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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Lin Han keenly noticed He YunTing’s change, “What’s wrong?”

He YunTing himself hadn’t recovered from the shock, but he was too used to hiding everything from the world, and subconsciously denied, “Nothing.”

He didn’t want to hide it from Lin Han, but now that they couldn’t see each other, telling him would only add to his worries. While he was talking to Lin Han, he thought back, could it be that he had really misremembered?

He briefly doubted himself.

But he had great confidence in his memory, as long as he had experienced things, it could leave traces in his mind. He quickly calmed down and felt that if there was such a gap that, it wasn’t his problem, then there must be something missing somewhere. As long as there were omissions, rethinking and investigating, he could definitely find the problem.

But it was too late now, and there was a new mission tomorrow, so it wasn’t the time to think about what happened three years ago.

Lin Han didn’t ask more questions, but said with concern, “Is there anything else you need to check?”

He YunTing’s voice contained nothing unusual, as he calmly replied with ‘nothing else,’ then spoke after a pause, “But maybe you can come here from time to time in the next few days.”

Lin Han said “Okay” and didn’t ask more questions.

The two of them chatted naturally for a few more minutes, and Lin Han sat back in his chair to rest after tidying up He YunTing’s study a bit.

“Your study is so empty.” Lin Han then asked curiously, “This mansion is so big, you don’t stay here much?”

“Someone will come to clean it regularly, the housekeeper will arrange it.” He YunTing replied.

“Oh.” Lin Han answered, “I’ll go back then.”

It seemed that both of them had a belated shyness, after that incident, they would rather listen to the voices and imagine each other’s appearance, but neither of them took the initiative to click on the video button, so innocent that they didn’t look like two grown men.

“Lin Han,” He YunTing suddenly changed the subject, “I’m going to let Qi Jiamu follow you for the next two days, and take the time to go to Xu Zhiheng’s lab to see how his brother is doing. You should have a better impression of him, I heard there has been some improvement. Find out how far it has gone.”


“Don’t worry about what Qi Jiamu will do, he doesn’t have the key to the last door, not to mention, right now his brother still needs treatment.” As if understanding Lin Han’s worry, He YunTing added.

“What about you?” Lin Han spoke up, even though he knew the question was meaningless and unnecessary, he couldn’t help but blurt out, “How are you?”

He YunTing said without hesitation, “Nothing’s wrong. The plan is ready to be implemented once it is deployed.”

Lin Han remembered what He YunTing said earlier, “Is V Proton Star problematic?”

At that time when Qi Jiaze attacked him on the warship, He YunTing didn’t hesitate to draw his gun and shoot, not to mention that now there were already many people on V Proton who seemed to have fused with similar genes. According to He YunTing’s style, perhaps blood would flow to eliminate all risk possibilities.

“Nothing’s wrong.” He YunTing didn’t want to say more, and even hesitated for a moment, as if he was worried that he might scare Lin Han and was reluctant to tell him about his plan.

But Lin Han guessed one or two things and didn’t ask any more questions, just said reassuringly, “You can’t go wrong with anything you do.”

“Don’t hesitate and don’t have doubts,” Lin Han said, “I’m always on your side.”

He YunTing didn’t make a sound for a long time.

Only after Lin Han thought he had fallen asleep or something else had happened did the other man respond very softly and say, “Okay.”

“Wait for me to come back.”

“Then go to bed early, it’s late there,” Lin Han had no way to stop himself from becoming naggy, and had to give in and follow along, “I’ll talk to Qi Jiamu tomorrow.”


Lin Han wanted to hang up but couldn’t let go, thinking that he had this kind of time, while wanting to hear more from He YunTing.

But He YunTing was still very straightforward sometimes, and when he saw Lin Han didn’t say anything for a long time, he asked in confusion, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Lin Han smiled to himself, but his eyes were full of tenderness, he called the other party’s name, “He YunTing.”

“Then after I come back with Qi Jiamu tomorrow… Can I sleep at your house?” Lin Han’s face started to flush before he finished. He was glad that the two of them weren’t on video at the moment, he coughed and gave him a lame excuse, “I… I’ve never lived in an estate this big.”

He knew He YunTing could hear that he was making an excuse, but he didn’t care.

“Okay.” He YunTing really didn’t ask more questions, even his tone was less serious than just now, and there was a rare bit of softness, almost impossible for the old him to say, “Do whatever you want.”


Lin Han really obediently contacted Qi Jiamu the next day, left work an hour early, and they went to Xu Zhiheng’s secret lab together.

Recently, colleagues in the Institute felt astonished that the workaholic actually didn’t work overtime for several days in a row, and wouldn’t arrive early in the morning. From time to time, he communicated with people, and sometimes he could see the military’s special flying machine. Many people secretly couldn’t believe that this mecha research obsessed Lin Han would actually have such a day.

It looked as if he knew someone from the military, and they wondered which Alpha could actually enter his eyes. Not to mention that Lin Han, who seemed to be interested only in work, would really fall in love properly. Could it be that Lin Han met someone during his practical training?

First of all, they ruled out He YunTing and Lu AnHe, after all, these two people weren’t in the Empire. Secondly, looking at the frame of the flying machine, the military rank shouldn’t be low, and they didn’t know which big brother it was.

The colleagues’ curiosity barely scratched the surface, but they couldn’t guess who that Alpha was. But Lin Han didn’t care what these people were thinking and followed Qi Jiamu to the lab.

This lab had been extensively rebuilt after the threat to Xu Zhiheng, and the keys had been changed from the exterior to the entrance, and Qi Jiamu only had the key for the outer section. Lin Han obviously felt that with every step inside, Qi Jiamu’s face was a little more nervous, afraid of seeing a scene that would be unacceptable to him.

But fortunately, all the displays were exactly the same as when Xu Zhiheng left, and the top security system responsible for monitoring wasn’t triggered.

And Qi Jiaze, too, was lying quietly on the cold lab bed.

His whole body was quiet. Who knew how long he had been sleeping, his pale face with clear features stretched. He didn’t need to eat, there was a special nutritional circulation system to bring the therapeutic agents and nutrition, through the deep special indwelling needles into his body.

Qi Jiamu couldn’t resist knocking through the glass door, calling the teenager’s name, “A’Ze…”

“A’Ze, A’Ze. Brother’s here.” His voice wasn’t loud, but after a short while, the teenager inside seemed to really move, his eyelashes fluttered and he opened his eyes very slowly. His ears seemed to be deaf to the sound, but in a different way, sensing that someone was calling him.

Qi Jiaze’s eyes moved and he turned his head sideways with a slight stiffness.

Lin Han saw that the wound on the back of his neck seemed to have improved, the gland was slightly sunken, but it didn’t look gruesome.

Qi Jiamu kept calling his name. After a long time, the teenager finally understood something from the other’s lips and slowly sat up from the lab bed, reaching toward the glass door, his lips moving in a mumble.

He seemed to be saying, “Brother, brother.”

Lin Han thought Qi Jiamu was going to cry.

But he didn’t in the end, he just spoke to the person inside with red eyes, all trivial stuff, talking about what he had been through since he left his brother, that he had made it to the base, had a high stipend, and was having a good time every day. The teenager reacted, he reached through the glass door, knowing he couldn’t touch him, but he slowly opened his five fingers and tried to stick them on Qi Jiamu’s hand across the air.

As they were leaving, Lin Han heard Qi Jiamu say, “When you’re better, brother will put your stuff in the exhibition hall. And you’ll never have to worry about it disappearing.”


Qi Jiamu recovered well and basically regained his composure after walking out of the lab and asked Lin Han, “Mr. Lin, should I give you a ride home?”

Lin Han was about to nod, but after some thought he said, “Can you bring me to pick up the Kudzuar?”

Qi Jiamu was puzzled, “Mr. Lin, where do you want to go?”

Lin Han told him the address of He YunTing Manor.

Qi Jiamu understood, so he didn’t say anything more.

After picking up Grr from the apartment, Qi Jiamu dutifully drove Lin Han to the manor. Probably because there was a small creature in the flying machine, Qi Jiamu slowed down the speed, “It won’t get dizzy like this, right?”

Lin Han said thanks and smiled at Qi Jiamu.

The two of them have been spending a lot of time together lately, and Qi Jiamu was finally talking more, “Mr. Lin, have you been to the Galactic Exhibition Hall?”

Lin Han’s hand holding the Grr paused for a moment, “No, why?”

Qi Jiamu was a bit regretful, “I want to store something of A’Ze’s.” He didn’t say what it was, just spoke very lightly, “As a child in the civilian area, A’Ze was already in poor health. But he always wanted to go once and store something he felt was valuable. I don’t have anything valuable, but A’Ze does,” Qi Jiamu said, “and now that I finally have some money, I don’t know if I can afford to pay for storage.”

“But I still want to show him around, when he’s better.” Qi Jiamu felt he was talking a little too much and smiled shyly, “I originally thought you had been there and could know a thing or two about it, that’s why I wanted to ask.”

The flight soon arrived at the manor’s tarmac, Qi Jiamu worried that there would be accidents, so he walked Lin Han to the door before preparing to leave.

“I yearned for that as a child.” Lin Han said as he turned his head, “I’m also interested now. If you don’t mind, I’ll tell you about it when I go there once in person.”

Qi Jiamu was stunned for a moment and quickly said gratefully, “Thank you, Mr. Lin.”


Lin Han hugged Grr and went into the manor. He didn’t really have any intention to visit, the study and the bedroom were on one floor, so Lin Han went straight upstairs, just like he did on his first visit. The room on He YunTing’s side was really no different from the base, if it didn’t look more luxurious, it was just another replica of the monotonous room.

All the things are well organized, every item was in its rightful place, except Lin Han and the little one in his hand. Lin Han looked at the clean and tidy bed not far away, as well as some of He YunTing’s personal belongings next to it.

Then he should also be part of these personal items. He put Grr down, while he was still standing in the same place and froze. Wanted to come closer, to be closer.

Missing each other’s scent.

And the gentle yet strong hands that embraced him.

He lied in this bed, curling up habitually and sometimes being troubled by unnecessary dreams, making him turn over and over.

Maybe his sleeping position was also boring.

But he just couldn’t help thinking about it.

Grr was excited about every change of environment, not to mention that He YunTing’s home was many times larger than Lin Han’s apartment, and had many new and exciting things he had never seen before, and was now staring curiously at the extinguished fireplace.

The room was empty, and He YunTing’s regular clothes shirt was still hanging, ironed to perfection. Lin Han first felt a little ashamed, but on second thought, there was no one else here but the little guy, so he mischievously walked over to He YunTing’s flat bed. He remembered what He YunTing had asked him to check earlier, although he didn’t understand, he was vaguely worried.

But it was useless to ask him.

He YunTing would definitely report the good news, not the bad, and would definitely speak in the most hushed tone about probably the most unpromising situation, and then also have to reassure him that he was fine, and be good and wait for his return.

When Grr saw that he didn’t move for a long time, it jumped at his feet, shook off the fur on its body, followed Lin Han’s trouser leg, and pounced on He YunTing’s bed, its tiny body landing on it, forming a shallow, lovely indentation.

He couldn’t see Lin Han’s expression, so he didn’t know whether he was sad or not, and could only quietly stay close to him.

The window of He YunTing’s room was half open, and a breeze blew in, bulging Lin Han’s light single garment. The youth knelt on one knee on the bed, cupped the bedding, which was as soft as his heart at the moment, in his hands, lowered his head, and buried half of his face in it.

The wind had an unfinished, fresh scent. He wanted to dissolve himself into the wind, so that every grain of smoke and dust that moved with it, could be hidden full of love.

How could I like someone so much? Lin Han thought. Without even hearing his face or voice and just by embracing what remained of his scent, his whole heart became tender beyond words.


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May 27, 2022 6:56 am

I so want to know what’s missing from He YunTing’s memory.
If Xu Zhiheng is able to cure Qi Jiazi, that would mean hope for the others? But could they deal with such large numbers?
Lin Han really is in both lust and love.
Thanks for translating and editing.

May 29, 2022 5:04 pm

😘😘😘 thank you for the chapter

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