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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat, SpringBreeze


Under normal circumstances, Jing Man would never bring a ‘stranger’ into his home. But somehow, he just couldn’t be wary of Suther, the silver-haired kid who cried when he met him. He even had the illusion that this was like his own child, and that he had to protect Suther as well as Xiao Jin and the others.

He didn’t know where he, a 20-year-old boy, got a 16 or 17-year-old son.

Halfway down the road, Jing Man suddenly realized something was wrong. His eyes fell on the stroller and his peach blossom eyes flashed.

The hot sun outside the door made his family’s aquatic medusa feel uncomfortable and he had woken up long ago.

When Xiao Shui had just woken up, his little head probably was still confused, and he forgot the important thing of not looking at strangers. At this time, his eyes were wide open, eavesdropping on his conversation with Suther.

The entire way.

Jing Man didn’t know how many times Suther looked at Xiao Shui, but he wasn’t petrified! What did Brother Mu say at the beginning, a medusa’s skills will not have an effect on those who are related by blood?

It’s hard to believe… Was he really related to this child who called himself an embroidered dragon? Jing Man once wanted to call his parents to ask… If they had done something when they were young that he didn’t know about…

“Brother Man, is this your house!” Suther exclaimed with envy and disbelief when he saw Jing Man’s steps stop in front of a tall and imposing villa that looked like a palace.

Jing Man nodded with a hint of disbelief, dismissing the absurd notion in his head that this might be the illegitimate son of his parents.

According to the nature of those two in his family, if they really did meet a true love out there who had their child, then they would not be stingy in dumping money. The child would be just like him, without any materialistic hardships.

Back home, Jing Man saw Big Bear, who stood up from the bedroom door and pounced on him. When he went out today, he didn’t bring the dog, nor the two unhatched egglets.

Big Bear protected them well, which made his heart warm.

“Woof woof woof!” At the sight of a stranger, Big Bear barked a few times and ran around Suther sniffing and trying to touch him with his paws.

Jing Man stopped his inappropriate behavior and introduced him to Suther, “Big Bear, this is Suther.” Then he turned back to Suther, put his hands on his elbows and asked with a smile, “Is this place big enough for you?”

Suther froze, then understood that Brother Man wanted to see his original form.

“Almost, almost.” He visually measured the size of the living room, which was bright, spacious and flashy enough for him to change.

But before turning into an embroidered dragon, he still ran to put away the decorations on the table and cabinet, so that they wouldn’t ripple and break later.

Jing Man took Xiao Jin, Xiao Shui, FanFan and Big Bear and sat on the stairs. His eyes were excitedly fixed on the silver-haired boy standing in the center of the living room. He was about to meet a Big Dragon!

Only to hear – the sound of breaking air, the air distorted where the teenager was standing, reflecting everything around him unreal. The next second, a huge western dragon appeared in place. His color was beautiful, hitting the eye all silvery white, with rainbow-colored scales arranged at the tips of his toes and tail.

The dragon moved slightly, the silver-white scales reflected the surrounding environment, showing colorful pearl luster, beauty crystal clear. Suther had a pair of tiny, transparent-looking horns on his forehead, showing that he had not yet grown into an adult.

Jing Man found that the ceiling of his house was still not high enough and the space was still not big enough. As a result, the dragon could only hang his head, bend his body, throw his tail in front of him, and curl up there in an uncomfortable position.

His wings were very large, like a long, beautiful shawl decorated behind him, but if unfolded then he should be able to fly. The dragon’s golden-green eyes with vertical pupils looked at him, reflecting his entire self like a glass bead.

Looking at the dragon’s gaze, Jing Man held his breath.

It felt like the dragon in front of him was not a powerful dragon, but a deer running and jumping in the forest, drinking and eating grass along the stream, without a trace of aggression towards him, just childish and dependent.

Because of Suther’s appearance, the surrounding furniture was squeezed back a few steps.

Xiao Jin saw a large version of his own kind for the first time, and a sense of crisis engraved in his genes came out abruptly. He was so frightened that the scales on his neck all opened up and expanded, trying to make his cat-like size look bigger.

The thought of protecting Daddy and his brothers rose to the forefront of his mind. He inhaled and spread his wings to stand in front of them, milking a fierce and terrible cry.

Jing Man couldn’t hold back a snort of laughter when he saw his son trying to be a mantis here. Jing Man, “Okay Suther, you change back to human form.”

The dragon looked at him, nodded, and the next second turned back into a fresh teenager.

Seeing that the furniture had made him squeeze and move out of position, Suther’s cheeks warmed up and he ran over to easily move them back into place again.

The weight of the solid wood furniture was unclear, Jing Man tsked at the strange power of the dragon race. Although he had seen it many times before, he still found the inhuman monstrous power of the dragons to be amazing. He took Xiao Jin back to his lap, patted him twice, and said, “Xiao Jin, learn, from now on you will be the one responsible for our family’s efforts.”

Xiao Jin seemed to understand, but did not understand why Daddy said so. He still patted his chest and promised with conviction, “Yes, Daddy, leave it all to Xiao Jin!”

After arranging the furniture, Suther followed and sat on the stairs with an expectant look, “Brother Man, do you remember me?”

Jing Man thought for a moment, but still shook his head. There seemed to be some image in his head, but he couldn’t grasp it, and there was a slight cone of pain in his head, not quite noticeable.

The answer was disappointing.

Suther sighed helplessly, but did not get annoyed. He said to himself that he was to blame for growing up too fast, or else he wouldn’t have failed to make Brother Man remember.

“By the way.” Jing Man remembered something, raised his eyes and asked, “Suther, just now you and Xiao Shui looked at each other?”

“Xiao Shui is?” Suther swept his eyes over the children one by one, not knowing the names of the children.

Jing Man took Xiao Shui into his lap and gave him a kiss, “It’s him, a Medusa.”

“I looked at him. Xiao Shui has beautiful hair.” Suther nodded and reached out to pet the child, but was mercilessly pushed away by the dark blue hair. Xiao Shui remembered that he couldn’t stare at people anymore and deliberately turned his head away from him.

With a tsk, Jing Man asked, “So, how come you’re not petrified?”

Suther came to his senses and didn’t hide it, “Oh… You’re wondering about that. Not two years after you left with Brother Zhou, I was also bound to the Quick Transmigration Bureau system. I’m spell-free and stun-free.”

Hmm? System! What is that thing? And it helps people to strengthen their bodies?! Jing Man hid his surprise and asked, “A system? You have a system in you?”

Suther was too nervous to hear that Jing Man didn’t seem to know what the system was. He only thought Brother Man was shocked at how he could bring the system to Sky Blue Star. He laughed in a low voice as an afterthought, “Oh, I forgot that Brother Man was back for a long vacation with the kids, and you and Brother Zhou didn’t get to bring your system back. I’m on a short vacation, so I was able to bring my system. But it’s not much use to bring them, the network is not adapted, and it took six or seven days to find your coordinates.”

These words gave all the information at once. He said it lightly, but in Jing Man’s mind evoked a thousand thoughts. He lowered his eyes and began to analyze.

From this passage, it was basically certain that there was an organization called the Quick Transmigration Bureau that could arrange systems for people. He and Mu CangZhou had been or would be part of this agency in the future, he just didn’t know if Mu CangZhou knew.

Based on his interactions during this time… He guessed that Mu CangZhou 80% knew, or at least knew a lot more information than himself. Maybe the image of that white bear and red tiger that burst into his mind before was what had happened, or was about to happen.

Looking at Suther again, Jing Man’s gaze softened a lot.

This child did not hide anything from himself, and was trusting himself 100%. It’s a great, warm feeling to be trusted. He couldn’t help but raise his hand and pull Suther closer, his eyes looking up at him, and asked, “So, how did you find me?”

Suther was angry to think that he wasted a week of his two months of vacation. He said, “The system first looked up your and Brother Zhou’s latest public information on the star network, and it showed that you were at Tianhu District’s Egg Breeding Base, and then I flew there stealthily.”

Jing Man nodded, thinking that the information on the news when they saved the mussel woman’s baby was found. Also, he added in his mind: the system is able to link to the star network and check publicly released information.

Suther continued, “After going there, I couldn’t find anyone at all. The surveillance there was guarded by AI, and they couldn’t hack into it. So, the system helped me check into the Five Seasons Hotel, and these days I’m wandering around the snack street…” Here, he swallowed, “Brother Man, you did not lie to me before, the food at Sky Blue Star is really great! I’ve been foraging over there these days, and I eat a lot, so I haven’t eaten the whole street yet.”

At that, Jing Man hooked up a pair of peach blossom eyes, “I haven’t eaten all the food street in Tianhu District, have you tried the Shui family dumpling store?”

Suther nodded his head like a chicken pecking at rice, and his playful silver hair branched out into a tuft of dull hair, “I’ve had every flavor of theirs! It’s a must! Sometimes it’s late and they’re out.”

Jing Man asked, “So how did you find me later?”

Suther said happily, “Thanks to June Snow Live! Brother Man has been on live stream all this time! The system found out that the voice was yours, and the hand that was shown before was also yours!”

So that’s what happened, Jing Man smiled. It’s really fortunate, if it wasn’t for the limitation on the length of the live stream between June Snow Live, he wouldn’t have been able to livestream so intensely, and then Suther might not have found him.

A smile suddenly appeared on Suther’s face. He said, “Brother Man! The system just connected to your home network and can see my newsfeed. I’ll show you what I’ve been up to since you left with Brother Zhou.”

The images were projected onto the clean white wall, and Suther graphically gave Jing Man a detailed account. “This is my third-grade skip test paper… This is a group photo of my graduation from elementary school, with me in the middle… This is the medal for completing the first simulation of quick transmigration… This is the certificate of an outstanding graduate…”

Looking at these materials, the trajectory of Suther’s growth over the years became clear in Jing Man’s mind. Although he still did not have much memory of the young man in front of him, he could make up a picture of this kind of person through these medals and certificates. Suddenly, a photo came into view, and the sting in Jing Man’s head became deep and blatant, and his face turned white for a few moments.

Suther said happily, “Look, Brother Man! This is the gem lair you designed for me!”

This was different from any gem lair Jing Man had seen before, more like a symbiosis of jewels and trees. The colored gems were spelled out into several huge flowers with very fleshy petals, and these flowers were wrapped around a tree with gold inlay, mapping nature’s pearly whites up. In the mid-section of the tree, there was a huge bird’s nest stacked with tottering gemstones.

After seeing the full picture of this jeweled nest, Jing Man’s headache got worse, as if someone had carved his brain with a chisel and stirred it with their hand, making it unbearable.

“You watch the babies for me, I’m going to take a nap.”

Without explaining too much, Jing Man fled back to his bedroom and unlocked the door before his body couldn’t hold him up.

Suther froze in place, too overwhelmed by the joy and petty pride of showing his milestone to pay attention to what had happened to Brother Man. He asked the children dumbly, “Has this ever happened before, when Brother Man suddenly had to go to bed?”

The children shook their heads in unison, their eyes tinged with worry.


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