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Chapter 20: Real Identity

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Rattie


The ancient house was surrounded by luxuriant plants. The quiet environment made it a little more simple.

“Brother came back,” a fifteen-year-old chuckled.

The old and long robes of the teenager and the cool men were not out of place in the surrounding environment, instead they were as if they should belong.

“Mn.” The reserved man who was called ‘brother’ by the youth nodded slightly.

“Come in quick, don’t let the old man wait long.”

The reserved man nodded and entered. He hesitated for a few seconds before knocking at the bedroom door. “Ancestor.”

“Well, how’s it going?” The old man opened his eyes and sat up straight.

“The person you asked me to check has been found. He suddenly appeared a few months ago, and has been living in the home of a person called Xia Qian’an.”

“All of a sudden?”

“I found out that the time of his appearance was at night, and his clothes were ancient clothes. His body was covered in blood; he must have been hurt by sharp weapons.”

“And what else?” The old man was short of breath, his body was tense and his upper body was leaning forward unconsciously.

“I can make sure from his appearance. Now it’s more certain. It’s time for him to come back. I’m going to arrange a clan meeting in a month’s time, and everyone should be present.”

The orthodox royal blood, which had been in exile for hundreds of years, had finally returned. The old man’s eyes were wet. His family has been hidden for hundreds of years; finally, he had found the heir.

“Ancestor, there are other things about that one.” The cold man’s mood slightly stabilized.

“Huh? Say everything about him.” The old man was very concerned, even the things in the entertainment circle had to be clear.

“He and Xia Qian’an seem to be in a relationship.”

“Mn, relationship… Wait, what are you talking about? A relationship?! I remember that Xia Qian’an is a boy.” The old man couldn’t believe it. It took him a long time to calm down. “A relationship… Don’t pay too much attention to that person’s private affairs. Just get ready for the clan association in a month. You and I will visit that person in a few days.”

“Yes, ancestor,” the reserved man said respectfully.

Ancient clothes, sharp weapons… Another clan member who fell through time? He felt that there had to be something odd about his family’s genes. Remembering that he was also of pure blood, he rubbed his forehead. Would he also have to time travel in the future?


“Find out who published that on the Internet,” Xia Mujiang said with a cold face, and a voice so cold it fell like ice.

“Yes, boss.” Assistant Ji pushed up his glasses, his face expressionless.

How could anyone be so stupid that they dare to publish these things on the Internet? It was something about the Young Master. Didn’t they know that the Young Master was the only brother admitted by the boss? Assistant Ji made silent complaints in the president’s office.

Looking at the information on the computer screen, Assistant Ji’s eyes were mocking; he knew that Li Qingning wouldn’t be able to get out of this.

Li Qingning, one of Xia Mujiang’s father’s illegitimate children, was a typical coquette. She had been targeting Xia Qian’an since childhood. But when he grew up, Xia Qian’an was protected by Xia Mujiang. Li Qingning didn’t dare to bully Xia Qian’an, but she still stumbled upon him from time to time.

Fortunately, Xia Qian’an didn’t leave the house much because of his disposition, so Li Qingning couldn’t even bully him. This time, however, she got a chance. Among the illegitimate children, there were no more than five who had the surname Xia, and all of them had outstanding abilities. They were ambitious in the Xia family, but they would not peep at the position of the Xia family leader.

But among them, Xia Qian’an was a special existence, not involving any interests, the only brother recognized by Xia Mujiang. Xia Mujiang has no care regarding his father’s love affairs. He was a detached, emotionless man. No-one should expect him to be moved, let alone angry.

[How gross! Unexpectedly, Xia Qian’an is gay!] Anyone could recognize this was a hater.

[Yes, get out of showbiz. He is absolutely polluting the air in there!!!]

[You moron, so what if Xia Qian’an is gay? What’s it to you? Stop talking sh*t.]

[Don’t look at the homosexuality! Why do you bark like a mad dog?]

[I’ve had enough of Xia Qian’an’s stans. You protect him like this, but what did he say?]

[Someone paid you to spam hate, right?]

[That’s the way it is in the industry. Every star will have their fair share of haters. That’s the law of the showbiz world!]

[The fujoshi, the heated fans, bubble up quickly and take out the hater legion.]

[I didn’t expect someone with such an innocent look like Xia Qian’an to be a bastard!!!]

After the homosexuality rant, the message that Xia Qian’an was an illegitimate child had been revealed. Li Qingning didn’t expect that Xia Qian’an’s fans would be so united (no, it was the fujoshis who were united.)

She had only disclosed that Xia Qian’an was a bastard. As she expected, many of his fans started hating. There were also some fans who didn’t believe it and definitely stood by Xia Qian’an.

[You said it was a lie, but did you see Xia Qian’an say anything? Can it be that he’s afraid to make a sound?]

On the first day, Xia Qian’an didn’t make a sound, and fans were adamant about the haters being wrong. The next day, Xia Qian’an didn’t make a sound, and fans didn’t doubt him, but for several days, Xia Qian’an still didn’t make a sound, and many fans began to shake.

Their God was not really a bastard, was he?

There were also many fans who began to feel cold, they were fighting back for him every day, but he did not appear once. However, just as the public opinion became more and more fierce, all the negative public opinions against Xia Qian’an suddenly disappeared without any reason, and the haters also disappeared.

Xia Mujiang touched his chin and fell into a deep thought. Who was that An Jiu? How powerful was the power behind him? It was impossible for the adverse public opinion on Xia Qian’an to disappear for no reason. It must be someone who stepped in, but there were few people that Xia Qian’an knew.

The most logical thing to do was to find out who An Jiu was.

“Master An, someone is looking for you outside.” Mrs. Li’s voice rang out.

“Okay.” An Jiu’s voice slightly raised, and he moved. An Jiu put his arms around Xia Qian’an’s waist, felt his head and said softly. “Don’t mind the haters. Cheer up, ok?” 

An’an was now in the recovery period of treatment, and he must be in a good mood. However, those public opinions came all so coincidentally. Was there someone behind it?

As expected, An’an was not suitable for this kind of work.


First floor hall

Mrs. Li brought out the tea. Who were Master An’s family? Today, did they come to pick up Master An? Mrs. Li was worried. What would she do if Master An left? What’s more, would Master An’s family disagree with their relationship? Mrs. Li’s worries were more and more serious. The Young Master’s situation was just barely stable.

“Just a moment. Master An is ready to come down,” aaid Mrs. Li.

“Mn, thank you,” the reserved and stern man said solemnly.

After Mrs. Li left, the people started eyeing their surroundings. The house was large, but with few people, looking spacious but devoid of life.

“Ancestor, that… Will he believe us?” Although the reserved middle-aged man was expressionless, there was some worry in his tone. After all, there was something shocking about what they were going to say later. It would be hard for him to believe it if he had not experienced it.

The middle-aged man and the cold young man on one side were similar in appearance. Their faces were serious. It was easy to see that they were father and son.

“Believe it or not, he is still…” The old man took his tea and drank it slowly to ease the tension in his heart. The tea was a common flower one, but at this time, the nervous ancestor of the palace family didn’t think about it.

Suddenly there were two small steps downstairs. Several people on the sofa looked up together. When they saw the two men’s looks, they were stunned for a moment. Xia Qian’an was delicate and pale, and his body was slim. If he were not dressed as a man, they would believe that he was a woman.

When the old man saw An Jiu, his hands trembled slightly, and the tea in the cup almost fell, and his eyes were moist with excitement.

“Ancestor…” the reserved and stern man’s softly said, reaching out to support the old man.

“It’s nothing,” the old man said, but his sight hadn’t left An Jiu. Under the old man’s feverish sight, An Jiu could naturally feel it.

An Jiu’s cold line of vision swept the hall in a few seconds, eyes slightly narrowed, more alert. Did these men have internal energy? An Jiu clutched Xia Qian’an’s hand and moved forward subconsciously. This position was the best place for a guard.

An Jiu’s tiny movements naturally did not escape the eyes of the old man. That young man was very important to his highness.

“Are you here for me?” An Jiu and Xia Qian’an were sitting on the sofa opposite them, hand in hand. An Jiu looked at them and spoke, but his cold aura didn’t go away.

“Yes, but this isn’t the place to talk. I’ll give you a general idea, but before that I have to ask you—do you know who you really are?” The old man sat up straight with a serious face.

“What do you mean?” An Jiu’s voice sank and his eyes became a little dangerous. What do you mean? What does he know?

“You don’t have to worry. I’m also a person who has come to modern time; I’m in the same position as you,” the old man reassured him.

An Jiu can feel An’an’s fear because his hands were shaking and his palms were sweating.

The old man saw Xia Qian’an’s face was too pale, and he also understood that what he said made them misunderstand.

“Don’t get me wrong. We just want you to recognize your ancestry. Does the name Gong ring any bells?”

“It is said that the royal lineage didn’t live on,” An Jiu said; this was something he heard by chance.

“Xiao Jing, take out the picture,” the old man said; his face was a little dark, as he likely thought of something bad.

“Yes, ancestor,” Gong Lijing said respectfully and grabbed the painting tube on the side. 

The old man took out the picture carefully. Obviously, it was very precious because the paper was very special. An Jiu eyed the paper. It was a unique drawing paper of the royal family, one specially prepared for the portrait of the emperor and his son. The old man slowly unfolded the painting. When the contents of the painting were visible, everyone except the old man and Gong Lijing were shocked.

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