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Chapter 21: End

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Rattie


“What does this mean?” An Jiu looked at the old man with cold eyes. What did they want to do?

“In short, you are the one we missed, the one of royal blood.” The old man took a deep breath and looked at An Jiu seriously.

“…” An Jiu heard this, and his thoughts became a bit muddled, but when An’an subconsciously grasped his hand tightly, he very quickly returned to his right state of mind. An Jiu glanced at the portrait and said, “Continue.” 

The faces were like two peas in a pod. They were the same. If he did not know he was just a shadow guard, he might have thought he was the emperor’s son.

“You were kidnapped after a birthday party when you were five years old. Do you have any recollection of your childhood?” The old man looked at him with some expectation in his eyes and a trace of uneasiness.

“I’m sorry, but from when I was that age, I only remember that my family was in a good condition, and the rest has been forgotten.” An Jiu’s face had no expression. There seemed to be some bitterness in his tone. “… After all, the first step in a shadow guard’s training is brainwashing.” 

He could remember that he was not an orphan before he became a shadow guard. That was it, though. After all, the brainwashing at the shadow guard training camp was not so strong, and he was only five years old at that time.

“What… What? Shadow guard!” The old man’s eyes were wide in disbelief.

Their royal highness, the most noble prince of the palace Dynasty, was actually trained to be a shadow guard after being taken away, a shadow guard who could not appear in front of people. The old man was so shaken that he could hardly calm down, and he was outraged.

“Ancestor!” the two men sitting beside the old man said nervously.

The old man waved at them, indicating that it was okay. He suppressed his anger, and he continued to explain to An Jiu. He said solemnly, “Your life… I will explain to you in detail when we return to your ancestral home. Now, I hope you will recognize that place.” 

“…” An Jiu frowned and didn’t say a word; the amount of information was too large, it was too shocking to him, and he didn’t know what to say.

“I hope you can think about it carefully. Your blood can’t be changed. And you have an important person who you want to protect, don’t you?” the old man pressed on.

He was not easy to find. If he refused, the old man might just spit blood!

Important person… An Jiu took a sideway glance at Xia Qian’an sitting next to him, and then he thought about the public opinions on the Internet before, his eyes dim.

Xia Qian’an was not calm at this time. He didn’t expect that An Jiu would have such a past, royal blood…

Seeing An Jiu silent again, he felt some worry. An Jiu’s mind was in chaos as well.

The two men beside the old man were quietly reducing their sense of existence and striving to become a part of the background.

Gong Lijing’s father thought, ‘Old ancestor, you said the secret history of the Gong’s. Was that really wise?’

Gong Lijing thought, ‘It turns out that the ancestor is royalty! Maybe this was the former prince in front of you. After all, he looks the same as the last emperor of the Gong family in the painting.. Plus he travelled through time… =_=’

“When?” Finally, An Jiu opened his mouth. After all, he was a shadow guard. There was no benefit in lying. Moreover, he was strikingly similar to the people in the painting.

Xia Qian’an’s situation also deepened this affirmation. In this era, he had nothing but Xia Qian’an. Money, status, power… None of this. If something happened again and he had to leave Xia Qian’an, he needed to leave him with something.

For Xia Qian’an’s sake, it was good for An Jiu to recognize their ancestry and return to their family. Moreover, the disappearance of the public backlash before was likely their work! If the old man knew that the reason why An Jiu agreed to recognize his family was this, he would probably cry and faint on the toilet, right?!

“You… Do you agree?” The old man was too happy to speak quickly, and asked again to confirm. The old man did not wait for An Jiu to answer. If he asked, in case his highness refused again, where would he cry? “Tomorrow, you’ll move back to your ancestral home, and the day after tomorrow you will have a ceremony of recognizing your heritage and returning to the ancestral home. How about that?” 

“Is there a hurry?” An Jiu frowned. Tomorrow? Wouldn’t An’an still need an adaptation period?

When Xia Qian’an heard that tomorrow’s An Jiu was about to leave, his face turned white, his heart throbbed, and he felt that it was difficult to breathe.

“Ah, maybe that’s too fast. Let’s talk about the time. We have to prepare things,” the old man quickly backpedalled.

Gong Lijing’s father: ←_←Laozu, your image has been destroyed, don’t you know?

Gong Lijing: →_ → Ancestor, everything is ready, are you really okay?

The father and son sat quietly aside, and made internal complaints.

After confirming the time, the old man left with a happy face. After sitting in the same place and thinking for a minute, An Jiu turned around and looked at An’an, only to find that his face was a little white.

“An’an, what’s the matter? You’re so pale, are you feeling sick?” An Jiu was concerned.

“… I’m okay.” Xia Qian’an looked up and smiled, but in An Jiu’s eyes, the smile on Xia Qian’an’s face was a little reluctant. With his face this pale, it was obvious that he had something on his mind.

“Go back to your room and rest.” There was some weight on An Jiu’s heart. Was An’an worried?

Xia Qian’an also knew that his smile was a little forced. After giving a short answer, his face became expressionless again. The news that An Jiu would leave weighed down on him.

An Jiu got up and took Xia Qian’an’s hand to head back to the bedroom. What was An’an worried about?

“An Jiu…” Xia Qian’an suddenly made a sound which was a little low and uneasy.


Xia Qian’an put his hands around An Jiu’s neck, stood on tiptoe, raised his head and kissed An Jiu. He seemed to be in a rush, as if wanting to confirm something. An Jiu was confused by Xia Qian’an’s sudden move. He could feel An’an’s uneasiness.

One of An Jiu’s hands closed the door, the other hand was holding the slender waist of the person in his arms, and he took Xia Qian’an to the bedside. Xia Qian’an’s movements were a little quick because of his uneasiness. He didn’t even notice that it was dark. They fell down on the bed. His lips knocked on An Jiu’s teeth and his blood came out. His eyes were red with pain.

An Jiu gently kissed the supple lips of the person in his arms, and the faint taste of iron stimulated An Jiu’s nerves. No one could stand being teased so much by his lover, but the uneasiness in Xia Qian’an made him a little confused.

“An’an, what are you upset about?” An Jiu pulled their heads apart a little and asked.

But he saw that the other had red, kiss-swollen and moist lips, and his eyes were foggy, and the desire for An Jiu came to light.

“Uh… An Jiu… ” Xia Qian’an returned to his senses, and his inner uneasiness returned. His eyes turn reddish again.

“What’s the matter? I’m here. If you have something to say, don’t hold back,” An Jiu soothed him and kissed his eyelids, softly coaxing him.

“… An Jiu, you said you wouldn’t leave me. You have to keep your word,” Xia Qian’an said, and his cry full of sorrow made An Jiu’s heart tremor.

“Well, I won’t leave you even if you die,” An Jiu whispered.

“But… Uh…” Xia Qian’an just wanted to say something, but An Jiu bent down and blocked his mouth with his own.

After kissing for a long time, it was not until the person in his arms was not breathing smoothly that An Jiu slowed down. When they separated, he pulled away with a silver thread between their lips, which made An Jiu’s eyes darken.

Xia Qian’an’s mouth was slightly open, and his breath was a little short. His chest was full and his eyes were misty, and his breath was heavy.

“On the day of my recognition, you will go with me.” An Jiu murmured and licked the corner of Xia Qian’an’s lips. Following his slightly opened lips, his tongue went in again and danced with it.

“Mn…” Xia Qian’an couldn’t think about what he just said.

After venting several times, An Jiu finally stopped. When Xia Qian’an calmed down, An Jiu lifted him off the bed and walked to the bathroom.

“Uh… behind… It’s leaking out.” Xia Qian’an was so embarrassed that he buried his head in the crook of An Jiu’s neck.

“Mn… We’ll go to the bathroom and clean up.” An Jiu took a deep breath and suppressed his newly rising desire.

As the first cleaning was not clean enough, Xia Qian’an had a low fever the next day, so after that, An Jiu moved quickly. After drying his body and putting on his robe, An Jiu picked him up and walked out of the bathroom.

“… An Jiu, you said you were trained since you were five… ” Xia Qian’an lay on An Jiu, with his head resting on his chest, and he could hear his strong heartbeat.

“Maybe… My memory of my childhood is a little fuzzy, but I knew for sure that I was not an orphan.” An Jiu pulled the thin blanket up a little, just over Xia Qian’an’s shoulder.

“The old man just said royal blood… ” Xia Qian’an whispered. He was afraid to uncover the scars of An Jiu’s past, but he couldn’t help but want to know everything about An Jiu. Xia Qian’an propped up on his chest with his hands and looked at him with bright eyes. “An Jiu, you are so handsome, I knew you couldn’t be an ordinary shadow guard.” 

“Um… Lie down and don’t stir, ” An Jiu said in a low voice. Didn’t he know this was very provocative?

“It’s a pity that you are so fierce. You could have been an emperor in the future. It’s all the fault of the man who took you.” Xia Qian’an said in a low voice, a little resentful.

“… It’s no pity. “


“If not for that, I would not have met you.” An Jiu’s voice was a little low. To be honest, he was still a little glad that he had been taken away. If not, he would not have met An’an. An emperor? He didn’t think it was good to be an emperor.

Since ancient times, emperors had been merciless. Others treated emperors with respect but only because of their power. In other words, they were only interested in themselves.

“Mn…” Xia Qian’an’s ears were a little red, and his head rubbed against An Jiu’s chest.

He met him to fall in love with him. Those ten years of struggling and training were nothing in comparison.

An Jiu caressed his lovers back, eyes full of tenderness.

Even if I could choose again, I will choose to be a shadow guard, because then I can meet you, become your shadow guard, and become your lover.


The author has something to say:

Because it was decided to be a short story before it was written, this story will end here~

After An Jiu went to the old man’s place, they got married, and Xia Qian’an’s condition slowly got better. After that is the daily life of a married couple. (I didn’t write about it, so you’ll have to use your imagination.≡^ˇ^≡)

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August 29, 2020 6:47 pm

Thank you for the story. It’s hard to end a story at the right point. The author kept their promise of a short story. They can always continue it it if they want. It’s a lovely story either way. Even if the death scene tore my heart out. I love a happy ending.

August 30, 2020 7:53 am

Thank you so much! This story is so cute.

October 15, 2020 8:47 pm

Obrigada pela tradução, amei essa história.

November 26, 2020 6:43 pm

aw it’s too shory ah~ but i really love this ah!!!~

January 22, 2021 9:42 pm

This story was short but was great. Loved it. Thank for the translation.

February 6, 2021 8:14 am

I read this story cuz it was short, but honestly I wanted to see a little more about XQ’s older brother doing things behind the scene. I was hoping for him being a closet brocon🤣 but i’ll take this as is because it was great.

March 11, 2021 2:14 pm

Lovely story, thank you and as for imagination, they lived happily ever after.

April 1, 2021 12:57 pm

So sweet! A wonderful story. Two lonely souls find the perfect match. Thanks for translating this one!

April 18, 2021 8:00 am

A short story could still have a little less of an abrupt end, but still enjoyable.
Thank you for translating.

April 18, 2021 8:41 pm

Thank you so much for Translating this wonderful novel! 🙇🙇🙇

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Thank you for the translation! This was such a cute story!

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This was so sweet. Ahh my heart. Thank you for the translation!

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September 7, 2021 12:24 am

It was lovely to read a short story after reading some with over 700 chapters : )
I am soooo happy that I was recommended this site.
Thank you for all your hard work and super duper imagination.

Jael White Horse
October 25, 2021 10:09 pm

Cute! Thanks for translating!

Mr T
December 11, 2021 3:03 am

This is the second time reading this and I enjoyed it just as much. Without the translation I would never have had such enjoyment in reading such a wonderful story

May 18, 2022 7:09 pm

It was a pleasure to read 😌 i will sure imagine their beautiful life together it’s just amazing that it talks about healing and change so much maybe it’s not much for everybody but the little things is what makes happiness thanks for your good work like always

July 30, 2022 5:31 pm

Thank you for this lovely short story and for the happy ending. Your hard work is truly appreciated.

September 11, 2022 6:58 pm

Thank you so much for translating❤️

December 10, 2022 12:00 pm

Interesting little story. The ending is a little abrupt & I would have liked to see the cuties married, but they make an adorable couple.

January 24, 2023 8:51 pm

too short!!😂 there are a lot of things that can be further detailed or improved from this story. but well, the author decided to end the story here. and there’s even no extras!
quite confusing at the beginning, but it got better after they transmigrate to the future.

good job for translators and editors. thank you for the translation♥️

March 17, 2023 5:20 pm

Arigatou!!! It was good uwu and I love their cuteness, thanks for giving this candy to us!!!

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