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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Since it had watched a lot of TV shows and news, now Grr wasn’t like before where it would take half a day to understand a human sentence, so he understood the meaning of He YunTing’s words instantly, and nervously closed his eyes, burrowing into Lin Han’s arms.

Lin Han nudged He YunTing while coaxing him, “That’s enough, there’s no need to know everything so well.”

He YunTing nodded, but he still wanted to make a statement on the issue, “I’m just making a reasonable suggestion, if you want to read it.”

Lin Han was unconsciously led into a ditch by him, as he said, “…And when you were susceptible before, you were wearing a shirt and I could read your mind when I hugged you.” 

“That’s because my hair is not as thick as its.” He YunTing gave Grr a bland look.


Lin Han felt that he couldn’t just argue with him, it was pointless.

The interesting thing was that He YunTing would actually waste time on such a boring topic, Lin Han himself didn’t expect it. The little one was still shivering, its fur was standing up in fear, and it even made a small, sharp sound, like an accusation against some brutal and cold-blooded General.

Lin Han hugged it tighter, and simply didn’t know how to describe this person, “Okay, okay, stop talking.” He reassured the frightened Grr, “Don’t be afraid. I won’t shave you.”

Grr gradually calmed down under Lin Han’s gentle reassurance, even though he saved its fur, it still didn’t want to look at He YunTing. As matters stood, this man and ball couldn’t be reconciled in a short time.

Lin Han thought about it and told Grr, “If you’re really unhappy, just bite him to relieve your anger.”

The little one really listened to this sentence, blinking at Lin Han, as if to confirm the feasibility of this sentence. Before Grr could think it over, Lin Han looked up and saw He YunTing’s slightly unhappy expression.

“What’s wrong with you?” Lin Han put out a hand to touch him, knowingly asking.

He YunTing seemed to be still trying to adjust his facial expression, “It’s not like you can’t hear.”

He couldn’t help but laugh, He YunTing obviously had a cold look now, but in his heart he was like a teenager, whispering: Why was he so gentle when coaxing Grr?

“You’re also jealous of the little one.” Lin Han pretended to be surprised and pursed his lips to look at him. He remembered his meeting with Wen TianYao, the way the other touched his face and said he had a cleanliness fetish. Instead of hearing Wen TianYao’s thoughts, he listened to He YunTing’s aggravated inner monologue.

The more he thought about it now, the more interesting he found it.

He YunTing wanted to deny it, but understood that it was useless to deny it, he had no secrets in front of Lin Han, and finally could only continue with a cold face, not saying a word. Grr finally decided to take advantage of the courage given by Lin Han to bite He YunTing, shaking its fur in anger, lifting its face to look at Lin Han, ready to pounce on him to let He YunTing learn the lesson.

Lin Han nodded at its small, almost invisible nose hidden in the soft fur and added, “But bite gently. Or I’ll be heartbroken.”

It took Grr about fifteen minutes to finally understand the relationship between Lin Han and He YunTing now. They were different from the dogblood drama on TV, this Alpha wasn’t fierce and rough to Lin Han, and Lin Han also didn’t treat him indifferently, but would respond with a light smile, either a little subtle gesture, or a gentle hug.

Looking at the doubt in Grr’s small eyes, Lin Han pondered for a long time, “Next time we should let you watch less of this bitter drama.”

Grr, “?”

“It’s just that…” Lin Han stroked its head, “Our plot is a little sweet and beautiful.”

He YunTing scowled and turned his head. Lin Han bit his lower lip and forcibly wrenched He YunTing’s head back. Only then did he say to Grr, “Like us.”

He YunTing’s movement to turn back stopped.

Probably because they had just confessed their feelings to each other, both of them had so many emotions they wanted to express, either through actions or words. He YunTing could not stay with Lin Han for too long, so they ate their dinner and He YunTing had to rush back to the base.

When he was about to leave, Lu AnHe sent his timely communication to He YunTing, reporting that everything was normal in Xu Zhiheng’s private lab, and that those who tried to attack him at the venue were not pursuing him.

“Okay, I’m going back to the base now.” He YunTing was brief and concise.

Lu AnHe was stunned, “Boss, you’re outside now?”

He YunTing paused for a moment and didn’t intend to hide it from Lu AnHe, “I’m here with Mr. Lin.”

These days, He YunTing’s state was obviously not the same as before, and several nights he had run to Lin Han’s place. Every time he went back to the base, he seemed to become even more tired.

Lu AnHe didn’t ask, but listening to He YunTing’s current tone, he quickly guessed it. He was genuinely happy for him, but he didn’t say too much because Xu Zhiheng was around, so he hung up the communication.

He YunTing didn’t let Lin Han accompany him to the aircraft, but stood at the door and said, “I’m going back.”

Lin Han nodded obediently, “I may not have much time in the next two days, and I may not be able to come to you.”

“Okay.” He YunTing looked deeply at him, hesitated for a moment, but still said, “Mr. Lin’s relationship with me…”

“I’m okay with it.” Lin Han didn’t mention the name calling again, letting He YunTing call him whatever he wanted, while knowing what He YunTing was worried about.

He YunTing didn’t beat around the bush and said directly, “I’m afraid you’ll be aggravated.” 

Lin Han curved his eyes and reached out to pull He YunTing’s jacket, allowing him to slightly lean down and kiss him. He understood what the other had in mind.

Obviously, he wanted to immediately let everyone know that they loved each other, and was worried that he wasn’t good enough, and would let Lin Han suffer even the slightest harm because of this, and finally hesitated and wavered, became cautious and fearful.

It was all right, he didn’t have to dwell on it.

He’d do whatever he wanted.

“Right.” The kiss ended and He YunTing suddenly said this before saying goodbye, “Take some time off over the weekend.”


Ji Meng’s memorial service was very low-key.

His death wasn’t known by many people, and for work reasons, he didn’t have many fellow officers at the base, so few people ended up coming. Only a few of his closest comrades, and not even his relatives were there.

It wasn’t that there were no casualty situations in the exercise event, it was just that this time it happened in a strange way. Despite the fact that disciplinary action had been taken against the personnel of the weapons depot, the base was still very cautious about it and didn’t make a big announcement.

So now — at least for now — his death didn’t even bring him the honor that should’ve been his, and only a few people were left to shed tears of sorrow for him.

Lin Han arrived early.

The Empire didn’t have so many rules and regulations about what happened after death, people could plan for it while they were still alive, and non-commissioned officers were special, so many soldiers would plan for it early.

Ji Meng once said that he didn’t want to be so serious about death. He didn’t want it to be black and white, and didn’t want it to be too sad. He said it must be boring underground, and since they all learned how to ride in space, he didn’t want to return to the dirt with a fishy smell.

He would forever stay in his favorite universe, turning into a certain nebula.

So his tombstone was just for remembrance, and the picture on it was even in color, him wearing his proudest uniform, with a warm and shy smile, capable of a light that could break through countless darkness.

Because he said not to grieve, no one showed a sad expression again.

His former comrades laid flowers for him one by one, gave a solemn military salute, and looked at him from a distance across that photo.

Lu AnHe looked very calm, his hysterical mourning left on the battleship. When he stood there, the expression on his face became very light, he even hooked the corner of his mouth towards Ji Meng, gently flicked the photo with his finger, and whispered something no one could hear.

Lin Han also put the flowers down and stood aside to watch Lu AnHe.

And finally, He YunTing stood not far from the tombstone, very deep, also very solemn salute, and then took off his hat and bent over, to give a warm smile to JiMeng as he deeply bowed.

Lin Han’s heart felt that dense heartache flood up again.

At the same time, his heart had a rhythm, He YunTing also turned his head to look at him. The two were clearly separated by a distance, clearly didn’t say anything, didn’t touch, didn’t hug, but Lin Han knew what he was thinking at the moment.

Even if He YunTing looked colder, he would always remember every sergeant, he would still unconsciously fall into self-blame, and would still suffer more than every other person.

Lin Han locked eyes with him and smiled very lightly.

The meaning of the smile was also very simple, it was the same phrase he had said several times.

‘You have me.’

Everyone left one by one, and soon only the three of them were left. Lin Han saw He YunTing walking towards him, he was probably still in that burst of emotions, so he remained silent and didn’t say a word when he stood in front of him.

Lin Han wasn’t surprised when he perceived his sadness.

“He YunTing,” he said softly, “give me your hand.”

He squeezed all five of his fingers into his and then firmly clasped them, even though he wasn’t very strong, he tried to make He YunTing understand how he felt at the moment.

No need to say it, I understand.

He YunTing’s originally heavy emotions, under his reassurance, became slightly better, before he raised his eyes to look at Lu AnHe who was walking towards the two.

Lu AnHe wasn’t surprised by their current relationship, only pursed his lips as he approached, looking deeply at their clasped hands, as if he had a thousand words, but finally only said, “Congratulations.”

The three of them didn’t say much, and when they reached the exit, He YunTing and Lu AnHe went back to the base, while Lin Han was ready to take Grr to the zoo in the Q district of the Empire.

“No need to send me, I’ll just go back by myself.” Lin Han said, ready to go towards the public flying machine, but saw He YunTing suddenly changing his expression, subconsciously touching Lin Han’s lips with his finger, then pulled him back a step to silence him.

Because the entrances and exits weren’t far apart, the location of the three was blocked by a huge sign, so even if the people at the entrance looked over, they couldn’t see their faces.

Lin Han followed his line of sight to the entrance and froze for a moment. A somewhat familiar figure was walking up the stairs, not noticing the situation here. He didn’t look young, but he was still in good spirits. He walked up the steps and walked steadily to Ji Meng’s tombstone, which several people had just left.

It was Xu Zhiheng.

Xu Zhiheng’s hair was half white, but still looked with a characteristic calm temperament, as if age was just something outside of him, and he didn’t need to be anxious about it. His face was in obvious mourning, as he stood in front of Ji Meng’s tombstone for a long time, but never spoke.

Like nostalgia, like a tribute.

Xu Zhiheng’s hand was holding something.

The Empire seemed to have never had this kind of flower, so Xu Zhiheng’s hand didn’t seem to be holding a real flower, only a branch, with a few bright red flowers blooming on it. Lin Han saw Xu Zhiheng gently placing the flowering branch in front of Ji Meng’s tombstone, standing out next to the bouquet they had just offered.

His hand seemed to tremble a bit, tentatively touching the cold tombstone and then retracting it.

Xu Zhiheng was silent, his expression grave and sad, and also bowed deeply to Ji Meng, before taking a step back.

Lin Han thought that that should be Ji Meng’s favorite flower before he died.

The one called ‘cranberry.’

“Professor Xu told me today that he was going to a place.” Lu AnHe spoke up, “I didn’t expect it to be here. He said he would contact me when he finished.”

Unsurprisingly, after a while, they saw Xu Zhiheng take out his communicator.

After all, it wasn’t right to keep watching, so Lu AnHe stepped out before Xu Zhiheng could dial, with He YunTing and Lin Han standing behind him.

“Professor Xu.” Lu AnHe said, “Sorry, I didn’t expect you to come here.”

Xu Zhiheng raised his head, and Lin Han saw an extremely faint watery glint in the corner of his eyes.

Lin Han didn’t know what kind of relationship Xu Zhiheng and Ji Meng had before, but he just had some regrets that in the final farewell to Ji Meng, he finally couldn’t do what he expected, “Don’t be sad.”


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May 14, 2022 6:47 pm

JiMeng’s words, LinHan’s smile at HYT, LuAnHe’s farewell, and Professor Xu’s tears left my heart in tears! Thanks for the translation!

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I rarely cry reading, but this chapter did it.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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