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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


There was an eerie silence.

If Lt. Col. Lu had known that his boss would be in such a situation after he came in, then he would never have deliberately found a reason to stay outside. The scene needed his lubrication. Unfortunately, he wasn’t there.

So without the help of Lu AnHe, General He and Lin Han looked at each other in silence for a long time, not knowing what the other meant, but the only thing that finally came out was, “Mn.”

Lin Han actually knew that this wasn’t appropriate.

But what he read when he touched He YunTing’s hand twice made him wary, in case the other really had such thoughts about him, he was an Omega and now weaker than ever, he had no chance of winning.

Lin Han continued to keep his distance from He YunTing and started to talk about business, “Lt. Col Lu told me that I needed to destroy your sample at the first opportunity and had planned to come to you in a few days to get it…”

He didn’t expect him to come to him so quickly. Lin Han was surprised and felt a little guilty. He was just a mecha repairer, so there was no reason for the General to come himself.

“I couldn’t wait that long.” He YunTing spoke, “So I came to help you.”

“Okay.” Lin Han said, and in the meantime operated the elevator to move in front of He YunTing, “General please. You can go up first, I’ll be right there.”

Lin Han saw He YunTing’s lips open very lightly, as if he said something, and he was a bit far away from him… but didn’t hear it clearly.

“General, what did you say? I couldn’t hear you.” Lin Han didn’t look at He YunTing when he said this, as if he felt sorry for asking the general to say it again when he had clearly asked him to be farther away.

After all, He YunTing was here to help him.

Lin Han finally took the initiative to take two steps forward, “Since you’re here in person, please forgive me for the poor hospitality.”

He YunTing’s face was neither happy nor angry, but his blue pupils still stared at him.

“General, what did you say?” Lin Han repeated.

He YunTing’s voice wasn’t quiet this time. Not only was it not quiet, it was also blunt, “Are you in heat?”

Lin Han, who had just decided to treat General politely out of guilt, “……”

“…Yes.” Originally, he didn’t want him to know the reason for the distance, but didn’t expect to hit the mark.


Where exactly did the Imperial General’s smell cells grow? Lin Han was deep in thought.

He was still thinking about how to respond when he heard He YunTing say, “Should I go back?”

When Han YunTing spoke, his body also became restrained and took a polite step back.

Lin Han was then a little surprised.

The first time he met with him, the General’s inner words were surprising, and even if He YunTing’s thoughts at that time were really unconscious and even he didn’t react to them, it was at least proof that he must have positive feelings towards him.

And an Alpha faced with the estrus of a favored Omega, and even smelled a hint of pheromone, his face was unchanged, and he had the extremely strong determination to retreat?

Lin Han had mixed feelings, not knowing whether to question his ability to read minds or lament the General’s amazing determination. But no matter what, at least the crisis in front of him was lifted. After all, He YunTing came this time with good intentions.

“I used an inhibitor, everything else is fine,” Lin Han slowed down his tone, but was still cautious, “Is there anything else the General wants to ask?”

Lin Han was deep in thought, whenever He YunTing said a word related to that night, he could ask in passing whether the General had met him before, or why he had some undeserved thoughts about himself the first time they met.

If it was a misunderstanding, at least it could be cleared up.

But if it wasn’t a misunderstanding… 

Was it really possible that… He fell in love with him at first sight?

When he thought of this possibility, Lin Han denied it in his head in self-deprecation. He was waiting for the other party’s answer.

And the General, who was invincible on the battlefield and had a stern air, thought for a long time after facing these words. The only sound left in the empty repair room was the sound of M2742 on standby. The two men stood facing each other, and behind them was the big guy who had gone on numerous expeditions and brought the General countless honors, quietly accompanying them.

Lin Han looked at the silent He YunTing, and couldn’t help but wonder if he had spoken too unkindly.

After denying the matter of love at first sight, he didn’t know where the wavering in his heart came from. After all, no matter who said such things to him, he should feel offended or ask for clarification directly.

This wasn’t right either.

For an Omega, the choice of ‘whoever’ must not include He YunTing.

But the words have been said, there was no reason to take them back.

When Lin Han was thinking for the third time whether to find a topic to end the awkwardness of the moment, the statue-like General seemed to finally decide to speak.

Lin Han had just remembered that this man was still injured when he saw He YunTing put down his left hand, his face wasn’t the same as when they first met, his thin lips moved and he gave what he thought was a very appropriate and considerate answer, “Drink more hot water.”

“…?” It had been a long time since he’d heard such fresh and uncomplicated care, Lin Han froze for a moment, holding back a smile and replied, “Thank you, I will.”

Was he really too sensitive, or was he thinking too much?

The answer was so unexpected that Lin Han almost felt like taking off his gloves and finding an excuse to touch the other person’s hand to verify how General really saw him.

But soon he was shocked by his own thoughts, fixed his mind and spoke to He YunTing again, “Let’s start then.”

He YunTing also stopped talking about it, and the two of them went to the mecha, one after the other. He YunTing was too familiar with his own love, but not too proficient in repair. After waiting for Lin Han to get into the cockpit as well, he asked, “How am I going to work with you?”

Once it came to his own profession, Lin Han lost his previous nonsense, closed the hatch and walked a few steps closer to He YunTing, “I have just used the key to start. General, use the mental power to connect with the AI center as usual. I’ll keep an eye on it, and the repair room is monitored and will record it in real time.”

“Okay.” He YunTing walked to the driver’s seat and sat down, skillfully putting on the helmet.

Lin Han’s gloved finger tapped twice on the screen for him, “Okay.”

He took two steps back from He YunTing and saw his right hand gripping the joystick and shaking his palm invisibly as he pressed it down. And the other party’s lips were pursed tighter, as if they were holding back something.

Lin Han recalled the cold sweat on He YunTing’s forehead the day of the dinner, “Your injury, is it…”

He YunTing didn’t say a word, but the expression on his face gave the answer.

“Do you need my help?” Lin Han asked, although he himself didn’t know what he could do to help He YunTing.

“Can you drive a mecha?” He YunTing suddenly said.

Lin Han was stunned, then smiled bitterly, “General, I have a D- constitution, so I can’t open it. And there’s no place…”

“I can use my mental power to connect to the system,” He YunTing said, “This mecha is only used by me, but the second cockpit can also control it.”

“Provided you’re willing.”

Lin Han was silent.

How could he not have tried?

Lin Han repeated with a bitter smile, “General, I can’t.”

Even when he was repairing the mecha for a test drive, he would feel physically weak after a while, and this was a top-level mecha, so even though he could drive the big guy with his mental power, he couldn’t take more than a few steps.

“Should we try?” He YunTing stopped his right hand on the joystick.

Lin Han raised his eyes and saw that the injury on General’s right shoulder seemed really bad, and he seemed to take a sharp breath when he said this.

He YunTing didn’t rush him again.

“Okay.” Perhaps seeing He YunTing’s expression of trying to endure the pain but pretending to be on cloud nine, Lin Han finally agreed, “Then I’ll go to the second cockpit.”

He YunTing nodded slightly.

Lin Han then headed for the second cockpit, and in turning around without seeing, He YunTing face tightly tensed expression finally loosened a little.

This Omega was too close.

What He YunTing could not bear was not only the tingling in his right shoulder, but also the sweet fragrance that leaked out when Lin Han came close to him. And when he opened and closed his mouth, it made him feel hot all over.

Lin Han quickly walked over to the second cockpit, although never used by anyone, it was also clean and tidy. He had just sat in the driver’s seat and put on his helmet when he heard He YunTing’s voice coming through the headset, “Ready?”

Lin Han got nervous for no reason, “Yes.”

The second cockpit was a bit higher than the main cockpit, Lin Han sat in the driver’s seat, and could still see He YunTing’s broad shoulders and back in front of him, and his trademark silver hair.

“Then I’ll start.”

Lin Han’s lips were tightly pursed, and his hands were sweating as he gripped the joystick.

An Omega in heat was already weaker than usual, and his body was more sluggish. He closed his eyes.

It was not like he hadn’t worked in heat before, it was no big deal. He was just thinking this when he suddenly felt much less exhausted.

He YunTing didn’t let him drive the first time, but…

Across the cockpit, with his back to him, he released his pheromone.

As if He YunTing knew that releasing directly face to face was too reckless and rude for an Omega, he purposely waited for him to get into the cockpit behind him before slowly and tentatively releasing some pheromone without any aggression, trying to appease him.

Lin Han felt a different kind of lightness.

Not like the feeling of inhibitors forcing down the restless cells in the body, but like stepping on cotton, with a soft weightlessness.

Worried about falling, but also wanting to indulge in it.

This was a kind of nature that naturally arose among creatures, seeping in little by little, and then gently comforting the pheromone that had been suppressed by the inhibitor and was cranky.

“Lin Han,” He YunTing called his name, the tone low, like the cold winter ice flowing under the surface, as clear as a gemstone cobalt blue lake. He said, “Is it any better now?”


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What a strangely seductive chapter that was. Both seem totally unprepared for their previous attraction to each other, as live for their work, it seems.
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