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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The corner of He YunTing’s taut mouth loosened a little, but he soon thought of something and regained his cold face. He didn’t evade Wen Tianyao, but asked a very short question first, “So soon?”

“?” Lu AnHe’s eyes, which were bent, widened a little, and he muttered quietly in a voice that Wen Tianyao couldn’t hear, “Aren’t you the one who’s anxious to get it fixed quickly?…”

Luckily, Lieutenant Colonel Lu was very smart and stopped himself before he finished the last sentence, and continued in a very serious tone and volume, “Yes, Mr. Lin said he was worried about the national affairs and was afraid of delaying the daily training, so he worked overtime to repair it.”

“Oh.” He YunTing responded emotionlessly.

But Wen Tianyao, who probably understood what was going on, curiously asked, “General’s mecha was sent to be repaired? I clearly heard from others that the last fight against the Star Pirates went well.”

He YunTing’s mecha was damaged and shipped directly to the repair room, and few people knew about the damage, so it was normal for Wen Tianyao not to get the news.

“Then when does the General intend to have it sent over?” Wen Tianyao asked.

“Now.” He YunTing raised his hand to straighten the collar of his shirt, which had been meticulous.

Wen Tianyao thought about it and finally gave a suggestion, “I heard that it would take quite a long time for the people from the research institute to send it over. Since this mecha is so important to General, why don’t I send someone over to deliver it for you?”

He YunTing didn’t say anything.

Lu AnHe was frightened.

Wen Tianyao continued, “The mecha is already difficult to transport, so this will be more reassuring.”

“…” He YunTing put down his long fingers that were fixing his collar, and remained silent.

Lu AnHe stiffened his head, “That, what the General means is… He will personally go…”

“It’s just a mecha, what’s there to bother the General himself for?” Wen Tianyao was very puzzled.

“This mecha is rather special, and the General said that he had to go and personally inspect it before he could rest assured.” Lu AnHe focused on his eyes and ears and tried to be an excellent He translation machine.

“Oh.” Wen Tianyao believed it, and just when Lu AnHe thought he would move on from the topic, “Then I will also go with you.”

“…Your Highness the Prince?” Lu AnHe closed his eyes.

“I’ve never been to the Research Institute either,” Wen Tianyao said, “And from what you guys said, this Mr. Lin should be very impressive, I want to meet him too.”

Lin Han didn’t expect that after he sent the message, while he waited for Lu AnHe’s side to reply, almost handing the mecha directly to his colleagues for delivery, an hour later His Royal Highness would arrive as well.

The entire Research Institute fell into a kind of frantic panic again.

What happened to the Institute recently? Why were all these people coming? Why did the General come to visit them in person just a few days ago, and now His Royal Highness is also here? Was this the magic of M2742?

Lin Han was quite calm, wearing his uniform and doing what he was supposed to do, waiting for Lu AnHe to send a message about his imminent arrival, and then standing in front of the giant armored car that carried M2742.

The greenery of the Research Institute wasn’t very well maintained, the Prince’s exclusive aircraft parked directly in the inner courtyard at the VIP spot, stepped down and gave an almost imperceptible frown.

However, Wen Tianyao quickly straightened his face, because he looked up and saw the General’s mecha — the newly restored M2742.

He YunTing and Lu AnHe also followed and walked down.

Lin Han watched the royal family member in elegant dress approaching him, put his hand on his right shoulder as everyone did, leaned over, and bowed to the Prince.

“Don’t mind the formalities.” Wen Tianyao seemed like he was in a good mood, “You’re Mr. Lin, right? How do you do?”

After saying that, he smiled and extended his hand towards Lin Han without any pause.

Lin Han’s body stiffened.

The last time he was forced to read He YunTing’s mind had already troubled him a bit, and now the one standing in front of him was different from He YunTing, a prince with royal blood, and it was even more impossible to be rude and not take off his gloves.

Lin Han was helpless, ready to listen to another thought he didn’t want to hear, his left hand moved over his right hand, about to take it off and shake hands with Wen Tianyao… 

“He has mysophobia.” He YunTing walked up to the two at some point, glanced at Lin Han who was about to take off his gloves, and spoke up.

Lin Han’s hand movement stopped as his eyes moved upwards at He YunTing.

It was Wen Tianyao who reacted faster and nodded understandingly, “No need to take them off, it’s just a hand shake.”

In any case, it was good not to be forced to hear someone’s thoughts, so he withdrew his left hand that was ready to take off his gloves, then shook Wen Tianyao’s hand with his right hand and quickly let go, “Thank you, Your Highness.”

Wen Tianyao nodded, “Don’t worry about me, I just came to accompany the General to take a look at his mecha, and to see the best mecha master of the Institute.”

Lin Han didn’t reply, just hooked the corners of his mouth again very lightly.

The lubricant, Lu AnHe, appeared just in time, “Your Highness, the General still has to test the mecha before it can be shipped out, and it will probably take a while.”

Wen Tianyao also happened to not be too fond of the environment of the Institute, “Mn, I’ll go back. I just wanted to take a break — oh yes, I’m here this time, mainly to congratulate the General’s birthday in advance.”

He YunTing’s face appeared to show a rare moment of doubt, “Birthday?”

But before he could say anything, Lu AnHe, a tad impolitely, opened his mouth before his boss, “Your Highness, the General, he… never celebrates birthdays.” Lu AnHe added an explanation, “He used to be too busy and often forgot, and it wasn’t a special day, so he never celebrated it again.” 

Wen Tianyao was surprised, “General He is a meritorious officer to the entire Empire. Even if he doesn’t take it seriously, others can’t forget it.”

Lu AnHe’s eyebrows twitched and he didn’t say anything.

Lin Han saw that there was nothing left for him to do, gave the Prince a farewell salute and was ready to leave, when he heard Wen Tianyao continue, “I happen to be having a banquet in two days, and I wanted to invite the General personally. How about this, consider it as a celebration of the General’s birthday. Don’t worry, this time will definitely not be the same as a celebration of merit. I won’t invite those old guys, and father won’t come either, it’s just a little bit of my personal wish, how about it?”

He YunTing’s eyebrows knitted up.

His brow bone high, tempered and indifferent, obviously still had a light expression but his body gave off a harsh aura.

Lu AnHe hesitantly said, “This…”

Lu AnHe was used to dealing with these people inviting He YunTing to events and could pull out countless reasons to refuse, but it was the Prince himself who gave the invite. It was hard to refuse, and although He YunTing himself wouldn’t care, Lu AnHe couldn’t help but protect the reputation of his boss.

What’s more, the Prince himself didn’t seem to belong to any faction, which made the reason for refusal one less.

Lu AnHe struggled for a long time and sighed in his heart before saying respectfully, “Then thank you, Your Highness.”

Wen Tianyao nodded in satisfaction, and seeing that Lin Han was about to leave, he simply raised his voice and said, “Since the General has been invited, and Mr. Lin was instrumental in helping the General repair the mecha, why don’t you come along?”

Lin Han stopped in his tracks and turned around. With a polite and detached expression on his face, he re-bowed to Wen Tianyao, and his smile closed up when he straightened up again.

“No need.” Lin Han replied dryly and frankly, after all, none of those things had anything to do with him, as if refusing the Prince wasn’t a big deal, “I prefer to lean back and laze in the cockpit than at a banquet, thank you, Your Highness.”

He glanced back at He YunTing, who frowned slightly, but didn’t say anything.

Lin Han bowed again as a farewell and went back to his office.

What Wen Tianyao said to He YunTing after, Lin Han didn’t care much.

It was only half an hour later, and he had thought He YunTing had left with the mecha, but he didn’t expect a knock on his office door.

“Shen XiuNan?” Lin Han said as he walked over to open the door, but at the moment he opened it, he saw He YunTing, who should have departed, “General?”

He YunTing stood in front of him and wiped his collar with his fingers before he said, “Lin Han.”

Lin Han nodded, “Yes, do you have more ?”

He YunTing looked away, expressionless, like an emotionless word machine, “No.”

After a long time of silence, He YunTing continued in a cold tone, “Lu AnHe is looking for you.”

Since He YunTing’s words weren’t reflecting his expression, Lin Han asked, “Lieutenant Colonel Lu is looking for me? Where is he?” 

“He wants to invite you to the dinner party in two days.”

“Forget about the dinner party, I don’t really like that kind of occasion.”

“…” He YunTing added, “But Lu AnHe has something to say to you.”

Lin Han hooked the corner of his mouth, “Lieutenant Colonel Lu can contact me directly by communicator.”

He YunTing was serious, “It’s not convenient to talk through the communicator. He’s only free that night for the next two days.”

Lin Han looked up at He YunTing, the other party’s forehead hair looked more and more silvery white dazzling under the warm sun, “So, did Lieutenant Colonel Lu say what he wanted to see me about?”

The Imperial General, as if he had finally found a breakthrough, said coldly with a flourish, “He said his mecha was broken too.”



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March 21, 2022 12:17 pm

Thanks for the chapter! Silly guy, lol!

March 21, 2022 12:57 pm

Why do I think He YunTing had other motives, nothing to do with mysophobia, for not wanting the Prince to have direct contact with Lin Han 😏
So awkward…. holding on by a thread!
Thank you for translating and editing.

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Blizzard passing by said hey~
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November 5, 2022 3:38 am


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