuality is true love, OK!! We can love each other no matter the gender.]

[Heterosexuality is for future generations, homosexuality is true love, OK!!!!!]

[We are responding to the country’s family planning!]

[Homosexuality aside, Director Li’s works are respectable, and the acting skills of the two leading actors are straight to the first-line stars, which is worth seeing.]

[The dark god is the king. I need to see him dozens of times, no matter what his sexuality is!]

[I came here for their beauty!]

[For the welfare of the fujoshis!!!! The fujoshis are bubbling and swiping the screen!]

[Ah!!!! The shadow guard is so handsome!!! My God, the real version of a shadow guard top x bottom master was found by me, and I have no regrets for my death!!!!]

[After so many BL scripts, there is finally a BL drama on air!!!!!]


[Brother shadow guard is my God. My face is bloody when shadow guard attacks the master!]

[The young man who acted as the protagonist is very delicate. They are the perfect match for the protagonist of the novel. I hope they can play in other dramas!!!]

[Agree with the comment above, it’s better to be gay.]

[I would like them to be a couple!]

[A couple +1!]

[A couple +2!]

[A couple +10086!]

[A couple +209102!]

[A couple +300020!]

[Weren’t they a couple even before?]

[The person above’s got it!]

[Even though you broke the comment chain, your words are very correct. We forgive you!]

[Yes, they are a couple!]

The power of the fujoshi was still very strong. Even though some haters appeared, they were drowned out by the others. Many comments were favorable.

[The trailer has been uploaded several times. When is the main show?]

[Every day I get up early and squat by the computer. My mother and grandparents think I’m off my rocker. When can I watch the drama?]

Netizens were waiting for the opening of drama every day, impatiently spamming with comments on the official website. Finally, the drama was officially released.

Before the official release of the drama, a famous variety show invited the stars to participate in the program, and also specifically said that they wanted to invite the two leading actors. At the beginning, when the netizens heard the news, they were very excited. They could see the real God of man, just think about it!!!

But later, Li Fengyi told them with certainty that Xia Qian’an and his husband could not come. As for the reason, Li Fengyi would not tell them, let them slowly mend their brains.

[I can’t see enough pictures of master Xia’an and An Jiu together!!!]

[The ancient song played by Xia’an is very beautiful. Does anyone know what it is called?]

[Huh? Do you really believe that Xia’an played it himself? There’s such a thing as post-processing. He didn’t play it, why are stans such idiots!]

The haters appeared again, trying to start a flame war.

[If you want to know if they really are gay, just go watch the behind the scenes.]

[Are you even really a hater? You kept commenting on the God’s posts. Are you trying to keep him on trending?]

[No, no, no!! They must be trying to attract their attention. It’s very eye-catching!]

[Those haters are probably secret stans. Deduction over.]

[Trying to attract the attention of the God?! The haters are so sly, different from the usual attention whores!]

[You have no chance!! The God among men belongs to my family!]

[Ha ha!! Wake up, they are a couple!]

[A couple!]

[Ah!! I was so excited that my hand smashed the like on its own when I thought that the gods might be a couple in reality!]

[You have to control yourself!]

[What is the possibility? They must be a couple, okay?]

Once again, the haters were drowned out by the comments of the fujoshi and the stans.

“Ancestor, did you call for me?” A reserved man bowed his head and spoke respectfully to the old man opposite of him.

Their ancient and modern clothes did not match, but there was no discomfort in either of them. The surrounding furniture and decorations were also antique. They had a deep family background.

“Go investigate this man, and remember not to alert others.” The old man looked at him with a solemn face.

“Yes, ancestor.” The reserved man picked up the picture on the table, inadvertently looked at it and his pupils shrank.

“Ancestor, this…” He barely managed to keep his expression in check, but his eyes slightly widened and were full of disbelief.

“Find out as soon as possible. Don’t talk about it,” said the old man.

“Yes, ancestor.” With that, the reserved man put away the photos and stepped out of the room. “What is the relationship between this young man and that one?” he wondered. His face was almost exactly like the ancestor’s when he was young.

The old man sat up straight in an instant, and the sharp eyes flashed by. It was possible that, after all, the family still had some blood left… what an excellent specimen!

“Young master, what can I do for you?”

“Investigate this person. I want detailed information. Don’t tell anyone. And don’t let him find out about you,” said the reserved man.

“Yes, young master.”

“Young master, this young man seems to be the latest star in the entertainment industry…” A young man in a blue shirt hesitated.

“Go on,” said the reserved man.

“… He plays the leading role in a gay drama…”

“…” The reserved and stern man was internally stunned. He did not turn his head to look at the youth.

“A gay TV series?”

“Yes… It’s that drama about Xuandi’s history.”

“Just make sure he’s clear. Don’t worry about anything else.” Should we pay more attention to the entertainment circle in the future? I feel that I am out of touch with this era. The cold young patriarch thought in his heart.

“Looking at these comments again?” An Jiu hugged Xia Qian’an from behind, resting chin on the other’s shoulder, and he looked at the mobile phone in his hand, then turned to massage his neck. His voice was low.

“Mn… I find the comments interesting.”

“Mn.” An Jiu exhaled, then he breathed in his master’s scent. Since he came to modern times, his behavior had been far away from the standard of shadow guard step by step, and his way of getting along with Xia Qian’an was no longer like the former master and servant, but more like lovers.

This was not only because of the power of modern education, but also because of An Jiu’s character. Despite his expressionless face of a cold and silent shadow guard, his loyalty and a strong possessiveness grew in him a lot, especially in front of Xia Qian’an.

An Jiu’s eyes flashed with obsession and intoxication. His hands around Xia Qian’an’s waist slowly tightened. The two people’s bodies clung to each other through their thin shirts.

“An Jiu…” Xia Qian’an’s voice was a little low and soft. The heat from behind made his heart tremble. He could feel An Jiu’s strong heartbeat.

“Mn…” Xia Qian’an looked up slightly to kiss An Jiu. His body was a little soft, his eyes were foggy and reddish.

Xia Qian’an, who had little physical contact with others, was more sensitive than ordinary people, and now he was closely connected with his lover. He was constantly shivering and completely paralyzed in An Jiu’s arms.

Sure enough, he was not the material for a shadow guard. How could a real shadow guard dare to be after his master? Fortunately, he was not An’an’s shadow guard now, but An’an’s lover. 

An Jiu picked the tired Xia Qian’an up and carried him to the bathroom.


“What’s the ratings like?” Li Fengyi asked the assistant behind him.

“Director Li, the ratings of this drama are twice as high as that of the ones before,” the assistant said, his voice full of excitement.

“Well, what’s the trend of online reviews?”

“It’s all in our favor. A small number of haters are handled by the fujoshi and the two leading actors’ stans and dare not come out.”

“Well, if nothing goes wrong, then the drama will open a new door for the movie industry,” Li Fengyi said with a smile.

Although homosexual love was considered taboo, it could be broadcast in the country as long as it did not touch the ‘bottom line’ of the movie industry.

“Director Li, there’s this drama I want to make. Could you introduce some good actors?” A famous director in the film and television industry laughed.

“Director Han has such a wide network. Why would you need me to introduce an actor to you?”

“Well, to tell you the truth, there are still the second and third male leads left to find for my drama. The two actors in your drama are just right. Unfortunately, I can’t find them, so I came here to try my luck.”

“An ancient drama? Didn’t you lessen the second and third male leads’ story?” Li Fengyi doubted.

“Well, the biggest selling point of the drama were actually the two men. Their forbidden romance is the biggest highlight in the story, but I had to cut down on it1.”

“You saw how popular my drama was on the Internet, so you want them to be in yours?”

“Yes, I deleted the scenes because I don’t know how much the movie industry and the people accept this kind of love.”

“I’m afraid your idea will be lost. They are not actors. There was a reason why I asked them to act.” And I got a gift.

Only after explaining for quite a while did Li Fengyi manage to get Director Han to drop the idea.

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Translator Notes:

  1. Editor’s note: Chinese censorship strikes yet again.


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