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Chapter 7: Death, Jumping Off the Cliff

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Before his master woke up, An Jiu sneaked into the city to inquire about the news, but he didn’t expect that soldiers were searching all over and the wanted notices of his master were posted everywhere.

An Jiu didn’t stay. He bought some food and left quietly. Unexpectedly, it was not safe to escape from the imperial city. Even the city was blocked. Fortunately, he didn’t bring his master to the city yesterday, or it would have been hard to escape.

When An Jiu returned to the cave, Xia Qian’an did not wake up. An Jiu sat next to his master and waited.

After a long time, Xia Qian’an finally got up. They ate something to fill their stomachs. Then, An Jiu told his master what he had just seen. “Master, let’s get out of here.”

“Mn, how about going to live in the country? Where no one knows who we are?”

It was his and An Jiu’s life. Xia Qian’an thought to himself that he really hated the place where there were many people.

“I’ll listen to master… Master, someone is coming.” An Jiu’s eyes suddenly become cold. He was too careless, and unexpectedly let them follow him. An Jiu had no time to explain to his master, so he quickly picked him up and ran in the opposite direction to leave.

An Jiu hadn’t run for a few minutes when some soldiers in iron armor went into the cave. They looked around the cave first, and found the burnt wood ash in one corner. There was a pile of dry grass nearby. It seemed that someone had stayed in here last night.

“Take people to search. The soldiers will divide into several routes. They should not have escaped that far yet.”

An Jiu, in order to save time, left quickly with his master in his arms, but they still couldn’t escape. An Jiu stood in front of his master, holding a sword in hand, body tight, mouth pursed into a straight line, eyes full of murderous intentions as he glared at the shadow guards.

He thought that there would be no chance to draw a sword again for his master. Those shadow guards didn’t give An Jiu extra time to think. Their bodies moved towards An Jiu. They attacked fast. Xia Qian’an couldn’t see clearly. In fact, An Jiu’s martial arts were better than the other shadow guards. It was not a problem to kill these people. At worst, he would just be hurt.

But now An Jiu needed to keep watch over his master and couldn’t do his best. In addition, An Jiu was now facing a group of shadow guards who were good at assassinating, so it was inevitable for him to suffer some injuries. Fortunately, those shadow guards didn’t do anything to Xia Qian’an. They wanted to catch him alive rather than kill him. This was good news for An Jiu. It was the best for his master to be okay. Now what he had to do was not let them near his master and kill them at the same time.

Xia Qian’an’s face was extremely pale, and the smell of vomit and blood was stuck in his nose. Although his eyes were full of fear, his face was calm.

He couldn’t panic now. He couldn’t make any more trouble for An Jiu. Xia Qian’an smelled blood for the first time, felt the fear of killing Qi for the first time, saw the scene of death for the first time, and watched someone die in front of him.

He was so close to death, but he didn’t give himself time to scream and vent. What he needed now was to be calm. Xia Qian’an hated death and hated killing, but if it was for An Jiu, he would rather want An Jiu to kill others than be hurt by others. His important people were more important than others. Xia Qian’an was selfish. An Jiu was the only one in his heart. If he doesn’t want An Jiu to die, it could only be someone else’s death.

An Jiu killed half of the shadow guards, he also suffered some injuries, and some were very heavy, but this was enough to show how strong An Jiu’s strength was. As a matter of fact, the shadow guards with such strength would not be allocated to cowardly bastards like Xia Qian’an. The rest of the shadow guards thought this in their hearts.

An Jiu could ignore his inner thoughts and picked up his master to break away from them and leave quickly. Xia Qian’an’s eyes were red. He bit his lower lip to hold back the tears he wanted to shed. There were a few more wounds on An Jiu’s body. Now he could clearly smell the blood.

At the thought of those ferocious wounds on An Jiu, Xia Qian’an felt suffocated.

However, before long, the guards caught up with them again, and their numbers had doubled. After An Jiu killed several people, he also had several wounds, which slowed him down. As soon as others saw it, their techniques were even faster and sharper, and they all started to give fatal cuts.

“Thunk!” When An Jiu heard the sound of an object stabbing into skin, his pupils shrank, and his back sank. An Jiu quickly cut the throat of the person in front of him, turned around and hugged his master who had used himself as a shield.

Other people also stopped. Looking at the situation in front of them, it screamed that it was not good. Their master and the son told them to bring Xia Qian’an back intact. Unexpectedly, the man was dying. They all avoided the task target well, but they didn’t know what was wrong with him. They wanted to help block the deadly arrow.

In fact, Xia Qian’an didn’t know why he did it. Maybe he didn’t want to see An Jiu die in front of him. He cared about this person. Unfortunately, he couldn’t see him anymore. Xia Qian’an fell on An Jiu.

It hurts so much… Xia Qian’an thought it was so painful that he couldn’t hold back his tears. He hurt so much when he was shot with the arrow. But the wounds on An Jiu’s body must be more painful.

“An Jiu… It hurts so much.” Xia Qian’an cried, and felt that even breathing was killing him.

“Master…” An Jiu’s voice was hoarse, and he had no mood or expression. At this time, his whole body was full of sadness and collapsed. His eyes were red.

“Master, hold on. This subordinate will take you to the doctor at once.”

“An Jiu… Don’t… Don’t go. I know my situation.” Xia Qian’an grabbed An Jiu’s hand tightly, closed his eyes, and his body became more and more weak. He knew that he was really going to die.

“Master…” An Jiu trembled as he wiped the blood of his master’s mouth.

This man, when entering the shadow guard camp for the first time, didn’t shake hands. When he was on the verge of death during training, he didn’t have any fear in his heart. However, he collapsed because of the death of his new master who had only been with him for two years.

“Cough! An Jiu… I love you. Cough!”

Xia Qian’an coughed painfully, coughed again and bled, but he still looked at the person in front of him stubbornly. Even though his vision was blurred, he was afraid that if he didn’t say it, he wouldn’t know what An Jiu really thought about him, even if it was just wishful thinking, he wished it was the same.

“Master… I love you too…” An Jiu head lowered, kissed his lips, softly and firmly. When the hand holding his arm slid down, An Jiu’s scalding tears dropped on Xia Qian’an’s face.

Master, don’t die. Please, don’t die… An Jiu closed his eyes in despair.

“You… Damn it, all of it. I’ll bury you with my master.” An Jiu suddenly looked up, his eyes were full of murderous intent and madness, and his whole aura was even more terrible than before.

Before they could react, several of the guards had their throats slit quickly. However, even if they reacted, they couldn’t resist the crazy person in front of them.

After a few moments, there was no one alive around An Jiu. When An Jiu’s hand loosened and his sword fell to the ground, the madness in his eyes had become endless despair.

An Jiu bent down stiffly to pick up his master, with careful movements.

An Jiu’s back was straight as he embraced his master’s still warm body, and went to the cliff side. An Jiu’s mind flashed with a lot of scenes. His master could not hold the guqin and blushed and was ashamed. His master thought of ways to make him eat awkwardly when he couldn’t finish the cakes. After playing the guqin, his master’s lovely appearance as he asked for praise from him. His master hated other people’s proximity but relied on himself. He wanted to accompany him when he was afraid of sleeping. How could he not fall in love with him? He was afraid that he had been in love with him for a long time.

He originally thought that it was his wishful thinking, but he did not think that his master also loved himself. Was it too late? No, anyone would know who they love before they died. He was able to say it, and died, satisfied.

To live in the same world, to die in the same cave, not to live together, but to die together.

“Master, I will accompany you so that you will not feel lonely.” An Jiu looked down at his master’s face for a long time, as if to engrave him in his mind, and then he lowered his head and kissed his forehead. He hugged his master’s body, and jumped off the cliff.

When the wind blew, it couldn’t disperse the strong and disgusting smell of blood in the air and the sadness it carried along with it.

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