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Chapter 22: Go cut off your dicks

Translated by Rikko of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The few million kilometres of area to the south of the capital planet, occupying nearly ten percent of the land on the planet, was secretive and extraordinary. No outside force could infiltrate it. Probably only ten major households, which comprised of thousands and thousands of family members, lived there. However, they were precisely the ones governing almost the entire capital planet and monopolised the two habitable planets beside the capital planet, while also exerting control over other inhabitable planets.

The big shots in Anjie were said to be able to control a city by just moving a finger. However, in comparison, even the smallest household among the ten southern major households could make those big shots vanish into thin air by simply moving their finger. Of course, it was likely that the big shots and the ten major households had countless ties together. Even so, the difference of their nature was as far apart as the contrast between light and darkness. The ten major households of the south could be said to be the true rulers of all; it was just that rarely anyone knew of their existence.

Currently, at the manor of the Qi family, the second most powerful major household, the first young master was sitting inside his obscenely grand house, which he found unpleasant, as he glared coldly at his subordinates. He was the strongest member within the Qi family to date, Boss Qi QingLin.

“My lord, please think it through! Since a demi-human who can get you to transform is found, he should be brought back to the manor at once! If something happens to that demi-human, you would not be able to transform anymore! As you know, Second Mistress and Second Young Master hate your very existence, and the old master does not care about such matters. You can’t afford to get into trouble right now!” BingHei fretted on and on with a gigantic Chinese white pear in his hand, gloom apparent on his face.

Upon hearing that, Qi QingLin turned over to look at JiaWu and YiWen, who were pretending to be mutes, before asking coldly, “That’s what you guys think too?”

JiaWu stiffened up and took a step back, “I share the same opinion as YiWen.”

YiWen’s face went as pale as a sheet and scrunched up once he was mentioned. He replied after taking a deep breath, “In my humble opinion, Third Bro has a point…”

Astonished, JiaWu swivelled his head towards YiWen. What the fuck?! Have you suddenly gone mad today? Aren’t you going to bootlick?!

“However, my lord, I feel that your ideas are even better.” Satisfied after noticing JiaWen twisting his face, YiWen let out a cold ‘hmph’ and continued, “My lord, you have not passed your transformation period yet. Rather than trying to fend off Second Mistress and Second Young Master’s underlings, their scrutiny, and the troubles they devise, it would be better for you to reside a few days in Anjie. Not only can you protect your chosen partner by doing so, but you can also lie low there. It will be a better place to strategise. After all, in Anjie, where strength rules above all, even Second Mistress and Second Young Master will find it difficult to infiltrate with just their powers.”

“Mn…Let’s leave it at that.” Qi QingLin peered at DingBai, whose blood ran cold, before casting a glance at BingHei and asking, “DingBai, do you have anything else you want to say?”

“In my humble opinion, HeiZi is merely ignorant of the fact that the mister is your chosen partner, which is why he got a little worried.”

“Oh, ok. In that case, you will supervise him eating his meals today. Remember, you will be eating meat while he will be eating vegetables. If he doesn’t want to eat, tell him to go cut his dick off.”

BingHei, who was kneeling on the floor, was petrified instantly and squeezed his legs together. He felt he was utterly pitiful. Among the four subordinates, he was the unluckiest one and had to play bad cop. Fuck! He had been eating vegetables for almost the entire month! Could he apply to be a bootlicking subordinate like YiWen?!

While BingHei was shrouded by dark, gloomy clouds, DingBai heaved a sigh of relief and consoled him by the side. Conversely, JiaWu and YiWen, who also let out a relieved sigh as they believed they were out of trouble, felt themselves under an ice-cold death glare all of a sudden. “Erm… My… my lord?”

“The two of you… go cut off your dicks.”

“My lord! We have not done anything that let you down!” JiaWu and YiWen kneeled down at the same time. What in the world did we do to deserve that?!

“That snake gall almost made him die from agony.”

JiaWu started breaking into a cold sweat. Damn it! He would definitely settle this debt with that certain someone!

“He thought I was joking at first when I told him to be my partner.”

YiWen drooped his head silently. Shit! How low is the EQ of our future madam?!

“So, go on and cut your dicks off.”

Two thuds rang out as JiaWu and YiWen banged their head onto the floor, “My lord, please give us another chance!”

Qi QingLin ruminated in silence. As the scene of JinYu gritting his teeth over the house’s furnishings flashed past his mind, the corners of his lips crawled up slightly, “He has a newly constructed home.” JiaWu and YiWen perked up their ears with excitement. “But there isn’t any furniture or beds in it. It is an antique styled house. Also, he will be opening his store tomorrow.” Qi QingLin continued.

Once again, JiaWu and YiWen sputtered in eagerness, “We will bring a whole set of the best furniture to congratulate the grand opening of his store tomorrow!”

Qi QingLin nodded, “Go on and have a month of vegetarian diet. You don’t have to cut off your dicks.” A shimmer of bright light flashed across his eyes, “ZiChou, infiltrate Anjie with our underlings tomorrow,”

A person appeared in the house instantaneously, kneeling on one knee, “Yes, my lord! My lord… Second Young Master is here.”

Qi QingLin’s expression darkened at once. Moments after he let out a cold ‘hmph’, the door was pushed open. A young man, who looked somewhat similar to Qi QingLin, but with a more soft, sinister appearance, was at the door, hollering at Qi QingLin when he saw him, “You jinx, why are you back?! Haven’t you shame Mother and Father enough?! Don’t tell me you still want to steal my power and wealth?! Let me tell you, fat chance! The QiLing clan is mine! Father will never let a bastard like you inherit any assets—Arg!”

Without waiting for Qi ShaoLin to finish with his insults, JiaWu lifted his leg and kicked Qi ShaoLin’s body, sending him onto the wall. In utter disbelief, Qi ShaoLin trembled as he pointed his index finger at JiaWu, “You… you… How dare a mere servant…!”

At that instant, JiaWu scratched his head innocently and explained rather honestly, “Second Young Master, I thought you were delirious or possessed by an evil beast just now. I’m saving you, seriously!”


“Second Young Master, JiaWu is very straightforward. He never lies.” YiWen chimed in without any change in his expression, a hint of sneering in his tone.

Qi ShaoLin scrunched his face in a fury before yelling at his attendants for protection. The second his attendants stepped in, Qi QingLin stood up in revulsion and glared at Qi ShaoLin, “Idiot, I will always get what I want, no matter if that old man is willing or not. Even if you fight to the death for it, there won’t be even a single share for you” Qi ShaoLin’s infuriated expression paled promptly, turning utterly menacing gradually.

1:HeiZi: BingHei’s nickname


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September 11, 2019 4:10 pm

Haha QQL is the mafia with the funny loyal followers.

September 11, 2019 10:52 pm

That answers my question about who JiaWu and YiWen are, and they’ve just barely avoided having to cut their dicks off, so funny.

With this powerfull First Young Master with this kind of a background JinYu struck it big but he still doesn’t know that. I soooo want to see his reaction.

The Second Young Master will cause trouble, I can bet on that.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

November 4, 2019 2:27 am

Qi ShaoLin

Isn’t this name a little similar to the cannln fodder antagonist in Legendary Master’s Wife? Like Ling Xiao’s ‘brother’… hmm

February 6, 2020 1:24 am

I realized the author seems fond of using words degrading character’s IQ 🤣 and why do I feel like ML is the ML from LMW? 😂 Anyway, love this story!!

September 29, 2021 3:29 am

Lots more characters introduced.
Qi ShaoLin sounds suitably spoilt and delusional. I bet ‘2nd Young Mistress’ is even worst, as it’ll be Grade A bitch added to both of those; oh and bitter, because she’ll never lead the clan with 2 brothers around.
Thank you for T/N clarifying HeiZi & BingHei are in fact same person.
Thanks for translating.

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