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Chapter 22: Can’t Cheat Money, Then, Cheat…Sex

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


Qiao Xi stiffened in his seat and found it a little difficult to breathe.

Try it out? With whom? How to try?

Although he just asked “you should have?”, when Han Tian really told him that although he had not before, but he intended to try, Qiao Xi panicked.

According to the demon’s theory, whether humans fall in love or not, and whether they would be willing to give their souls to a demon, there was actually no necessary connection.

In the long history of demon’s dealings with humans, there were many people who, in order to get the favor of their beloved, took the initiative to sell their souls to demons. There were also more people who, faced with the temptation offered by demons, did not hesitate to throw away their love.

Qiao Xi thought about these truths, and could not stop reassuring himself: it does not matter, even if Han Tian really went to “try out” with someone, it will not affect his own plans—but in his heart, there was a pang of acid.

If Han Tian falls in love, will he smile at others the same way Sang Sang does at her lover? Then, what would he do with this person? He would cook for that person, right? And besides cooking, there will be other things, such and such, right?

Looking at Qiao Xi’s deteriorating complexion, Han Tian asked with concern, “Qiao Xi, what’s wrong with you?” 

“Ahem. Nothing…” Qiao Xi put off a few words, but finally couldn’t help asking, “Who do you want to try with? It’s not Miquel, is it?”

“Miquel?” Han Tian lost his smile. “Why? What are you thinking?”

Qiao Xi bit his lip hard, but still couldn’t control his mouth. “Actually, this thing of falling in love is really boring, and especially unreliable.”

“Oh?” Han Tian looked at Qiao Xi with interest. “You have not been in love, nor have you seen people around you fall in love? How can you come to this conclusion?”

Qiao Xi, who was already unhappy, was now questioned in this way, and his face turned even whiter.

He pouted and spoke with disdain, “Humph, a simple good baby like you, who has not seen those ugly faces, must not have thought of it. Let me ask you, have you ever heard of the name ‘Gu Yuan Xin’?”

Han Tian thought for a moment. “I have a vague impression. It’s a singer, right? Not a very famous one.”

Qiao Xi grunted, “Yes, barely a singer, but not singing out of tune level. His biggest selling point was his deceased wife, who was the second lady of Jia Mu Real Estate. The company is one of the top 500, selling high-end office buildings everywhere.”

Han Tian frowned and said slowly, “I know. But this person, and our current topic, have something to do with each other?”

Qiao Xi’s eyebrows were knitted. “You hear me out. At that time, his wife was married to this eighteenth-tier star, and the family fell out, and made a lot of news. After the real marriage, not two years after, there was an accident and she died. Then this Gu Yuan, in the beginning, pretended how much they miss their late wife, but also wrote a lot of songs to say in memory of her. The results—hm, are fake.”

“Fake?” Han Tian asked rhetorically.

This was actually the first “experimental data” that Qiao Xi collected after he came to the earthly realm. He found this “good man” who was deeply in love with his late wife from the microblogs, and then wanted to test how “deeply in love” this person really was.

As a result, when Qiao Xi proposed to use 5 million in exchange for some secret information about his wife’s mother’s family, that is, “Jia Mu Real Estate”, the man with a wedding ring on his finger and his wife’s name tattooed on his arm, laughed. “5 million? Now a house, the down payment must be at least 10 million ah.”

Qiao Xi did not even frown. “Okay, 10 million. But you have to have ‘dry goods’.”

Gu Yuanxin smiled lewdly. “Dry goods? That is naturally there. In addition to her family, those brothers turned against each other, the father and son became enemies. I have, hey, more explosive—you want photos? The absolutely clear kind.”

After Qiao Xi said he had no interest in the photos, Gu Yuanxin began to tell in a colorful way how unfortunate a childhood she had, how indifferent and even perverted her parents were, how her siblings were profit-oriented, so much so that she was more paranoid than normal, and even had some unknown eccentricities…

Hearing this, Qiao Xi couldn’t help but interrupt the spiteful man. “Wait, these have nothing to do with Jia Mu Real Estate, they are all your wife’s privacy—she would be willing to let you make these things public?”

Gu Yuanxin’s eyes rolled. “Ahem, I think she would be heartbroken in heaven to see me so poor and destitute now, and would hate to let me earn more money—”

Looking at Qiao Xi’s frown, Gu Yuanxin took a sip of whiskey and smacked his mouth. “Oh, I’ll tell you the truth. When she was chasing me with all her heart! I was willing to marry her, but not because she is the second young lady of Jia Mu. I thought she had enough private money. But who knows, she was kicked out of the family, not a single penny! Fie, really bad luck! Now that she’s dead, I’m using that shit to make some money and make myself comfortable, isn’t that also fulfilling her wish?”

With Gu Yuanxin’s lips fluttering up and down, a foul smell came, Qiao Xi subconsciously covered his nose.

At that time, he did not know what this stench meant, and once thought it was the result of this scribbling and alcoholic man, who had not bathed for too long. Now, of course, Qiao Xi knows that this man’s soul, at the time when Gu Yuanxin was selling his wife’s privacy without shame, had rapidly fallen.

“You see,” Qiao Xi concluded, “touching love, in front of money, is unbearable. So yeah, falling in love or something, it’s too unreliable, too hypocritical!”

“Well… So…” Han Tian pondered, slowly turning the steering wheel in his hand, and slowly asked, “Qiao Xi, I have two questions.”


“First, from your statement, this Gu Yuanxin, from the beginning, used his wife as a tool to earn money, and did not love her—his example simply does not prove that love is unbearable, ah? At best, it only shows how despicable this person can be for money.”

“But..!” Qiao Xi reflexively wanted to retort, but he didn’t know where to start. He even felt that what Han Tian said still had a few points of truth.

“Secondly,” Han Tian’s tone changed slightly, “secondly, I want to know, why did you go to Gu Yuanxin and make this request of ‘spying on Jia Mu Real Estate’? “

How am I going to talk about this? Am I saying that I am trying to investigate your human emotions in order to write my thesis? You are either my experimental subjects or my prey?

He was stuck for half a day, and finally, with a white face, he managed to squeeze out a few words. “Well, my adoptive parents’ family, well, they also have a real estate business. So, I wanted to help them inquire if their competitors had any weaknesses, and so on.”

This lie was really not very clever.

However, Han Tian just looked at him and said indifferently, “This is both dangerous and ineffective. Don’t do it in the future.”

Qiao Xi didn’t bother to analyze the meaning implied in these words, but was just happy in his heart: Huh, he believes it?

Han Tian’s eyes were fixed on the front and his voice was low. “You don’t have to take such risks for anyone. Anyone is not worth it.”

Qiao Xi was a little surprised.

This was the second time Han Tian spoke to him in this tone; before, when he came out of the supermarket, Han Tian seemed to be so solemn, telling him that he didn’t have to care about other people’s opinions.

Strange, why did Han Tian emphasize this so much?

However, this question did not stay in Qiao Xi’s mind for too long.

He quickly withdrew his mind and changed the topic to what he wanted to talk about. “Actually, I want to say, look, whether it’s true love or pretend love, there are so many liars and bad people in this world, if you happen to meet a bad person who also wants to cheat you, what do you do? And you are so, alas, so good at being fooled…”

“Me? Fooled?” Han Tian laughed. “Then tell me, what does this ‘bad guy’ want to cheat away from me?”

Qiao Xi was stuck again.

Yes, Han Tian was a poor student, what could he cheat away from him?

If he couldn’t cheat money, then, could he… cheat… sex?

Qiao Xi peeked at Han Tian’s handsome side face, and all sorts of strange and bizarre images floated in his head, even with the unimaginable sounds.

His face, which was white before, instantly turned red and he muttered, “Why, it doesn’t matter what you’re being lied to about. The important thing is that you can’t just start a relationship in a muddle!”

“Okay. I promise you,” Han Tian said without hesitation.

So simple?

Qiao Xi was a little surprised and a little happy. He thought about it a little and decided to give himself a little more reason. “I’m not saying you can’t fall in love—I mean, if you want to try it out with someone, I can help you see how that person is, really. I’m telling you, I’m great at reading people! I can tell right away who the bad guys are!”

Although it was actually “smelled”, it was not far from it.

Han Tian turned his head slightly this time and gave him a deep look. “Don’t worry. If I really like someone, you will definitely know.”

Han Tian’s tone was so gentle, but his eyes contained an unknown number of things that Qiao Xi could not identify clearly.

His face became redder and his mind became more and more confused. He was simply unable to understand what Han Tian was trying to say with these words.

Qiao Xi’s head gradually dropped, only to feel as if he was about to become “hypoglycemic” again, just like before.


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