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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Lin Han didn’t understand why He YunTing was so insistent on not allowing him to see the most basic instinctive behavior among creatures, but still obeyed and didn’t look. He YunTing had never been so nervous, as if this matter was more serious than that, and his voice was much colder than before, revealing tension everywhere.

The two ThudThud’s didn’t know how hard it was to guess the human mind, but the fact that He YunTing kept staring at them satisfied them and forced them to ‘imitate’ again as a sign of friendship.

He YunTing’s face became more and more gloomy, “……”

The good thing was that these creatures knew how to stop when they were done, and after acting it out twice, the two quickly switched to other ways of playing, and He YunTing was finally able to remove his hands from Lin Han’s eyes.

Lin Han still had the warmth of He YunTing’s palm on his eyelashes, and blinked a little lingeringly.

“There.” He YunTing said.

Lin Han nodded obediently, not even looking over curiously, but just said in passing, “So quickly.”

Lin Han’s words were completely off the cuff, and he didn’t even react for a moment to what he was saying, and only after He YunTing didn’t respond and continued to maintain that eerie silence did he realize the meaning of his words.

Originally Lin Han was really not squeamish about such things as biological nature, perhaps it was He YunTing’s overly tense attitude that instead made him think some more now, “…”

Fortunately, Grr was finally woken up by the noise, shaking his fur, rolling twice in Lin Han’s hand, and opening his eyes only when he was comfortable.

“Good morning.” Lin Han rubbed its little head, talking to it, and also relieving the embarrassment that had arisen at some point during this period. After all, having returned to his own territory, Grr had slept well, and even let out a comfortable squeak of satisfaction. He looked at Lin Han and bounced twice in his hand to express his joy, and Lin Han smiled back at him, then bent down and put him on the ground.

The little black hairy ball seemed to be really happy that the human it liked had sent the lost one to a familiar place and even followed it back. It had even started planning where to take this human to play and which of its friends to meet… 

Grr started rolling on the ground excitedly, but ended up not controlling his direction all of a sudden and lost control, rolling onto a pair of black military boots. He looked up, and his fur all over exploded again—

Everything was too good to be true, if it wasn’t for this human who was always fierce and moved to pick him up and quarrel. It didn’t hate He YunTing for no reason. It knew that this man wasn’t supposed to be a bad guy, but ever since He YunTing pressed Lin Han against the corner to mark him, Grr’s worldview had been refreshed.

But this creature’s worldview tends to rebuild quickly — after that one mark, Grr categorized He YunTing into the same creature category as itself. It probably understood that this man would go and bite Lin Han’s neck that day, biting that place he particularly liked — it must also be because he was attracted by that sweet fragrance.

Grr felt it very unfair, he also really liked the scent… It only dared to come up to rub and smell, this human actually directly bit through it. But Grr couldn’t fight He YunTing, so it could only helplessly accept that fact.

What it didn’t expect was that this bad human coveted the sweet fragrance, even if he actually followed his own example and went to rub Lin Han’s hand — and the key was to wait until Lin Han was asleep before rubbing!

Grr didn’t understand the difference between kissing and rubbing, but because of He YunTing’s action, it witnessed this scene several times but couldn’t do anything about it.

Rubbing Lin Han’s palm was just rubbing, and not the same as humans, it couldn’t even take advantage of him. Its contempt for He YunTing reached its peak when Grr saw it happening again last night.

He YunTing was obviously the same as it, a shrinking coward.

Or so Grr thought.

It couldn’t be in the same boat as He YunTing.

So Grr wanted to express its displeasure with He YunTing and was trying hard to turn his dark bean eyes into a slanted line to show his contempt. Unfortunately, its eyes were really too small, so no matter how much it squeezed, it couldn’t do that complicated expression, and had to give up. But it was impossible to lose its momentum, Grr short tail sprung up, it flicked away from He YunTing feet, showing a look of self-righteous “grimace”, determined to show his position with that attitude.

…It was a pity that He YunTing didn’t understand what it was trying to express.

Lin Han was a little softer, and Grr was also more clingy to him, so he slightly noticed the disagreement between one person and a furball, but he wouldn’t think that the root cause of this was himself. He stroked Grr’s tail when it returned to him, as a sign of appeasement.

Grr was finally happy again and decided to take Lin Han somewhere else today — unfortunately Lin Han had been carried on He YunTing’s back everywhere he went lately, which forced Grr to take one more pesky human with him.

This went on for two or three days.

The northern part of the Oddbound biosystem was considered the best ecological part of the planet, but the short days and long nights were still its hallmark. He YunTing had to prepare food for the next day first, so there wasn’t much time to accompany Grr around the planet.

According to He YunTing, some Oddbound creatures didn’t live in groups. For example, the Kudzuar Race liked to roll around aimlessly, and even if they had a habitat, they didn’t stay there all the time. Their biological nature wasn’t dependent on their parents, even if they were mammals, and after nursing a young Kudzuar race to a certain level, the parents would leave it.

The Kudzuar race seemed to prefer to make a variety of friends other than its parents. For example, the Kudzuar race liked the rarely seen humans.

These days Grr was getting more and more clingy to him, going from just rubbing his hands when he slept to almost burying himself in Lin Han’s clothes. Unfortunately, He YunTing recently didn’t notice this crime, and every day before going to bed, he had to observe whether these creatures were staring at him and Mr. Lin again, and had a very stifling time.

And one night, Lin Han had a dream again.

Unlike that gentle, déjà vu dream, this time the main character of the dream was still He YunTing, but the content was very different. In the dream, He YunTing wasn’t as gentle as he had been in the past few days, but Lin Han had the illusion that he was in heat again.

He didn’t know who took the initiative or who approached who first, but half of Lin Han’s consciousness was caught up in the dream, while the other half seemed to be awake, letting the dream continue despite knowing that everything was wrong.

This was the first time Lin Han woke up hot.

When he opened his eyes, He YunTing was still sleeping a few meters away from him. Even when he was sleeping, his brow was still lightly wrinkled, as if there were always too many things bothering him.

Lin Han wanted to get closer to soothe his brow, but was stalled by the dream he had just had.

——In the dream, they seemed like a couple who had known each other for a long time, hugging, kissing, and even making love, and he could even recall He YunTing’s gasping in his ear and his own active body.

It wasn’t that Lin Han hadn’t had such dreams over the years. He didn’t feel any shame about it either. But this time he had a partner in the dream and even when he woke up, the real reaction of his body didn’t subside.

It was clear that his rut had passed and it shouldn’t be possible for him to have such a desire. Lin Han tried to calm down and closed his eyes again, trying to force himself to fall asleep again. But the scenes in the dream kept coming back to him, and as soon as he closed his eyelids, all he could think of was He YunTing’s thin, cold lips, or the intensity of his intrusion.

Both… were horribly real.

Lin Han knew there was a state of mind called the drawbridge effect, but didn’t know if he should be right. Lin Han didn’t have time to think much about it.

The next day, not long after he had fallen asleep, he was awakened by a noise.

He YunTing woke up earlier than him, and didn’t have time to call Lin Han because he also heard that noise.

It was the long-lost sound of a mecha engine roaring. He YunTing’s expression returned to the seriousness and tension of his arrival in a flash.

From the sound, it seemed that there was only one mecha arriving, but the most critical issue was that, due to Lu AnHe’s previous warning, neither knew whether the other was a friend or foe until they revealed their true colors.

He YunTing wrinkled his brow and said to Lin Han, “Mr. Lin, follow me closely.”

Even in this situation, he still subconsciously wanted to protect him first.

The unusual feeling in Lin Han’s heart surfaced again, he gave a small “hmm” and continued to keep his eyes on him while He YunTing turned his head away.

They were still some distance away from where M2742 was docked, and since M2742 had run out of energy, it was just a cold, lifeless iron shell, with none of its functions activated, which meant it wouldn’t be discovered by hostile mecha.

But human life forms were unable to control their breathing and heartbeat on their own, so as long as the incoming mecha turned on the vital signs monitoring, it would be hard not to find them. After all this, Lin Han actually had nothing to panic about, and He YunTing remained calm and thought of a countermeasure in a very short time.

“Not directly using the arsenal to carry out the bombing, at least it shows that the pilots who are coming now don’t have the intention of direct extermination.” He YunTing said, “Their target must be only me, Mr. Lin, don’t be afraid.”

If it were a few days ago, Lin Han would have been eager to grab He YunTing’s hand and tell him he was fine. But now he was hesitant.

He YunTing didn’t think that much. Although he was still staring intently ahead, his right hand reached back a bit, grabbed a handful in the air, and finally managed to find Lin Han’s hand and hold it firmly again. Lin Han’s heart stirred, even though he hadn’t sorted out all his thoughts from those rules and regulations, even if he knew that the drawbridge effect was unjustifiable, in the end he still didn’t want to break away.

Just like the relationship between the two, they were also becoming gradually intimate in the past few days.

And within those few minutes, the mecha approached quickly — it turned on its vitals and spotted them. It quickly came to a stop in front of the two.

ThudThud and Grr didn’t expect to find more than one of these big iron shells, Grr disliked the dizzying mecha. It was a mecha that couldn’t be described as high grade.

Lin Han remembered that this batch of mecha was prepared for practical training, specifically for prospective pilots to use. Although one could connect the spiritual control, because there was no exclusive mecha like customizing a variety of functions, many operations may be limited. It all depended on the personal strength of the pilot.

The mecha looked a bit worn out, and although the mecha arm and arsenal was still intact, the body was full of signs of battle, cuts and wear almost all over. It looked like it had experienced a fierce battle.

The mecha bay popped open, and a pilot leaned against the pilot’s seat gasping for air, taking two seconds to get up from his position, jumping out of the mecha bay and walking step by step toward He YunTing.

He didn’t know if the pilot forgot or did it deliberately, he didn’t even take off his helmet when he walked out of the cabin. Fearing the latter, He YunTing’s eyes flinched, and the hand behind him holding Lin Han tightened.

But soon the pilot realized his mistake, stopped in his tracks, then quickly took off his helmet, revealing a handsome face. The other man’s forehead was still oozing blood, and he didn’t have time to wipe it, he just pinned his helmet to his side with his right arm, lowered his head, and gave a formal military salute to He YunTing.

“——Reporting to the General! Para-pilot Qi Jiamu, carrying out the order to come to the rescue.”

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May 3, 2022 11:51 am

I wonder what will happen next, is the rescuer a friend or foe? Thank you for the chapter ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Sue R
Sue R
May 3, 2022 12:41 pm

Finally, the rescuer has arrived, no matter friend or foe it’s still better to get out from planet the future has to be determined.

May 3, 2022 1:15 pm

I absolutely love Grr! Every time, his antics make me giggle and the ongoing competition with He YunTing is very funny. I can picture its fur exploding, like a puffer fish swelling up 😆
Seems Lin Han’s true feelings are coming to the fore in his dreams.
Thank goodness help has arrived, although one battered training mecha piloted by a soldier-in-training seems a little insufficient to be counted a ‘rescue party’. Hopefully more are on the way.
Thanks for translating and editing.

May 3, 2022 4:28 pm

Thanks for the chapter! 

May 3, 2022 4:47 pm

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July 26, 2023 4:42 pm

Btw, i really Grr and his competition with HYT😅

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