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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Lin Han originally thought that he could quickly recover his physical and mental strength, and soon return to his post. But he never thought it would be more difficult than he thought.

It had been three days since he returned from the border area, Lin Han used a larger dose of nutrients every day according to the base hospital. Every time, after using the nutrients, he began to have a physiological rejection of food, his body wasn’t hungry when it smelled food, but subconsciously regurgitated.

The first day he arrived home, his colleagues from the Research Institute came to visit him, and the next day Shen XiuNan visited him again. Lin Han felt that he should be happy. After all, he had finally resumed his normal life, and no longer had to wear gloves to hear the voices he didn’t want to hear.

But he was still upset.

He thought of Qi Jiamu’s plea, and Xu Zhiheng he met the other day.

Lin Han met Xu Zhiheng for the first time that day, and he was no different from the gentle professor he remembered. When they shook hands, his hands were thick, and his movements were polite but not excessive, exactly as he remembered. In the days when he wasn’t at work, Lin Han, who never cared about politics, began to watch the news every day, trying to acquire new information.

The base was incredibly quiet, even the well-informed Shen XiuNan couldn’t hear anything. The only thing that he could be sure of was that He YunTing was back, and the actions in the open and in the dark must be restrained, and his men were no longer taken away for various reasons, but unified back to the team.

He YunTing was praised daily in the news for the ferocity of the battle, and called it simply amazing that he had held up so long in the borderlands without supplies or energy.

The Zerg invasion seemed like a complete and utter accident, no one mentioned that He YunTing was going to leave the warship when he was nearly stabbed. No one knew that there was a group of innocent Omega being hurt and was still unknown where they were. Or that the drill accident was just hastily omitted and a lightly accountable person involved was revealed before He YunTing returned.

All the conspiracies were still in the unseen places, and the Empire on the surface was still thriving. Wen TianYao was still the pro-people prince, and the General was still the indestructible hero. No one would remember a certain man who could modify the systemic sound of the mecha by himself, who would softly hum a ballad whose name he couldn’t remember before going into battle.

The news was still on, and Lin Han thought about it, glancing over at the little guy who was huddled under a blanket, staring intently at a virtual display. The climate in the core of the Empire was milder, and the temperature difference between day and night wasn’t as great as that of Oddbound, which should be a good thing, but it took two days for Grr to get the hang of it, and his body just couldn’t quite get used to it yet.

Lin Han brought him a blanket, let him shrink into it when it was cold, and when it was hot, he went to the balcony. One way or another, Grr finally adapted.

And food was also a problem.

Lin Han started to search for what food was available for Grr in the Empire, but the results popped up in a variety of ways, so Lin Han could only find a few options that seemed more reliable, and bought them online one by one for him to try.

Sometimes Lin Han himself didn’t know if Grr would eat those foods, so he took a few containers and put them into different categories and let him try them himself.

Although Lin Han had told him many times that the things he prepared were safe, Grr still had distrust of various foods — after all, many of the good-looking and tasty fruits on his own planet before were often lethally poisonous.

If he saw a food that he liked at first glance, Grr would first reach out and try to dip a little taste with his paws, if the taste was to his liking, Grr’s eyes would instantly light up, but because of the fear of ‘poison,’ he’d stall.

But it really liked it, and would first ruthlessly go to eat something else, forcing itself not to touch this food, and then go far away, lick a little water to moisten its throat, and then turn around, trying not to look at these foods. The end result was always the same — Grr would still compromise for the food he liked, then squirm and gather up his limbs, roll to the container and start feasting.

In addition to the caution about food, there was another issue that Lin Han was puzzled by. It still had an unknown animosity towards He YunTing. Just by looking at the pictures or videos of He YunTing scrolling on the news every day, Grr would get angry at him.

Lin Han wanted to ask it, but hesitated. What was He YunTing doing now, when will they meet again, and how much of each other’s previous promises were remembered?

Lu AnHe didn’t contact him again, nor did Lin Han rush to the base to collect his things. Lin Han wondered if that room was still there, and if the star was still there. But his hands were tied, one was afraid that his body wasn’t yet well enough to affect others, but most importantly, he wasn’t willing to actively connect to He YunTing’s communicator.

The two didn’t have time to say goodbye that day, He YunTing threw himself into the pile of headache; and Lu AnHe took Lin Han directly to the hospital, and in the end, he wasn’t able to talk to He YunTing.

It was clear that they had experienced life and death together, but now they were separated by something, and it became strange to even initiate conversation. Lin Han was afraid that Grr would be lonely and wanted to take the little one to the zoo in the Q district of the Empire after he recovered.

Although the little one came here voluntarily, Lin Han was still afraid of owing it. But before that, Lin Han didn’t expect to get sick first.

Although Lin Han was already trying to force himself to eat more or less after experiencing the cruel living conditions in the border area, he still inevitably got a fever.

The Empire’s medical system was so well developed that all one needed to do was submit an application online and the data on bodily functions would be transmitted to the medical platform, which would then determine whether further treatment was needed based on the condition, or choose according to the patient’s wishes.

Lin Han was all over the place, but after all, there were no other major problems. In the end, he was reluctant to go to the hospital and took medicine at home to sleep and wait for the fever to go down.

After he ate, he gave Grr the news and curled up on the couch to rest himself. He thought to himself that fever wasn’t a serious illness, and that he would feel a little uncomfortable tonight, but would be much better after waking up. But at the moment, Lin Han was so drowsy, so weak, that the lights in the living room cast double shadows, spilling down with a hot temperature, making him start to sweat uncomfortably.

Grr wanted to jump on him, but was startled by the amazing temperature when he brushed against Lin Han’s forehead, and his fur exploded all over his body, as he was shaking in panic, and then cautiously came to Lin Han’s hand.

Lin Han gently patted its head, “I’m just resting. I’m going to bed early today, it’s okay.”

Grr seemed to understand, but decided to come closer to Lin Han, who was breathing hot air, and wanted to keep him company.

Lin Han’s heart warmed up, “Thank you.”

He didn’t know how many times he had said thank you to this little creature, but it never felt enough. Even though it couldn’t speak, Lin Han felt that he was being carefully loved.

The medication he took earlier began to take effect, and his consciousness began to lapse. When he was about to be defeated, Lin Han looked up at the window and forced himself to wake up a little.

Grr also liked to look out the window, and Lin Han was worried that the little one would run around and have an accident after he fell asleep, so he checked every day before going to bed to make sure the window was closed, for fear that the little one would accidentally pop out.

Lin Han rubbed his eyes and sat up, dragging his body, burned by the cold, towards the window. The night sky of the Empire was still dull and boring today. After seeing the infinite nebulae, Lin Han suddenly felt that the starry sky was just so-so.

The cold breeze that came in woke Lin Han up a bit, and after checking to make sure there was nothing out of order, he planned to close the curtains and go back to sleep. When he was about to go back, he inadvertently glanced downstairs and was stunned, and all his sleepiness dissipated.

There was a man standing under the lamp, wearing the pale blue uniform that Lin Han had worn many times, silently melting into the night. He YunTing had been looking at Lin Han’s lighted window, so the two barely had time to react before they met at eye level across a short distance.

At one moment, Lin Han even felt that all the viruses in his body that made him feel uncomfortable came up in a rush, so that he could hardly stand up and was about to be knocked down by this burst of heat.

He wanted to ask him when he came, how the base was doing. Has the practical training been resolved? Did he know who actually sent the Zerg, and who stole Xu Zhiheng’s research and restarted the research of the Burning Blood Omega?

Lin Han opened his mouth at the man, but couldn’t make a sound. He wanted to ask if he was okay. It was only a few days after the separation, but Lin Han couldn’t even speak.

He didn’t know how long He YunTing had been waiting downstairs, and if he hadn’t unintentionally glanced down, he wouldn’t have known he had come.

And had he been here before? Did he appear in places he didn’t notice? Did he wait in the endless night, until all the lights around him went out? Waiting until the people who regarded him a hero went to sleep, then waiting for his fever to subside without involving himself?

He remembered that time was the most precious thing to He YunTing, but he was now willing to waste it in this unnecessary dark night, not saying a word, only staring at the light of that one window, not even knowing when it would dim.

But He YunTing was really waiting.

The stars in the sky were sinking into the deep blue sea with the color of his eyes.

Lin Han wanted to shout at him, but due to his hoarse vocal cords, he couldn’t make a loud enough sound. He YunTing also didn’t move his eyes, only looking up at Lin Han’s bloodless lips and cheeks that were steamed pink from the fever.

The next second, his communicator rang.

Lin Han’s voice appeared with electricity in his ears, and the image in front of him was vividly alive.

“He YunTing,” Lin Han didn’t call him by his title as usual, but called him by his full name for the first time in a long time. “He YunTing,” Lin Han said, “are you coming up?”

Lin Han suddenly felt that he was no different from Grr.

He calmly listed a number of conditions for himself to stay away from He YunTing, such as the awkwardness of their first meeting, those strange thoughts, and the drawbridge effect to convince himself at the border area. But He YunTing was like a container of fresh and delicious food that he had never touched before, and it was impossible for him not to be attracted to it.

So all those rules that he thought were logical before fell apart, and Lin Han looked at the man under the streetlight. The man just stood there looking at him, finally nodding. Lin Han was like that little black fur ball at home, getting closer and closer, like a moth to a flame.


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May 6, 2022 1:21 pm

It really irks me that all the terrible things that happened and lives lost, have been swept under carpet. Plus calling the Zerg attack an accident is disgraceful!
Grr, on the other hand, is so cute. I hope he will adapt, be safe and happy; not lonely 😔
When will Lin Han’s health improve and why has his body been rejecting food?
I’ve a feeling He YunTing is feeling the same; that he’s the moth and Lin Han the flame.
Thanks for translating and editing.

May 6, 2022 7:39 pm

At least Lin Han has the cute Grr to keep him company, but this conspiracy has to be resolved soon so LH and HYT can be together forever. Thanks for the chapter!

Wang yi
Wang yi
August 4, 2022 9:41 am

Este comentario estará en Español o Espanish para los de habla inglesa.
La verdad me gustaría escuchar en este capítulo la balada de Jiang, esto me hace recordar que pudo haber sido así en la primera y segunda Guerra mundial, había un soldado que maro a muchos otros pero sólo recordaron con detalle al que hizo las bajas, nunca pensaron en que las bajas, esedigito más, tenía sueños y familia….

January 4, 2023 7:30 pm

All those lives lost and the only people who will remember them are those who lived it with them the life and death situation 😭

July 3, 2023 7:56 am

prayers for the unsung heroes. in fictions, for readers to remember them. and in real life, may they be placed beside the god in heaven.
hope their sacrifice won’t go to waste. and the truth will be revealed soon.

ah. furball is so cute! i want to feed him with durian and see it’s reaction 😂

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