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Chapter 6: Dirty Yellowed Fox

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Wen Jin only sent in a bit of his energy, but it seemed to be enough to clear the flow within Dewitt’s body, as it soon became less hot and the pain on his face eased slightly. Nevertheless, the energy within his body was still bumping around chaotically.

This energy was a bit worrying because, in theory, Wen Jin should be able to take it. For him, this small amount of energy was not meaningful at all, but the problem was that the man’s energy did not match his.

If he was in his prime, he would be able to forcibly extract such energy even if he suffered slightly, but now, Wen Jin had to be more cautious about what he could do. He had not yet repaired his broken demon dan completely. If the snowy cracks got worse and it broke entirely, both of them would die.

As he pressed his paw on Dewitt’s belly again, Wen Jin thought for a while. With the trace of the essence just injected into Dewitt’s body, Wen Jin began to attract the energy in his body. Wen Jin could not absorb it, but the energy could form a cycle in Dewitt’s body. In other words, it was this energy that was in Dewitt’s body causing chaos because it was uncontrolled. Piling it up in one place and forming a storm was what caused this mess. If he had initially relaxed the energy, allowing it to cycle through his body, it would have reduced the energy source load.

Wen Jin patiently attracted these chaotic energies to different areas. This was a massive project because the energy in Dewitt’s body had accumulated for a long time. After doing all this, Wen Jin felt a little heavy. He looked up at Dewitt and found that the man was in a completely different state than half an hour ago. A slight relaxation replaced the painful look, and the dead white on the face faded. There was nothing on his face that resembled pain.

Compared with his tired and unfit appearance, Wen Jin was somewhat puzzled. It was not in line with his past behavior, and it was not in his favor either especially since he gave Dewitt half of the essence he had painstakingly saved up since he woke up.

Looking at the empty plate on the table, Wen Jin gave a cold hum, thinking that it would be better to pay for such delicious meat. No, this was not an equal exchange! Tomorrow he must get more food! Today he was not full at all!

As he thought about it, Wen Jin, whose eyelids grew heavier and heavier, nestled on Dewitt’s lower abdomen and closed his eyes. It was only after sitting in this position that he felt a little uncomfortable with the bulging belly beneath him. After tens of seconds, Wen Jin boldly changed his sleeping position with four feet facing the sky.

His body was now tiny, basically the same size as a still milking baby fox and not his deliberate adjustment. This was entirely because his body was not full of energy. A demon’s instinctual protection mechanism, made them appear smaller so that less energy was spent on activities. Since he was so small, his belly was slightly less hairy, showing his pink skin, like a small drum.

Only when Wen Jin was half asleep did he sneeze from the cold. Then he felt as if there was a stove under him. Subconsciously, he pressed his body tightly to the furnace. It was vague, like a big hand holding Wen Jin from behind. Then he turned over and hummed. Soon, he felt as if the stove covered him, and his frozen blood began to circulate.

It’s so comfortable, Wen Jin thought. He ultimately spread his paws out and fell into a deeper sleep.


The next day, Wen Jin woke wrapped up in a thin blanket. The temperature in the bedroom was just right. It was not as cold as it was the night before. He yawned and found that he didn’t know where the person next to him had gone, but then he got distracted. He dimly found the spirit of the room… seemed a little more abundant?

A door opened behind him so Wen Jin looked back. It was Dewitt.

All-day yesterday, he showed extremely awkward moments. This guy seemed to have… just taken a shower? His body was warm, his hair was wet, and there were water stains on his abdominal muscles.

Well, I suddenly feel like my paws are itchy.

While Wen Jin looked at Dewitt, the latter also saw Wen Jin, went to the bedside, reached out and touched his head, “Woke up?”

Wen Jin just woke up, so he had sleepy eyes with no energy, “Chee.”

Maybe the little fellow was still confused. Dewitt did not speak anymore. He sat by the bed and moved his hand to the little fellow’s back. He wanted to help him wake up and feel the soft fur against his palms at the same time. Dewitt squinted.

Wen Jin hated being touched by others; he always felt dirty. He didn’t know why, but he didn’t resist Dewitt touching him. Dewitt’s big hand covered his whole body, and Wen Jin felt very comfortable and safe when he was touched. Besides, the heat in the palm of his opponent’s hand was Wen Jin’s favorite heat.

He had a cold temper, and although his hair was thick, he was still not very resistant against cold, so he used to sleep in a cave or become a man and wear a thick fur coat in past winters. If he didn’t do this, he wouldn’t freeze to death as he didn’t like the feeling of being cold.

Looking at the comfortable little fox under his palm, cozy and quiet, Dewitt could not help but lighten his hand a little. This little fellow was usually boisterous and temperamental, but when he slept, his eyes were closed, and he looked just like a… glutinous rice dumpling?

Dewitt thought, holding the fox in his arms and rubbing his ears. “Wake up.”

Wen Jin moved in his palm, cracked opened his eyes and chittered.

“The doctor said that you are weak, besides eating, you should exercise more and not sleep too much,” Dewitt said, rubbing his head. “It’s time for breakfast.”


Wen Jin’s mind moved, and he woke up in an instant. A pair of eyes looked eagerly at Dewitt. The sharp ears that had been curled behind his head also stood up. Looking at the full of spirit little fox, Dewitt gave a rare smile with his eyes. He stood up and took Wen Jin to the table.

Halfway there, Dewitt seemed to think of something. He turned around, walked to the wall, stretched out his hand, and tried grasping the thing that was floating in the air… a spot of light?

“Chee?” What was this? Wen Jin stared, how could there be light floating in the air? It seemed to be somewhat similar to something he had read in a book in the past, but a god wrote the book and nothing was clear or concretely worded ah.

“This is a thermostat switch. If you get cold again like yesterday, remember to press this, the thermostat will keep the room at a comfortable temperature,” Dewitt said.

This kind of advice may seem redundant to others. After all, the little fox must have seen this everywhere, but Dewitt still wanted the little one to know more for himself, just in case. Dewitt did not even think about whether the low-ranking contract beast would have that high of an IQ.

“Chee?” Wen Jin cocked his head. He got up this morning and was warm, but he felt cold yesterday. Was that the reason? Could it make the room heated? Is that why he felt a little more alive today?

“I am a fire ability user,” Dewitt said as he pulled Wen Jin’s paw and taught him to press the suspended light. “When it’s cold, I have a bad habit of keeping it off. I’ll change it later, but you still have to learn.”

Last night, when he woke up in the middle of the night, Dewitt found the little fox’s body was as cold as ice and was stiff. After touching him, Dewitt was distressed. He quickly wrapped the fox in his arms and then turned on the thermostat until the little fox’s body gradually warmed up, and his heart finally settled down.

But he didn’t fall asleep. Dewitt was surprised to find that the stormy pressure in his energy core seemed to have reduced a lot. It was not all piled up in one place, and his entire body was more comfortable. The feeling of being blocked disappeared entirely and was refreshing.

Dewitt contacted Archie immediately after he took a bath in the morning, once he was sure that the change in the energy was not an illusion. Looking back at the little fox, as if he had found a new toy, the little fox pressed the thermostat switch back and forth and wagged his tail as soon as he heard the sound of the air flowing in the room. The earnest look made Dewitt suddenly want to kiss the small rounded head.

He restrained the impulse, only touched Wen Jin’s head again and whispered, “Little Fox.”

Wen Jin was playing with the rising thermostat and did not hear what Dewitt said. The man did not let him play more, turned around, and took him to the table. Wen Jin was not angry, because he knew that at the table, just as Dewitt said, there was breakfast.


His thoughts were full of warmth and joy, but when he turned his head unconsciously, he turned to a mirror. In the mirror, Wen Jin saw himself. At first, he felt that it was a little incredible. After standing for half a minute, he thought that he did not look good.

The white fur around his eyes had turned yellow, and like splashing water droplets, it seeped everywhere, and the face was covered in the yellowish color! And most importantly, half of his ears turned yellow! As soon as Wen Jin saw it, he felt that the stickiness of yesterday came back again. He stared wide-eyed and couldn’t believe that he had slept all night in such a dirty way.

He was a white fox, a white fox! He had never even been this dirty after running around in the mountains.

Shocked by what he saw in the mirror, Wen Jin, who was horrified by his undignified fox image, quickly broke away from Dewitt’s hand and flew into the shower without notifying the latter.

Dewitt was stunned and was about to catch up, but the door of the shower was automatically closed. Did the kit step on the closing key when he entered? Dewitt had no time to think about it. His bathroom was always closed and could only be opened from inside. Now he quickly opened the terminal and wanted to modify it as a manager.

Nevertheless, the little fox who ran around in the bathroom did not know what had happened. Dewitt’s five senses were keenly aware of the steady sound of water. In the next second, the little fox’s scream came out of the bathroom. “Cheeeee—”

Think of Wen Jin about this size. 
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September 11, 2019 6:38 pm

So Wen Jin turned on the cold water on first accidentally and got surprised by the pressure of the shower head?

September 11, 2019 8:12 pm

Cleaning can be fun. Can’t wait to see how he cleans himself. LOL

September 11, 2019 9:43 pm

🦊: “C-c-cold!”
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September 11, 2019 10:27 pm

Cold water? Hot water?
Thank you for the update!

September 11, 2019 10:30 pm

This little fox is absolutely the cutest thing. And Dewitt is in for a surprise when this little fox finally regains his true form. I bet that they don’t know that he can turn into a human. Besides if he hates cold so much, Dewitt, the fire ability user, is the best possible match.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

October 1, 2019 10:59 am

Thanks for the chapter! 😊

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