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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“Okay, you didn’t.” Lu AnHe obediently answered.

“Mhm.” When He YunTing heard the satisfactory reply, he turned his head back and started poking the baked crispy sugar cubes in the porcelain bowl with a small spoon.

Witnessing everything, Lieutenant Colonel Lu’s expression was hard to describe. Luckily, he didn’t say anything more, and after quickly finishing his lunch and watching his boss finish a piece of caramel, he decided to continue talking to him about business.

“Boss.” Lu AnHe said, “So when are you going to take a new sample of spiritual power, and ask him to come and get it? Or should I send it to him in a couple of days?”

It took time to extract a sample, Lin Han had already destroyed the sample that was swapped. It would take two or three days to get another one that’s exactly the same.

He YunTing didn’t answer directly, but asked another question, “You said that he has just activated the mecha and was ready to connect to the mental AI hub?”

“Yes, why?” Lu AnHe said truthfully, “Don’t worry, I believe Mr. Lin. He said it was destroyed in time so it will be fine.”

“No.” He YunTing said, “That’s too long. Since someone has already done it in the dark, maybe they will act from somewhere else this time.”

Lu AnHe understood his meaning, “I see. Then, Boss, do you want to use my mecha? After all, spiritual power sample collection also needs time…”

He YunTing suddenly asked, “What if it’s me personally helping with the test?” 

“Huh?” Lu AnHe was so startled he jumped, “That’s fine, but didn’t you say it would be good to give him a sample, so you didn’t have to go there yourself…”

“Then let’s go now.” He YunTing didn’t hesitate, as if this decision wasn’t something he had thought of a few minutes ago, “Let’s go to the Institute.”


Lu AnHe only had time to send the message that He YunTing was about to go to the Research Institute before He YunTing rushed to get on the aircraft. However, before leaving the door, General He, who looked quite anxious, was about to step out, but returned to the manor at the last minute, put on his uniform and covered the wound at his right shoulder, before going out again.

The lieutenant had nothing to say.

And the moment everyone at the Institute received the news, it caused a commotion. While the regular employees were barely able to maintain their expression management, the group of trainee designers brought under Lin Han went straight to madness.

Since they didn’t have access to the sixth repair room, Shen XiuNan had been leading them instead of Lin Han for the past few days. When they heard that the General was coming, several of the kids were so excited that they flew up, chattering endlessly.

“Is General He here to inspect?! How do I look?! Will he hate me when he sees me?”

“I don’t know! I don’t know, but I heard that the General looks at everyone with the same expression, there’s no hate or dislike.”

“It’s okay if he’s annoyed, it’s fine as long as he looks at me, General!”

Shen XiuNan came back from his lunch break to hear this news. He was instantly energized, “The General’s coming? When? Where?”

The colleague who received the message also sounded a little nervous, “He’ll be here soon, he said he’s coming to see mecha M2742…”

“Isn’t Lin Han working on this one in the repair room?”

But before he could go to the repair room to inform Lin Han about this matter, he heard the sound of the General’s exclusive aircraft landing on the ground.

Forget it, Shen XiuNan thought. The General, who wasn’t very communicative, would probably just come to take a look at the repair situation, and Lin Han was professional enough that he would be able to handle it.

As he was thinking this, He YunTing walked in with his adjutant.

Many people in the institute could barely restrain the expression on their faces, especially the few students who were apprentices, who could barely contain their excitement and thrill.

He YunTing was dressed in a sharp and handsome pale blue uniform without a military cap, and his short silver hair was combed up, making him look even more cold and impersonal.

“Hello, where’s the sixth repair room?” Lu AnHe smiled faintly, as he took two steps closer, and asked Shen XiuNan.

And before Shen XiuNan opened his mouth, He YunTing also followed his words and turned his face over to look at him. His eyes were an enviable blue color, but because his expression was too cold, Shen XiuNan only felt like a frozen lake hit him when he came into contact with the other party’s eyes, with countless invisible things frozen underneath.

Shen XiuNan told him the way, Lu AnHe nodded thankfully and followed He YunTing.

When they reached the door of the sixth repair room, Lu AnHe seemed to think of something, “Boss, you can go in alone, I’ll wait outside the door.”

He YunTing nodded slightly and pushed open the door of the repair room. His mecha appeared in front of his eyes. The behemoth built for human warfare was standing in front of him, and in comparison to this big guy, humans looked weak and small.

But… Not entirely.

He YunTing raised his eyes and looked over.

The black-haired, black-eyed mecha master was standing straight on the mecha’s left palm, wearing a white uniform, with a lean figure and gentle eyebrows. And the large, apparently lifeless mecha, at this moment, had a spiritual, mechanical metal palm outstretched, in a reverent and respectful gesture to hold him up, its body shining with a cold metallic color, as if given life by the youth, injected with fresh blood.

The image was shocking and strangely harmonious.

He YunTing thought he couldn’t take his eyes away.

When the youth saw him coming, he froze for a moment, then left mecha’s left palm to walk up the elevator, pressed the button with his other hand, slowly descended from the height, and looked down at him.

He YunTing then watched the other party, slowly descending from a height of more than ten meters, inch by inch, closer and closer to him.

In the time it took for him to get closer to him, He YunTing was willing to look straight at his own thoughts for the first time, as if he felt that he was different from the first time he saw him at the dinner — no, he should say from the moment he held hands with him.

At that time, he could even smell the sweet fragrance coming from the other party.

The youth was different.

But he didn’t think it was love at first sight, and he couldn’t even find a reasonable definition of what ‘love’ was.

He YunTing’s life experience, in addition to training, was war. The only thing that had accompanied him for the longest time was this mecha. But he looked at the young man in white in front of him, and almost couldn’t help but take a step forward, impatiently wanting to get closer to each him.

He YunTing just stretched out his legs, before he finished a step, but was called by the other side.

“Wait a minute.” The youth standing on the elevator opened his mouth.

The repair room was large, and Lin Han’s voice echoed throughout the space, with a crispness and ethereality that carried a divine quality.

He YunTing only ever gave orders to others, and if anyone else had ordered him to do something, he would have only treated them coldly. But now, he almost subconsciously stopped in his tracks.

The young man’s features were delicate and good-looking, but he frowned slightly, as if he was thinking about something.

Lin Han looked at the blue eyes that were staring at him.

He also didn’t expect that he would come over in person.

He had thought that he would either wait for his rut to pass before picking the sample up, or that Lu AnHe would send it, no matter how it was set up, he had never imagined that the General would come in person.

This was undoubtedly better for the repair, after all, the sample was just a sample. If the organic master himself was involved in the calibration of the spiritual power, it would be more efficient and the results would be more accurate.

So, it was better like this… 

Lin Han, however, still had some worries.

After all, he was still in heat.

During this period, even with the use of inhibitors, he couldn’t guarantee that his smell wouldn’t leak out. Not to mention that this person smelled his pheromone. Lin Han wasn’t sure how to describe his current mood, but as an Omega, he had enough sense of self-defense.

——Besides, he didn’t really want to read the General’s inner thoughts again for the time being.

So, He YunTing watched as the youth figured out something, his dark eyes turned, reached out and held the guardrail of the elevator and walked down to the ground.

The youth walked towards him while pulling out a pair of white gloves.

The General vaguely felt that something was not quite right, but the expression on his face remained the same, still the usual coldness. He saw the youth stop after only a few steps.

To make sure that General didn’t do anything to overstep the mark, Lin Han wore the gloves and stood a full three times the social distance from He YunTing, “If General has anything to say, he can say it directly.”


“Just stand there and say it,” Lin Han added, and used his white gloved hand to make a no-approach gesture, “Don’t move and don’t come over.”

He YunTing’s indifferent expression cracked a little.


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March 17, 2022 10:57 am

Well all this is a first for the General, from bging attracted to another human being, to being told what to do!
It even crossed my mind whether he sabotaged the sample himself, just so he could participate personally, in the Mecha’s repairs! 😉😉😏 Kidding.
Thank you for translating and editing.

March 17, 2022 7:43 pm

Great chapter! Thanks for the translation!

March 18, 2022 3:59 am

Yes, safety first, no one wants to lose control. And, lol, looks like the General will expereince a lot of firsts with Lin Han, starting with eating something other than just his usual meals, and being told what to do.

Good for you, General.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

March 18, 2022 8:08 am

Thanks for the chapter! 

June 5, 2022 3:45 pm

Oop- dear general’s true perverted thoughts were exposed to Lin Han, now he’s wary of the man 🙊

August 15, 2022 1:40 pm

Social distancing at best 😀

Xiao Ying
October 26, 2022 6:00 am

please pay attention to the social distance up to here, thank you.. 😏

December 31, 2022 6:40 pm

What will the general do?? Hmmmmm 😉

Thank you for translating!!!

July 8, 2023 4:51 am

Thank you for the chapter!

July 23, 2023 7:30 am

He he he,,, General He meet his match 😅

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