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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


As everyone all knew, the General’s Lieutenant Colonel Lu AnHe had an extremely powerful defensive mecha, named ‘Aegis Shield.’

The mecha’s arms and legs were slightly shorter, but its body was longer and heavier. It might not have been as powerful as other S-class mechas in combat, but it could erect the strongest light curtain barrier from its body in defense. And now its owner, carrying its key, was nestled in the second mecha base unification department, shivering.

Behind He YunTing was a complex and sophisticated operating table, a sub-screen switch showed a variety of combat images. He spread his hands on the table, leaning forward, looking down from above at Lu AnHe, who was shrunken in a swivel chair, his blue eyes reflecting the young lieutenant’s terrified face.

“Boss! I have sweated for the Empire! I have shed blood against the Zerg! You can’t just turn your back on me like that!”

“I know.” General He affirmed to the adjutant’s statement, “Just scrape it a little.”

“I know it’s due for its annual inspection! But it really doesn’t need to be repaired!”

“It’s guaranteed not to affect any function,” the General added warmly.

“But there’s been training lately! I have to use it!” Lu AnHe was still stubbornly resisting.

He YunTing broke it down mercilessly, “You can’t use this one for training.”

Lu AnHe hid the key in his hand and resisted, “No, Boss! Aegis is the other half of me! My other half, do you get it? Borrowing it is the same as borrowing your wife!”

He YunTing raised his eyebrows.

Lu AnHe strained his neck, “Really! Just like you and Lin Han—”

He stopped the car immediately in the middle of his sentence.

He YunTing’s half-raised eyebrows wrinkled.

Lu AnHe realized what he had said, but after all, he couldn’t take it back, so he could only continue to protect his own keys and wait for his boss to give him the go-ahead.

“Then—” He YunTing deliberated for a moment and was about to continue giving orders.

The result was that he was just about to continue to speak, when Lu AnHe sighed, “I’ll go, I’ll go! I’ll make an appointment with Mr. Lin for you! But you’re not to lay a hand on my Aegis!”

Lt. Col. Lu was sad.

He YunTing had entered Lin Han’s office, and only after the draft had been invalidated did he come up with the impromptu phrase ‘Lu AnHe’s mecha is also broken,’ which resulted in Lin Han looking at him strangely for half a day and saying “Oh! Really?” He YunTing was naturally satisfied and waited for the word, “Okay.”

Lu AnHe, who was glad that his baby had finally escaped the clutches of the demon, was in tears.

His Boss’s satisfaction was his greatest satisfaction, but Lieutenant Colonel Lu cherished his mecha like a wife and hid the key, and only then turned around to said, “Boss! I still have a question I’ve been wanting to ask.”

He YunTing looked at him sideways, his eyes puzzled.

“Why do you want to invite Mr. Lin?”

And using my mecha being broken is a lame excuse.

He YunTing pursed his lips and didn’t say anything.

Lu AnHe’s eyes looked serious, not like a casual question mixed with curious gossip.

It was almost as… If He YunTing said “love at first sight”, then the adjutant would leave to complete the military orders knowing nothing was the same.

But He YunTing was really trying hard to clear his thoughts.

They were really unclear.

His understanding value in this field was zero, any area needed to be reclaimed little by little to explore, and if he rashly said love at first sight, that didn’t seem to be a responsible thing.

To Lin Han or to himself.

Lu AnHe was still unafraid to observe his expression, and He YunTing wasn’t too concerned at this moment.

“I don’t know.” He said.

Last time it was ‘no’, this time it was ‘I don’t know.’

There was a long silence, so long that when Lu AnHe thought the question would just end, He YunTing’s voice came again, “But… I want to see him.”

Lu AnHe moved a little.

“I don’t like parties either.” He YunTing said.

But if that person was there, it would be a little better to spend time there. He didn’t say the last sentence, and Lu AnHe stopped asking.

“Okay, okay, I’ll make an appointment for you.” Lu AnHe, who had no other choice, sighed and decided that since he couldn’t avoid it then he might as well help his leader out, “Then should I help prepare something for Mr. Lin?”

He YunTing only thought about inviting people and didn’t consider anything else, “Prepare what?”

“Clothing.” Lu AnHe said, “The last time you celebrated, Mr. Lin came wearing the Institute’s uniform, this time it’s at least your birthday…”

“Okay.” He YunTing finally agreed with Lu AnHe’s suggestion approvingly, and tacitly approved in his heart this talkative subordinate’s behavior of hiding snacks in his aircraft, and even decided to give him a little pay raise.

“Okay, then I’ll go get ready.” WIth the crisis lifted, Lu AnHe put the key in his pocket, and had just walked to the door when He YunTing called again.

“Pick a few clothes, I’ll choose.” He YunTing’s tone was cold and stern.

“…Oh.” Lu AnHe nodded his head. “Wait there’s more.” Lu AnHe asked the last question, “There will be a ball at the dinner, do you want to know more about it?”


Three days later, at Wen Tianyao’s dinner party.

He YunTing attended as promised.

The Prince announced at the beginning of the banquet that today was also the General’s birthday, and many people immediately came over to congratulate him and to express their admiration and love for the General.

He YunTing was as cold and reticent as ever, all the praise was blocked by his cold face, as if today wasn’t his birthday, but like a debt collection day. He sat on the seat arranged for the birthday person and looked at the door in silence.

Wen Tianyao also came over, smiling in front of everyone, and said he had prepared a gift for him, when the party was over it would naturally be sent to the manor.

He YunTing’s expression wasn’t happy, as he gave a very light “thank you”, then said no more.

Wen Tianyao didn’t seem to mind, and after a few more words, he continued to talk and laugh with others.

Lu AnHe accompanied He YunTing to sit down, feeling a burst of low pressure coming from beside him.

“I’ve read that the Prince’s party isn’t very distinguishable,” Lu AnHe said closer, “there are two factions, and he’s popular with both, so it’s not easy to say for sure which side he belongs to. And, to take a step back, if he did it, he can’t be so stupid that we find out.” Lu AnHe stopped himself here.


This Prince was the future heir, so obviously he couldn’t have any position, so why would he move a General who also has no other position? And even if he did, what would he get out of it?

——Obviously, nothing.

Not even a single benefit.

Apparently He YunTing had also considered this, and he nodded slightly, “It is indeed unlikely to be him. Don’t worry too much.”

Lu AnHe gave a, “Hmm”.

After all, the occasion wasn’t quite right, so He YunTing wouldn’t mention this matter.

The Prince’s dinner was indeed not as old-fashioned as the traditional ones, everything was casual, one didn’t have to be stuck in a certain seat half the night, and could eat whatever food was available.

Any food and wine could be picked up by themselves and there was no fixed seat — how much more casual could it be?

Originally, they didn’t come to this place to eat, and after a while, Wen Tianyao said he had arranged a dance and invited everyone to join him.

Hearing these words, Lu AnHe felt the air pressure of the person beside him lower by one more point.

As the atmosphere gradually warmed up, many people followed along and crossed the dance floor.

“Boss…” Lu AnHe only dared to speak, not daring to look at him. After all, a few days ago, he was the one who swore that he could invite him here.

“Hmm.” He YunTing responded soberly, “Forget it.”

He wasn’t unprepared to be rejected. Lu AnHe muttered in a low voice, “Mr. Lin said he would consider… I thought it was a yes…”

After all, the clothing sent over was accepted.

He YunTing didn’t say anything, only his gaze sunk.


By the time Lin Han arrived at the designated place, he was already half an hour late. Because he decided to go to the appointment only when it was almost time for the dinner.

He was wearing the white dress that He YunTing prepared for him, with a unique and exquisite black bow tie at the collar, which was less dull than the Institute’s uniform and more noble, making him look like a graceful and elegant little poplar from afar.

Lin Han followed the steps to enter the field smoothly, and was about to avoid the crowd to find a corner to sit down, while also looking for He YunTing and Lu AnHe’s position. The other day He YunTing came to him and said a bunch of hard and illogical words, which he found a bit funny, but didn’t intentionally make things difficult for him.

Although Lin Han had no relevant experience, he was smart, and knew Lu AnHe was inviting him for He YunTing. In the end, he didn’t directly refuse, told him he would consider it, and even accepted the specially sent clothing.

When Lu AnHe invited himself, he repeatedly said several times that today was He YunTing’s birthday. He remembered that day, when Wen Tianyao mentioned the General’s birthday, He YunTing was full of indifference, as if it was a completely irrelevant day.

He shouldn’t have had a birthday for a long time.

Lin Han had no father role in his family since he could remember. It was good that his mother was gentle and remembered his birthday every year, and the two of them spent it together.

And he had heard that General never had a birthday and couldn’t even remember the date.

Then consider it a celebration for him.

A birthday should be a memorable day.

While he was thinking that, Lin Han finally arrived.

And he didn’t know that when he stepped into the hall, Lu AnHe, who wasn’t far away, saw him and finally let out a sigh of relief and said to He YunTing, “Boss, he’s here.” 

The ball began, the surrounding lights were gradually dimmed, only the dance floor flowed with a light, blurred light. The music was just right, like a not-too-vigorous catalyst, subliminally infecting people.

The chasing lights were scattered aimlessly all over the dance floor, and pairs of people swayed on the dance floor, from strangers who were meeting for the first time, to couples who were in love with each other. People swaying on the dance floor, waiting for a time when the lights were dimmed, waiting for a change of tune of the music, there would be uncontrollable people embracing and kissing, lingering and sticky, lips parted with a sweet gasp and love words.

No one would notice who was blushing, and no one would blame someone who was behaving ambiguously.

On this occasion, there were too many possibilities to be acquiesced. Lin Han sat at a table not far from the dance floor and watched all this. His eyes swept around the strangers who were kissing inseparably. He subconsciously averted his eyes.

Was it possible that He YunTing was among these people?

But before he could think about it, there was a low murmur from the crowd.

The crowd saw that the General, who had been as impersonal as a statue, suddenly stood up and walked towards the dance floor.

Was the General willing to join in too? Some people were bold enough to think this.

Was it because there was an Omega that he liked that the General was coming this way?

He YunTing was probably so conspicuous that even the lights were attracted to him and chased after him. The people kissing quietly stopped and looked at him with the ambiguous light, either blatantly or cautiously. The tall man’s gaze was at first confused for a moment, as if he was looking for something, but he steadied his gaze when he cast his eyes on the youth sitting near the dance floor.

Before the music stopped, He YunTing walked across the room without looking away. Through the sticky and ambiguous kisses, through the seductive sound of the fallen. He stood in front of a certain young man who was staring at the rest of the room.

Lin Han didn’t even realize that he had unwittingly become the focus of attention at the party. The scene didn’t suit him, he wanted to find someone, but felt unable to take a step. At that moment, he felt a gentle tap on his shoulder.

Lin Han turned his head in response.

The music was still flowing softly in his ears, with the seduction of the scent of wine.

The Imperial General, admired by millions, stood in front of him and looked at him, his handsome face still had a light expression, but Lin Han felt that he wasn’t as cold as when they first met.

Since he was in a hurry when he came over, He YunTing’s forehead had a strand of silver hair hanging over it, and his eyes were still reflecting the blue light.

Lin Han momentarily forgot to greet him.

The tall man stood in front of the handsome young man in white clothing, paused for a moment, and finally bent down in a gentlemanly salute, putting one hand behind his back and handing the other to the youth in a slightly rusty manner.

“I’d like to invite you to a dance, Mr. Lin.” He opened his mouth, his voice was like the winter sun enveloping the gentle, fluttering snow.


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