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Chapter 32: Tomato Egg and Flu and Fever


Translated by Cherry of Exiled Rebels Scanlations


Because his enemy’s power is too strong, Su Nuo’s martial prowess was suppressed again, and he was really unhappy!

“I’m going back tonight!” Su Nuo crossed his legs and sat on the sofa.

“What are you going back for?” Ouyang Long bent down to kiss him, “Stay here ah, I’ll send you to the filming location directly tomorrow.”

“Don’t you feel that we are advancing too fast?” Su Nuo’s face was serious.

“I feel that it’s too slow!” Ouyang Long was especially domineering!

It’s not slow at all, it’s practically at the speed of light alright! Su Nuo protested in his heart! Touching all over!

So, he super seriously said, “How about we retreat a bit?”

“What do you mean by retreat?” Ouyang Long did not understand.

I mean don’t randomly touch my butt!! Su Nuo really wanted to yell! But he did not yell, because he felt that this topic was a bit 囧!

“When you have no work in the future, come and stay at my house,” Ouyang Long was especially gentle. “I’ll cook a big feast for you to eat.”

“There’s no need!” Su Nuo rejected instantly, a big feast or whatever is obviously an excuse, the truth was that he wanted to eat Su Nuo! A big feast personally cooked by him was very attractive, but he needed to keep a hold of himself!

But Model Su really wrongly accused Mr. Director this time—he was just scared that Su Nuo would binge-eat when he had the chance to, and eat until his stomach became ‘unwell’. If Su Nuo were at his house, he would feel at ease.

“Consider for a while, then reply to me,” Ouyang Long did not force him too much.

Even considering it ten times, he still did not want it!  Su Nuo hummed, quickly grabbing an apple to bite.

Eating again? Ouyang Long did not know whether to cry or to laugh, what kind of bad habit was this…

Dai An waited alone in the house for a long time, and he saw that it was almost late night, but he did not see Su Nuo coming back! So he made a phone call, and in the end, that evil person said in a daze, “I’m at my older brother’s house, I’m already sleeping… see you tomorrow morning.” After that, he switched his phone off!

Actually playing this trick again! The manager left angrily!

“Did I act well?” Su Nuo sat on the bed, feeling full of accomplishment! Really a reincarnation of the best actor!

“Yes,” Ouyang Long helped him dry his hair, and then hugged him and rolled onto the bed sheets.

“Return to your own room to sleep!” Su Nuo yelled, they had already agreed to let him sleep alone in the guest room!

“Be good, listen to me,” Ouyang Long gently kissed his face.

Don’t randomly kiss! Su Nuo was extremely upset and angry, and he struggled. “How are you different from OuYang JinLong like that!” Both especially especially beastly!

A crow cawed as it flew past outside the window and then… Mr. Director laughed.

“What are you laughing about?” Su Nuo had a bad feeling, c… c… could it be that he also have read the Love in Troubled Times series as well?!

“I feel that OuYang JinLong, this name is especially nice,” Ouyang Long calmly replied.

“Liar,” Su Nuo’s face was super red. “Did you also read… that ongoing story too?”

“What ongoing story?” Ouyang Long held back his laughter.

“OuYang JinLong and Su NuoNuo!” Su Nuo felt that the name ‘The Teasing Director Loves the Famous Model’ was too crude a name and could not say it out, so he avoided saying the name!

“What’s that?” Ouyang Long looked confused in his gaze.

“… You really don’t know?” Su Nuo used an observing gaze to look at him!

Ouyang Long shook his head, “How about I search it up online now.”

Please don’t! What if after you finish reading, your inner beast comes out like the prince and you tattoo a lotus flower on my butt, what would I do! Su Nuo hummed and jumped towards him to hug him. “That book is really meaningless, it’s better if you don’t read it!”

“Really? What’s it about?” Ouyang Long hugged him and fell back onto the bed.

“… Actually it’s a philosophy book,” Su Nuo started to ramble, “The author is called Su NuoNuo! He observes a pig’s meat trafficker’s daily life and proposed the relationship between the economic infrastructure and the high level infrastructure!” Just hearing it sounded very boring, he definitely would not want to watch it!

“Pig’s meat trafficker?” Mr. Director’s had a faint smile on his face.

“Right!” Su Nuo nodded confidently. “OuYang JinLong is the one selling pig’s meat!”

Three seconds later.

The philosopher, Little Su Nuo was pressed onto the human trafficker’s knee!

His pajama pants were half removed, his cute and sticking up butt cheeks were wrapped in white underwear, very attractive.

Ouyang Long lifted his hand and hit down, not heavily but not lightly.

“Quickly let go!” Su Nuo was upset and angry, his face red, his butt a bit painful!

“Who asked you to read those kinds of stories, en?” His second slap was even stronger, his flesh having a red color and was a bit heated up.

“You read it too!” Su Nuo exploded, trying his best to struggle and escape, it was alright if it was painful, the problem was that this is too embarrassing!

“I read it because of your browsing history last time,” Ouyang Long pressed his waist.

“Alright I know my mistake now…” A good man doesn’t allow themselves to lose out in the moment, Su Nuo was very lacking in dignity, almost holding his hands together, one hand grabbing the other fist and calling out ‘hero, please spare my life’!

Ouyang Long was very amused, why was Su Nuo so fun to play with.

Feeling the restraints around his waist loosen, Su Nuo instantly pulled up his pants, rubbing into his embrace like a kitten – he looked very obedient, but the truth was that in his heart, he was totally explosively showing his middle finger alright! Violent crazy people were the most hateful! Once I have abs I’ll definitely strike back!

Compared to Mr. Director and the model’s little romantic comedy, the other model was having a much harder time.

Because he was having a fever!

Continuously staying up late due to the fact he had a healthy body, then soaking in the water for a few hours to take photos… as expected, he will suffer retribution.

Qiu ZiYan sneezed for the twentieth time today.

“Pass me the thermometer,” Tang XiaoYu sat on the bed.

Qiu ZiYan had a cold cloth on his head, feeling like he was undergoing confinement! What he was even more 囧 about was that at the bedside table there was a ginger black sugar drink! Totally! Do! Not! Want! To! Drink! And that black sugar was bought by Tang XiaoYu downstairs at the last minute and there were six big red words printed on – Women’s Must Have For Their Period.

“Your fever has lowered a bit, drink this,” Tang XiaoYu helped him sit up. “You’ll be fine after sweating it out.”

Qiu ZiYan was extremely troubled gulping down the cup of ginger black sugar drink like a brave soldier.

“Let me cook some porridge for you,” Tang XiaoYu asked, “Do you eat sweet or salty porridge?”

“I don’t want to eat,” Qiu ZiYan did not have the appetite at all, and he lay down on the bed, planning on going back to sleep.

“Then I’ll call Mai Ke,” Tang XiaoYu took up the phone at the head of the bed.

“Tomato egg noodles,” Qiu ZiYan hurriedly admitted defeat. Telling Mai Ke was equivalent to telling mom, rather than being nagged to death, it was better to eat a bowl of noodles and save the trouble.

“Oh,” Tang XiaoYu hung up the phone.

Qiu ZiYan could have sworn that he saw a gloating, my-scheme-worked kind of smiling expression on that little thing’s face!

Really no sympathy at all!

Lying on the bed and turning onto his side and not being able to sleep no matter what, Qiu ZiYan pushed off his blanket and got down from the bed.

In the kitchen, Tang XiaoYu was putting in effort into kneading and making noodles, the dough was kneaded into round circles, then folded and cut and carefully cooked, and scooped into a big bowl to be prepared to be used. The oil was sizzling in the pan, adding a chicken egg and tomato to fry, then sprinkling spring onions and switching off the fire, dishing it out into a bowl, the bright red tomato sauce had noodles showing through it, the yellow of the egg, the green of the spring onions was the best combination.

Qiu ZiYan stood at the entrance of the kitchen quietly watching him busy himself.

“Why did you run out!” Tang XiaoYu finished making the noodles, and only saw him when he turned around.

What does he mean by… I ran out? Qiu ZiYan did not know whether to laugh or cry, it was like he escaped after the walls of a mental hospital collapsed!

“Wear this,” Tang XiaoYu put the noodles into the kitchen counter, and went to the walk-in closet and took out a thick jacket.

“It’s August now!” Qiu ZiYan looked at that wool jacket, feeling very complicated.

“You’re having a fever!” Tang XiaoYu was very insistent. “And you were saying that it was cold just half an hour ago!”

Qiu ZiYan could only admit to his fate, and wrapped himself up like a dumpling.

Really very very weak!

Hand-made noodles were very chewy, the fragrance of the noodles and the egg was mixed together, and he was practically not able to stop eating.

And so the person who said that he had no appetite, managed to finish a big bowl quickly and yet felt that it was not enough.

“There’s no more in the pot anymore,” Tang XiaoYu was very 囧, he had originally thought that it was already late at night, and he was having the flu as well, and would definitely not eat a lot, and so only made two portions.

Mr. Qiu was undisturbed, and used his chopsticks to take some noodles from Tang XiaoYu’s bowl.

Tang XiaoYu did not know what expression he should have.

Qiu ZiYan just carried over Tang XiaoYu’s bowl and ate the remaining less than half a bowl, and said, feeling satisfied, “There’s sushi in the fridge, if you’re hungry, you can eat that.”

Tang XiaoYu felt a bit uneasy, how could he eat what he had left over!

But Qiu ZiYan did not care at all, and wore his slippers and went back to the bedroom and continued to sleep.

Tang XiaoYu kept the bowls and chopsticks as he thought, Such a strange popular celebrity.

The lights of the kitchen flickered a few times, and suddenly went out.

“XiaoYu!” Mr. Qiu yelled from the bedroom, “The lights went out!”

Of course I know that ah, Tang XiaoYu did not know whether to laugh or to cry, and washed his hands in the dark.

It was very hard to live through a summer night without air conditioner. Qiu ZiYan was both having flu and a fever, and could not sleep at all. So at three to four in the morning, he wore his slippers and walked to the living room to pour water to drink, but found that there was a bright light shining out from Tang XiaoYu’s bedroom.

Why was he still not sleeping now? Qiu ZiYan frowned and lightly opened the door of the room.

On the small bed in the corner, Tang XiaoYu was covered in his blanket and sleeping well, the emergency light at the head of the bed was switched on, and it was so bright it was kind of eye-piercing.

Not switching off the light when sleeping, Qiu ZiYan let out a breath of relief, he had thought that the child was overthinking things again.

After reaching out to switch off the emergency lights, Qiu ZiYan left the bedroom.

After he finished drinking water, he realized that the light was switched on again!

What kind of situation is this? Mr. Qiu did not know whether to laugh or to cry.

Tang XiaoYu switched on his emergency lights in his confusion, and put it at the head of the bed, and went back to sleep again.

Could it be that he can’t sleep without the light on? Qiu ZiYan frowned.

The morning of the second day, Tang XiaoYu was woken up on time by his alarm, and when he opened his eyes, he saw that Qiu ZiYan was standing next to his bed, and shuddered.

How scary!

Actually, not only Tang XiaoYu was shocked, even Qiu ZiYan was shocked! Before he woke up, Mr. Qiu was using his phone to take a photo of what he looked like when sleeping! Super super thick-skinned!

“I already finished making breakfast!” To change the focus, Qiu ZiYan started to randomly make up excuses.

“You?” Tang XiaoYu’s eyes were full of distrust!

“Really!” Mr. Qiu promised.

Five minutes later, Tang XiaoYu looked at the bread and milk and was speechless.

This was called ‘finished making breakfast’?!

“At least the milk is hot!” Qiu ZiYan emphasized.

Tang XiaoYu did not know whether to laugh or to cry.

“I don’t need to work today,” Qiu ZiYan moved his chair to sit by his side. “I’ll bring you out to play.”

“I’m not going,” Tang XiaoYu rejected, “You need to rest when you have flu!”

“I’m already well!” Qiu ZIYan pulled on Tang XiaoYu’s hand and opened his pajama top and pressed it onto his chest. “Feel it if you don’t believe me!”

Really… super super shameless!

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June 23, 2019 11:12 am

The pure CP is back!! God, I love them so much! Qiu ZiYan is so shameless xD And XiaoYu is so cute?? Like the kid is so soft-spoken and kinda secretive that I just want to wrap him in soft blankets and protect him from all evil (ZiYan’s not getting blankets for trying to eat my son’s tofu too soon).
And the stupid CP’s part LMAO! Seems like our Director Long has a little kink 😏

Thanks for the chapter! 🙂

June 23, 2019 11:12 am

HAHAHA. This two couples are sooo moe 😍😍😍 NuoNuo aren’t you just one adorable kitten?? And Director OuyangLong gives me a feeling like he’s a big bad wolf!! Ah.. And Qiu ZiYan and Tang XiaoYu are just too cute I want to squeeze them!!!

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Thank you for the chapter! Yup, there is nothing worse than a summer cold. But geing nursed back to health by a hotty, makes it all better! ^_^

Pandora Knight
Pandora Knight
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“did not know whether to laugh or to cry” the author really likes this expression damn😂

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