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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“Boss… I mean, General.” Having witnessed everything, Lu AnHe shuddered and opened his mouth.

General He tasted caramel for the first time in his life and used licking, chewing, etc. quite meticulously to determine that this was the sweet aroma he had smelled before. He put down the spoon and glanced at Lu AnHe indifferently, “?”

Lu AnHe looked at him like he was about to die, “Is the creme brulee good?”

Has his boss finally decided to change his face, give up his puritanism and decide to embrace the good life?

“It’s okay.” He YunTing said coldly, as if he wasn’t the one who had just asked the other for two.

Lu AnHe observed that the second creme brulee General He had only cracked open and tasted the surface, eating only the top and continued to ask, “Is this one good?”

“It’s okay.” The General’s tone remained calm and unruffled, but his eyes paused for a moment after touching where Lu AnHe was pointing, and then questioned, “What’s this?”

“…” Lu AnHe was dumbfounded for a long time before he answered, “Caramel.”

A general of the empire, who owned Selna Manor, could drive the highest class mecha of the empire, participated in countless battles, and was highly decorated, had actually only heard about caramel for the first time at his own celebration. Lu AnHe thought, if this matter was told to others, it would be lucky if one out of a thousand people would be willing to believe it.

“It’s so-so.” After getting the answer, He YunTing continued to give an answer that was the same as the previous question.

Lu AnHe gave an “Oh”, thinking that his boss was still the same person who ate everything with the same taste. Boring.

“Get another one for me.” He YunTing, who had just commented that it was okay, spoke again.

Lu AnHe: ?

Didn’t you say it was so-so?

He took the tray and stood up, ready to get a few more creme brulees for his leader, and while he was at it, he also got himself some more desserts.

When he came back, he saw a man with half-white hair, dressed in fine clothes, raising his glass and leaning towards He YunTing.

Lu AnHe wasn’t surprised and greeted him, “Hello Mr. Jiang.”

The man called Mr. Jiang warmly nodded to Lu AnHe and approached He YunTing again, “I just arrived, General it was a great victory so I specially came to toast.”

He YunTing wasn’t moved, only raised his chin imperceptibly, his expression was almost a little light-hearted.

He seemed to be accustomed to He YunTing’s cold attitude when dealing with compliments, and his enthusiasm didn’t wane as he continued to talk, “I heard that this time, the fight against the Star Pirates was a great success, and if the General hadn’t come out, it might have been a long time before the surrounding small planets were deemed safe.”

He YunTing didn’t even give him a look this time.

Lu AnHe, a professional in picking up the pieces, raised his glass, “Thank you, Mr. Jiang, for your kindness. Then I’ll drink for the General.”

“Lieutenant Colonel Lu is very kind.” He naturally followed the cue given by Lu AnHe, drank the wine in his hand, and then smoothly began to praise Lu AnHe, “You’re also a young talented man with a good appearance, the Empire is lucky to have people like you, so we can enjoy peace at home in peace, and the General can also recuperate for a while longer…”

Before the words were finished, a slightly sarcastic voice came from the side again, “Yo, Mr. Jiang is here to toast again.” 

Lu AnHe turned around and responded with ease, “Ah, if it isn’t Mr. Luo…”

The man also brought a glass of wine, but hit a wall, he didn’t make a fool of himself with He YunTing, but held up a glass to Lu AnHe and waved it, “I’ll drink myself, Lieutenant Colonel Lu feel free.”

Jiang Lian, the first person to make a toast, looked clearly unhappy, “I hope Mr. Luo will have some sense and not interrupt people at will.”

The other side wasn’t willing to show weakness, “Who doesn’t know what you have in mind, but just here to say some mindless words again…”

Seeing that the two people in front of him were going to argue again, Lu AnHe, although his face was smiling, didn’t say anything to persuade them, but took a step back.

He YunTing seemed to be completely blind to the two people in front of him, glanced at the two caramel baked sweet and tempting puddings that Lu AnHe had just brought to him, and finally frowned in dissatisfaction.

His face was well-defined, his eyebrows were deep and aggressive, and his military uniform gave his already cold appearance a layer of blasphemous frost.

He YunTing was originally the strongest Alpha in the empire, and his strong spiritual power and pheromone made him an irrepressible oppressor of others, so when he showed his displeasure, it was subconsciously more intimidating.

The two people who were about to get into a fight saw He YunTing’s suddenly cold face and lost all their temper.

“General He…” Jiang Lian also wanted to remedy the situation, but unfortunately He YunTing stood up, his cold stern eyebrows swept over the two, before he walked away with a body full of cold air.

Lu AnHe followed behind, “In a couple of days they may come back to the manor. Boss, don’t take it to heart, I will help you get rid of them.”

In the imperial system, the Emperor was naturally the supreme helmsman, and was the center of power, so the royal family was naturally the most honored existence in the Empire.

Of course the parliament was also an extremely important component, and since there was a parliament, there was also the strife of the various classes. Among them were the moderate peacemakers and the radical warriors, who quarreled endlessly every day.

He YunTing, however, was strong enough not to be subordinated to either faction, so he became the subject of daily battles between the two parties.

Jiang Lian, of the peace faction, and Luo Qi, of the war faction, worked hard every day to bring the General into their party, but unfortunately He YunTing was very arrogant, not listening to anyone and ignoring everyone, maintaining an awkward and delicate neutral position.

Lu AnHe left the main hall with He YunTing, but he was still curious to ask, “Boss, they haven’t even fought today, why are you so angry?”

He YunTing should have been accustomed to it, usually ignored it and been done with it, but today he looked inexplicably angrier.

He YunTing didn’t say anything, the corners of his lips pursed very tightly.


What is he angry about?

Lu AnHe pondered what else had happened tonight while entering the hovercar with He YunTing. Lu AnHe, who couldn’t figure it out in the end, turned on the pilot system, adjusted the orientation, and fished a candy from his carry-on pocket, eating it while thinking. However, before he finished eating, He YunTing, who had been silent beside him, suddenly spoke and called his name.

Lu AnHe answered, “What’s wrong?”

He YunTing’s face wasn’t good, as he took off his military cap and his silver hair was slightly scattered, “The thing just now, was it called caramel?”

Lu AnHe didn’t expect the topic to change so quickly and replied, “Yeah.”

“Start adding it to the standard meal tomorrow.”

Lu AnHe, “?”

In a flash of lightning, Lieutenant Colonel Lu was suddenly blessed and probably understood why General He was suddenly angry just now.



“Shouldn’t I have taken two for you before leaving?”

Although Lu AnHe didn’t specify what ‘two’ was, He YunTing obviously picked up Lu AnHe’s meaning and tightened his eyebrows more and more dissatisfied, not answering.

Lu AnHe said to himself, This is really the case! The boss left in front of two big officials because they didn’t let him eat the caramel creme brulee he brought over in peace!

He YunTing saw that the aircraft didn’t move for half a day, “Hmm?”

“…Nothing, nothing, we’re going.” Lu AnHe started the aircraft and replied with a sorrowful heart.

So the empire is really going to end, right?


Lin Han, who had just used an inhibitor, knew nothing about the General suddenly taking a fancy to eat caramel. Not only that, he also didn’t want to see this imperial male god recently.

An Omega’s body, in preparation for the estrus period, would have a dramatic loss of appetite during the days of the estrus period, and could only rely on nutritional supplements to survive.

Lin Han felt this was no problem, after using the suppressant he couldn’t even eat, and would be weaker than usual — but his body was already bad, so essentially it was no different from how he usually was; he worked as usual, and did things as usual.

Even after he finished using the inhibitor, he washed up and began to recall the events of the day with boredom.

It wasn’t that he didn’t know He YunTing, he should say, no one in the entire empire didn’t know him.

But Lin Han was never interested in these things. When he was in college, he chose the obscure and difficult to learn mecha manufacturing, and plunged into it, not listening to anything outside the window. Until after graduation, when he successfully entered the Research Institute.

When did the name He YunTing suddenly become so prominent?

Was it two years ago when he fought against the P-Star with one against one? Or was it five years ago when he defeated the Zerg race in one fell swoop?

Probably any civilian could tell who he was, but not him.

He didn’t know.

What happened today impressed him a little more than those rumors.

Was this really the General who was admired by millions?

The rumor was probably that He YunTing went deep alone and won a battle that was almost impossible to win, the people cheered him and the Emperor gave him a title. He then became a legend.

Lin Han knew that he shouldn’t be immersed in his own world, but he really didn’t care much about it. Although his body was weak after the suppressant, Lin Han was unexpectedly unable to sleep. His room had a large floor-to-ceiling window with the curtains half drawn, which didn’t completely cover the sky outside.

Lin Han liked to look at the stars. He blinked his eyes and thought, even though he was on a planet, and even though he had designed and built so many mecha, Lin Han wondered if the galaxies he saw up close in his mecha would be different from the ones he saw now.

It was already late.

The predawn sky was a little darker than normal.

Like a roughly covered curtain, and like a dark fog, the night became obscure, and the darkness grew thicker. Even the stars couldn’t be seen.

Lin Han finally felt sleepy, blinked his sore eyes, and then slowly fell into a shallow sleep.

The moment he closed his eyes, he thought back to the dinner party, where he saw himself in the eyes of the other party.

The Admiral’s eyes, he thought, looked nice.


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Thank goodness He YunTing has Lu AnHe to “translate” for him!

Thanks for the chapter!

March 15, 2022 10:49 am

I like characters such as He Yun Ting; singularly focussed and brilliant at what they do, but utterly clueless about anything and everything else. That makes them seem arrogant, which they themselves don’t see or get, and socially awkward.
Then along comes the likes of Lin Han; smart, somewhat softer, prefers to live outside the noise, but still able to interact smoothly.
Mutual attraction… looking forward to the story’s development of these 2.
Thanks for the chapter.

March 15, 2022 11:33 pm

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September 20, 2022 10:22 pm

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