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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The next day Lin Han was woken up by the first military call in the morning of the base. Although the room provided to him was as luxurious as a private apartment, Lin Han had trouble with the bed and didn’t sleep too well all night, and finally fell asleep as if he was caught in a nightmare.

After waking up from last night’s dream, he couldn’t remember much, he only felt that something was chasing him desperately. He tried to run forward, but because of his poor physical strength he had been caught by the horrible monster behind him. He couldn’t call for help, he could only watch himself being swallowed by the darkness.

Lin Han propped his hand on his forehead, slowly forgetting this disgusting feeling of the unknown. He looked around the unfamiliar room and remembered that he had arrived at the base.

Lin Han thought back to what happened yesterday, and almost immediately thought of the “Generals Special”.

He YunTing he… 

When he thought of this, Lin Han’s expression became mixed again, and the tiredness of the nightmare was dispelled.

He simply didn’t know how to evaluate He YunTing.

Lin Han even imagined how he would see the other side if he didn’t have the ability to read minds. But he thought for a long time without a clear answer.

He simply got up and got ready to start his day’s work.


And at the other end of the command room, Lu AnHe first knocked politely on the door, and there was no answer inside, “Boss, are you there? I’ve been looking for you all morning.”

There was no reply.

Lu AnHe dialed He YunTing’s internal line, and after a long time, the connection was picked up and Lu AnHe asked, “Boss?”

It was impossible for He YunTing to be up late and not in the command room at this time. He didn’t speak, and Lu AnHe only heard a little breathing sound. He looked astonished, remembering the hint of smell that he smelled when he left yesterday.

A bad feeling arose, and Lu AnHe barely hesitated, increased his stride and went in the opposite direction.

He was really negligent.

——He YunTing’s susceptible period has arrived.


Lin Han especially didn’t get the “General Special” today, after eating lunch, he stayed in the room and didn’t go out, just continued to study the drawings alone, sitting at the table writing and drawing. Just as he was about to take a break, there was a knock at the door.

“Is Mr. Lin here?” It was Lu AnHe’s voice.

Lin Han walked over to open the door and saw Lu AnHe standing at the door with a smile on his face and a pile of snacks in his hand.

“How are you getting used to living here?” Lu AnHe nodded with his chin at the things in his arms, “This is all my room’s private collection, afraid that you find the base too boring, I ‘smuggled’ a little to you.”

Lin Han took it and said thanks, Lu AnHe waved his hand to show that he didn’t mind.

“There is a two-day rest period after the first round of selection, so you may be a little busy then,” Lu AnHe said, “I’ll keep Mr. Lin company for a chat?”

Lin Han invited him in and poured a glass of water for Lu AnHe.

Lu AnHe had a good personality, spoke interestingly, and could find topics, so Lin Han had no pressure to get along with him, and it was easy to keep the conversation flowing.

“By the way, let me tell you some gossip,” Lu AnHe said, “Today a newcomer in the battalion almost tore up his teammate when his susceptibility period arrived. That person is still young, they almost didn’t realize, but fortunately the next instructor found out early, pulled him away in time, and he’s now in isolation.”

“Susceptible period, is it terrible?” Lin Han asked curiously.

“It varies from person to person,” Lu AnHe thought, “some people can’t get close, some are fine, depending on whether they have their own way of detoxification.”

“So if it’s serious, will you hurt the people around you?”

“How can I say… Anyway, if it’s a very important person, then no,” Lu AnHe said, “No matter how insensible we are at that time, the most deeply engraved things in the mind, we won’t hurt.”

He said a little embarrassed, “Mr. Lin, don’t laugh at me, but every susceptible period I clutch the key to Aegis in my hand. What Omega is better? With it, I have a sense of security.”

Lin Han curved his eyes, not showing any discomfort or surprise, “Then when it’s time for the annual inspection, send it directly to me, I will see if I can help you add a few functions, or upgrade it.”

Lu AnHe’s eyes suddenly lit up with excitement, “Really, Mr. Lin?! Alright, alright!”

Lin Han also smiled back at him, “No problem.”

Lu AnHe was already very good at getting along, plus he had a good feeling about Lin Han, and hearing that he could upgrade his mecha, he inevitably talked more, “Aegis has really been with me for quite a long time, I know it’s a bit weak in terms of attack compared to the equivalent high-level mecha, but I just prefer to upgrade it over and over again rather than change it, it’s emotional. I have thought about it, in the future, it will be in the Galactic Exhibition Hall, so I can still reminisce about it when I’m old, I have money saved up—”

Lu AnHe scratched his head, “Does Mr. Lin think I’m quite stupid?”

Lin Han denied, “No, you’re not.”


“I do think it’s nice to have something to store in the display,” Lin Han hooked the corners of his mouth very lightly and lowered his eyes, “I’ve been thinking about it for a long time and I don’t know what I can store.”

“By the way,” Lin Han looked at Lu AnHe seemed to be trying to comfort him, simply continued, “I wonder if the General has stored anything in the Galactic Exhibition Hall?”

Lu AnHe’s expression stiffened for a moment, then said, “No.”

It turned out that He YunTing didn’t either.

Lin Han didn’t know what kind of mood he was in, he didn’t even know why he was asking Lu AnHe this question. If the answer Lu AnHe gave was yes, what would he think?

He couldn’t understand, he just nodded his head, “Mn, I see.”

The two of them were silent for a while.

After a while, Lu AnHe took a deep breath and broke the silence.

“Mr. Lin.” His tone suddenly lowered, “I actually came to see you… There’s something I want to ask you.”

Lin Han lifted his eyebrows at him, “What is it?”

“General, he’s… He just entered his susceptible period. I know it’s really ridiculous and excessive to come to you, but I can’t think of any other way.”

Lin Han wasn’t really surprised by Lu AnHe’s words.

After all, an Alpha looking for him to talk about susceptibility, no normal person would do so.

Lu AnHe gritted his teeth, “If you don’t want to, don’t force yourself… I just came to take a chance and try it out.”

After all, there was no other Omega in the base — this was certainly not the point, the point was that Lin Han was special to the General.

But Lu AnHe didn’t say that out lou.

“I don’t know how to explain to you… But I believe that the General will not hurt you.”

Just stepping into He YunTing’s room, Lin Han smelled a strong fragrance of ebony. Based on the physical nature that like repelled like, Lu AnHe couldn’t stay even for a moment, first saluted He YunTing and then said to Lin Han, “I’m really sorry, Mr. Lin. My communicator’s open for your private emergency contact line, if there is any… I will show up soon if there are any unexpected circumstances.” Lu AnHe repeated again, after all, it was an embarrassing thing to call Lin Han over.

“I understand.” Lin Han nodded his head.

Lu AnHe stood straight and looked at Lin Han with steely eyes, then took off his hat with his right hand, put the four fingers of his left hand together on his right shoulder, and incomparably respectfully bent down slightly and gave Lin Han a full imperial salute.

Usually such a salute was mostly used for imperial royalty or powerful people with extremely high status, if not that, a person performing such a salute to another person means that the person must have a very important commission or request that they hope the other person will grant.

“Perhaps it’s unfair to you, after all, you and the General haven’t actually met many times,” Lu AnHe still kept his head down and raised it slowly only after finishing his words, “but the General has been susceptible by himself every time… I couldn’t find any way to relieve him, so I took the liberty to ask you to come.”

Lin Han remembered what Lu AnHe just said, he liked to clutch the key of his Aegis when he was susceptible, he subconsciously glanced at He YunTing, told Lu AnHe “Okay”, and added “It’s fine.”

Only then did Lu AnHe respectfully turn around, retreat to the door, and close the door.

After the door was closed, Lin Han looked back at He YunTing who was sitting at the side.

He YunTing seemed to be no different from usual when he was susceptible, but if he looked closer, he could see very obvious changes.

The emotions between He YunTing’s eyebrows were colder, and his eyes were deeper than ever. When he saw Lin Han looking over, he raised his head and stared at Lin Han sharply.

If it weren’t for the fact that He YunTing was in a susceptible period in advance, this look might even be so cold that Lin Han would feel uncomfortable. He couldn’t see what was in He YunTing’s eyes, couldn’t say exactly, but he could feel that he wasn’t in a good state.

He YunTing’s pheromone in the air weakened Lin Han’s legs a little, but strangely, after Lu AnHe closed the door, that sharp and tingling feeling was much less, and although Lin Han was now almost soaking in He YunTing’s ebony incense, there was no other discomfort.

It was as if He YunTing knew that would make him uncomfortable and purposely curbed the aggressiveness in his pheromone.

Lin Han stood still and didn’t move.

He YunTing was really strange.

The first time he met Lin Han, he had that kind of thought, and there was no way not to be angry with any Omega.

And even… He even used his pheromone scent and added a side dish, which simply made Lin Han feel annoyed and amused.

But the other would try to guide him to operate the mecha, wouldn’t let him see the bloody scene, would be clumsy but volunteered to invite him to dance, and would say “you’re beautiful”.

Lin Han remained silent and looked at him.

The higher the level of Alpha, the more the susceptibility period became raging and scary, which was also a punishment for them to have more power than others by nature.

According to Lu AnHe, when He YunTing had an attack of susceptibility, he sat alone in his M2742 for three entire days, and finally no one dared to ask him what he had gone through.

The quiet air was filled with He YunTing’s pheromone, the original subdued and introverted scent filled the small space, and the quantity caused a qualitative change, gradually becoming thicker and heavier, even with a sense of seduction.

Like an invitation to an Omega — Look, I’m right here.

Lin Han physiological knowledge was good, and he knew what an Alpha’s susceptible period needed, an Omega’s estrus period was actually somewhat similar.

Pheromone comforting, caressing, kissing, having sex, or marking.

Of course Lin Han could only do the first one.

He hesitated for a moment and then opened his mouth.

“General.” Lin Han was a meter away from him and tried to call him, “Can you hear me?”

He YunTing didn’t say anything, just nodded coldly.

Luckily, he was still sensible.

Lin Han was relieved.

But just after calling out, Lin Han didn’t know what to say.

Should I ask him, ‘do you need my help’?

Or should I just say, ‘I can help you?’

And He YunTing, who was sitting on the side, suddenly spoke up.

“Does it hurt?” He looked up at Lin Han, his expression indifferent, his lips moving, as he asked.

Lin Han still didn’t understand what these words meant, when he saw He YunTing stand up from his seat.

He YunTing’s face was so cold that it looked like it could cause frostbite. He didn’t say anything, just walked towards him with a thick pheromone cloud, and a pressure that no Omega could resist.

If a normal Omega encountered such a situation they would be afraid, but Lin Han, still standing in place, didn’t back away, and had no other emotions.

It was as if he knew that He YunTing wouldn’t hurt him.

——Even at such a dangerous time as the susceptible period.

The light in the room wasn’t too bright. He YunTing stood upright in front of Lin Han, looking down at him.

The light fell on both of them, and Lin Han was slightly shorter, and from another angle, He YunTing’s body completely covered his, their shadows stacked on top of each other.

He YunTing reached out his hand and probed towards the back of Lin Han’s neck. His fingers were hot and a little rough, and the long pulling of the trigger had left the sides of his index finger with gun calluses left over the years, finding the precise spot to cover Lin Han’s glands.

The most fragile gland belonging to an Omega was suddenly touched, Lin Han still subconsciously trembled lightly, narrowing his eyes.

He YunTing didn’t use force, but gently rubbed Lin Han’s gland for a moment, and then gazed at it again.

The other side’s gland was covered by a layer of cold white skin, complete and polished, and looked so thin that it could be pierced with a single bite.

As if confirming that Lin Han’s gland was intact, He YunTing’s icy expression softened slightly, but his fingers didn’t leave immediately and repeated the action again.

“Does it hurt?”

Lin Han was a little overwhelmed, but shook his head anyway, “General…”

Lin Han called out to him very slowly.

“Mn.” He YunTing answered, his gaze redirecting from the other man’s glands and landing on his face.

He locked eyes with Lin Han.

Lin Han tilted his head to look at the corners of his cold, hard lips, his deep brow, and his blue eyes.

“Can’t mark,” He YunTing’s tone was low, as if he was talking to himself, and murmured and repeated again, “Can’t mark.”

“It will hurt.” He said to himself.

Lin Han was stunned.

He wanted to say, ‘I can release a little pheromone and you can be less uncomfortable’.

But how uncomfortable was He YunTing?

He didn’t know.

“General,” Lin Han called him for the third time.

He YunTing’s gaze moved to Lin Han’s lips in silent response.

“You…” Lin Han had just spoken when he remembered that He YunTing had said before that he shouldn’t use polite words.

Lin Han felt He YunTing’s hand on his gland stop and gradually moved down after a moment. In the next second, He YunTing raised his arm in silence and hoisted Lin Han firmly into his arms. He YunTing’s pheromone scent was close, with the top Alpha’s innate strong and oppressive sense, embracing Lin Han in his arms, but there was another imperceptible, not to be denied tenderness.


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Sue R
Sue R
March 31, 2022 10:44 am

The General was deeply in his idea that marking will hurt Lin Han. Oh dear.

March 31, 2022 11:18 am

I am really surprised Lin Han was put in this position. Regardless of He YunTing’s control and Alpha level, it seems unnecessarily risky to me.
Having said that, it’s giving Lin Han more insight into him as a person.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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