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Chapter 28: The dust had settled.

Translated by Ceti of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis

Xiao Yan did not feel good about Xin Ye being injured. Even if his Path was ahead of the Foundation Establishment cultivator and his cultivation accomplishments were excellent, he was only at the Foundation Establishment stage after all. Using such a powerful move twice in a row had almost consumed the body’s spiritual power, and the rest of his spiritual power had to be used to maintain the transformation.

Most importantly, he did not attract Chu WuQing’s attention at all.

Considering that the corpse had been pretending for so long and it was unable to attract Chu WuQing’s attention, Xiao Yan thought that this opponent was not worth mentioning. He’d let it go out of the kindness in his heart.

As he thought about this, Xiao Yan could not help feeling that he was generous and kind hearted. He was really a good rabbit.

Xiao Yan hopped to Chu WuQing’s side again. This time, he sat down obediently. His little head was slightly raised and he looked up at his owner’s face. The more he looked at it, the more beautiful he felt it was.

How could there be such a good-looking person in the world? As the son of the Sect Leader of the ShangYuan Sect and a heavenly genius in the QingBo Realm, he had seen countless beauties, but those beauties were not out-of-this-world.

Even the most gifted master of spiritual painting, would not be about to paint Chu WuQing’s beauty. Every part of his five features, the charm in his every look, was not something available in the human world, let alone that temperament of his.

Xiao Yan felt a sense of happiness as he thought about this. He could not help quietly moving his body, getting closer and closer.

At this moment, he finally understood why DanTai ZiYan was dead set on Chu WuQing. He still insisted on it even if he was humiliated by the annulment of the engagement. He also understood why DanTai ZiYan loved Chu WuQing deeply, but never invited Chu WuQing to join the ShangYuan Sect and come to the QingBo Realm.

Such a beauty should be hidden in a deep room, otherwise it would attract peeping from all parties.

It was impossible for DanTai ZiYan to possess such a beauty with his strength and status. His only advantage was that the engagement was made in the early years. Such scheming and calculativeness was really too shameless.

If DanTai ZiYan did not do that, how could he make everyone think that it was the Chu Clan clinging onto the ShangYuan Sect, that it was Chu WuQing who was not worthy of DanTai ZiYan, and that it was the Chu Clan being so shameless?

“We’ve won.” Chu WuQing looked down at the Mirror Lake. The Sect Leader of the TaYue Sect had been seriously injured and his son was barely alive. After the XianLing Sect shouted that those who surrendered would not be killed, the weakened fighting spirit of the TaYue Sect was further crushed. More than half of the disciples of the TaYue Sect chose to surrender.

The Sect Leader and heir of the TaYue Sect never imagined that they would face such a tragic defeat in their battle with a sect that did not have support of a Golden Core cultivator.

When the tide took a turn for the worse, the TaYue Sect’s Sect Leader had already sent out a signal to summon all the Golden Core Elders to return to the sect and requested for the support of other sects.

However, why hadn’t anyone come back until now? He did not even see any disciples of the sect that they were friendly with.

“It’s impossible, it’s impossible!” The Sect Leader of the TaYue Sect could not help imagining, could it be that the XianLing Sect allied with the other sects and killed the Golden Core Elders in an ambush? Or had the other sects had completely turned against them and held back their Golden Core cultivators?

The more he thought about it, the more confused the Sect Leader of the TaYue Sect was. When the numerous sword lights descended like the sea, the Sect Leader of the TaYue Sect grabbed his son and escaped with him.

“A group of short-sighted rats dare to break the treaty between allies to deal with me for that pittance of a profit?! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, you would never imagine that the XianLing Sect would not be able to pay you anything at all, because it’s not me who wants it to exterminate it completely. It’s the Number One Sect, the QingLing Sect!” The TaYue Sect’s Sect Leader flew towards the direction of XianLing Sect at an extremely fast speed and roared with all the power he had gained in his lifetime, “Save me, Patriarch!”

However, he collided with the Greater Array that had been set up by Gu Yu.

The array used his body as a foundation and directly absorbed spiritual energy from him. With the injection of spiritual energy from a Golden Core cultivator, the array became more powerful. Regardless of how the Sect Leader of the TaYue Sect hit the array, it all turned into nourishment for the array.

The dust had settled.

When those Golden Core Elders came back tomorrow, it would be the time to implement the TaYue Sect Sect Leader’s plan to crush them one by one.

However, one whole night was more than enough for Gu Yu to set up numerous arrays. With the addition of the TaYue Sect’s original Mountain Guardian Greater Array, Chu WuQing did not need to pay any more attention to this battle as he already knew the ending.

Chu WuQing’s sleeve flicked gently and the image on the Mirror Lake disappeared. The occupation of the TaYue Sect was just the beginning. When most of the sects were under control, he could create all kinds of chaos with illusion arrays to confuse those who wanted to seize the Opportunity, and trap the vast majority of people to seize the key moment.

At that time, not many people would notice even if there were strange changes in the XianLing Sect.

Once he thought of these enemies in his past life being played around by him and running in circles, Chu WuQing felt inexplicably happy.

Chu WuQing finally had the energy to pay attention to that little ball of thing that had followed without being invited.

Xiao Yan immediately started his mode of competing for favor upon feeling Chu WuQing’s eyes finally fall on him. He quick-wittedly jumped towards Chu WuQing, but let his fat legs trip on the grass stem. Then he slipped and fell, seizing the opportunity to pitifully roll under Chu WuQing’s sleeve before opening his eyes wide, and raising his two front paws to beg for a hug.

“Awooo, awooo, awooo,” Seeing that its owner was not willing to reach out his hand, the little milk rabbit tried its best to lightly push its owner’s sleeve.

Chu WuQing’s eyes curved in a smile and he helplessly picked up the rabbit. A cleaning spell removed the grass seeds from the little rabbit, “That is a wolf’s cry. I really should throw you into a rabbit coup and make you learn the habits of a rabbit.”

Hearing this, the little rabbit tried to curry favor and licked Chu WuQing’s palm.

“Filthy.” Chu WuQing said in disdain. Then he lifted the rabbit and dipped it into the Mirror Lake to conduct a deep cleaning.

Chu WuQing’s fingers carefully washed every part of his fur as he soaked in the warm spring water. Xiao Yan felt that he was going to levitate heavenwards as Chu WuQing gently massaged, relaxing his muscles. Perhaps no one had ever had the prestige of being served by Chu WuQing while taking a bath.

It would be great if they could bathe together.

At this moment, Xiao Yan felt invigorating comfort yet unendurable suffering. What was unendurable was that he was just a rabbit, and could only be a rabbit.

Xiao Yan’s body was immersed in the spring water and his fluffy long hair stuck to his body. It was no longer a fluffy mass.

Appearing as if it was disdaining that such an image was too ugly for it, the little rabbit took several steps towards its owner and actually sprinkled the water onto its owner. Even if a portion of his clothes were wet, his owner obviously didn’t have the intention of playing with the rabbit and washing himself. 

However, his owner’s indulgence made the rabbit more courageous and put it in a better mood.

When he was lifted out of the lake and cupped in Chu WuQing’s hands to be blown dry, Xiao Yan felt that he had already levitated heavenwards and was floating in the sky. He couldn’t help but want to roll about, so he did.

Relying on his small round body and a good balance, he rolled around on Chu WuQing.

… … Until.

Chu WuQing started a bonfire, touched his storage bag, and took out all kinds of seasonings as he murmured, “The meat of a Snow Spirit Rabbit is delicate and delicious, which is most suitable for making spiritual food. But roasted rabbit also has a different and distinctive flavor that is suitable for celebrations.”

Xiao Yan: Σ(っ°Д °;)っ

Wait a minute, so you weren’t bathing him just now, but washing ingredients? And the massage was to relax the ingredient and improve the meat quality?

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December 10, 2020 7:55 pm

omg he really about to eat it XD when you think you getting a massage and bath, but really was just being cleaned and massaged to tenderize and finally prepped to cook. haha every chapter is hilarious

thanks for the chapter!

December 10, 2020 8:25 pm

chu wuqing is really just there silently collecting mens from all sorts

the ending was absolutely hilarious lmaoo it was actually for the purpose of eating 🤣🤣thank you for the update!!!

December 11, 2020 9:54 am

Rising to the heaven only to be dragged down to the grill… 😂😂😂😂😂

December 11, 2020 6:33 pm

Hahahahahaha CWQ, you’re savage. Hahahha

March 3, 2021 9:47 am

Gahahaha, goodness, didn’t expect that!

March 22, 2021 11:49 am

The end just was superb.

April 5, 2021 5:03 am

Sooo funny omg thanks for the translation

April 9, 2021 1:59 am

What kind of plot this is, my god I can’t stop laughing
I think Acer heard a heart ropingAh ah I used to have rabbits so I know what it’s like to eat their meat
It’s really smooth

Master Jeon
Master Jeon
February 21, 2022 9:55 am

LMFOA….!! A’qing….! I love u soo much A’qing…

March 21, 2022 1:38 pm


Also, im so proud of baby gu yu!!! He’s still my fave gong right now, i hope to see more romantic scenes with him eventually~

May 5, 2022 10:09 am

Reminds me of Kirby being cooked as well lmaoo (TvT)

Trust Me I'm Innocent But I Know Stuff
Trust Me I'm Innocent But I Know Stuff
November 14, 2022 7:19 am

The ending was the best

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