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The baby put his whole face to the transparent glass cover in front of him. In the middle of the cylindrical glass cover filled with light blue liquid, there was a small figure curling up. A long man-made umbilical cord was attached to his navel, leading to the top of the glass cover, and every day, a constant flow suitable for the supplement of fetal nutrients poured in the umbilical cord into the body of the fetus, maintaining his vitality and growth.

Compared to the natural baby in the mother’s body, this kind of baby growing up in an artificial environment would be slightly weaker at the time of birth, so he would stay in it a little longer than other normal babies. And when he was born, his physical ability would be no different from that of ordinary babies.

Although Ye Shao’s body belonged to the body of the birthing vessel on the planet Beta, he could only have children by marrying people from Beta. And now he was married to Long Yuan, it could be said that he was no different from ordinary men and could not be pregnant.

Therefore, he and Long Yuan could only provide their own sperm and cultivate their own children under artificial conditions, just like all married husbands on Imperial Star.

Baby looked at the baby in the glass cover for a long time, then lowered his head and pulled his finger, “Mn, later… After 20 days, Baby will be able to meet the baby~” He said, and then he leaned down on the glass cover, looking at the baby curled up inside. Finally, he waved to the baby inside, “Baby will come to see you tomorrow, so you should be good!”

After staring back for a long time, Baby left the separate breeding room of the royal family.


“Heart rate: normal… Lung development: normal… Health value is at 100%, it can be born safely.” The cold electronic female voice resounded in the open room. The light blue liquid that was filling the round glass cover slowly lowered the water level. The transparent glass cover also dropped slowly with the decrease of the water level, revealing the baby who has not opened his eyes inside.

Ye Shao held out his hand and hugged the wet baby. Long Yuan then quickly handed over the blanket that he held in his hand, wrapping the baby tightly in it. When Ye Shao held the baby, the umbilical cord that was originally attached to the fetus automatically disconnected from the navel of the fetus.

“Daddy, Baby wants to see the baby!” Baby’s eyes were bright, as he pulled on Ye Shao’s clothes.

Ye Shao wanted to lower the baby in his arms. Unexpectedly, he had just moved. The baby in his arms was wrapped in two small fists and with only pink gums visible in his mouth, burst into tears.

Ye Shao was suddenly scared, and Baby also retracted his hand, which was holding the corner of Ye Shao’s clothes. Then he timidly raised his head and asked Ye Shao, “Daddy, does the baby hate Baby, so if Baby wants to hold him, he will cry?”

One side accompanied by Long Yuan and Ye Shao, who was in charge of the birthing room, laughed, “It’s good to be able to make a sound, and cry so loudly, but be careful, so you won’t get sick.” Then he looked at Ye Shao’s method of holding the small prince in his arms, shook his head and said, “Consort, it’s no wonder that he will cry. He is not comfortable, if you hold him like this.” After that, the staff member went forward to correct the posture of Ye Shao’s arms. The baby, who had been crying abnormally, stopped crying after a few sobs. His small fist was placed in front of his pink and tender mouth, and as his mouth moved, he could not speak with a little finger.

Ye Shao maintained this posture, but only felt that his whole body was uncomfortable. However, as long as he moved, the little man in his arms flattened his mouth and looked like he was going to cry. He had to keep the same position while returning to the palace with Long Yuan and Baby. Baby knew that he couldn’t hold the baby, and he didn’t make any noise on the road. He just knelt beside Ye Shao who was sitting on the seat quietly. He looked at the baby who was wrapped in a soft blanket, sleeping sweetly.


Two big men served the baby for several days, both of them were tired with dark circles, but they always took care of the precious little thing that was not good-looking and would cry when touched.

After being tortured for a week by the cry resounding through the palace, two people who were still unable to become full-time fathers could only entrust the soft little creature to the queen who had long coveted the baby.

They finally had their first good sleep since more than a week.


But a few days later, another problem followed.

Only a few faint wrinkles could be seen in the corner of her eyes. The beautiful queen was still young and beautiful. She was holding the baby who was coaxed in her arms. He was not noisy or loud. He was devoted to playing with the toys in his hands. And behind him followed Baby who looked at his brother and walked into the bedroom of Ye Shao and Long Yuan.

“I always forgot to ask you a question. After so many days, have you named the baby? And Baby’s name. I’ve never heard you call it.”


With the queen behind him, Baby doubtfully tilted his small head. Baby’s name is not Baby?

Ye Shao remembered that he always felt that he had forgotten something before. Now he finally knew that he had not given the babies a formal name after such a long time.


Two “irresponsible” fathers borrowed a thick naming dictionary from the library of the Imperial Palace and read them day and night. After more than half a month, the two men decided on two names and their respective nicknames.

One of them was called Long Jin, the other was Long Xuan.

But Baby’s nickname was still Baby, and the little prince who has just been born was called Xiao Bao.

It was no wonder that after piling up the waste paper of a table in the dormitory hall, the two people thought about it and finally decided on the two nicknames.

The baby, who had been running naked for a long time without a name, finally took advantage of the newborn Xiao Bao and the hope he had for a long time. He set up an account with Long Yuan and Ye Shao, and formally put his name at the bottom of Long Yuan’s genealogy records.

It’s really… congratulations Baby! = v=


The author has something to say:

Finally, thank you!



Addis note: Thank you everyone for sticking with this series! I love that everyone loves M-preg as much as I do. I personally think that m-preg novels have better plots than normal hetero pregnancy novels, but let me know what you guys would like to read more of so I can try to see if I can quench some of the thirsts.

I have two new series that I am working on. One is a super comedic one that I absolutely love called My Home is Not a Magical Creature Farm. It is really hilarious and something I think will be a great relief for the upcoming holidays since I know a lot of us are unable to see our families due to Covid-19. There are already 8 chapters released for those who subscribe to the $20 tier on Patreon.

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Summary: Magician Augusta receives a strange letter and package from his friend one early morning. The box turns out to be a young (and very naked) werewolf! This starts the humorous tale of these two men falling in love with the comedic undertones from a sassy 400-year-old vampire, a germaphobe unicorn, and other magical creatures. 

The other series I am working on is my baby after Creature. I’m trying to keep it a bit hush-hush so it doesn’t get swiped or readers don’t read the entire thing with MTL and spoil it for those who wait patiently for the everyday release. I will let everyone know that it is a really long novel at 303 chapters.  Even with Creature releasing every day, I do plan on this long novel to start being released no later than Jan. 15, 2021, meaning it will finish around Nov. 2021. 


From Sulo:

Creature is a lighthearted and hilarious read with fun characters thrown into the mix. Perfect if you’re in one of those moods when you just want to laze and sit back, relax and laugh over something.

Augusta is a magician who prefers to be holed up at home and working on magical research, is stubbornly cute and also a big “tsundere” when it comes to the people around him. He ends up being quite a relatable character because of his comedic antics, especially with how he loses his temper because sometimes it seems like he’s the only sane person around.

Kyfayar is the ML and a werewolf who was “gifted” to Augusta by a friend. He is a clingy and naive fool who falls first for the magician, and makes several clumsy (and funny) attempts at showing his love. 

Despite the comedy, look forward to the two who make quite a cute pair as they fumble about with being in love — that and all the chaotic interactions they end up sharing with specific characters that pop up over the course of the story!


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After reading this a second time, I enjoyed it more than the first time. Love the characters , especially Baby who finally got a name❤️❤️ thank you for translating ❤️❤️

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