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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The two of them couldn’t stay in such a small room for too long since Lin Han had to pack up his things and go back to the Institute the next day to resume work.

Lin Han was held down on the bed by He YunTing and wasn’t allowed to move. He watched him stuff a bunch of nutrition supplements for him in addition to the things he wanted to bring back. The corners of his mouth stiffened, but he still didn’t stop him.

Finally He YunTing picked up the unattractive stone and asked Lin Han, “Where do you want to put this?”

This stone was Lin Han’s purpose for coming here, but he didn’t have the heart to say so, and held out his hand, “Put it in my pocket.”

He YunTing obediently did as he was told, and when he saw Lin Han put the star away with great care, he said, “If you like it so much, I’ll bring you another next time.”

Lin Han shook his head, “No, I don’t need it.”

He YunTing seemed to be puzzled, wondering why Lin Han found this thing so precious, and didn’t want more.

Lin Han, on the other hand, recognized the reality that sometimes it was useless to explain this to him, and just lazily held out his hand to He YunTing and said the same thing he had said many times, “Pull me up.”

The other man naturally obeyed, but when their hands touched, Lin Han still heard the doubts in He YunTing’s mind.

【Why is he different from a few hours ago?】

【After drinking the nutrients, he shouldn’t have lost his strength.】

“…” Lin Han cried and laughed, tilted his head and tapped the other’s forehead with his finger, “He YunTing, you’re really an airhead.”

【But he looks good when he smiles.】

“……” Lin Han heard this, and shut his mouth again, “Forget it, just pretend I never said it.”

Obviously dumb, but he blushed because of the straightforward voice from his mind. This was probably what made him different from everyone else, Lin Han thought. He suddenly wondered what kind of person he was when they hadn’t met.

Lin Han asked, “He YunTing, what did you look like when you were studying?”

He YunTing should’ve been several grades above him, but even if Lin Han studied earlier, later in his field of study, it wasn’t very likely that the two of them would even cross paths on campus.

This idea made Lin Han a little regretful. He wondered what He YunTing was like at that time, was he any different from now, maybe he wasn’t talking so little, and maybe the coldness between his eyebrows wasn’t as strong.

Lin Han thought, Was he the same as now, not talking to anyone?

He YunTing looked as if he was in a rare trance, like he was trying to remember something, but soon he quieted down again, “I forgot.”

Lin Han knew that He YunTing had been outstanding since he was a teenager, and that he had gone all the way to the present, and must have experienced a lot of difficulties that no one else would dare to think about. He just didn’t expect him to say it so lightly, as if it wasn’t worth mentioning at all, “Really?”

He YunTing, although the expression on his face didn’t change much, his tone was still sincere, “I really forgot.”

Lin Han remembered that when they first met, Wen TianYao had to find an excuse to celebrate He YunTing’s birthday, but the other didn’t even seem to remember it. At that time, Lin Han was curious as to why He YunTing had no memory of his own birthday. But remembering the memory of their awkward dance that day, Lin Han couldn’t help but cough twice and said, “He YunTing. Do you only remember what you want to remember?” Lin Han asked him, “Those things that don’t seem important to you, don’t need to be stored in your head?”

He YunTing turned his head to look at him, as if he didn’t understand why Lin Han had such doubts. But he still answered him seriously, “No.”

“I didn’t deliberately categorize what was important and what wasn’t,” he said, “it’s just that these things really don’t seem to exist in my memory.”

Lin Han looked at him with wide eyes, and suddenly felt some heartache.

Maybe He YunTing from those days was really boring and tedious, so much so that even remembering it was troublesome. After all, there were so many people in the Empire, but only he had come here one step at a time. Lin Han then stopped asking questions and went up and gave him a hug, “I understand.”

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t remember, you have me now.” He whispered in He YunTing’s ear.

Lin Han was glad that he recklessly said those words before, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to hug him as much as he wanted to. Maybe now he would still be politely maintaining a social distance with He YunTing.

Whether He YunTing was a coward or not, it didn’t matter. When he thought of this, he was happy again. However, He YunTing didn’t know these thoughts in his mind and asked Lin Han about his plans for the next few days.

“I want to go back to the Research Institute to finish the documents I started. Before I left, the Institute was designing a new batch of mecha, and I can’t be absent all the time.” Lin Han said, “I’ll take another free day and take Grr out for a stroll.”

Many people in the Empire had a keen interest in certain new creatures, and a special zoo had even been established in the Q district, attracting many children and young people who had never been outside the M Galaxy.

He YunTing didn’t oppose this decision of his, and after reconfirming with Lu AnHe about safety and the follow-up arrangements, he said to Lin Han, “Then I will send you back.”


Grr had recently developed a good routine and tried to keep up with Lin Han, so that he wouldn’t accidentally bump into here and there and wake Lin Han up in the middle of the night when he was bored and wandering around.

During this period of time, Grr finally picked out his favorite food, and no longer hesitated to go to the food he saw before, but trusted the food Lin Han gave him 100%, and ate happily and satisfactorily every day.

Lin Han also found that this little thing was very inquisitive. Besides eating and sleeping under the blanket, its favorite thing was to listen to the news and watch TV. Not only was it fond of the daily imperial broadcast, but it also liked some strange serials and variety shows.

The holographic display in the house was originally fingerprint gesture touch, but after Grr arrived Lin Han specially re-imported a program to place the projection switch button on the living room wall, and installed a soft pad to prevent bruising, a position that Grr could reach by bouncing.

So Lin Han often saw the little guy jumping around the wall, using its hairy body to hit the button on the cushion — hitting it once to change the channel, the only problem being Grr’s picky taste. Sometimes it hit it a dozen times before it would pick its favorite TV content.

Recently, it seemed to have fallen in love with a certain national actor who was a household name in the Empire, turning on the screen at regular intervals every day and dragging its blanket over to watch it with pleasure.

When Lin Han and He YunTing came home, it was still watching TV.

This was an actor’s debut fame, about a bloodthirsty and poignant love story,  a strong Omega playing the protagonist who was married but was possessive and was unmarked by his strong Alpha. Although he was happy with his marriage partner, the Alpha didn’t love him. The Omega, while bearing the humiliation, and holding his successful career, finally gained his freedom in exchange for the Alpha’s repentance. Unfortunately, the Omega’s glands had become more and more vulnerable due to the Alpha’s uncontrolled demands and eventually couldn’t even bear a mark. There was no such thing as a white moonlight, who he loved had always been this Omega, but his heart refused to admit it.

The TV screen was showing the actor playing the Omega with a cold and relieved face, with only the desirelessness in his eyes after the fire of love was extinguished, speaking to the mournful Alpha in front of him, “You can’t bite me. My body has long been full of your pheromones. No matter where I go, anyone can smell your imprint.”

The Alpha just wanted to take a step closer, but the Omega tensed his body, and subconsciously feared him, as if each previous approach to him was torture. But the Omega’s tone remained firm, “But even so, you won’t be able to make me love you even a little bit.”

Lin Han walked over and picked up the small thing shivering in the blanket, and wiped the fur around its eyes with his fingers, feeling a bit of dampness, “Crying?”

The little guy didn’t say anything, just rubbed against Lin Han’s palm.

It was wet.

On the TV, the Alpha was almost on his knees in front of the lean boy, but still couldn’t get any response from the other. The previous ones were submissive and catered to his body, all Omega were blazing and humbled by sincerity.

And he now had nothing.

A sad background music began to play.

The Omega’s voice trembled, “Jia Ze, I’ll let you go, so let me go.”

Lin Han was a bit amused. Many years ago, this drama earned a lot of tears, but now this kind of drama was basically obsolete in the Empire, everyone was immune to it, and only creatures like Grr were still truly immersed in it.

“Okay, okay, it’s okay,” Lin Han’s voice softened, half coaxing, “don’t cry, I’ll let you watch an extra hour tonight.”

The little black dumpling seemed to be in a better mood, but it was still very upset about the current episode, which had already finished, its beady eyes staring at the monitor.

Lin Han sometimes couldn’t fully understand what Grr was thinking, as he stroked its soft fur all over to soothe it. After a while, Grr jumped down from Lin Han’s hand and was just about to drink water when he saw a pair of military boots that didn’t belong here.

He YunTing also looked down at it, his face expressionless.

After all, Grr had recently watched a lot of such dramas and thought he understood some human emotions, plus He YunTing previously apologized to it while Lin Han was sleeping. He understood that this man didn’t want to hurt Lin Han, but ‘loved him’.

As a generous fluff, it decided to take the initiative to show goodwill.

Zee…” Grr wagged its tail and chirped.

It saw He YunTing raise his eyebrows.

Lin Han saw that one person and one ball were getting along quite well, so he came over and gave Grr a pet to encourage him, and said to He YunTing, “He’s not hostile to you anymore.”

Satisfied, Grr tried to nod, but since it was a ball itself, it could only roll around on the ground as a reply.

“Can you also hear what it is saying?” He YunTing suddenly asked.

Lin Han shook his head with some surprise, “I can’t hear it. I can only hear the thoughts of a human.”

Grr didn’t understand what the two were talking about at the moment and looked at Lin Han and then at He YunTing.

“So it’s not always possible to get its mind right.” Lin Han seemed a bit regretful and said, “We still have to guess.”

He YunTing thought about it, “Maybe… That’s not the problem.”

He thought Lin Han was struggling with why he couldn’t read Grr’s mind so he was trying to figure out how to solve it for him.

“Huh?” Lin Han didn’t react to what He YunTing was trying to say for a moment.

He YunTing also thought hard about this matter of why Lin Han could only read human hearts, as he looked at Grr for a moment, and seriously gave his advice.

“Or try shaving it all off.” He said with a cold and a straight face, “Maybe you’ll be able to hear it.”

“?” Lin Han hugged Grr, who was suddenly shivering in his arms, and looked at He YunTing, whose face was now calm and unruffled, with the same eyes as a ghost.


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Just as he got in Grr’s good books, he goes and suggests that!
I am so glad they are together at last. I just hope nothing spoils it.
Thanks for translating and editing.

May 13, 2022 6:09 pm

The words come out of his mouth so innocently, he can’t be angry. Thanks for the chapter!

May 18, 2022 6:59 pm

Oh my goodness, shaving it all off, really not a good area.

Xiao Ying
October 29, 2022 7:50 am

he wants to shave its fur just for han han to try to read his mind or emotions?!!! 😂 😂 😂 😂

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The tv drama had me hooked, like talk about dogblood

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general, you demon!!!🤣🤣🤣 furball will be a meatball if you shave it clean. ugh… 🤣

so… furball likes to watch news everyday. i won’t be surprised if someday he evolved, become cultured and suddenly come to lin han, saying, “may i ask for a cup of tea with a lot of sugar and milk, my dear good sir. and don’t take too long. my favorite drama will air in just a few minutes.” 🥸

July 27, 2023 12:24 am

Don’t make Grr bald😅

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