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Chapter Fifteen

Zane’s voice echoed in my ears and I suddenly felt as if my entire world tilted. Was this real? Was that a declaration towards me? Or…was I interpreting it wrong, and he actually meant something entirely different? Terrified that I was reading too much into his words, his grip on my wrists had left my skin raw and red. The indents of his fingers still glaring a white hue as my skin slowly infused with color.

“What do you want?” My voice trembled and my hands shook as they fell to my side. Could I really have him if I gave him what he wanted? Just the thought of being able to see Zane in all his naked glory left my mind in tatters. I could feel my blood boiling to the point I almost could not control my incubus side any longer.

Zane just shook his head, before saying, “That is not something I can tell you.”

“Why say something so ominous!? You shouldn’t have said anything in the first place then!”

“Your mind is not stable enough to know what I want, Keiran.”

“How do you know? Are you calling me a child?”

“No,” Zane began, “You missundertoo-” I cut him off with a wave of my hand.

“I don’t need to hear anything else, Zane.” Before he had the chance to stop me, I walked away as fast as I could, going through the door to Earth side, not even bothering thinking about where it would transport me to. All I could think of was getting away from Zane.

It didn’t take me very long to realize that that may have been one of the stupidest things I had ever done. My grandmother’s voice rang in my ears about my grandfather even as I became surrounded by a group of unknown men in an unknown Earth side forest. Just from their ethereal appearance, I could tell that they were from Elysium. There were around six men that surrounded me, and all of them looked fierce with their frowning faces.

“Keiran D’Arrow?” One of the bulkier men asked, he seemed to be the leader. I just glared at him from where they cornered me against a tree. I just stuck my chin out, refusing to answer. Inside my head, I was berating myself for running away. That had to have been the stupidest decision I had ever made. The leader took my silence as an affirmative, he took a step toward me, his other men caging me in. “I need you to come with me. His Eminence requires your presence.”

They were indeed from my grandfather, I stared at them, trying to figure out how to get out of this situation. But first, I needed to make my own voice heard. “I will not go with you.”

The leader’s face scrunched up in confusion before he tilted his head, staring at me like he didn’t know how to proceed. His men took a step closer to me. A sudden sense of claustrophobia welled up inside my heart. I needed them away from me. Now.

My powers flared and all my skin turned pitch black. Everything around me turned dark, even the clouds in the sky rumbled ominously as thunder clapped from afar. My fingers twitched as sparks flickered between my fingertips. The thugs in front of me shuddered and took a step back, their eyes wide but full of resolution.

“You need to come with us, Keiran D’Arrow.”

“No,” I said again, the sparks from my fingertips lighting the area around me in almost a neon glow. “I am not going anywhere with you. If my grandfather wants me, he can come find me himself.”

And with that, I released the sparks contained within my hands. That was the last thing I remember clearly.

Everything around me was hazy, my ears were ringing and I couldn’t feel my hands or feet. They were completely numb. As if from far away I heard my name being called out. The voice was hoarse, as if they had been screaming it. Somehow I could tell that it was Zane calling out my name, but I couldn’t move from where ever I was. I was frozen and I still could not see anything around me.

My eyelids flickered, and Zane made a noise that was almost a growl. “Dammit, Keiran,” he snarled, pulling me up by my arms. “I am not going to lose you this close to home.”

He rose, pulling me to my feet and, before I could even register what was going on, pressed his lips to mine. The numbness shattered. Surprise flooded in, as my heart leaped and my stomach twisted itself into a knot. I laced my arms around his neck and kissed him back, feeling his arms around me, crushing us together. When we finally pulled back, I was breathing hard, and his heart raced under my fingers.

In the back of my mind, I was vaguely aware that the six men from earlier had disappeared without a trace. With Zane in my arms, I couldn’t even think farther than that. Just the thought of the two of us being the only ones left within the depths of this forest was more than enough to set me aflame. It was as if I was a mere matchstick and he was a flame, letting me ignite whenever he was near. I didn’t know if it would burn slowly, or if that flame would lose all its oxygen.

“Why’d you do that?” I asked breathless, my fingertips hovering over his heart. I looked up into his eyes, watching for any minute change within their depths.

“I needed to know.” He growled, his lips turning down in a frown as if he realized that that wasn’t what he had wanted to say.

Confused, I asked, “What?”

He breathed in, shutting his eyes before letting out a long sigh. When his eyes opened, there was only light within, as if he finally realized something that he had not before. When his answer came, I was shocked, “How real you are.”

If that was the case, I thought, my incubus blood boiling from the contact of the position we were in, I growled, “There are other ways I can show you I’m real.”

“Not here Kei.” Came Zane’s response. He sighed. “Not now.”

With my blood boiling and my erection growing without my notice, I almost yelled, “Why?”

Zane’s eyes flickered across my face before glancing down at my erection that was pressed firmly into his taut stomach. “Some things are best when savored.”

Fed up with his goody two shoes attitude, I responded flippantly, “And others are best when devoured.”

Our eyes locked and we started each other down. Finally Zane sighed once again, “It seems we are at an impasse.”

“I can change that.” I drawled before moving forward and shoving Zane down onto the cold ground. The grass was wet against our skin, the breeze blowing calmly through the trees, rustling the leaves with abandon.

“Kei,” Zane’s voice was little more than a growl. I lowered myself over Zane, my hands keeping his pushed against the hard ground. Tentatively, I lowered down farther and claimed Zane’s lips with my own, tasting him for real this time.

I could feel Zane’s heart thundering beneath his chest, and I vaguely thought to myself how strange it was to be the cause of it. As Zane began to try to pull back from the kiss, I bit down on his lip, stopping his retreat. He froze, shocked by the action. Suddenly from beneath my thigh, I could feel Zane’s own length growing hard.

Encouraged by the sound that escaped Zane’s throat, and by the way he stiffened, I lifted my hands from where they were clutching Zane to the ground and I began to trace the muscles of Zane’s chest through his shirt. My lips eagerly captured Zane’s and I took the initiative to sweep my tongue across those lips. As if he was frightened that I would pull away, Zane tentatively met my tongue with his own.

Zane shuddered beneath me, unable to keep the trembles still as my hands wandered underneath his shirt to graze across his skin, light as a feather. Giving tit for tat, Zane’s hands began to explore my chest, his hands were large, I could feel the strength hidden beneath those fingertips. I had the thought, as Zane’s hands wandered downwards, that I should capture Zane’s wrist and finish this before Zane completely stopped me.

I leaned slightly backwards, my ass pressing down hard onto Zane’s stiff member. He groaned aloud, the sound music to my ears. Zane’s kissed turned possessive, his tongue rampaging inside of my mouth.

Hovering over Zane like a seductive woman in the night, I snapped my fingers and used the residual lightening in the area to burn our clothes away. Finally, my bare skin touched his. This caused both of us to shudder and Zane’s eyes shined brilliantly, a sea of calm before the eventual storm. With that single movement, all the restraint that Zane had shown flew out the window. He grabbed my waist and thrust his shaft into me. No preparation, no warning. I felt my skin tear, but I was oblivious as Zane buried himself into my tight, wet heat. My whole being longed to stay trapped with Zane inside me for eternity.

As I stilled his hips, wanting to adapt to his length before I used his cock to plunder me with all of my being, I watched Zane’s eyes flash from silver, to black, to a glittering gold. This caused a wave of love to wash over me, it was as powerful as the deep lust I felt at the moment. I knew Zane was trying to restrain himself from the way all of his muscles were strained, but that need and that love twined together, causing me to release all of the frustration I had felt for the last few long months.

Above Zane, I shuddered and began to move my hips in slight circles, undulating in a provocative manner. Zane groaned and dropped his head against the ground, giving up, letting me finally hold the reigns. I loved the feeling of that urgent call within my gut, the one that pulled at my insides, longing to get closer, to push harder, to thrust Zane so deep inside that we would both lose ourselves in the feeling.

That longing soon turned into a necessity, that pull was stronger than before and I could no longer resist it. I moved my hips urgently, thrusting Zane deeper inside of me, trying to hit that point that longed for something. I lost myself in that tug of war within myself. I gave in, thrusting and pumping my hips faster and faster. Dimly I was aware that, between the groans and moans, Zane was speaking to me. I had no idea, in that moment, what every word was, but at one point, as I pushed my hips down as far as I could, engulfing Zane, I was quite certain he whispered, aní̱kete se ména.

His hands gripped my ass and he pushed himself farther into my entrance with every thrust. The two of us danced, harder until the both of us were coated in sweat, our muscles shaking inside with the feeling of imminent release. Each thrust was hard, and then suddenly, as if that secret spot had finally been hit, filled with what it wanted most, both of us teetered over the edge, falling off the face of the earth, lost in our own pleasure.

Even long after we both stopped shuddering, it felt as if my body was infected. As if Zane had left invisible marks all along my body. If it continued like this, then, it was only going to be me captivated by him….and I wouldn’t be able to do anything else.

I didn’t know how I felt about that.

aní̱kete se ména. – you belong to me.


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AAaaaah so spicy 🌶😍🌶😍 Thanks for the steamy hot chapter 💖💖😘 Eeee (squeals like a school girl) so yummy

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Never thought that Greek could be this sexy. Especially at a moment like this. I like the way you described this very special moment, it is romantic and poetic in a way. It builds up and the release is very satisfying. Seriously I am sitting in my room staring out the window and imagining how it would be to have a love like that.

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So, between a mage-demon and demon-maybe angel, they couldn’t magick some lube when needed?

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