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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Lin Han was held down in his arms, and neither of them spoke for a while. Although He YunTing’s action seemed fierce, the hand on Lin Han’s waist was unexpectedly warm.

Unlike the clumsy two at the last dinner, the warmth of He YunTing’s palm was higher this time, and more insistent, unwilling to let go even for a moment.

Lin Han’s position was a bit awkward, his arms were clasped by him, and he was confined to one side of the embrace. He just struggled to put his hands out, but He YunTing seemed to sense something immediately and embraced him even tighter.

“Don’t move.” He YunTing’s voice was low and muffled, with the aroma of ebony.

Lin Han was slightly stunned, his five fingers curled up for a moment, vainly clenched into a fist, crouching on He YunTing’s chest with his own cheek. His eyelashes were very long, rubbing against the other party’s textured uniform fabric, and smelling a little different from the pheromone, which only belonged to He YunTing’s smell of smoke and fire.

Thinking of the words Lu AnHe had said, he couldn’t imagine this person sitting in the mecha for three days, and Lin Han’s heart suddenly softened.

He YunTing told him not to move, so Lin Han really maintained this position, almost obediently complying with him. At the same time, Lin Han felt the vibration coming from He YunTing’s chest, rustily and carefully released a little pheromone.

The sweet aroma of caramel gradually diffused the area, and then gradually dissolved into the heavy ebony fragrance. Lin Han was actually a little nervous, but did it anyway.

I thought you liked the smell of caramel, will this make you feel better?

The other party’s breath was very close to his, Lin Han could clearly feel the changes in He YunTing. He didn’t know how long, it was so long that Lin Han felt his hands were a little numb, He YunTing’s body moved, and his emotions stabilized.

Lin Han took the opportunity to free his hands, but his entire body was still wrapped around him, and He YunTing tightly pressed them together. He YunTing was tall, firmly covering Lin Han, but his movements were a bit more cherished.

They leaned closer, so close that the shadows were overlapping and intertwining, wrapped in a loving silhouette.

“General?” After a long time, Lin Han finally spoke out.

He YunTing’s movements seemed to become a bit sluggish, after hearing Lin Han call him, the hand on his waist moved hesitantly, but his chin buried deeper behind Lin Han’s neck, giving a deep and heavy exhale and inhale.

Probably Lin Han’s pheromone finally took effect, and suddenly He YunTing’s nose twitched, as if he had smelled something that fascinated him.

His arms became a little tighter, Lin Han didn’t know what was happening, and could only move his hands, tentatively holding He YunTing.

Lin Han, wearing white gloves, patted He YunTing’s back very gently, one pat after the other. He was obviously a person whose name could make the entire galaxy shake, but now he was like a helpless child, getting a sense of security from his gentle gestures.

After a few moments, He YunTing seemed to finally calm down a lot, but instead of straightening up as Lin Han wanted, he slowly groped his way closer to the Omega gland, his high nose brushing the skin near the gland, his breath panicked and trembling as he landed on Lin Han’s gland.

That location was too sensitive by nature, just now when He YunTing touched with his hand there, Lin Han already couldn’t stand it and could feel the breath leaving his nostrils. Lin Han’s body tensed up, instinct made him want to push away, but finally gave up resistance under He YunTing’s strong embrace.

If He YunTing wanted to bite down, even if Lin Han dialed Lu AnHe’s emergency connection now, it would be too late. If He YunTing just wanted to get a little bit of warmth… It didn’t matter if he let him hug for a while.

Lin Han couldn’t say what he was indulging in. It was clear that he had found out yesterday that this man had done something excessive. Lin Han could even feel the fine itch coming from his skin as He YunTing’s jaw line traced the side of his neck.

Still, the moment the Alpha’s lips touched his gland, Lin Han closed his eyes in fear.

He YunTing’s lips were a little dry, with a little unbearable suppressed pain, against his gland.

Lin Han held his breath and could still feel the sliding of He YunTing’s Adam’s apple. He even felt He YunTing open his lips, and the tip of his moist, hot tongue swept over that spot, and tentatively touched the Omega’s gland very lightly with his sharp teeth again—

Lin Han was finally still unprepared, his fingers nervously gripping the shirt on He YunTing’s front chest, trying not to make a sound, but his body had already started to tremble uncontrollably.

He shivered, and fearfully leaked out a sound.

Yet this tiny soft sound seemed to wake up the Alpha at that moment.

It was a split second before He YunTing stopped at the back of his neck.

The lips and teeth that made him fear moved away, with the struggle of fondness but having to separate—

“Can’t mark,” He YunTing’s voice was lower than usual, as if he was trying to restrain the urge to go further, snuffing out the sinful thoughts before a gentle flower blossomed from them, and he said to himself, “It will hurt.”

He YunTing finally dropped his head, sniffing the sweet fragrance that he was so fond of, but didn’t move further, only his arms still refused to let go, as if he wanted to record the embrace with bones and muscles, and then engrave it firmly into his mind.

His movements became lighter and lighter, and eventually stopped.

The only thing left in the room was Lin Han’s continued stroking of his back and the sweet fragrance that gradually intensified. Lin Han vaguely thought that this scene always reminded him of that day, when he was sitting in the second cockpit during his heat, He YunTing released the pheromone through a door and asked himself if he was better.

There may be more than domination and submission between an Alpha and Omega.

There was also the warmth of mutual reassurance.

In fact, He YunTing was next to the couch and behind him was the big bed, but he seemed to be worried that if he changed his position, Lin Han wouldn’t be able to hold him like this. But the Alpha pheromone wasn’t aggressive, Lin Han didn’t feel tired, and for a while there was a wonderful and harmonious warmth between the two.

After another moment, Lin Han looked sideways very carefully in order not to disturb the other.

He YunTing’s silver hair was half wet, his eyes were slightly closed, and his breathing was even and long. Lin Han’s heart suddenly moved at this moment.

What would he be thinking about now?

In the past, he hated to passively hear other people’s hearts, but now He YunTing’s appearance made him curious to know what the other person was thinking at the moment.

Lin Han knew it wasn’t right.

Probably because the atmosphere was too good, and He YunTing had no defenses at the moment, embracing him wholeheartedly, Lin Han finally couldn’t resist and slowed down the movement of his hands, then pulled his hands to each other and removed his gloves.

Just… Just listen.

Listen to what’s going through his mind right now.

If there were other discomforts, and He YunTing didn’t say it, if Lin Han heard, he could also help.

If he heard something… 

Lin Han’s face was slightly embarrassed, but he still let himself reach out and put his hand back on He YunTing’s back.

——Silence fell on his ears.

Lin Han was a little stunned, and his other hand went over it, but it still ended the same way. He didn’t hear He YunTing’s inner words at this moment. The only sound was the other person’s steady breathing, flowing shallowly between them.

Lin Han was stunned.

There was only one reason for not hearing anything other than his heartbeat.

That meant He YunTing wasn’t thinking about anything right now, his mind was blank. There was no hint of perverted thoughts and no distracting thoughts. So the hard days of the susceptible period were nothing, as if he was telling Lin Han… 

I have given up all the suffering and thoughts, I have nothing at this moment.

I just simply want your hug.

And in the end, it was Lin Han who fell asleep first.

Lin Han himself didn’t know when he got sleepy, or perhaps the Alpha convergence of pheromone turned into another hypnotic, and when he woke up in a daze, he found himself lying asleep in He YunTing’s bed.

Surprisingly, he slept better than last night in his own room.

Lin Han lifted the quilt, but He YunTing had already left, and only a little ebony aroma remained in the room that couldn’t be dissipated. He looked at the time and it was already past evening.

He YunTing’s room was very neat and tidy, so neat that there was no aura of fireworks, the same as the stereotype he gave, boring and tedious. Of course, after knowing the impression of him as “not stereotypical”, from Lin Han’s perspective, there was a different image.

All the things were neatly arranged, only the most commonly used items had a few traces of use, the rest were like decorations, aggrieved to be displayed.

Today, he was called over by Lu AnHe at noon, and he hadn’t had any nutrients, nor any dinner yet. Even if he slept comfortably, he couldn’t hide the fact that he was a little weak. Lin Han propped himself up to help He YunTing simply make the bed, and picked up the gloves on the couch that he had taken off and put them back on.

He had just gotten up when he heard the sound of the door lock rattling, and looked sideways to see that He YunTing had returned.

He YunTing had taken a shower, his hair was a bit disheveled and looked a bit softer than before, a few strands of unruly silvery hair rested on his forehead, against his eyebrows, the previous coldness and detachment were less. He was wearing his regular jacket and his shirt had been changed, and he regained his composure.

He YunTing had a calm face and was carrying his dinner and a nutritional supplement that he brought from the internal affairs team. There was a momentary silence when their eyes met, but Lin Han soon blinked first and called him, “General.”

“Yeah.” He YunTing came closer, put the dinner on the table, and handed Lin Han the supplements, “Here you go.”

“Thank you.” Lin Han obediently took it and found that the lid had been thoughtfully unscrewed by He YunTing, and he didn’t even need to exert himself.

He didn’t like the taste of the nutrient very much this time — there was nothing to say about the taste of such things as nutrients, which taste was difficult to swallow, plus Lin Han just woke up, his throat was dry, so swallowing was still a little difficult, and the uncomfortable feeling made Lin Han frown.

When He YunTing saw it, he was stunned for a moment before he clumsily poured a glass of water and placed it next to Lin Han.

Lin Han took a sip to moisten his throat, which he could barely swallow, and threw the nutritional supplement package into the trash. He glanced at He YunTing next to him, who had some doubts in his eyes, but didn’t know how to ask, and at first glance looked a bit hesitant and clumsy.

Lin Han took the initiative to explain, “I’m not in good health. If I don’t use nutrition, my body will be weak all the time, and even affect my work.”

He YunTing’s taut lips eased a few points after getting the answer, then nodded, “Oh.”

After two seconds, He YunTing was afraid that Lin Han would get cold when he just woke up, so he turned on the heater in the room, loosened the wind discipline buttons of his uniform, took off his jacket and hung it up, and unbuttoned one more before sitting down again. He still didn’t seem very good at communicating with people, even knowing what had happened between the two a few hours ago.

“I didn’t mark you.” He YunTing’s voice didn’t sound as muffled as it had earlier, “Don’t worry. Don’t be afraid.” He added, “Are you okay?”

Lin Han looked at him and lost his smile, obviously he should be the one who wasn’t in a good state now, but he wanted to come and tell him at the first opportunity not to be afraid.

“I’m fine, I slept well.” Lin Han said. “And General?” He asked, “How are you doing?”

Lin Han actually wanted to ask if the susceptible period was really better. Lu AnHe said last time he stayed alone for three days, would it take that long this time too?

Although he knew an Omega releasing pheromones could make the susceptible period of an Alpha get relief, but after all, it was also the first time he had encountered such a thing. How much to release or how long it lasts, Lin Han didn’t know.

He had heard that the higher the pheromone fit, the better the effect between the Alpha and Omega, but such things needed data to determine and Lin Han didn’t have any, so it wasn’t good to ask.

“Much better.” He YunTing turned his head to look at him, the scattered hair in front of his forehead made his pupils look distinctly gentle at the moment, almost unlike the high, cold and icy Imperial General.

“Actually Mr. Lin didn’t have to come. I would’ve been fine.” He YunTing’s brows furrowed, and the light in his eyes then covered half of them, almost reluctantly saying, “I will be fine in a day or two.”

But He YunTing originally couldn’t speak, and if he had to, he would hide his emotions, so Lin Han actually heard some aggravation in these words. This recognition made his eyes curl up, “Lieutenant Colonel Lu didn’t force me to come. I agreed to do it myself.”

“Oh. Thank you.” He YunTing said thank you swiftly.

He YunTing thought for a moment and added, “My pheromone fit with Mr. Lin should be high.” 

Lin Han’s eyelashes twitched and froze for a moment. Although he had just thought about issues related to compatibility, these issues were considered private and weren’t a topic between any two people who were less familiar as an Alpha and Omega. And usually to determine the pheromone fit of an Alpha and Omega pair, most of them were married lovers, or shared marks.

But their relationship wasn’t too high nor too low, yet He YunTing actually said this so frankly… 

Lin Han used to think he wasn’t very social, but now compared to He YunTing, he seemed to be normal.

“Maybe.” Lin Han said.

He YunTing didn’t answer, perhaps because he didn’t know what to answer. He simply pointed to the dinner on the table.

Lin Han nodded, “Brought this for me?”


The only difference from yesterday was that… 

Lin Han looked at the lunch box and asked, “Does the General’s meal today have no caramel?”

He managed to see the Imperial General stiffen and then continue to sit down as if nothing had happened and he gave a “hmmm” as if acknowledging the fact that he was substituting the dish for him, “It’s too sweet.”

“Oh.” Probably because Lin Han was in a good mood now, the frosty He YunTing in the eyes of others, wasn’t the same in his eyes at all, so he continued, “So General thinks caramel is too sweet.”

It was also a first for Lin Han to taste the scent of his own pheromone.

“It’s not. No.” This time He YunTing was quick to deny, as if he felt he had said something wrong and wanted to correct it, but didn’t know where to start.

Lin Han briskly raised his eyes to look at him, only to see the corners of He YunTing’s lips pursed, the expression on his face could be called cold, but Lin Han just felt like he read a hint of indifference.

“Mr. Lin is…” He YunTing paused, “sweet.”

“……” Lin Han couldn’t resist the blush on his face. He dropped this stone at his own feet. Lin Han suddenly had an illusion of ‘being a bully.’

And He YunTing, like an innocent and pure person, was being pressed by him to give an answer.

This perception tickled Lin Han’s heart and gave rise to some bold ideas for no reason. Although he had spent more time dealing with mecha than people over the past few years, it didn’t mean he knew nothing about these things.

The first meeting with He YunTing wasn’t pleasant, but in the following time, Lin Han felt that this man wasn’t quite the same as his first impression.

He always looked cold, but sometimes he had a finer mind than anyone else.

He couldn’t talk, but always did a lot.

Lin Han recalled the earlier hug, and the other man’s murmuring in his ear during the drowsiness.

He said that it would hurt.

Thinking about this, Lin Han couldn’t help but look at He YunTing who was sitting next to him. He didn’t know what Lin Han was thinking, nor did he know that he actually had no secrets in front of him. His appearance was still cold, but Lin Han knew that it wasn’t like that.

Lin Han wasn’t someone who would keep things to himself all the time, much less hold himself in. And He YunTing was still a person who was really uncommunicative.

Lin Han looked at his gloved hands.

The moment he put his palms on He YunTing’s back earlier, he almost suspected that his ability had disappeared.

Thinking about it, Lin Han pondered. Might as well just ask for proof himself.

“General,” Lin Han didn’t bother with dinner, took off his gloves, smiled at He YunTing, reached out and waved his hand in front of him, “Do you like me?”


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Wow…Lin Han is great, that what I would do just tell me if you like me. 😂 lol. I like the inner thought of the Gen ” it will hurt” he really care for LH.
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April 1, 2022 10:27 am

Nice going Lin Han! Bet that will shake up the General even more.
I like these 2 together.
I think Lin Han is realising that He YunTing is quite sensitive towards him and is really rather sweet.
Thank you for translating and editing.

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Thanks for the chapter! A direct approach with a simple man, I think it’s needed.

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