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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


In the dim light of the night, Jing Man got out of the car and slowly pushed the stroller home. When he opened the door, he saw Big Bear lying at the bedroom door again like a guardian spirit. When he found his master back, he just tilted his head to look at him and barked twice as a greeting.

He still refused to move from the bedroom door, and looked like he was going to defend his babies to the death.

Jing Man’s heart was warm and knew it wasn’t a waste of time to love this dog. The eggs haven’t hatched yet and he had transformed into a loyal dog. If he really had a sense of proportion, he would not hurt the children when he was not at home, then he could leave the bedroom door unlocked in the future. He still remembered that when the children were not yet here, every time he came home, Big Bear sat at the gate, waiting for his master with bated breath.

But after having the baby eggs, this golden retriever seemed to have suddenly grown up to understand the general, not at all wild like before.

He had such a warm-hearted temperament.

In some ways, he loved the babies even more than Jing Man.

After entering the room, Jing Man took the sleeping Xiao Jin out of the stroller. The little dragon child felt his father’s breath and looked at him with half-closed eyes, mumbling something in his mouth.

Jing Man just held a small ball of Xiao Jin, waiting for him to sleep again before putting him down.

When he turned around, Big Bear was looking at the nest of eggs with his head tilted up, unable to take his eyes off.

Jing Man walked over and lowered the position of the magnetic levitation bed so that Big Bear could also look at it levelly. Brushing his hands over the eggs one by one, Jing Man leaned over the golden retriever, whispering, “Look, Big Bear, these are Daddy’s babies, but they will look different from Xiao Jin after they hatch, so be prepared, don’t be scared when the time comes…”

Big Bear approached the nest of eggs, hanging its head and shrugging its nose, sniffing desperately. Then, he shoved his paw through the gap in the bed as if he wanted to touch the green treant egg.

Jing Man slapped his paws away and raised his eyebrows, “What are you doing? This is not a toy!”

“Ooooo …… woof ……” Seeming to defend oneself and provide an explanation, Big Bear’s face was anxious, and gave a small cry. He also used his head to arch Jing Man’s hand, trying to get him to touch the treant’s egg.

Animals are indeed more sensitive than humans in some aspects, and Jing Man became alert to this unusual situation. He took the green egg out and nervously took the temperature monitor he bought from the Rose store and measured it. It showed that the eggshell temperature was normal, not rising, and should not be hatching.

This was a relief. Jing Man put the treant egg back and rubbed the dog’s head.

Jing Man, “Big Bear, don’t be paranoid, he’s not ready to hatch yet, you really scared me.”

Before going to bed, he remembered the co-parenting agreement he signed today.

So, he got up, took a video of each egg and dragon child, and sent it to Mu CangZhou.


Mu CangZhou had just returned to the hotel and was having some heart palpitations. Before Dr. Lin sent him several summons reminders, he thought they were scams. He didn’t take it to heart at all and thought about going in search of Jing Man himself.

But having said that, the two spent all their time together in the transmigration world, and he had never remembered Jing Man’s specific home address. To find him on his own was undoubtedly a needle in a haystack!

And if he didn’t figure out what’s going on now at the police station, he would have definitely acted overly intimate when he met the twenty-year-old Jing Man.

Imagine a man suddenly showing affection to a twenty-year-old fresh meat, saying: I am your future lover, you do not remember at all because of amnesia…

That picture was too beautiful, he dared not look…

If this really happened, he would 100% be treated as a psychopath and left with a bad impression as well! The two of them would be finished for life!

They officially met in the year 3022, which was two years later. By 3022, Sky Blue Star’s traversal technology was completely perfected. Sky Blue Star also successfully joined a certain intelligent galaxy and established the Sky Blue Star Fast Traveling Branch.

At that time, the whole planet was abuzz with the selection of the first batch, the volunteers to go to the new world.

Mu CangZhou was tired of egg breeding base life, made some significant contribution to humanity, enrolled and was bailed out. Jing Man, on the other hand, had just graduated from college and was somewhat interested, so his father passed on his volunteer spot to him.

The first batch of volunteers consisted of 100 people.

Among these hundred people, the system helped them both to draw each other. From then on, they became partners, shuttling between worlds to complete tasks.

The type of transmigration was soul transmigration, and scientists used their body cells in advance to grow a body adapted to that world so that their minds have a place to land.

The first world was called the Dragon’s Realm, and the goal of the mission was to protect a certain kind of dragon race from extinction. The mission took about two years to complete.

The two of them gradually became close friends in the company of each other.

He clearly remembered that it was in the second world – the Forest of Trees – that the two were completely in love…

By the time 3032 came, the two had known each other for ten years together. They completed six worlds of quick transmigration tasks perfectly. Finally, they decided to let the thrilling and exciting time first come to an end and take a long vacation.

So, they decided to use the bodies of these six worlds and raised six egglets of different races.

And then return to their original world – the Sky Blue Star, to raise their children. But for some unknown reasons, the two did not return to the Sky Blue Star in the year 3032, but to the year 3020, when they still did not know each other.

Mu CangZhou was helpless to be sure – Jing Man somehow lost the memory of these twelve years and didn’t remember himself at all. However, it was good that he still recognized the children.

They had talked about this aspect before, and Jing Man said he was afraid of commitment and talking about the future when he was twenty years old. So, leaving the kids behind had gone against his character then.

From this, it was clear that the Jing Man now was not the Jing Man who was only twenty years old, but his lover who had lost his memory of twelve years.

Mu CangZhou was not sure if Jing Man’s memory would come back, but it would be interesting to rebuild the emotional bond with him again.

If Jing Man could remember everything, that would be great.

But if Jing Man’s memory was completely lost, he would forget these 12 years for the rest of his life. Then, Mu CangZhou would also have the sense to not mention it, just like him, forget all about it, and protect the children and their father wholeheartedly.

When negotiating today, fortunately he reacted quickly. Otherwise, Jing Man would be frightened, and things would not end well.

The show was complete, since he said he was a midwife, then he could only honestly be a midwife!

Mu CangZhou leaned on the bed and opened his personal terminal, and flipped through the column of professional certificates for half a day. After that, he showed his Gold Midwife Certificate to the public.

He opened the midwife website and started to register as a practicing midwife in TianYuan District. The process went very smoothly, he had a beautiful profile, filled out some forms, and was inducted without a hitch.

Mu CangZhou chose to work at Garden Road, so if someone’s egg was going to hatch nearby, the star network would push him to the parents of the egg. After doing this, Mu CangZhou cut to the message notification page and saw a somewhat familiar advertising message –

[June Snow Live reminds you: there is a new live room nearby, click on it to see.

No, he understands the reason.

The little golden dragon on the cover of the ad, why did it look like his eldest son?

I can’t imagine missing my son’s live debut for the second time after I almost missed the police summons!

Mu CangZhou was discouraged and entered the live stream room, which had long been off air to find out what was going on.

Seeing the ID – Baby’s Breath and His Babies, he was instantly enlightened that this was really Jing Man’s live studio…

Suppressing the grumpy emotions in his heart, he gave the live room two of the most expensive snow mountains.

He finally also felt addicted to Jing Man and his son, and threw money to become an ice king.

Seeing the announcement that Jing Man wanted small snowflakes, Mu CangZhou again began to seriously hang around online for hours to receive many small snowflakes.

During this time, many people poured into the inactive live room, saying that they had come to play cards and buy a house here.

The amount of attention on Jing Man had been rising silently.


After closing the live room, Jing Man was so busy that he didn’t think to open it again.

He didn’t notice Mu CangZhou hit the money list at all, or even the wave of new fans.1

The next day, holding Big Bear in his left hand and pushing the stroller with his right hand, he went ahead to dine at Long’s restaurant.

Long Gui, with her usual smile, took him into the private room.

While waiting for Jing Man to order his food, she played with Xiao Jin for a while.

After that, Long Gui raised her eyes and said, “Mr. Xiao Jing, did you know that your live streaming room was on fire last night?”

Jing Man looked at her with uncertainty, “I livestream in the afternoon, but not at night.”

Long Gui smiled, “It seems you don’t know hahaha. Last night, a tycoon gave you two snow mountains, opened the ice king annual fee, and attracted a lot of people to see the show.” Then, she tentatively asked, “By the way, does Mr. Jing’s family have six hatchling eggs?”

When he heard the previous sentence, Jing Man thought that maybe the child’s other father found his live room and came to play.

A little gift was not a big deal.

Only when he heard the next sentence did he start to be surprised and his eyes widened.

Jing Man asked, “How did you know?”

Long Gui was surprised, “It seems to be true! Do you remember on the 28th, Officer Chen from the Garden Road Police Station went to your house with Dr. Lin!”

Ah! So this is the reason! Jing Man remembered, Officer Chen said, now the police information must be recorded and released to the public! He also did not have the heart to order slowly, directly applying the last menu.

Then, he used his personal terminal to open his live room.

A little bit in, he immediately saw last night someone named – [Child’s Father]’s gift giving messages and becoming the ice king.

He thought this behavior was strange and childish. Jing Man checked the follower count.

His followers had risen to 57,392, and he remembered that he only had about four hundred when he went off air yesterday.

And these fans didn’t look like zombie fans at a glance, they were all alive. Then, he opened the message history, which was almost full of messages. After flipping for a while, he finally knew what was going on.

A small group of people came to receive the snow mountain rewards and king’s rewards for the June Snow live stream, the whole service announcement. Most of them came by the recommendation of a person called [Immortal Little Jade Rabbit], who had seen the police dispatch video on the 28th and was fascinated by Xiao Jin.

Many people left messages confessing their love for the sticky father’s Xiao Jin, and also asked about the other baby eggs. The wood has already become a boat2, this playful nature of the live room actually became a little hot, Jing Man tsked.

With strong curiosity, he opened the official website of the Garden Road Police Department and searched for the police video. He was surprised to find that after only a few days, this video had more than 800,000 views!

But put yourself in the shoes of a passerby.

If there was such a rare and fresh, inexplicable, hot news of six race hatchling eggs, he would also want to see the excitement. After thinking about it, Jing Man crinkled a pair of peach blossom eyes and took Xiao Jin out of the stroller.

The dragon child, who had started to consume powdered milk, smelled very good with a sweet milk scent. As always, he loved his father’s touch, and after being touched he happily burrowed into his arms.

“Daddy hugs, Daddy hugs Xiao Jin.”

After Mu CangZhou walked into the restaurant he found yesterday with his suitcase, his ears were sharp when he heard what sounded like his oldest son’s pouting voice. After listening carefully, he found that it was indeed Xiao Jin!

His eyes widened slightly and he was quite surprised.

It turned out that the number of times he missed Jing Man ….was more than twice, plus Long’s, it was more than three!

Long Gui saw the fresh-faced customer from afar hear the voice of the dragon child and was going to rush into the private room, and hurried to speed up the pace. Her tone was serious to the front, blocking his figure, “Sir, there are people here, I’ll take you to change seats.”

As a result, Mr. Xiao Jing in the room heard the noise and looked at the door to take a peek.

After seeing the visitor, he opened the door and said with a smile, “Ah, Sister Long it’s fine. This is Xiao Jin’s other father.”


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Translator Notes:

  1. What Mu CangZhou is doing is called 空刷 (literally empty brush/swipe). It is to give gifts to an anchor that is offline. People do this to show their interest and leave their name on the anchor’s list of all who sent gifts, big or small. Large contributions tend to be broadcasted across the website, with the name of the gifter and host. This is called a 跑道 (runway). Big spenders may use this method to attract people to the offline room and increase the anchor’s popularity.
  2. 木已成舟: What is done cannot be undone


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It must be hard for Mu CangZhou; he has the memories of 12 long years and is in love, whilst Jing Man has completely forgotten him.
I hope he gets his memory back eventually, but will enjoy MCZ’s courting him all over again, in the meantime 🤗
Thanks for translating and editing.

May 3, 2022 4:13 pm

Thanks for the chapter! Now it’s all a little clearer, especially why switched gears to “strangers mode”. He was being considerate of his lover & doesn’t want to burden him! I feel like ML will enjoy playing “falling in love again”.

May 3, 2022 8:45 pm

What a suprise😱😱😱they worked together to complete transmigration world beforehand😱😱😱

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And I was wondering why he didn’t know his beloved adress~ Interesting and complicated, nice! ^^

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