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Chapter 8: Return, Modern

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Xia Qian’an opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling. His heart felt as if it was still pierced and his expression of despair could not be dispelled. Under him was the familiar and strange mattress springs. 

He was back? Was all that had happened a dream?

No, it couldn’t be. The fear of his torn heart told him it wasn’t a dream. Why was he back? Wasn’t it good to die? Anyway, he would no longer exist in the other world. Xia Qian’an lay motionless in bed with his eyes open, like a delicate adult Barbie without life.

“Young Master, there is a man with long hair and black clothes covered in blood in the garden. Do you want to call the police?” The door was knocked on, and the sound of the nanny’s anxiety and fear rang out.

The nanny knew that the Young Master had got up at this time. Although she didn’t know how the man from the garden came to be there, he was within the grounds of the Young Master’s house after all so it was only right of her to inform him. The nanny thought that the Young Master would not pay attention to it, and then call the police and make an emergency call, but she didn’t expect that the Young Master would make a sound. She didn’t know if it was her illusion, but she felt that the tone from the Young Master was a little uneasy and expectant.

Well, she should have heard it wrong. The Young Master’s expression and mood were monotonous all the time. There was no expression and mood.

When Xia Qian’an heard the nanny’s words, a thought flashed through his mind that the man was An Jiu, which made his heart beat very fast. Xia Qian’an immediately stopped the nanny. If it was An Jiu, he couldn’t call the police or go to the hospital. Otherwise, An Jiu’s identity would be suspected. Now he had to confirm if it was him first.

Xia Qian’an got out of bed and put on shoes. He left the bedroom without brushing his teeth and washing his face. He was familiar with everything in front of him, but he didn’t have time to think about it. He trotted downstairs. The nanny told him several times “slow down, don’t fall,” but he didn’t hear it.

Because there were many injuries and blood on the man’s body, the nanny did not dare to move him, so the position of the man in black lying on the ground now was the same as when the nanny found him. When Xia Qian’an saw the man lying on the garden floor, his eyes turned red. It was not a dream, not a dream. The man was An Jiu. Even if Xia Qian’an didn’t see his face, with just his back, he could recognize it immediately.

All the anxieties and fears in Xia Qian’an’s heart disappeared when he saw An Jiu. When Xia Qian’an saw that An Jiu was lying unconscious on the ground, he had a moment of suffocation and could not breathe. Xia Qian’an took a deep breath and calmed himself down. He ran over and asked the nanny to help him bring the person into the house.

Xia Qian’an constantly hoped in his heart that An Jiu would be okay. He was so powerful and modern medicine was very good.

“Mrs. Li, bring me a basin of hot water, and then go to my room to find me…loose pajamas.”

“Ah? Oh, okay Young Master.” The nanny hurriedly went out to prepare things. Xia Qian’an went to the cabinet in the living room to take the medicine box.

When everything was ready, Xia Qian’an asked the nanny to go out. After locking the door, Xia Qian’an carefully took off the black clothes on An Jiu. In some places, the clothes were stuck to the wound. When taking off the clothing, the wounds bled again.

Xia Qian’an tried to make his hands tremble less, and tried to force his tears back. He couldn’t panic. He couldn’t make An Jiu hurt more. After taking off his clothes, Xia Qian’an wiped the blood off his body and took out medical alcohol from the first aid kit to disinfect the wounds.

When alcohol was applied to the wound, Xia Qian’an felt the tremor of An Jiu’s body. Looking up, he found the other looked pale and was frowning.

“An Jiu, it’s okay. Relax. It’s okay. You have me.” Xia Qian’an quickly wiped off the tears that were about to fall, disinfected the wounds and comforted him. These words seemed to be more for himself than for An Jiu.

Xia Qian’an didn’t see it, but after he said this, An Jiu’s dark frown slowly loosened. It seemed that he had settled down after confirming something.

Xia Qian’an felt that his back was full of cold sweat after he finished detoxifying and applying the medicine to every wound on An Jiu’s body. His whole body was drained and he looked down at himself. His pure white pajamas were covered with blood, which was an extremely terrifying sight.

Due to his injuries, Xia Qian’an didn’t dress him. He let him lay naked on the bed and covered him with a thin quilt. He threw the bloody sheets and black clothes into the clothes basket in the bathroom. He also took a quick shower to change his clothes and wash.

By this time, it was almost nine o’clock. Xia Qian’an, who didn’t eat breakfast, was hungry.

Xia Qian’an didn’t care about his stomach. He lay on the edge of the bed and reached out to touch An Jiu’s face. 

Fortunately, you are here. Fortunately, you are not dead.

Xia Qian’an was very glad that An Jiu had come with him. Otherwise, he may go mad. If it was before, and before An Jiu, no matter what he met, he would not have such an idea. All he had back then was his immersion in his own world and how he had closed himself off in it.

After meeting An Jiu, he felt that if An Jiu stayed by his side, he would be at ease no matter where he stayed.

At the moment when he woke up, when he realized that the two years he lived with An Jiu might have been a dream, he felt his heart died in that moment. Before he understood, he didn’t know the feeling, and didn’t think about it.

But he got close and then lost him. No one would understand Xia Qian’an’s feelings. The pain was like cutting a piece of flesh off from his heart. The significance An Jiu was to Xia Qian’an was not only as a peace of mind, but also the sustenance for life.

Fortunately, An Jiu had arrived when Xia Qian’an had not completely lost the will to live.

Now they couldn’t go to the hospital. Otherwise, the sword wounds on An Jiu’s body wouldn’t be explained clearly, and it would cause trouble. Also, it was not clear whether An Jiu would be allergic to western medicine.

Western medicine was completely different from traditional Chinese medicine. Fortunately, he knew some prescriptions for treating injuries. Xia Qian’an looked at An Jiu with his eyes closed and left the room. He wrote a copy of the Chinese medicine he needed and gave it to Mrs. Li. He asked her to go to the drugstore and buy a cast iron pot to cook the medicine in.

Mrs. Li didn’t ask anything. She reminded him to warm the porridge in the casserole dish and told him to eat it. It wouldn’t be convenient to go out after taking medicine.

The Young Master was nervous about the man. He should know him since he seldom paid attention to others. To be exact, no one got the attention of the Young Master. Even the old master and the Young Master were indifferent, so the man must be very important to the Young Master.

In the afternoon, An Jiu had a fever. Xia Qian’an stayed by his side, rubbed him with alcohol over and over again, and cooled him with a physical method.

It was dark outside at eight o’clock in the evening. Xia Qian’an was lying by the bed with his eyes closed. He has been taking care of An Jiu all day, and his nerves were tense the entire time. However, his body was much weaker than that of his peers, and he was tired and sleepy.

Even when sleeping, Xia Qian’an held An Jiu’s hand tightly, as if holding it wouldn’t separate them.

The person lying on the bed, his eyelids moved, and his hands and fingers held by Xia Qian’an trembled. Xia Qian’an was immediately awakened, blinked for a few seconds before he realized that he had come back, so did An Jiu.

Xia Qian’an sat up straight and looked at An Jiu to see if he still had a fever. But when he saw the man looking at him with his eyes open, Xia Qian’an froze and his eyes began to turn red with the speed of the naked eye.

“An Jiu… Ugh… You finally woke up.” The tears in his eyes finally flowed out, and the unease and fear suppressed in his heart broke. Xia Qian’an’s delicate face showed an expression of grievance, and paired with his red and swollen eyes, it only caused others to feel pity.

“Master?” An Jiu looked at the stranger in front of him, his expression was stunned for a moment, but he soon hid it. He looked at the person who was more beautiful than his original master. He had some doubts even though his face did not show it. His tone was very similar, and he felt very familiar.

“Sob~ An Jiu, I was so scared. I was afraid you wouldn’t wake up.” Xia Qian’an cried harder. After An Jiu woke up, he didn’t have to pretend to be strong and hide his uneasiness because An Jiu was beside him.

“Master, don’t cry.. Cough, cough…” An Jiu’s voice was hoarse, his throat was dry, and he was speechless, but still tried to comfort his master.

“Mn… Don’t talk. I’ll help you get up and drink some water.” Xia Qian’an also noticed An Jiu’s situation so he quickly dried his tears, helped An Jiu up and lay his upper body half on the head of the bed, and put a soft pillow behind his waist.

When Xia Qian’an was pouring water, An Jiu also observed the surrounding conditions. The room was very bright and large, and the decorations were exquisite and novel. The bed he was lying in was very big and soft. Hm, his master’s life was very good here.

But when he saw his upper body exposed due to the falling of the quilt, he knew he was not wearing anything, he suddenly showed a natural look, and his ears became pink.

“Have some water first. I’ll go to the kitchen and get the porridge.” Xia Qian’an put the cup with water in An Jiu’s hand. 

When he got up to go out, the door was knocked on, and Mrs. Li’s voice rang out, “It’s half past eight, Young Master. Are you going to rest?”

“Mrs. Li, bring me two bowls of porridge.”

“Okay, wait a moment, Young Master.” The footsteps outside the door went far away. 

Xia Qian’an sat back in the chair, took the empty cup from An Jiu’s hand and put it on the table.

“Master… Clothes…”

“Don’t worry. I’ll give you something to wear after changing your medicine.”

“But I’m…”

Xia Qian’an looked at An Jiu’s dodging eyes, his red ears, and then saw his bare chest. He blinked, and it took him awhile to react.

“Cough… It’s my fault. Put on these pajamas first.” Xia Qian’an’s face was a little red. When he started to wipe his body for An Jiu, he was in a heavy mood and didn’t notice these things. Now he reacted.

Xia Qian’an helped him put on his coat, because he was relatively weak. Even pajamas, which were loose, looked a little tight on him. “Wear mine first, and we can buy new ones tomorrow.”

“…Yes, master.” An Jiu’s body movements were a little unnatural. The clothes on his body were his master’s, and his master had worn them. At the thought of this, An Jiu’s heart quivered and his heart rate became abnormal.

Mrs. Li brought the porridge and the boiled medicine. Seeing that the Young Master’s friend was awake, she was relieved. Mrs. Li put down the things and told her, “Young Master, don’t forget to finish the porridge before taking the medicine.” 

Xia Qian’an was tangled and thought about An Jiu’s clothes, but he opened his mouth, “Mn… Mrs. Li, can you help me tomorrow? I need to buy some suits.”

“Eh? Is it for the Young Master’s friend? I’m surprised,” said Mrs. Li.

“Mn.” Xia Qian’an nodded.

“Let Xiao Zhang go tomorrow. He knows more about clothes than I do.”

Xia Qian’an nodded, and then Mrs. Li smiled at An Jiu and went out. This friend of the Young Master seemed to be really important to the Young Master. For him, the Young Master’s words today were what he usually said in half a year.


“Don’t worry. I’ll explain tomorrow.” Xia Qian’an interrupted.

“Master, I’ll do it myself.” An Jiu looked a little bit unsettled and his face was a little red. How could he let his Master feed the congee to him?

Xia Qian’an saw that he insisted on drinking it by himself and gave him the bowl.

Ah… An Jiu was a little shy. His sense of master and servant was deep-rooted, and he couldn’t be too anxious, at least he didn’t reject him when he kissed him.

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