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HS Names & Establishments


Protagonists and supporting team

Lu Shang 陸商: “Lu” means ground, “Shang” means business.

  • Nickname: Lu Lao Ban 陸老闆: “Lao Ban” means boss or owner.


Li Sui 黎邃: “Li” means dawn, “Sui” means deep.

  • Nickname I: Xiao Li 小黎: “Xiao” is usually added to people’s name to show closeness, a bit like adding -chan to names in Japanese. The “Li” here is just his surname.
  • Nickname II: Xiao Li Zi 小梨子: Same as the last one, “Xiao” is for familiarity. The “Li” used here means pear, it sounds the same as his surname. “Zi” can mean children, it’s added to make the name sound cuter.


Leung ZiRui 梁子瑞: Lu Shang’s childhood friend. A doctor working in RuiGe Hospital. “Leung” can mean bridges in ancient Chinese, but usually the meanings for surname doesn’t matter. “Zi” means spawn here. “Rui” means elite.


Zuo Chao 左超: The Lu family’s head of security, lives in a dojo surrounded by bamboos. Runs a car repare factory funded by Lu Shang. “Zuo” means left. “Chao” means super. Basically, the name sounds very yakuza material.


Yan Ke 嚴柯: Gave Lu Shang 6% of Tong Yan’s stocks. Has a wife and daughter.

“Yan” means strict. “Ke” means something that’s made of wood.


Xe WeiLan 徐蔚藍: A lawyer and assistant that works for Lu Shang.

“Xe” means easy-going. “WeiLan” together means azure.


Uncle Yuen 袁叔: Worked for the Lu family for a long time, a more personal assistant than Xe WeiLan, also act as a driver.

“Yuen” in ancient Chinese means a long rope. Though, nowadays it’s just a very common surname.


Aunt Lu 露姐: The cook and caretaker working in Lu Shang’s house. The “Lu” here is a different character from Lu Shang’s. It can mean dew.


Meng XinYou 孟心悠: Lu Shang’s godsister, has a bit of a crush on Lu Shang. She also has Tong Yan shares.

“Meng” can mean fierce. “Xin” means heart. “You” means leisurely.


Sun Mao 孫茂: The person who went gambling and needed to borrow money, Lu Shang kind of helped him.

“Sun” is a very common surname, can mean someone’s grandson, but it’s just a surname here. “Mao” means thickly grown plants.


“Villains” camp

Liu XinTian 劉興田: Started Tong Yan with Lu Shang’s father, fought in the war with Lu Shang’s father before.

“Liu” is a very common surname. “Xin” means thriving. “Tian” means farmland.


Li Yan 李岩: Owner of Nan Cheng bar, used to abuse Li Sui. Same as above for the surname. “Yan” means lava rock.


Li JinYao 李金鑰: Li Yan’s father. Lu Shang’s father’s death had something to do with him.

“Li” is another very common surname. “Jin” means gold. “Yao” means key or spark.


Companies or Establishments

Car Repare Factory 汽修廠: A car repare factory ran by Zuo Chao, funded by Lu Shang.


Nan Cheng bar 南城酒吧: The bar owned by the Li family. Right next to a car repare factory ran by Zuo Chao. “Nan” means south. “Cheng” means city.


Tong Yan Corporation 東彥集團: Company owned by Lu Shang. “Tong” means east. “Yan” means elegant in ancient Chinese.


Tong Xin 東信: Subsiary company owned by Liu XinTian. “Tong” means east. “Xin” means trust.


RuiGe Hospital 瑞格醫院: A hospital build in the name of Leung ZiRui’s Uncle, but funded by Lu Shang’s father. “Rui” means elite, also in Leung ZiRui’s name. “Ge” means square.


Chan Zhuang 嬋妝: “Cosmetics” company owned by the Li family, but in fact they are just smuggling drugs into the country. “Chan” means a beautiful lady. “Zhuang” means make-up.

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