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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze


As soon as he noticed the movement of the second child, Jing Man rushed to the window and shouted, “Old Mu, the second child is about to be born!”

Within a few minutes, Mu CangZhou suppressed his excitement and arrived at Jing’s house with the tools and instruments to assist the birth. The two of them worked together to move the second child, who was making loud noises, gently yet quickly from the suspended bed to the big bed.

Lest the magnitude of his hatching movements would be too great and affect the other four youngsters.

This egg was slightly larger than the other ones, green and always emitting the vitality of plants. Jing Man felt that he could smell the faint scent of the forest through the shell. The little one inside seemed to be in no hurry to come out, breaking the shell slowly and methodically.

He chiseled the egg shell for a while and rested for a while.

Jing Man didn’t understand why. He remembered that Xiao Jin made a lot of noise when he broke the shell, and it didn’t take long to break the shell from the inside, revealing the spider web pattern on the top.

Now the little treant, as if undecided where to burrow out, made a faint “kara-kara” sound, one moment under the eggshell and the next halfway up the shell. If he didn’t put his strength into one place, he wouldn’t be able to break the shell.

Mu CangZhou saw the curiosity on his face and explained, “The treant usually breaks the shell from the bottom and then puts roots in the egg shell to absorb the nutrients slowly, don’t worry.”

Hearing this, Jing Man suddenly realized and laughed a little. He had looked up a lot of treant’s characteristics in the past few days. This was indeed said by many people, and he forgot about it in a moment of nervousness.

Seeing everyone gathered around, the small pale golden dragon child playing on the side began to wonder. He put down the toys in his hands, walked over at a steady pace, and skillfully got into Jing Man’s arms. Pointing to the green egg on the bed, he asked, “Daddy, is my younger sibling coming out?”

Xiao Jin had finished learning all the lessons of the language pack AI in the past few days, and could make some short sentences by himself.

Jing Man helped Xiao Jin sort out his clothes, and the toys and supplies he exchanged from the June Snow platform arrived, so he was dressed like a little furry golden retriever, which was especially cute.

Jing Man nodded, his peach blossom eyes filled with joy, “Yes, didn’t I tell you? Your sibling is a treant.”

Mu CangZhou looked at his eldest son and seized the time to teach, “Xiao Jin, when the second child is born, you will be their big brother. Take care of them and love them, and of course they will love and respect you.”

“Big Bear is my big brother!” Xiao Jin glanced at Mu CangZhou and made a face for Jing Man where he couldn’t see him. Then, he turned his head to look for the golden retriever, and found that the dog was not around. Pulling the corners of his mouth to pull Jing Man’s collar, “Brother is gone!”

Only then did Mu CangZhou realize that something was wrong. The dog, who was usually wildly cheerful and warmly welcomed guests, was nowhere to be seen. Before he could ask, Jing Man smiled and said, “My parents have a golden retriever named Jing Xiang, and the two dogs are a pair. They see each other every once in a while, and today my dad was home and picked Big Bear up early in the morning.”

At these words, Mu CangZhou was surprised. Jing Man seldom mentioned his family to him before, and every time he did, the expression on his face would change slightly, showing his displeasure.

He didn’t expect the twenty-year-old to not care about this, it seemed that at this time this was not a taboo topic. He wanted to know more about Jing Man’s family, but now that the second baby was hatching, it was not a good time to gossip.

Seeing that the second baby hadn’t moved for ten minutes, Mu CangZhou put on his stethoscope, applied it to the eggshell, and began to do an examination.

Seeing Mu CangZhou start to use the instrument, Jing Man was a little nervous, “Is everything okay?” 

Mu CangZhou made a gesture of calm and listened carefully. After a while, he smiled, “The second baby has drilled a hole at the bottom. It should be almost drilled out, but we can’t see it.”

In that case, then for a moment he did not dare to move, Jing Man hugged Xiao Jin and walked to the side to check the camera’s video situation. He saw that half of Mu CangZhou’s body was in the camera and thought, not okay, we can’t let this good-looking man steal the thunder from the kids!

While Jing Man was debugging the camera, the second child secretly completely chiseled under the eggshell. The little treant timidly stretched out only a small, few centimeters long, arm made of wood, groping the quilt.

After finding that they couldn’t feel anything, they let out a soft sigh. The hand retracted, extending a longer flowering branch, slowly exploring outward, and finally impartially wrapped around Mu CangZhou’s fingers.

The native form of the treant was not like a tree, more like a finely carved puppet figure, what was more special was a flowering branch that could extend from anywhere on the body.

This flowering branch was as long as the entire wooden figurine, and could be shifted and moved at will according to the intention.

At the egg breeding base, Mu CangZhou had delivered many young eggs, including many of the treant race. He should not be so nervous.

However, when his fingers were grabbed by the young branch of his second child, his forehead still indisputably seeped out a thin sweat, and his body froze, fearing he would do something wrong to make their flowering branch hurt.

Although, he knew clearly in his heart that this branch was completely plant, just like ordinary people’s hair or nails. It didn’t matter if it was bumped and broken, or if the flower wilted off, the treant wouldn’t feel pain and it could grow back.

However, he still couldn’t help but feel the tip of his heart trembling, couldn’t help but feel pain from the thought of hurting his little baby’s first flowering branch wrapped around his fingers.

He quietly put his wrist over, and let them wrap around him.

“ManMan, come here.” His voice was very low, with a smile.

Jing Man studied the camera for half a day and found that it seemed too intelligent.

No matter how he adjusted, it focused only on Mu CangZhou and would not change to where he wanted. Hearing the sound he walked over and saw such a scene.

A thin, about ten centimeters, pink and white flower buds from a reddish-brown peach blossom branch, from the broken bottom of the lime green eggshell was wrapped around the man’s wrist loosely as if he wore a special garland.

He squatted down and gently stroked the flower branch, pretending to count there, “One, two, three, four, the second baby has grown four flower buds.”

Mu CangZhou smiled, “Generally, the flowering branches of treants are three or four flower buds, and will become more later.”

During the conversation, Xiao Jin discovered this new thing without noticing. He leapt out of Jing Man’s arms, pulled the flower branch from his father’s wrist and brought it to the tip of his nose to sniff it, and tried to chew it in his mouth, almost knocking off the second child’s eggshell.

This action scared the little treant in the eggshell, and they took control of the flower branch to shrink back into the eggshell, and then refused to move again.

From then on, they began to pretend to be a ‘vegetable.’

They were so close! The second child was almost ready to break out of its shell!

Jing Man could not calm down. He suppressed his anger and picked up Xiao Jin, who had grown to the length of his arm. He looked directly into his golden brown eyes, and his tone was serious and unquestionable, “Xiao Jin, is this how you treat your younger sibling? Big Bear didn’t bully you as an older brother?”

Seeing this, Mu CangZhou pulled on his sleeve, “Hey, it’s okay. Don’t worry, the second child will come out later.”

Xiao Jin did not understand what he had done wrong, his father had clearly said that his sibling was a treant, so what did they have to do with a branch! Yes! The branch was resting on his father’s wrist, so it must be his father’s fault! He added another stroke to Mu CangZhou in his heart.

“Xiao Jin did not, did not bully his sibling.” The dragon child raised his eyes to his father, his voice indignant.

He also argued, Jing Man hated to continue to educate, “If you did not bully your sibling, then why did you pull their branch? If your paws are itchy, go pinch a toy.”

At this, Xiao Jin stopped pouncing, turned his head to look at the green egg, eyes complex, “The branch is my younger sibling?

Jing Man, “Of course it’s your sibling, sticking out of their eggshell, what is it if not your sibling? Look how you scared them, they went back into their egg.”

Well… That was indeed a mistake on his part. Xiao Jin lowered his head in shame and looked like he was at your disposal, whispering, “Daddy, I’m sorry.”

“It’s good to know that you’re wrong. Don’t bully your sibling again.” The good little dragon was the one who could change his ways. Seeing that he was going to cry, Jing Man was also a little intolerant, he put him down and stroked him twice on the head. Softening his tone, “Xiao Jin, go apologize to your sibling, and then persuade them not to be afraid and to hatch out early, okay?”

The dragon child nodded and agreed, crawled over and looked at his father and dad, and raised his paws, signaling them to stay away.

After the two left, Xiao Jin muttered to the discouraged second child, his voice was so small that it was inaudible.

Jing Man could faintly hear: daddy, father, ra, very good, delicious…

All the words the dragon child couldn’t say were replaced with ‘ra’. Jing Man smiled helplessly, he did not think the tree baby could understand the dragon’s mutterings. However, Xiao Jin was actually a good lobbyist, and it wasn’t long before the two fathers watched as the second child slowly extended the flowering branch from the breach under the eggshell. They also showed their tiny log-colored right hand and began to pull at the edge of the eggshell.

Both fathers and big brother cheered on the second child and watched them stop and rest.

After the little tree completely crawled out of the eggshell, looking at the small wooden body and face, which was somewhat similar to Jing Man and Mu CangZhou, the boulder in Jing Man’s heart finally fell.

The second child was a humanoid, but a wooden humanoid, less than fifteen centimeters in size, surrounded by a light wood color, like newborn tender bark, bright and smooth. They were so timid that they hid behind Xiao Jin and peeked out their head to see their fathers.

The unscrupulous father squinted his eyes and glanced somewhere and asked Mu CangZhou in his ear, “Is the second child a son or a daughter? I can’t tell.”

Mu CangZhou laughed a little and followed his example by coming close to his ear and his hot breath swept over. The low voice came into Jing Man’s ears, “Look at the flower branch, they are a peach tree sub-race, regardless of gender.”

Jing Man raised his eyebrows and asked, “What about when they become human?”

That’s a bit exciting.

Mu CangZhou, “Even when they become human, they will be gender fluid.”

Gender fluidity was something Jing Man had heard of before, sometimes male, sometimes female, can be male or female! The second child was both!1


The author has something to say: 

Mua mua little angels!


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Translator Notes:

  1. The second baby is referred with 他 pronoun in an ambiguous/gender-neutral sense. It can technically be used for any human-being! (Pronouns like 她 and 祂 were added later in history.) Editor apologizes in advance if any inconsistency goes unnoticed!


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