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Chapter 240 Four Dead Corners

Translated by Yuanyulin

After he moved into the single room, You XiaoMo could feel the difference between the rooms.

The free room couldn’t compare to the rented one. As soon as he entered the room, he could feel a strong aura blowing out in his face, and unexpectedly, the concentration was more or less the same as the aura at his space.

If the single room’s aura is this thick, one didn’t need to go into detail on how thick the aura was in the small pavilion.

You XiaoMo could suddenly understand why people were desperate to earn points. If they practiced in this kind of environment, of course they would get twice the results with half the effort!

Nonetheless, the single room was pretty much useless for You XiaoMo because if he wanted to practice, he could just go to his space. So he planned to earn some points, and then rent a small pavilion.

After he finished tidying up his things, You XiaoMo entered his space. Since he lived alone now, he could let out his Qiu team in his room and let them exercise. However, out of the four members of the Qiu team, only one wanted to go out, and that was PiQiu.

He had just finished his round of taking care of the magic herbs. PiQiu was more active than the others, and the space was kind of monotonous, so he asked to be let out. After You XiaoMo let him out, he rolled around just like his name (t/n: PiQiu means rubber ball). He rolled outside for a while, and then got under the bed, and continued to do that endlessly.

XiaoMo wanted to make magic pills at first, but it was too noisy with the ‘thump thump’ sound, and sometimes PiQiu even rolled onto his foot. In this kind of situation, he didn’t think he could still stay calm.

In the end, You XiaoMo calmly put PiQiu in front of him. PiQiu seemed to be a little sensitive towards danger, so when You XiaoMo moved so he had already changed back to his original form; a mini sized blue blood wolf, and stood before him just like a daughter-in-law in front of her mother-in-law.

“I will give you two options. First is to go back to the space. Second is you keep quiet for me. If I hear you make any kind of noise, I will make you stay in Xiao Hei’s room for ten days up to half a month. Choose, ba.” You XiaoMo said in a tone that was without a room for negotiation.

After he said that, he felt so satisfied. No wonder Ling Xiao really liked giving him two options. Turned out, it makes one feel so satisfied. Without realizing it, You XiaoMo’s happiness was made from PiQiu’s suffering.

(Yuanyulin: Momo finally takes his hubby’s bad habit. Boss is really a bad influence XD. Now that’s a prime example for ‘couples become more similar the longer they’re together’)

PiQiu’s eyes became watery, and he tilted his head forward and sobbed.

Even without words, You XiaoMo already received his answer.

You XiaoMo patted his head, “PiQiu good boy, even if you pretend to look pitiful, I can’t see through it anyway.” Since it was really difficult to see an expression from that mini-sized blue blood wolf.

PiQiu: “……”

What a serious miscalculation!

After he put PiQiu at his side, You XiaoMo started to make magic pills.

He still had a bottle of Yuanyang pills left since he had planned to set it aside for Ling Xiao. As for the Huoxue pills and the Zhenyang pills, he had learned how to refine them before. However, after that he had always refined Yuanyang pills and he didn’t have any storage left for both pills.

First, You XiaoMo prepared the material for making the Zhenyang pills on the table, a total of five sets altogether. Now that he had a one hundred percent success rate in making magic pills, he didn’t have to worry about the consequence of failing. Whether or not he could show his talent for making numerous magic pills was more of a technical issue.

Seeing that there were many people who could make magic pills, not to mention there were many hot spots, other mages who were just starting to sell magic pills were less and less successful. If they wanted their magic pills to be well received, they had to put in their time and energy to make high quality ones.

Therefore, You XiaoMo decided to distill the magic pill materials numerous times. Normally he only distilled it around four or five times, this time he decided to distill every magic herb around six times. In order to refine a batch of magic pills as soon as possible, You XiaoMo distilled many magic herbs at the same time.

In the past, he had done this kind of thing in order to save time, but he lost so many magic herbs because of that. Since then, his failure probability had become very small and he could distill eight magic herbs at the same time.

PiQiu didn’t want to be thrown back into the space, so he finally sat down on the table with huge, red eyes and watched You XiaoMo distilling magic herbs without blinking. Meanwhile, his master was currently throwing a heap of magic herbs into the cauldron. On grounds that he has been helping take care of the magic herbs, PiQiu recognized some of them. Yet, he only knew their names, he didn’t know the use of each of them.

You XiaoMo’s speed in refining magic pills was not slow. Although he distilled the magic herbs six times, with his past experiences, his speed became quicker and quicker. After two hours, five Zhenyang pills were already out from the cauldron. None of the materials had gone to waste, every magic pills was put into a bottle. After that, he took out ten sets of materials for the Huoxue pills, and this time, it took him only two and a half hours to finish them all. Basically, the refining process for the Huoxue pills was much simpler than the Zhenyang pill.

The last one was the Yuanyang pills, he also made ten of them. By the time he had finished, the sky outside had gradually brightened. You XiaoMo stretched, and drank a drop of magic water to restore his spirit. After that, he took three bottles of magic pills and left the small pavilion. PiQiu didn’t want to go back to the space, and You XiaoMo was also worried to leave him inside the small room, so he put him inside his sleeve and went out.

The sky hadn’t brightened all the way yet, but You XiaoMo already passed a few people on the street. Moreover, many of them were gathering in groups, only a few were on their own, and most of them were full of killing intent.

It was still early, but Elder Wan, the one who was in charge of renting out the booths, was already there. At their age, cultivators rarely acted like ordinary people who always went to bed every night. Most of them were either practicing or refining magic pills, yet they were still full of spirit on the next day.

When he heard that You XiaoMo wanted to rent the booth that nobody was ever interested in, Elder Wan was surprised. It had been a long time since anyone had wanted to rent the booths in that corner. He was unable to make quota there, and eventually had to give up on that place. So now that someone came up to rent that place, Elder Wan couldn’t help but be surprised.

But he didn’t say anything, and just laughed while carrying his brush, “What is your name, and how many days do you want to rent?”

You XiaoMo said, “My name is You XiaoMo, I want to rent five days for now.”

His black card only had twenty five points left, and he wanted to leave fifteen points for unexpected needs. Besides, he still wasn’t sure that someone would buy from him, so he just rented five days just in case.

Elder Wan’s hand that was about to write suddenly stopped midair, and then he lifted up his head to look at You XiaoMo with an expression that looked like he was measuring him up. After a while, he remembered his name, and then gave him a plate number, “This is your booth’s plaque number, and the proof that you’re renting it. After five days, don’t forget to give it back.”

You XiaoMo took the plaque number, it looked a little bit similar to the single room plaque that he received for renting yesterday. It also had a number on top of it, booth number two hundred and thirty four. He vaguely remembered that the booths that he looked with Ling Xiao yesterday also marked with numbers like this.

You XiaoMo put the plaque away, and then cupped his hands in front of his chest, “Thank you very much, Elder Wan, this student will leave now.”

Looking at his retreating back, Elder Wan paced in his spot for a while, and then he finally couldn’t restrain himself, and looked for his assistant. He then left after explaining a few things to his assistant.

Meanwhile, You XiaoMo immediately went to the magic pills section after he took the plaque.

After he found his booth, he put his three bottles of magic pills, and a transparent bottle filled with two magic pills inside so the visitors could look at the magic pill’s color, to make it easier for them to see the product. In order to make his first sale, You XiaoMo decided to sell his three kind of magic pills at a comparatively low price, lower by one point than the other booths.

Compared to other booths, his price was indeed much lower than them, but he would still make a profit. This still didn’t attract any attention, because there were many people that lowered their prices to attract customers just like You XiaoMo. Since these lower prices usually meant a lower quality, it didn’t really affect other people’s business.

After half an incense hour (roughly 20 to 30 minutes), You XiaoMo finally found out that he was being too optimistic. Although the visitor surge was very high in the morning, very few people would deliberately go to the corner to buy magic pills. So there was only one person who went through his booth since he opened up until now. The other party didn’t even look at his magic pills and was just passing through. They turned to the other booth to buy magic pills and then walked away.

You XiaoMo sighed, his great ambition was cut down even before it begin.

During this time, the mage who opened the booth next to him had been observing him for a while. He couldn’t help but open his mouth and say, “Classmate, your position is one of the four dead corners in the magic pills section, it’s been half a year since someone rented it out. If you want to sell some magic pills, you better change your position.”

“Four dead corners?” You XiaoMo lifted his eyebrows in surprise.

“Yes, it’s four dead corners. Also known as killer booth. No one has been at either of the four death corners for more than three days. So you better be prepared mentally, because you most likely won’t be able to sell even one magic pill in the next three days.”

Just when he finished his sentence, suddenly there were two people in front of him.

The two people had an imposing appearance, you could tell that they were practitioners just by a glance, and the thing that really gave it away was because they came to this deserted place. Not long after, a yelling sound could be heard from sellers who strived to be first and feared to be the last (t/n: trying to be the first one to attract the customer’s attention). In order to pull in the two customers, the stall owners talked until their mouths were parched and their tongues scorched.

You XiaoMo was the only one who took a look and then withdrew his gaze, and, instead, thought about what the other stall owner had said to him. It looked like he was too conceited. At first, he thought that even though the booth was deserted, there would be at least one or two customers. As long as they become aware of the benefits, they would come back again. But he forgot about one thing.

The problem wasn’t how to make the customers see him, but how to let them know that his magic pills were good products when they came.

When he was thinking this, the two people ignored the others and unexpectedly went to You XiaoMo’s booth. Their gazes fell onto his three jade bottles filled with magic pills, and asked, “How would you like to sell these magic pills?”

Everybody around You XiaoMo opened their mouths and gaped in amazement.

(Addis note: So sometimes you guys don’t see the oopsies we do with our typos in LMW. With this chapter there was one that I accidently made that I feel the need to share. At one point, I was fixing names, and accidently changed over half of You XiaoMo’s name to You XiaoMoo. Momo is now a cow. XD)
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